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  1. I am interested in the weights...where are you located? I fish out of Mexico Bay at Salmon Country Marina. I live in Bangor, Maine....shipping included!
  2. how much for the savant crushers?
  3. I would be interested in the last lot of 20 evil eyes if you decide to split up. thanks, Dave
  4. Salmon Country Marina, Ralph Fox is a certified Mercury mechanic and will work with you on what you need for repairs.
  5. Will you ship these to 04449? if so, I will take them.
  6. Hey Greg, I will take these and add a 10 pack winter special as well. I would like 4 with green beads, 3 with green glow beads and 3 with white glow beads. I will send $$ via PayPal. Thanks, Dave
  7. Greg, I am interested in the fly tying material. Let me know if they are still available. I can send $$ via your PP account. Thanks, Dave
  8. We fished from September 9-11 out of the little salmon river area. We fished west from catfish to the plant and stayed mostly in 120-140 FOW. Marks were down 60-90 FOW and put our downriggers from 102-82 FOW. We had good luck on green dot spinny with green fly, some on meat rigs with 10" green dot spinny. Got a few on spoons as well Overall, it was a good weekend with lots of action. Biggest was 18 lb chinook, with a good mix of cohos, one brown and one walleye!
  9. I will take them...I have a trailer at Salmon Country. I can pay via PP I will send you a PM
  10. I am interested in your trolling motor. Does it have power trim and tilt? If yes, I can pay via PP or Venmo. I have a camp in Salmon Country and plan to be up there after labor day and we could meet up then.
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