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Cayuga 3/12

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Bit late posting this, but me and a buddy went out with Captain Nick of Soco Outdoor Sport Fishing on Sunday. We were his first boat outing of the year and the plan was to jig up some lakers. Launched out of Deans around 7 and the water was a bit low but no issues with his 23' Crestliner. Weather was a bit chilly, 28F at launch, but lake was dead calm so no complaints there. 


Got to the first spot, dropped our jigs down and nothing. Nothing for about 5-7 mins. To me, this is normal fishing. Hell, to me and my buddy it's normal to go 5 hours without a fish so we didn't think too much of it, but Captain Nick moved us about 20 yards and then it was game on. Me and my buddy troll for lakers on Owasco quite a, bit but I have to say, jigging them is a whole different ballgame. Captain Nick gave us some great guidance on what to do and 30 seconds after moving to the new spot we had our first hook up.


On the day we ended up bringing 40 lakers to the surface and lost probably about another 20. Average weight of the first was likely around 4-5 lbs and most were solid healthy fish with maybe a handful having lamprey scars on them. Did bring one up with a little lamprey right on the top of its head but we relieved the fish of that parasite. Fishing was so good Captain Nick handed me an ice rod and I jigged one up with that. The whole experience was video game like and very Chuck Norris like (Chuck Norris doesn't go fishing. He goes catching). Like I said, me and my buddy are not used to catching stuff so during our first double (one of 6) all we could was laugh.  Overall though, it was the most lbs of fish I've ever boated in a day and wanted to post the great experience in hopes that others could enjoy something similar.



335643688_1253923661871812_3707436628550324915_n (1).jpg





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