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Rochester Air show and Fishing

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Just so you Rochester fishermen are aware,The coast guard will not allow any boat traffic in or out of the Port during the air show . May 30th and 31st. You could probably go out in the morning, but they will close the port at 0800 for the rest of the day. NOT GOOD! As I get more details I will post them up

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Officer in Charge

USCG Station Rochester

5500 St Paul Blvd

Rochester, NY 14617

Phone: (585) 342-4149


01 May 2009


From: Officer in Charge,

USCG Station Rochester

Reply to

Attn of:

To: Rochester Area Boaters



1. The U. S. Coast Guard will be establishing a safety zone in the vicinity of the entrance to the

Genesee River for the 2009 ESL International Air & Water Show from May 29th through May

31st. This safety zone will be in effect from approximately 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on all three

days. All boaters will be required to stay out of the safety zone established by the points listed


Southwest Corner Point: 43 – 15’ 53†N 077 – 37’ 00†W

Northwest Corner Point: 43 – 16’ 18†N 077 – 36’ 38†W

North East Corner Point 43 – 15’ 46†N 077 – 35’ 30†W

Southeast Corner Point: 43 – 15’ 21†N 077 – 35’ 52†W

In addition to the safety zone stated above, the Charlotte and Summerville Piers will be closed to

the public due to the safety requirements associated with the Air Show. The Genesee River will

also be closed to traffic as listed below to ensure everyone’s safety during the show.

River Closure: 12:00 to 2:30 pm

3:00 to 4:30 pm

Boaters are encouraged and more than welcome to anchor or station themselves outside of the

safety zone to watch and enjoy the show. Any questions concerning any of the information

provided above should be directed to U.S. Coast Guard Station Rochester at (585) 342-4149.


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Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong (probably am) but that looks like about 150 Yds east of summerville and only runs 2/3 the way to Russell, from the shore out to about 22 FOW.

Maybe I need new reading glasses. :question:

Tom B.


p.s. where they going to put 100k people?

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You will not have any problems at any other port that weekend.

Braddock Bay Marina is running a special for any displaced captains that weekend.


we'll only charge you half the cost of replacing your prop and lower unit after you run aground coming in the channel.

Nothing like good planning from the County Exec. way to go Maggie B.

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Thanks for clarifying that for me guys......Still sucks. If its not the blow boaters causing trouble, its the freakin fast ferry or the air show.

Rochester is by far the most underrated port in the lake. It too bad it wasn't a little more sportsmen friendly.

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