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  1. Hi Dandyeyes, I am interested in your electronics package if it is available. I can be reached by phone or text 207-217-2345 I am in Maine, so we would need to ship. Dave
  2. Mexico bay

    We fished Mexico Bay (catfish creek to plant) this weekend. Friday from 5 am - 3 pm, started in shallow for browns and later in the morning moved out in front of plant out to 120 FOW never moved a rod. Saturday from 5 am - 3 pm, same area except we didn't fish shallow before moving out to plant, we went 2-2 both kings, one 12 lbs. Both on spoons down 60 over 100-120 FOW.
  3. mexico bay

    salmon country too
  4. I think you could still launch at Salmon Country Marina, just up the river. I was there over the weekend and it was clear and had boats at their docks.
  5. Shallow spoons

    Looks like a nice Atlantic salmon...way to go!
  6. Shallow spoons

    keel sinkers with bead chain swivels and snaps, keeps your rigs straight and tangle free. I also run bead chain swivels in front of my flouro leader, these work great to eliminate line twist.
  7. Nice looking fish...gotta love those Mainers, great C&R ethics!!!
  8. Does this unit take full size SD cards with maps? What type of chart is pre-loaded with unit?
  9. Ok, that's all I can do...let me know.
  10. I would offer you $75 if you ship it...
  11. I don't have an Ebay account, but would like buy it from you directly. Let me know? I can do pay pal if it is easier.
  12. I am interested in the Lowrance head unit if it is still for sale?
  13. Mexico Bay

    Steve, Good to meet you and your Dad at the campground....thanks for the info during the week. We fished through August 30 and managed to keep the skunk off the boat except for the last morning, we caught 2-3 fish per day, our largest was 26 lbs. We caught most of the fish on FF combo, but a few on meat and spoons. Fished out in front of south dunes, north dunes and the plant, did best at 120 ft down 110 on the riggers and 300 ft out on dipsey. Green mountain dew and chrome Flasher with green fly seemed to produce best for me! Dave
  14. Portland Maine fishing info

    check out the Bunny Clark...great fisherman and crew! Small family run business in Ogunquit, Maine. For information and reservations:Call: Bunny Clark, Corp. at - 207-646-2214 Write: Tim Tower, 50 Perkins Cove Road, P.O. Box 837F, Ogunquit, Maine 03907-0837 Or click here to [email protected]