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  1. Welcome To Lake Ontario United.com

    1. Welcome to Lake Ontario United - Fishing Forum

      Lake Ontario's best sport fishing message board just got upgraded! A special thank you goes out to all the dedicated LOU members for making this board the best sport fishing board around!

    2. Introduce Yourself

      Boat name, boat type, port, who the heck are you, where are you from and anything else you want to share about yourself.

    3. LOU Sponsors - News, Deals, Events, Products and Services

      Support LOU's Sponsors: Be sure to check out the latest news, deals, events, products and services offered by our fine sponsors. Thank you for supporting those who support us!
  2. LOU Professional

    1. *** LOU Professional - Members Only ***

      This forum is for ALL LOU Professional Members to openly discuss everything Lake Ontario and Fishing related.

  3. Lake Ontario Fishing

    1. Open Lake Discussion

      Lake Ontario discussion, Pen rearing projects/fish stocking, fishery news, general fishing questions and just about anything else regarding Lake Ontario fishing.

    2. New York Fishing Reports - Lake Ontario (South Shore)

      american_flag.jpg South Shore (United States) New York Fishing Reports. Here you will find where the hot bite is and how to get them going. This section of the message board is only viewable by Lake Ontario United registered members.

    3. Ontario, CA Fishing Reports - Lake Ontario (North Shore)

      canadian_flag.jpg North Shore (Ontario Canada) Fishing Reports. Here you will find where the hot bite is and how to get them going. This section of the message board is only viewable by Lake Ontario United registered members.

    4. Fishing Reports - Instant (Lake Wide)   (542,726 visits to this link)

      LOTweets_icon.gif Instant Fishing Report (Lake Wide). Live from the top charter captains on Lake Ontario, these reports are up to the second daily!

    5. St. Lawrence River Fishing Reports - 1000 Islands Fishing

      Over 700 miles long, "the river" is home to a wide range of species and breath taking scenery.  Suitable for both novice anglers and seasoned professionals,  this world class fishery offers anglers the opportunity at trophy Smallmouth & Largemouth Bass, Walleye, Pike, Musky, Panfish and much more.

    6. Tournament Talk, Shows, Events & Seminars

      Today Lake Ontario sports more fishing tournaments than it has ever before in its history. From memorial & charity tournaments all the way up to some of the most competitive professional tournaments found on the Great Lakes. Post your tournament, show, event and seminar details details here for free!

    7. LOUnited For Change

      The voice of LOU members. Be heard and make a difference on regulatory and legislative issues. Find out more about the latest issues facing Lake Ontario, who to contact and where to send comments, concerns and petitions.

    8. Questions About Trout & Salmon Trolling?

      New to Trout & Salmon trolling? Don't be afraid to ask a question about anything! The LOU community is filled with some of the most experienced sport fishermen this lake has ever seen.

    9. Tackle and Techniques

      Dicussion on what lures, equipment or techniques are hot (or not) out on the big lake. Also you will find product reviews and new product updates.

    10. Tackle Description

      Want to now what that lure looks like that you hear mentioned on the vhf? Here you will find pictures and nicknames for all those hot lures we use out on the big lake. PLEASE keep this section for photos with name & brief description only.

    11. This Old Boat

      This forum is to exchange ideas on how to setup your boat for sport fishing & ask all those boat and marine electronics related questions.

    12. Fish & Game Recipes

      Recipes, Cooking What You Catch or Hunt - How to cook your catch to a mouth-watering perfection. Bon Appetit!

    13. Fishing Pictures

      Photos of on the water, boats, and fish. Its super easy to post all your pictures from your adventures out on this great lake.

    14. Fishing Videos

      Videos from our adventures on the water, of our boats, and of course - the fish! Its super easy to post all your videos from your adventures on the water.

  4. Clubs, Groups and Associations

    1. Clubs, Groups and Associations

      Dedicated forums for clubs, groups and associations around Lake Ontario related to fishing and hunting.  If you are interested in getting a forum listed here, please contact us today and we will be happy to set one up for you.

  5. Lake Ontario Ports O'Call

    1. Lake Ontario Ports O'Call   (78,421 visits to this link)

      Lake Ontario Ports, Waypoints, Lake Ontario Map and Information

    2. Open Seats / Trade-A-Trip

      Team up with other LOU members and go fishing together. Save on gas and add two extra rods to your arsenal! Post Date, Time and Location of trip along with how many extra seats you are looking to fill.

  6. Finger Lakes and Other Inland Waterways

    1. Finger Lakes Discussion

      Fishing Reports from around the Finger Lakes region in upstate New York.  Click on any of the lakes below to filter the results if desired. Here you will find where the hot bite is and how to get them going.
      Canadice Canandaigua Cayuga Cazenovia Conesus Cross Hemlock Honeoye Keuka Oneida Onondaga Otisco Owasco Seneca Silver Skaneateles Other

    2. Ice fishing

      The famous sport of Ice Fishing (Season: December through March) - forum open to talks about tip ups, jigging, safety, equipment, hot spots, fishing reports and the warmest clothing on earth. No boat required.

  7. Warmwater Fishery

    1. Walleye

      Walleye fishing in New York and Ontario, Canada. Caught around the clock 24/7, this species is one of the most popular game fish around for both sport and table fare.

    2. Musky, Tiger Musky & Pike (ESOX)

      Fun fighting, aggressive toothy predatory fish. Share your tips, lures, techniques, location, pictures and fishing reports for musky, pike, and tigers here. From Chautauqua Lake to the St. Lawrence River - let us know how the toothy bite has been!

    3. Bass Fishing

      America's most popular game fish - Largemouth, Smallmouth, Striper, Spotted, White & Black Bass. Bass fishing reports, tournaments, techniques, tackle and where the hot bass bite is.

    4. Panfish

      Yellow Perch, White Perch, Crappie, Bluegill, Pumkinseeds. The species of fish most of us got started on at a very young age and never outgrew or got tired of catching.

  8. Lake Ontario Tributary Fishing

    1. Lake Ontario Tributary Fishing

      Information on Lake Ontario rivers, streams and creeks, such as fish reports, LOSA meetings and tributary regulations.

  9. Classifieds

    1. Boats for Sale

      Post your boat for sale ads here.  Boat will stay listed until it sells.  Make updates to your listing at any time.  Your listing will also be shown on our weekly newsletter to our entire membership and that's over 20,000+ members!  POST BOAT NOW

    2. Classifieds - Buy, Sell, Trade or Rent

      Free Listings: Post your wanted ads, your for sale ads or your trade/rental ads here. Put all your fishing tackle, electronics, rental properties and all other fishing and outdoor related items up for sale and also post your wanted ads to our entire community at a fisherman's favorite price.... FREE!

  10. Comics Corner

    1. Comics Corner

      Comics Corner is where you will find the comedian in a lot of the Lake Ontario United members. As a general rule we are a "family", so we tend to share jokes and some outrageous pictures with Photoshop enhancements.

  11. Hunters Home

    1. Waterfowl / Bird Game

      Duck, Geese, Pheasant, Turkey, Crows, Brant, Snipe, Rail, Gallinule, Woodcock, Swan.

    2. Big / Small Game

      Deer, Bear, Moose, Elk, Caribou, Squirrel, Rabbit, Raccoon, Bobcat, Coyote.

    3. Hunting Equipment

      Feedback and reviews about Gun, Bow, Ammo, ect. This forum is for discussions and reviews about hunting equipment. This forum is not a classifieds section. The selling and/or trading of guns and ammo is strictly prohibited on this website.

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