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  1. If you search, there was a similar conversation about a week or two ago.
  2. For sure if you are too close. If you are trolling the pierhead they wont stop. Now if you are coming in they will allow safe passage, but their goal is to cast as far as possible and the have limited mobility. I have heard of guys taking off the lures and just casting lead when trolling boats come too close.
  3. I am looking to upgrade fishfinder. I dont have a lot of money so Looking at either HELIX 5 CHIRP g2 gps Garmin striker 5 cv vivid. Price is pretty comparable. Any advice or recommendations?
  4. Has anyone used a jplug on a fixed cheater? I was thinking using one close to the ball and another jplug om a fixed cheater 10 feet above. Is this crazy?
  5. I emailed the contacts. They said they wanted to produce those exhibits. I think it would help if others did the same and express the value that they bring. [email protected]
  6. For those of you who use the temperature transects on the NOAA site, it is no longer being produced. I did reach out to the admin who said they are not producing that data at the moment but hope to update and build the models and publish them at some point. I dont have a fishhawk so this was very useful resource for me. Hopefully it will be produced once again. H
  7. Ouch... I heard carbon 14 catches, so just picked one up..I hope it only catches fish for me.
  8. I know this is an old thread. I have 9 6 dipsy wire rods with twilli tips... I dont want to wrap the leader around the dipsy. Is there a way to leave the dipsy on the rod and attach a leader and store it that way to avoid having to assemble on the water.
  9. Yes...I saw that video and learned a lot.. Thanks for taking the time.
  10. Thanks. It was an interesting idea. I thought it might mimic a flasher lure combo. I dont necessarily get out enough to venture too far from tried and true. Will keep it in mind on those days when you throw everything but the kitchen sink at them.
  11. Haha...they would certainly wander. I wonder if you put a single hook in the top lure would be smart or just be a PITA. I was thinking about whether you would get a hit on the lead lure and miss it if you didnt have a hook.
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