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Sandy creek Saturday

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Set up in 70ft and trolled north in search of steelies. Ended up with 8 ranging from 4 to 6 pounds and a ten pound laker. The laker hit 10 down over 260 on a stinger fire frog. Half the fish were skinny post spawn fish out deep. 250ft to 350ft was the best with a 2.4 gps speed working. Temps were in the upper 40's with 46.7 getting us a fish every time we circled through the narrow band. A no name orange/silver white back spoon took 6 fish and stingers with orange in them took the rest. Leadcore 4 colors took half the fish plus boards and riggers. Skies got ugly so trolled back into 70ft and had a dipsy hit on blk/silver green glow spoon with nobody home. Had a friend catch some fish in that 70 to 90 foot zone, dont know the details. Too bad the weather didnt hold for Sunday but I want to say thanks to the guys I fished with from Sodus to the bar this derby. :beer:

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