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  1. I think the UV tape evolution has saved their butts in protecting their paint jobs over there at Michigan Stinger/ Gibbs. Great spoon blank. I own many.
  2. Send them to Rob, he loves to shoot.
  3. I had some fluorescent paint laying around and my wife’s clear nail polish. Low tech. Probably will come off with first fish lol. Off to a friend for testing in Ohio waters.
  4. https://m.facebook.com/groups/220365061802020/permalink/1731101884061656/?mibextid=rS40aB7S9Ucbxw6v
  5. Tonight I had a six pointer tending and grunting a yearling doe. Second cycle may be starting
  6. To those of you that customize your lures, can you spray over the counter fluorescent spray can paint on rapalas without causing a bubble reaction? What would you clear coat it with? Thanks.
  7. Gill-T

    Lake Erie bite

    THATS A WRAP, see ya next year.
  8. Gill-T

    Lake Erie bite

    This one pulled the board back better than any walleye we caught. This was the only “junk” fish we caught. All told we caught 29 walleye in 11 hours of trolling. Nothing over 6 lbs
  9. Gill-T

    Lake Erie bite

    A little hitchhiker that got a nitecrawler meal before flying the rest of the way across the lake
  10. Gill-T

    Lake Erie bite

    You might be a redneck if you fillet walleye off the back of a truck at a motel 6 while using an extension cord to charge your boat batteries
  11. Gill-T

    Lake Erie bite

    Four hours of trolling today over the same water. Wierd 5’ ocean rolller waves brought in some clean water over night and morning which made the bite more challenging until we found a piece of stained water. Still able to scratch out 11 walleye before hitting the road. Great trip, no derby fish but lots of fillets. JOB charters pulled out with us today out of Marblehead and showed us their clients 12 lb er that would have placed second in derby but was caught one hour too late after the scales closed.
  12. Gill-T

    Lake Erie bite

    ……well, the boy’s “naps” are going on three hours lol. Doesn’t look like we are going nite trolling. One last kick at the can tomorrow.
  13. Gill-T

    Lake Erie bite

    Fished today off Kelly’s island and did really well. We threw back some fish to keep our limit open for the nite bite. Best bait was chartreuse scatter rap taildancer flatlined 100-120’ back on outside board. Inside boards caught with two ounces 70/40 with Bandits, Rumble B’s, and Bombers. Slide diver with Northport Wild thing went a few times, rigger a few times and zero on bottom bouncer. What a great fishery. The graph was full all day.
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