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  1. A four pack of spoons on slide divers out the back (mags/inside-standards/outside) works all year.
  2. Great fishing for me. I had two late season skunks trying to get some stagers to bite, but it was not from a lack of targets (they just had lock jaw). King fishing for us started in mid March! Love easy winters. Lots of bait inshore that showed late.
  3. No. I was there from 7:45 til 9:30. Unfortunately the end of the pier was completely blocked with a group young men with three rods each and snagging hooks tight-lining. Kind of ruins it for everyone else. I will be glad when they extend the piers as projected.
  4. Go to a school athletics field and walk off all the wire on the reel. Add braid starter in the amount to fill the spool as needed. Tie back in wire to braid filler via modified Albright knot. Put wire back on. Check for wire dings as you reel (you will find them).
  5. As long as it is in May, you should be good. Bring riggers, dipsys/slide divers, short copper or leadcores. Mostly a spoon bite but you can catch some on sticks, flasher/flies, and meat.
  6. Wilson and Olcott in May is world class fishing.
  7. Sorry your trip got canceled. A lot of businesses will be forever affected by Covid. I am going to have to call you out, however. Ohio being placed on a travel restricted state is Ohio’s fault. Ohio was late to the game on mask mandates and now everybody is paying the price for you and southern states not believing scientists. It’s a Pandemic! A once in our lifetime event. My brother took his daughter to University of Dayton to start her freshman year. He almost put her back in the car and drove her home as he found there were no RD’s or RA’s in the dorms to oversee the incoming students. Kids were running around with no masks. Univ of Dayton blew up with Covid in the first two weeks with now over 900 cases and of course my niece now has Covid. Wake up brother and start mixing in some real news stations into your tv viewing experience. We are all in this together so when 1/3 of the country is rowing in an opposite direction, we are prone to spin in circles.
  8. Plenty of fish off Olcottb and from the LOC derby listings, good size. The challenge is getting them to bite.
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