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  1. Ouch... I heard carbon 14 catches, so just picked one up..I hope it only catches fish for me.
  2. I know this is an old thread. I have 9 6 dipsy wire rods with twilli tips... I dont want to wrap the leader around the dipsy. Is there a way to leave the dipsy on the rod and attach a leader and store it that way to avoid having to assemble on the water.
  3. Yes...I saw that video and learned a lot.. Thanks for taking the time.
  4. Thanks. It was an interesting idea. I thought it might mimic a flasher lure combo. I dont necessarily get out enough to venture too far from tried and true. Will keep it in mind on those days when you throw everything but the kitchen sink at them.
  5. Haha...they would certainly wander. I wonder if you put a single hook in the top lure would be smart or just be a PITA. I was thinking about whether you would get a hit on the lead lure and miss it if you didnt have a hook.
  6. Had anyone ever tries this. https://tomiclure.com/instructions/stacking/#:~:text=Stacking has proven highly effective,2” to 30”
  7. I am on the other side of the lake, so dont know Steve, but I always feel people that try even if they dont get it right all the time are better than the arm chaIr quarterbacks who do nothing but gripe and complain. Congrats and well deserved retirement.
  8. Is there a specific crimp that you recommend. Asking because I have always tied knot. A picture would be appreciated if it's not too much trouble. Thanks again.
  9. I think I get it. Appreciate the advice. Thanks guys.
  10. What knot do you use to attach wire to spro swivel. Can you use it on a twilli tip rod?
  11. You may be correct on the blue silver ones. They have no label but the silver green are labelled luhr johnson salmon seeker and since they looked similar assumed they were all the same. Good to hear they catch fish.
  12. I bought a box of lures and had these salmon seeker lures with most in mint condition. There were 6 green and silver so assume someone must have had luck with them. Any advice on how best to use them
  13. If you are in canada, you may want to list on an alternative site. It may account for the difference in price. 129 american would be 150 or 160 canadian.
  14. Anyone close to Toronto that would want to order some and go splits on shipping?
  15. Perch monger I may be willing to go splits with you to reduce shipping. I sent you a PM.
  16. I think you are going to have people fishing next to you after that fish and the muskie that you caught. It has been a big fish summer for you. Congrats.
  17. I dont have slide divers. How far back do you run spoons off divers. Most of my leads are 7 feet so o can net fish....is that too short?
  18. I think your approach has to change....as mentioned the pier guys do okay. So they are relatively shallow so focusing outside rivers and piers and outside casting distance of 3/4 oz cleos. Coming in from the lake most pier fisherman will give you space but if you troll that pierhead too close and you can guarantee that someone will bomb your boat. Not right but pier guys can get resentful. You also want something erratic and slow down your speed. I have trolled glow lymans 10 feet down in 20 to 30 feet of water with setbacks around 80 to 90 feet. It is disorienting and you definately need to be cautious. These are from northshore
  19. I ran spoons behind sd's because I wanted to attract fish into spread....5 to 6 feet both of white and dipsy. Had success with dreamweaver spoons and proking. I have a couple of different lengths 4, 5 and 6 feet. I think some lures work better with shorter and some longer. Look at the action of the lure. You want its action to be key. I think i had my sd on the front ring. makes it fun landing solo when you have this on your wire dipsy set up.
  20. Do you deploy them after you deploy your rigger or do they need to stay on your line. Trying to understand how they work when setting lines. I see in the one picture the line going through a hole in the red part so assumed it had to stay on your line.
  21. I am having a problem with older cannon mini mag a. It goes up but won't go down. I may have sent too many volts through accidentally.. I get continuity when i move the switch up and down. I assume the switch just changes positive negative so the motor works up and down. Any ideas would be helpful. I can drop using the clutch but not the best long term solution. Appreciate any advice. H
  22. Good to remember his name and handle on this board. If you look you can see he was on the board earlier in the day. I would be 100% embarrassed. Hachimo, good karma to you. To the other guy, karma is a bi**h.
  23. A friend just gave me some. Are they better for rainbows and coho. The ones I have are smaller. Would you run them as cheaters or solo behind dipsy? I agree that different is sometimes better.
  24. I think providence bay has salmon. You might find more information if you google providence bay salmon
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