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  1. Yes...I saw that video and learned a lot.. Thanks for taking the time.
  2. Thanks. It was an interesting idea. I thought it might mimic a flasher lure combo. I dont necessarily get out enough to venture too far from tried and true. Will keep it in mind on those days when you throw everything but the kitchen sink at them.
  3. Haha...they would certainly wander. I wonder if you put a single hook in the top lure would be smart or just be a PITA. I was thinking about whether you would get a hit on the lead lure and miss it if you didnt have a hook.
  4. Had anyone ever tries this. https://tomiclure.com/instructions/stacking/#:~:text=Stacking has proven highly effective,2” to 30”
  5. I am on the other side of the lake, so dont know Steve, but I always feel people that try even if they dont get it right all the time are better than the arm chaIr quarterbacks who do nothing but gripe and complain. Congrats and well deserved retirement.
  6. Is there a specific crimp that you recommend. Asking because I have always tied knot. A picture would be appreciated if it's not too much trouble. Thanks again.
  7. I think I get it. Appreciate the advice. Thanks guys.
  8. What knot do you use to attach wire to spro swivel. Can you use it on a twilli tip rod?
  9. You may be correct on the blue silver ones. They have no label but the silver green are labelled luhr johnson salmon seeker and since they looked similar assumed they were all the same. Good to hear they catch fish.
  10. I bought a box of lures and had these salmon seeker lures with most in mint condition. There were 6 green and silver so assume someone must have had luck with them. Any advice on how best to use them
  11. If you are in canada, you may want to list on an alternative site. It may account for the difference in price. 129 american would be 150 or 160 canadian.
  12. Anyone close to Toronto that would want to order some and go splits on shipping?
  13. Perch monger I may be willing to go splits with you to reduce shipping. I sent you a PM.
  14. I think you are going to have people fishing next to you after that fish and the muskie that you caught. It has been a big fish summer for you. Congrats.
  15. I dont have slide divers. How far back do you run spoons off divers. Most of my leads are 7 feet so o can net fish....is that too short?
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