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  1. Extirpated then restocked.
  2. You have the best deer stand in the world. I would be too mesmerized by the spawning salmon that deer would be sneaking up on me.
  3. Amazing no broken tines except the right brow perhaps? Never seen brows as the dominant point. Great deer. Very unusual
  4. Great buck! Wide like a Texas buck.
  5. I think the does went into hiding. Only deer i saw was a nice buck. Got into my downwind shooting lane and busted me before I drew. Buck was cruising at 10:45.
  6. Baldness I think is a testosterone thing. A couple of years ago I shot a buck and went to move it by grabbing it by the mane. I fell over backwards with huge clumps of fur in my hand. WTF. So I tried again and duplicated the feat. I could have dry plucked that deer in 5 minutes.
  7. I am trying to figure out how I am going to stay warm being out all day Saturday with the temps in the teens.
  8. My brother reports chasing near Franklinville. This cold snap is coming at the perfect time!!!!!
  9. ........and ya just jinxed it. Ugh.
  10. Nice deer. Would you put him at 3.5 yrs?
  11. I don’t buy the moon itself has some weird effect on hormone levels but rather the moon’s effect on the ability to see in the dark. Full moon they run around all night especially in heavily hunted areas or areas near human intrusion. The deep woods spots I hunt in southern tier have a lot more daytime activity activity than my WNY spots in smaller plots.
  12. Full moon this weekend suppressed daytime buck movement IMO. This next weekend plan to sit all day.
  13. Use mag divers and troll slower.
  14. Any North/South running creek bottom are made for a West or an East wind.