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  1. Lurker alert......lurker alert.
  2. State of the Lake I had the honor to spend the day aboard the USGS research vessel Kaho. Today's baitfish assessment took place off the Sumerset plant in Niagara County from 170 meters depth to 25 meters. I believe we can rest easy knowing that the alewife assessment is in very capable hands and there is a ton of bait out there. The bottom of the lake is filthy with adult alewives. Considering there is bait in the harbors already and the excellent early numbers coming in from the bottom trawls offshore, the alarm signals sent out about the missing two year classes of alewives appear to be premature. Book your charter trip, plan to tow your boat.......hell ride your bike to Lake Ontario because she is alive and well. Special thanks to the crew of the Kaho. Next time you see one of them buy them a beer as a 12 hour day trawling is HARD work.
  3. It keeps raining....,fluorescent yellow or green
  4. No you can't drive up to falls. Take maid of mist tour. They take you right to base of falls. Cave of the winds allow you to walk behind the falls. Leave boat at home and grab a charter. Dangerous water.
  5. Niagara county Kings during the day. Hitch boat and drive 45 minutes to Erie and fish the walleye nite bite. Sounds pretty good doesnt it?
  6. When I was on Vince's boat last year, I was trying to see which way to untwist some tangled wire lines thru my $15 cheap sunglasses and couldn't see crap. Nick could see the lines clear enough with his Costa's to know which way to unwind the twists. Made a believer out of me.
  7. Life is good. No complaints. I will have the pulse of the night trolling reef bite if interested. I will give a shout when it is happening.
  8. Michael when are you going to pop your cherry on Erie walleyes?
  9. I find "great stewards of the land" curious in conjunction with gill netting.
  10. Going green Lady O is firing up. That green plume is productivity not runoff- we have not had rain in a week.
  11. Replace fuel lines. Agree with PAP.
  12. Strip off enough insulation to tie a wire line knot to a large termination swivel and a blacks release (with swivel) with bare metal touching the eyelet of the swivel. Clip swivel to probe. Run a 3' piece of dowrigger cable with termination swivels and wire line knots to bottom of probe down to downrigger ball. The reason for the 3' section between the downrigger ball and probe is so when you stop the release where you can reach it, the ball stays in the water. Bouncing balls snap off probes. No crimps in the equation. Downrigger ball/termination swivel/wire knot/3' of cable/wire knot/termination swivel/bottom probe eyelet/termination swivel top probe eyelet/blacks release/wire knot bare metal on contact.
  13. Thank you for posting. As stated in my other thread, the time to voice your opinion is NOW.
  14. As Les might be as simple as the fish are fed. The TV I am watching right now is 8' from a refrigerator full of food. I am not at the frig because I had dinner an hour ago and I am not hungry. The water is still cool and fish are cold-blooded so fish can afford to eat and be lethargic.