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  1. It’s all were you hit them. Were I am hunting the group has a policy of draw blood = done hunting + $200 fine that goes to food plot fund.
  2. We have found one. The story is the same. Either hunter got excited and tried a quartering-to shot hitting the shoulder with minimal penetration or they are gut shot. The problem with the gut shot ones is there are coyotes everywhere out here and they find them quick. Once jumped out of their bed by the coyotes, there is no blood trail to follow just clumps of hair here and there.
  3. I went on some more deer track calls the past two days. All calls were from Rage broadheads users.
  4. Hunting memes are funny. Here is one..... ”when you see a giant buck but you are already tagged out”
  5. Throw rublines, scrapes and deer trails out the window on gun opener. Put yourself dead in the middle of the property from where everyone else walks in from and let the games begin!
  6. Stay the course Duckman, that deer is 150-160”. A deer of a lifetime.
  7. I am out of deer tags in Kansas so I went into town and purchased a turkey tag.
  8. You look dominant thou the camera adds ten pounds.
  9. I am in deer camp in Kansas. The home owner is also a deer search dog owner. While here for 2.5 days, there have been about 15 search requests. ALL of them have been hunters using Rage broadheads. I have gone on two searches at night with him and have given up on both due to lack of sign. The dog is a blue lacy that has coyote bred in. Beautiful dog that looks like a mutt Weimaraner.
  10. Greetings from Kansas. Interesting day today. I tagged out walking to my tree stand one hour into the first hunt. Big 9 pointer
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