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  1. They may be studying fall fingerlings vs spring plants
  2. Stupid easy fishing still off the Catt in 80'. Riggers, dipsys, three-way rigs......don't matter what you use as long as near bottom. Small worm harnesses and Warrior flutter spoons in UV perch pattern. 30 fish in less than two hours.
  3. Jimski, not sure what you were intended with this statement as the internet does not reflect true meanings sometimes but..... of all the stakeholders (all have financial interest) on both sides of the lake that voted on the 2017 cuts, all except one voted FOR the cuts. Everybody on both sides of the arguments presented on this forum want proper stewardship. There is not necessarily a right or wrong answer as nobody has a crystal ball.
  4. Looks like fun! I would be interested to hear how they taste, didn't know people ate Pigeons. Spent yesterday at the 3F club in Lewiston with my two dogs volunteering for their pheasant youth program/hunt. Really warm for the dogs but great action for them to get primed for season.
  5. So it would appear this massive year class of Walleye extends from Ohio to Buffalo with everyone reporting similar size and similar results. They are feeding as competition is fierce. The bottom hugging fish have small gobies in their bellies and the suspended fish YOY alewives or Gizzard Shad. Hopefully there is enough food in the system to support the fish. They have to be in direct competition with the perch schools.
  6. Yes Rick, I am using this forum to come out of the closet. Going to change my boat name to "hole in my transom". I agree the bickering is stupid and will admit I have stuff going on right now in my life that has me particularly on edge. Rick, I think you would agree that a lot of good has come out of these threads on stocking figures/ alewife numbers-sampling methods/ functioning of Altmar/ pen projects etc etc.
  7. Thanks for the clarification on the meetings. It would have been nice to know the historical background of non-public meetings prior to my rant. Why was the charter associations so up in arms about the "secret meeting" last year if these are common place?
  8. Dave, your name got thrown into the same mix as Lucky because you both have messaged the same rhetoric here on LOU that there are "anglers you know" that want no stocking of king salmon. I know you and Lucky understand the biological reasons of why that feat would be impossible given the nature of Lake Ontario today so I would hope that you guys would shout down those whom are ill informed. The behind closed door meetings do nothing but incite conspiracy theories. I would gladly buy you a scotch (I am a beer man myself) as I prefer face to face rather than the cold internet. Please understand the nature of my rant. Were there is smoke there is fire. If there is a movement behind the scenes to get rid of chinook salmon, this forum is a great place to bring those who hide in shadows out into the light. You and Lucky were the ones to state your fishing circle has anti-king sentiments. My apologies if I branded you as guilty by association. I would hope that in your leadership positions you would remember we are all stakeholders. Carry the concerns of the lunatic fringe but champion the wishes of the majority.
  9. The answer is glow with UV.
  10. Lucky, you Dave Agnes and the other handful of elitist anti-chinook anglers that somehow got in the ear of the DEC are completely delusional if you think you somehow represent a majority of Lake Ontario sportsmen and women. THE economic driver on Lake Ontario is the King Salmon.......period. Other than devout Steelheaders, nobody is booking trips from out-of-state to catch the other species like Lake Trout or Atlantic Salmon. If the economic driver is the King salmon, then it should be said that the majority of Lake Ontario anglers choose to target this great fish. Since you and your handful of elite anglers don't care for the king salmon, you represent a fringe group. Which begs the question why the hell is the DEC listening to a fringe group, let alone give you a title as a "stakeholder"??? You stand in the hallowed gravel of the Salmon River........the only source of our hatchery kings........and claim "people" don't want king salmon! Look around. All those zany, fish crazed stream anglers that you distain are merely showing their passion for the quarry they chase. Yes, there are those that leave trash behind (I hate them too). Yes, salmon carcasses are left to stink up homeowners riverbanks (then don't live on a waterway named the Salmon River!!). Lucky, I am sure you are as passionate about fishing as anyone on this forum. I am sure you are a very conservation minded angler that has been hands-on with stream improvement projects, and I am damn sure you have not figured out that the vast majority of LOU members are Chinook Salmon trollers. The fact you are willing to take on the task of "educating" LOU viewers about the state-of-lake, and help push the DEC/OMNR salmon cuts tells me you have an agenda......why else take the abuse and take the time out of your busy schedule to sit down and type the words. The fact that you and your group are having behind-closed-door meetings with DEC officials bending tales of anti-chinook sentiment is very unnerving. Go back to directing your angst towards something worthwhile such as working with the DEC to catch anglers leaving trash behind .....or snatching .......or the night poaching problem......lots of good causes but PLEASE stop spewing false statements that there all these "people" out there that want the Chinook Salmon gone. Rant over.
  11. Get 4 other guys to share the charter and it becomes a bargain. You will make the investment back by gas savings trolling around trying to find fish or make them bite.
  12. Wow! You guys fish Erie that late? Brave souls.
  13. You have the type of rig to chase the large class of two year old kings right up until the launches freeze.