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  1. Gill-T

    Need tackle locators

    Ha! I called Steve this morning. He didn’t have anything I was looking for.
  2. I thought you looked familiar. I will recognize your rig next time and say hi. I was the smaller of the two pink Tutu-wearing men at the event.
  3. There always seemed to be an endless supply of gear we use trolling to be found locally at local tackle shops, Dicks and even sometimes Cabelas. Lately I am having trouble finding some of the usual stuff. Anyone have a lead on... **Berkley Big Game green 30lb spools **Clear Walker Deeper Divers (did Dreamweaver buy them out?) ** 1/2" glow lure eye stickers ** Large flasher eyeball stickers
  4. The amazing thing is the strong spoon bite. This group of fish for whatever reason has taken to spoons 10:1 over flasher presentations. They have been on a black pattern for me the last month.
  5. Nice bunch of Kings to the East offshore in 400’-450’.
  6. Gill-T

    Best boat for salmon fishin

    Cherokee boats were made for our type of fishing. If you can find one ( probably Michigan) !
  7. IMO the biggest factor effecting size of steelhead is the lack of Emerald Shiners due to the effects of VHS and the loss of productivity in the epilimnion since the 80’s. We are seeing the effects on Erie now with walleye growth slowing to “Canadian shield lake levels”. It used to be during the 80’s and 90’s the blue zone offshore had emeralds visible on the surface year’round. Each spring you could count on emeralds thick in each port,river,stream or ditch. Now.....nothing. I saw plenty of trout snagged in tribs via snagging hooks in the eighties and steelhead were bigger. The charter fleet in Canada has had to adapt to steelhead or go out of business as their salmon numbers diminished over the decades. Two factors effecting size are age and food. If you believe the C&R numbers then it has to be the food.
  8. Gill-T

    Wilson 8/12

    What were your downtemps out there?
  9. You need to find the tutorial on YouTube for setting up wire slide divers by Team Casey 1. I don’t like crimps and wire
  10. Gill-T

    Dunkirk, NY Fishing

    That is what I am seeing in walleyes, perch and gobies.
  11. Gill-T

    Top 3 atommik flies

    I am a stud.
  12. Gill-T

    Dunkirk, NY Fishing

    Great looking fish. I would be interested to know stomach contents of the one you kept. They look well fed.
  13. For Gambler’s picture it looks like chronic feeding on Gobie-mouth or the laker tasted itself.
  14. Awesome! This is the year to do it.
  15. Just had to ask......where they caught on a two-face spoon or flasher??