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  1. I had my sport pilot drive replaced with an Octopus Unit this spring. Love it!! Reused the Raymarine head unit, course computer, and flux gate compass. Octopus said it wasn’t compatible but Hank L&M made it work with an additional toggle switch.

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  2. I used to be a frequent flier on this site, family, work, and plain old runnin my ass off has limited my time here. This topic has really struck a nerve with me since first hearing/piecing it together this past weekend. This is one weekend I was away from the lake but via social media, word travels fast.I knew the operator of the vessel and had communicated with him frequently. I DID think he was a risk taker. He was adventurous with his vessel of its size. Many a time when I opted to stay close to shore for safety, he was another 6-8 miles north of me...alone.

    I did not hear of the boasting or bragging from the individual as others have stated, but many a time I was blown away that he was on the water when i was on land. There are reputable Capts that have stated their piece here. To those that have belittled them, I am sure that they know more to the story than you do.


    Bottom line... know your limits!! Don't let pride/drive get in the way of those limits!! As the operator, you are ultimately responsible for those aboard your vessel!! 

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  3. I'll second Pioneer Pole Building. I planned on building myself but then decided to go with them. My building is 40x64, 12' walls . They came and set the poles on a Tues, came back on a thurs and finished the bldg complete. I am very satisfied.

  4. Wow, $110 or even $70 :o .I bought mine from Big Jon around 2007 and I know they weren't that much. I think more like $30 for a pair. Mine came with the same weight that were on the boats. I soon found out that on a turn the inside board would sink. I simply removed the weight on the second keel and have been running them that way since. They pull my coppers great. For the price of them now and what they are, I would def make my own. Some 10 gauge metal, find someone with a brake and you are set. Check the scrap yards. One that I go to has tons of clean plate like that in their yard.

  5. I made 4 trips there. All in late Aug. Take the boat!! Each trip I caught as many stripers as my hands and arms could handle, up to 30 lbs. We used 1 1/2 oz saltwater jigs that I cast and tipped them with 6" sluggos. The Arkansas shiner pattern was all that was needed. For rods we used 7' medium heavy spinning rods with 10 lb Big Game. We drifted water depths of 15 -30 ft. We launched out of Chatham and rented a house there for the week.

  6. Merry Christmas to all! Almost another year gone and another fishing season to look forward to. I have many thanks for this site. It has brought me closer to so many that I have become friends with. I had a boat engine problem this past season but due to one member who knew another member it kept me on the water and I was I introduced to a great person to boot! Thanks so much for LOU!!!

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