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  1. In the very least ding-dong-ditch some burning bags of dog poo on the front step.
  2. I am reading some threads about snook, crevalle and barracuda near shore bait pods.
  3. Shore fishing in Aruba? Anyone try shorefishing in Aruba? Baits to bring?
  4. Guys have been running them drifting the Niagara.
  5. I still don't know how Cuomo didn't go to jail for stealing from the Pittman-Robertson fund. Moving money thru numerous accounts and into his private campaign fund. Crook like his father. If it wasn't for the NYS Conservation Council suing him we may have lost millions.
  6. Figure what species you want to target. Figure out where their preferred temp is in the water column that day. Figure out current direction in that preferred zone. Keep you baits in the zone at a direction into the current .......or you could troll North-South on East-West currents.
  7. You should try to become a mate on a charter boat first. You have to learn the business side.
  8. ut_falcon, how was the king run this year on the North shore?
  9. Coyotes will be hungry
  10. I would like to see a fish study take place in the spring as fish are coming out of the stresses of winter. Jim Johnson + collaborate with West Coast Biologists that deal with more disease issues. Asking the public what they think is causing the shortfalls is good a point..........then you have to dig in and do the dirty work.
  11. Was there any talk about any on going disease studies of the salmonids while out in the lake? To get the reduction in numbers we have faced there has to be a disease process involved. Perhaps a combination syndrome? I have never bought into thiamine deficiency-only theory. There have always been bad winters. There have always been poaching, fishing tournaments, snatching, thiamine deficiency, and yes fly fishermen with fancy Orvis reels. So what is different? The non-inclusive "secret meetings" and finger pointing by both sides needs to stop. Not sure if DEC is trying to pit one side against the other to deflect criticism but nothing is gained by division
  12. We need a new moderate party.
  13. Without Kings, steelhead would die en masse due to thiamine deficiency as alewife numbers would explode.
  14. Agreed. Facing upstream but pushed with the current. Any fish not tied to structure that goes inactive and/or sleep for 4 hours can wake up 8 miles away.
  15. Except bait fish are filter feeders and most likely facing into the current also. Salmon, lakers and browns follow and attack from the rear. The easier meal (that which is moving slowest) is probably going to get attention over the one buzzing by. Put it into the current.