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  1. You can catch hordes of suspended lakers in Lake Ontario right now, but month to month my money would be on pounding dirt.
  2. They announced not this week but probably next week
  3. Good testament to the anglers of LOU that this thread went this long with so many views..........all because someone saw a dead fish. Kudos gents!
  4. I would be more concerned about condensation getting into the probe if you left it open for long periods of time. Open it up to equalize then close back up to store would be my anecdotal answer.
  5. ?? I see fishing shows in Alaska where they are using skein all the time on the tele.
  6. Lake guys don’t want to shut tribs down, as most of us lake guys ARE trib guys as well. The issue with the taking of eggs and leaving the carcass breaks the laws governing “wanton waste”....never mind the lack of morality of the act.
  7. I can’t sign off on this knot yet. Still testing
  8. I have had a few people contact me about R&R Tackle and some of their new products that don’t appear on the website. Dave has pictures of his kodiak wobbler spoons, newer patterns of his super-lites and his custom painted alderton dodgers which he can email to you if you contact him on his web email located at mytackle box.com. He does put pictures up on his Facebook page. Full disclosure- I have no affiliation with the company.....only trying to support our local companies.
  9. I believe you can get them directly from protroll.
  10. That smaller sized logperch is great but they don’t make it anymore. The larger size version doesn’t work nearly as well for some reason. Nice Atlantic with cool coloration.
  11. Double willis knot with standard leadcore. With Microlead, the sheath is braid so remove some lead and tie your favorite braid knot against your favorite mono knot.
  12. I emailed Mathew Saurie from Torpedo Divers and he will test the knot strength when he gets back from out-of-town first week in May.
  13. They should offer a Bay Ray color “boat gremlin”.
  14. 2x’s on a backcountry mangrove trip. I did one with a friend in a kayak and light spin tackle. A blast. Just make sure you have someone show you how to get back into the boat if you roll it 😂.
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