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  1. Had high hopes for Saturday but it looks like I will have to play it safe and hit the pier instead. Remember gents the water is cold this time of year.
  2. 1.8 mph in spring for browns and lakers. If kings are on the graph I pump it up to 2-2.25 depending on water temp and mood of fish. Then you have to match the speed to the baits you are running. If you run an NK 28 with a treble at 1.8 mph, you will be washing lures for a long time.
  3. So if the pink stuff is good enough for pvc to not crack then I would think it would not crack metal engine parts either. I have been using the pink stuff for 10 years ( knock on wood)
  4. So perhaps the workflow for winterization should be. Warm engine ---- Drain Petcocks-----Apply antifreeze thru muffs. Thanks for posting....very informative.
  5. I hear you Pap. Nothing like seeing brown movement, putting the gun up only to find an idiot in full brown Carhart in your scope. Scary when it happens.
  6. It tells me there is not much suspended activity in a river. All bottom oriented.
  7. Giant mud puppy! People wonder what a worm harness looks like to predator like a walleye and I usually reply a mudpuppy. On East wind roll-overs on Erie they wash up on shore in droves.
  8. My guess is night hunting will go bye-bye. After the horse shooting incident in Livingston County last year, it seems like a good idea
  9. What?....,Olcott harbor dirty?
  10. Sorry to hear about the lost rod. Any bait in the harbor?
  11. Yes, down below town at yacht club. Park up top across from exit in town (slight left then right out of exit).
  12. Youngstown not lewiston
  13. Boat tarp is off. Rods rigged. Just need the winds to cooperate and the road salt to be gone for next weekend.