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king marine 2ooo autopilot

ray koziatek

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have a chance to buy one of these new in box anyone use or have exper.with this unit ...

I have the King AP2000 since 1991. It is on it's second boat now. Bought a new boat Jan 2002 and took it off my old boat. Sent it back to the repair center to have it checked out and "tuned up" before reinstalling it in my new boat.

As far as I know the company that made them is out of business. A repair center in Florida still repairs the King line. Even though the unit has been good to me I really don't think I would buy one today (unless it's close to free). I would talk to some of the guys that have different units and stay with newer technology.

Ray, if you want to talk about the King in little more depth then PM me a phone number and we'll kick it around on the phone.

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Ray, What are they asking for the unit? My old boat had one on it & the guy how bought it may want a spare. They had problems with the motors primarily , But on cable steered inboards they held up OK. Not as fancy as the newer units. Capt. Randy

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i have one on my 23 foot volvo io with power steering, motor and clutch seem to work great, i have trouble with it holding course sometimes, it will zigzag esp in wind or wave conditions, i have moved the compass sensor to several places, down low in the bow seems to be the best

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