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  1. Lake laid down but looks like icebergs jamming up the harbor https://www.olcottrentals.com/en/786020/marina-webcam
  2. Zero wind. Looks like a great day. Get ‘em
  3. The fish look great this year. Make sure anyone going out checks the buoy data. Looks like she started blowing hard out of the NE overnight. https://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/station_page.php?station=olcn6
  4. You know Bill you are right! I have life jackets .... lol
  5. Sooooooo....I am out for tomorrow. Bummer! My moor sub troll was having intermittent power to the head so I purchased a new power cord. I figured just splice in new one and good to go but when I tried to plug in the cord to the back of the unit the female end would not fit over the male piece. WTF. I was able to match a drill bit sized to the old terminus and reamed out the new female fitting (add joke here). The fit was tight and the black dot was showing on the display. Success! Now just need to do my bilge pump check. Auto bilges good! Manual bilge .....no sound. Check the inline fuse and it’s blown. Replace the fuse and retry. No sound, blown fuse. Houston we have a problem. I checked the pump and noticed the housing was cracked and bulging. I must not have gotten all the water out of the lines and she froze. It never ends.
  6. Webcam shows green water pushing in and cleaning things up
  7. Looking like a 10 am splash down.
  8. Ya the water color was nice last weekend.
  9. But they are king salmon Bill!
  10. Water color has gone to crap. Browns are out as an option. May have to jet offshore and take a flyer on kings .....
  11. I won’t know the time until probably Friday afternoon. The wind has to lay down from Saturday.
  12. Wind permitting, going to give her go on Sunday. This time of year it is nice to have other boats out for safety reasons. Olcott launch is free of ice. Anyone interested in coordinating fishing times?
  13. I would not be attaching 19 strand into a release over and over......... Braid backing.....yes. 19 strand doesn't take much to have those small strands break and start to unravel. Make sure you use 80 lb braid backing to make the knot connection to the weighted steel as 30 lb is not wide/strong enough to keep knot from slipping. I am not a fan of using long lines down the chute.....you are asking for trouble at some point.
  14. More efficient to learn how to run a dipsy off an otter boat for depths below 80’
  15. No nineteen strand just braid backing. If I need additional depth, I add a torpedo diver or a keel weight to the leader.
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