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  1. Agree with what your concerns as a fellow taxpayer and anyone retired and on fixed income it is doubly a concern. I disagree with your view that wages have not gone up. Since COVID, there has been an uptick in wages. With the unemployment rate at historically low numbers, workers have more negotiating power on the open market where salary is concerned. The problem for government employees is that it is not an open market. Everything has to flow through unions and a budget process. A government employee does not have autonomy to shop around for the best offer. As such, government employees make less money than private sector. What keeps people in government positions is trading higher income for guaranteed benefits. Without those benefits, why work for less? There is a crisis with people entering law enforcement. There are only about 200 ECO’s statewide when there is supposed to be 332. As a group, ECO’s are underpaid, underfunded, and morale is extremely low for the way they are being treated.
  2. I think there might be some of that involving benefits for SUNY police this time.
  3. Update: negotiations have the ECO’s funded now in this year’s budget. Not funded are pensions at 20 years of service, no raises, no contract.
  4. Yes, ECO’s. Thanks for asking. Sorry for the confusion
  5. How to find your state assembly rep https://nyassembly.gov/mem/search/ https://www.nysenate.gov/find-my-senator …and this is the leader of the anti-hunting movement in NY. https://nyassembly.gov/mem/Deborah-J-Glick please be respectful when engaging your reps or even Deb Glick. Your message will get lost if you act inappropriately. Thanks for participating.
  6. Agreed 👍. This is a topic we all need to come together on. It would affect all of us.
  7. It will come to light in the coming days. I am sure Dan Ladd of the Outdoor News will be all over this. In light of how Cuomo passed the Safe Act in the middle of the night, people need to be tipped off early.
  8. This is a high priority call to action for anyone that wants to protect their ability to hunt in NYS. I have it from an anonymous budget watchdog source that Governor Hochul has cut the DEC’s 20 year pension out of the current iteration of the budget. This move appears to be the beginning of a stepwise way of phasing out the DEC. The writing was on the wall with the commissioner and vice commissioner announcing they were stepping down. Cuomo started the process when the DEC would not back him in his last governor’s race, wouldn’t back the Safe Act, and blew the whistle on Cuomo when he tried to steal earmarked money from the outdoor fund. Hochul has continued Cuomo’s vendetta. There have been discussions and attempts to roll the duties of the DEC into the Forest Rangers even though Rangers don’t have the law enforcement or firearms training the DEC get. This is the beginning. Without a regulating body to help oversee hunting season, they will argue that there cannot be hunting. This is the back door way downstate will try to get rid of guns. BELIEVE IT, THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING. So coming soon to an outdoor venue near you……open season for poaching our animals, trespassing, and raping our fish runs. Who is going to answer your call when a trespasser with an AR-15 is on your property? If you live in rural areas, who will answer your 911 call when the closest police is 45 minutes away? Who will look for the neighbor’s kid that wandered off in the woods and it is now dark out? I could go on and on but the stark reality is that if you covet your outdoor pursuits and as an extension your 2nd amendment rights, you need to contact your local representative and strongly voice your support for the DEC. Use language that if they support Hochul’s move to dismantle the DEC you will not vote for them. Thank you. 🙏
  9. The main thing I see newbs get in trouble with while fishing the bar.. - trolling North/South when everyone else is trolling East/West. - trying to troll with junk lines and planer boards on the crowded stretch of water from Canadian border to Red Buoy Can - not realizing the water depth at drop off near red can goes from 60’ to 150’ in 100 yards - walleye guys thinking they are among walleye trollers and think the can cut across the back of someone’s boat when everyone has dipsys out. - not having a designated driver. Texting or not paying attention will get you in trouble. - not pulling off the drop off when fighting a fish ( head North away from the pack when hooked up) There will be more room and less trouble in waters East of the red can
  10. The Niagara is a mess. The water off Wilson and from Sumerset -East looks okay.
  11. The satellite image doesn’t look bad from today.
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