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  1. I get confused looking at that spoon pattern also.
  2. Starting point from March is on the bottom out deep with the wintering alewives. As water warms, bait and then kings follow. Find warmest water around.
  3. Money allocation is slow from government to businesses. I work for a health center and my CEO informed me she received a call from feds asking if we suffered any loses from Hurricane Sandy so we can be reimbursed........
  4. Sure but make sure you insert the right end ( if I only had a dime....), and don’t over-insert as the paddle wheel may add to comfort level.
  5. Fish hawk has not come up with a client temp monitor yet.
  6. Lots of factors affect hook up/ land ratio. Speed trolling, color of water, action on lure, East wind more nipping at lure, in-line boards vs using planer board system off tether line, are you over fish that were trolled over and caught already etc etc
  7. My guess is the guy on the left owns a dog and does not live there. The guy in the middle also does not live there because they don't have their shoes on. Guy on the right with shoes owns the house.
  8. Apply for exemption and see what the state’s official response is.
  9. Ok phew!......that is what you meant by you used to play in dirty canals! Now I get it.
  10. That was the plan. Chemistry class freshman year changed that lol.
  11. I saw the emperor's press conferences. He is all for people getting outside in uncrowded venues.
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