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Sorry, a little dated now. Left port on Friday morning with Scott and Gary from Nancy B II and Rick from Bad Habit on board. Headed West out of Ibay and trolled all the way to Braddocks Bay. Went 2 for 4 trolling the shoreline. Both small browns. 9 miles of trolling with just 4 fish, ouch that hurts! As you can see by the excitment in Scott's snores. :lol: We were planning on ending the day at 3:00, so at 12:30 the team decided to leave our shorline hotspot and troll out to a group of boats we could see on the horizon and see if there was anything out deep. Got out to the pack at about 2:30. Caught a nice Steelhead ( ~7 lbs) and a nice teenager king before we had to quit. Put a good end to the trip.

Started Saturday with Chris from Jolli II on board and headed straight for the GPS marks from Friday Afternoon. Ended up going 5 for 5, all kings. Had a 10, 13, 2 - 18's, and a 20.5. Missed the board by about a pound. ;( The fish came on spoons (tuxedo, dirty white boy, and a custom painted spoon) and flasher fly. Had a white pro chip with a white fly on the dipsey that took 3 of the kings. All the fish came from 30 - 40 of water over 100 -110. Dipsey set at 2.5 out 120. Didn't mark any bait but did mark fish. Had a great time fishing both days even with the hurricane that hit Sat afternoon as we were heading back to port. Can't wait to get back out there. Glad to see the kings are back.







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