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Cayuga 3/12

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Great start to the morning as moved out under the bridge at Taughannock.  Lake level is up almost a foot since last week so the typical March draw up is underway.  

Started in skinny water similar to last week, but after 90 minutes of trolling had just one hit from an undersized Brown that grabbed a spoon off the rigger.

An hour later and nothing else happening.  Fishing with my first mate Frankie today.  It's our custom to share fresh berries, (Blackberries, blueberries, strawberries)  with every fish caught, so after getting only one strawberry over half the morning, she was giving me dirty looks.   Time to switch to plan B.   Pulled in the Big board, headed for the middle of the lake, dropped the Balls to 100 plus and sent out a Dipsey with a fly.  

Thank goodness for plan B, as a bunch of lake trout were happy to provide some entertainment and Frankie had plenty of berries so I'm not in her doghouse!!






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8 hours ago, Gill-T said:

Healthy looking Laker. 

Agreed Cayuga fish look and act healthy.  Have only noticed one old lamprey mark on a fish caught this Winter.  Only challenge this Winter has been finding Browns and Landlocked Salmon of any size or any quantity.  Lake trout numbers seem strong and in the past year the number of smaller fish with no fin clips, (16-20 inches) that have made it into the boat has risen from very rare to one of every 8-10 fish that size.  Perhaps some naturally hatched fish are surviving, or someone at the hatchery forgot to clip a couple batches.....  

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Saw you out there that day. Waved as we were moving to plan B. With that being said we stuck to the skinny water all morning striking out for the most part boating only a handful, no where near what we were doing in the previous few trips. Was a beautiful morning tho!

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