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  1. Fishnatzee

    Spoons, rod holders etc

    Hi, I am interested in the rod holders and sent you a PM. Dave
  2. I'll take them...sent you a Pm
  3. Ill take it....sent you a PM.
  4. Fishnatzee

    for sale : usa sold

    Payment sent today...check PM
  5. Fishnatzee

    new sled for shanty

    Cabelas has polymer runners on sale in closeout bargain basement for less than 40 bucks...might be just what you need to fix the bottom of your ice shanties
  6. Fishnatzee

    Finger lakes tackle mags

    I'll take second to last lot...sent PM
  7. Jeff, Thanks for shipping out so quickly...just wish I could get out trolling to see if they catch fish! Dave
  8. what unit did these come off? I am checking to see if those might be compatible with a Lowrance LCX 15MT?
  9. sorry, I meant lot 2! I will send payment through PP as suggested
  10. I will take lot three...let me know how to pay.

    You can ship to:

    David Bean

    249 Potter Rd

    Hudson,Maine 04449

    My phone is 207-217-2345 if you want to call or email me at

    [email protected]

    1. Time Out

      Time Out

      K. PayPal friends and family 

      [email protected]

      i will ship as soon as payment is posted

  11. Jeff, I'll take lot 3...I can do PP or whatever payment you would like. Dave
  12. Fishnatzee

    1990 BAHA WEEKENDER 28' $8000

    I'm interested in your boat and sent you a PM
  13. Hi Dandyeyes, I am interested in your electronics package if it is available. I can be reached by phone or text 207-217-2345 I am in Maine, so we would need to ship. Dave
  14. Fishnatzee

    Mexico bay

    We fished Mexico Bay (catfish creek to plant) this weekend. Friday from 5 am - 3 pm, started in shallow for browns and later in the morning moved out in front of plant out to 120 FOW never moved a rod. Saturday from 5 am - 3 pm, same area except we didn't fish shallow before moving out to plant, we went 2-2 both kings, one 12 lbs. Both on spoons down 60 over 100-120 FOW.
  15. Fishnatzee

    mexico bay

    salmon country too