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  1. Northport Nailers have the most durable finish. For walleyes their 3.25" sized spoons and their "wild thing" spoons work well.
  2. Clearly firm structure with no fuzzy weed growth between. Looks like a good hang out.
  3. Legal action is the only way. Chase the money. I am sure there is a lobby that the shipping industry uses.
  4. The Opti-grab glasses were a big hit back in the day. https://m.facebook.com/pages/category/Company/Opti-Grab-188543405397/
  5. Boats of guys fishing were seen circling.
  6. Well done. I had grand plans of fishing out deep today but wind and waves had other ideas.
  7. El skunko. Smelled three different road killed skunks on way down to the lake, the water had a post roll-over smell, the wave forecast was wrong, one crew member failed to wake up ....,should have slept in. Trolled out this morning from 140’ out to 260’ and back. Marking only a handful of marks and baitpods. Lost one on a meat rig down 80’- on briefly, and then lost a screamer that chewed thru a 20 lb Fluor leader (clean cut) taking with it a R&R Kodiak Wobbler mag. Smelled a rat so pulled plug after a three hour troll. Hits were out over 240’. Hopefully the smelly water settles out by next weekend.
  8. On cue, a bunch of olcott fish weighed in today on LOC. I will be out tomorrow. Have not seen Ontario since May.
  9. Good water heading back to Niagara county shoreline. Kings should be around tomorrow. How is Pirate Days effecting the launch?
  10. My brother is in the market. I will pass your info on to him.
  11. I saw a lot of fish with lateral fin clips
  12. Braid sheath leadcore like Tuf-line I just remove some lead and tie an improved cinch on mono side married to a wrapped twice improved cinch on the sheath side.
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