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  1. And it all starts with bobbers and worms.
  2. Night bite from Hamburg South has been excellent. High water had opened new opportunities.
  3. I have not.
  4. Click on this
  5. Hit search feature on A-Tom-mik trolling site.
  6. Must have been great fishing as those are nice boxes to not have placed. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Yes there are kings in Lake Ontario. Must be in Niagara county for Pro/am at a secret location. Of course the 25 knot East wind tomorrow will change everything.
  8. Garrymny, as others has said, the downspeed and temp unit give information. Experience tells you what to do with it. You still have to use your eyeballs esp. in the spring! This morning out of Olcott before the winds picked up you might have noticed a slick line in the water at about 50'. That slick line is a "current tell". Usually there is debris in those slicks. Fish will collect along those current lines just like the debris found there. If you paid attention to the weather the day before, you would have seen there was an East wind which blows in cold water and pushes fish to the West towards the warm Niagara flow. As the wind picked up, you might have noticed that there was brown water coming in at 75-100' but the green water was persistent inside that line. Did you see many seagulls today floating around? Why not? If you were trolling towards Wilson and paying attention to your fishhawk, you were trolling into the Niagara current and against a stiff westerly. Your gps speed would tell you that you were barely moving, yet heading into the current as displayed by your fishhawk should have told you that despite not covering much ground, the current against your lure was keeping your lures working correctly. As you gain experience you will learn to trust your downspeed unit and find the units true worth, especially as the season progresses and you begin to fish deeper in the water column to find the thermocline.
  9. Niagara bar
  10. Don't know but that mottled brass looks like a gobie...., don't change a thing!
  11. Water temp along shore has hit the magic 50 degree mark. Water a little more turbid than usual. Bite has begun.
  12. Protrolls are little more noisy than spin docs. They have a metal grommet where the rear swivel is plus the clicking of the Echip. When kings start getting more aggressive in late July the protrolls come out. Because they are a little more noisy I will run longer leaders 30-35" mostly. Spin docs on my rods now.
  13. They sell a one-day $20 pass for your one-and-done buddies.
  14. Don't feel bad about your catch rate Saturday. The WHI results showed tough fishing by most even for the best teams on the lake.