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  1. Gill-T

    Where to Find Brown Trout This Time of Year?

    Piers will be iced over. Bait won’t be in until April. They will be keying on gobies in water between 20-30’. Wait on the pier thing.
  2. Gill-T

    Earthquake off Oak Orchard

    The earthquake was from the seismological shift of Oak Orchard charter captains realizing that the eye sticker should be placed on the nose of the spoon .....not on the rear.
  3. Gill-T

    Anyone seeing any grouse?

    Ended the season on a high note. Rarely is a grouse set up perfect. The bird was where it was suppose to be, the dogs flushed it, my brother missed it, I shot it, my pointer found it and my rescue dog-flusher dove in and grabbed it. Perfect.
  4. Gill-T

    Spring's first signs

    So another year approaches. Today I took advantage of some recent snow melt and cleaned up some dog droppings out in the yard while taking in some Vitamin D. I had my ears and eyes scanning for any signs of spring. Then I heard it..... a couple of starlings in a neighbor's tree. I always look forward to spring's first signs.
  5. Gill-T

    Spoon Debate

    The dreamweaver mags work great as do the superslims. The mags need the split rings changed out - not sure what happened with some of the last couple of years production but I lost a bunch of fish by the hook sliding off the split ring. I run a lot of northport nailers also. Hard to go wrong with Michigan Stingers in stingray size. R&R tackle has good spoons. Northport nailers have the most durable paint jobs. I have a few moonshine patterns I run also. Stop by some time while in slip and I can show you what is working. Changes slightly every year.
  6. Gill-T

    Spoon Debate

    Paul is right it didn’t matter much last year and it won’t matter this year due to size of this year class. I caught just as many fish on a six inch spoon as I did on super slims so size didn’t matter either. A theme emerged after May on color scheme involving spoons with black-glow-UV. More important was where in the water column you were fishing.
  7. Gill-T

    FishHawk probe attachment

    Use a wire line knot - no crimps Make sure your termination swivel spins Make sure your ball stops below the waterline Make sure balls are off in transit
  8. Gill-T

    Lake level

    We keep getting these monsoon westerlies that is probably screwing with the water level readings.
  9. Gill-T

    Hardwater report !!

    Not king rings, kings ....as in chinooks. Oh well if it needs explaining then it ain’t funny anyway. Nice haul.
  10. Gill-T

    Hardwater report !!

    Yes but they have to be ice-caught.
  11. Gill-T

    Taughhannock Launch Status?

    Great haul
  12. Gill-T

    Hardwater report !!

    Those aren’t kings.
  13. Gill-T

    Pray for warmth

    50% chance of more rain? Not sure about temp predictions. Can anyone interpret the chart on the left? https://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/predictions/30day/