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  1. Still are leaves on those trees and cruising/panting not worn down bucks. Are those current?
  2. Always identify your target! These taste terrible!
  3. That’s a brute! Your stubborn persistence paid off with what looks like the best buck on this thread.
  4. It would be cool to keep the quills in the paws for the mount.
  5. Ya, but I am picturing everything. Batteries are over 100 lbs each. To do it right you are probably looking at two batteries which takes you to $25,000 and over 200 bs of battery weight. You will need a charging system as you won’t be pulling 100 lb batteries out to charge up after each trip. I keep my boat on a trailer in a marina. How am I going to charge my batteries? Buy a house with a barn? How much will that cost? Living in the country would be ideal but my commute times and costs will go up. When you start to think about logistics, it becomes overwhelming.
  6. An expensive sport will invariably become out of reach in cost for the average working man in the near future IMO. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2021/11/22/gm-takes-a-stake-in-electric-boating-start-up-pure-watercraft.html https://www.purewatercraft.com/?utm_source=Google&utm_medium=CPC_Link&utm_campaign=Outboard&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI49b8_qG29AIVjf6zCh24KAinEAEYASAAEgIxXPD_BwE
  7. ……so I have this picture in my head of you chasing a deer while dragging your oxygen tank. Hardcore man …..hardcore.
  8. I assume they were not wearing orange. Upcharge.
  9. Public vs private will be different. On public land I am expecting deer to be pushed in the morning by hunters walking in. It’s all about studying a terrain map, figure out a way to get in the middle of it all without being seen, heard or smelled and wait for light. There is also movement deep in the backwoods around remote mast crops. Where you hunt Rob, I can understand why you wouldn’t hunt mornings. Field oriented deer can see you coming and going if they are nearby. Bucks will be out all night chasing so they will sleep in. Consider getting into stand at 9:30 am to catch that late morning buck wake-up and take a stroll time and then stay til dark. You will spook less still hunting to your stand late morning on your walk in. You would be amazed by the amount of deer that slink off without snorting or make a sound when you walk in when dark.
  10. Giant. We cut some day old tracks of a bear Saturday. Congrats on your trophy
  11. 9:30 this morning on state land Catt County. Old battle scarred 9 pointer with some stickers. He was blind in one eye and had a pus pocket wound on his forehead. Easy down hill drag to the creek for a little bath before going for a ride back to camp
  12. whoa…be careful you are out of practice! Remember a night of card playing, Genesee Cream Ale, chili, and excitement of opening morning can put a quick end to your scent-free undergarments. 💩💩🙀
  13. 7” of snow predicted in Catt county. No way! Crockpot kills all.
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