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  1. Daiwa 57 - 200 copper 85.00 Daiwa 27 40 lb braid 75.00 Both right hand in excellent condition Travel through Pulaski an Oswego often an will to ship
  2. Miscellaneous flashers 8s ,10,11 and 12s some used some new 60 bucks
  3. Looking to buy some cannon planer reels
  4. Anyone know if I can get 300 or 350 weighted steel on a 57 daiwa sealine with decent backer still ?
  5. Brand new custom painted an clear coated with Automotive clea. 100 bucks
  6. Looking to buy some cannon track
  7. Looking for a spare depth raider probe
  8. Looking to buy any bomber 14a mother of pearls that may need to be repainted or in good shape
  9. Freshly painted 8 inch opti tackle flashers all clear coated with durable automotive clear 100 bucks shipped in us
  10. I work in a body shop an use top of the line automotive clear
  11. Custom painted mag spoons painted on worth blanks 7 bucks a piece
  12. I've seen them hanging around right threw winter last couple yrs
  13. 2 in great shape other one bubble 35 bucks
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