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  1. That’s a triple drop tined deer! Wow.
  2. Bill, I noticed you have the big eight point gene on your properties.
  3. Olcott is closed due to construction
  4. Anyone try the new Traditions Nitrostick muzzleloader?
  5. The stocking cuts last year after a second mild winter in a row was short sighted.
  6. I used to always have a hammer fly/ green dot white board out for kings but once the lake cleared a little after the hard ‘14-‘15 winters, that combo died for me on the west end. I have those combos sitting in bags waiting to go back in the water when conditions warrant. This warm summer and another mild winter and I will be getting them wet again. White halo with glow beads is always a great idea in low light.
  7. the green dot flasher and hammer fly combo is working again? That old go-to has been gathering cobwebs. Glad it’s back! The black edge/glow slick SD with an A-Tom-mik hypnotist combo has been working as has meat rigs fished off smaller 8” protrolls.
  8. Gill-T

    for sale : usa 2000 Sportcraft 272

    Hello Harold. Thanks for posting. I think you will get interest in your rig if you post pictures and include a price. The little paper clip symbol in the bottom left corner of this post screen can take you to pictures on your phone that you can add for us users to view.
  9. Since the fish appear fat, is the issue more spawning at age 2 and less spawning at age 4?
  10. Interesting that Olcott and not Pulaski has had the winning fall fish in the LOC derby three years in a row. Perhaps this represents a shift in the lake of some sort? Is it a bait and fitness thing? Is it a pen-rearing effect? Is it water temps and weather at the time of the LOC? I can report that the fish I have been catching in Niagara County have been fat fat fat (three times for affect). Is it as simple as the port name “all-caught”? For those of you that fish the Salmon River, please report out on how the run is going this year.
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