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  1. I was there in August of 1994. Interesting to see how much less snow is on the surrounding peaks compared to when I was there.
  2. No Lakers today. Spent 1.5 hrs jigging Tony's nose. Even ran a three way with jig on bottom and spoon trailing. Put out the eight color and caught another short Atlantic. I have about 12 hours in this week chasing Lakers with a big old goose egg. Tried gang trolls, dodger/fly, dodger/ spin and glow, and jigging. I have yet to see a net come out for anyone else either. Despite the lack of laker success, I have had a great time. Tubing, water skiing, cliff jumping, snorkeling. My daughters were able to get up on water skis and learn how to drive a boat. Great weather with water temps perfect. I have learned a few things.....summer suspended smallmouth, Northport Nailer wild-thing spoons need more play time on Lake Ontario browns. Wnen trolling slow.... you can dump an eight color on deployment into a thumper rig 100' down if you let the leadcore out too fast......what a mess!.....line spun onto itself so tight my A-Tom-Mik stud fly became a pud fly. I learned that without a fishfinder you can come upon an underwater island that goes from 100' to 20' in the middle of the lake......I want my spoon back! I have learned that Lake George smallmouth are delicious dipped in egg whites and rolled in corn meal.
  3. Yes I am staying on Tony's nose. I will be hitting that 200' hole with saltwater heavy jigs.
  4. Going to try to jig them tomorrow. The deepest hole in the lake is right off the point from where I am staying. The tiny spot to the south that the locals are working is the size of a postage stamp. With charters in there I have stayed away.
  5. Les, I have a thumper banging bottom. The eight color is for Atlantics.
  6. Another limit of bass fishing for trout. Eight color with Northport Nailer wild thing spoon today. Lake Trout remain elusive without a fishfinder.
  7. Yes, I caught a largemouth jigging the bottom in 50'. BTW the boat we rented has no fish finder lol.
  8. Lake trout have been absent so far. Been running a bottom thumper and have had one hit on that rig. Now the eight color is on fire. One short Atlantic and Smallmouth galore. After snorkeling the rock structure around the north part of the lake, it became apparent there were no smallmouth where they "should be". The food web appears to be Mayfly hatches as when it is calm on the lake, fish are up and feeding on the surface. I am catching smallmouth in the middle of the lake on leadcore with a small Northern king aluminum blank in blue/chartreuse with some doctored orange tape on the other
  9. Les, age 2, 3 and 4 year olds don't waste time on small alewives.......not worth the effort. The adult alewives live in the same water Kings prefer so they intersect a lot.
  10. Oswego and Mexico fishermen like their green or yellow flashers. Green flies. Green or yellow colored meat heads.
  11. They are cheap
  12. Seems like s lot of work to make clippers efficient. I have been using stainless "dog clips" with a Weldon pad release for a decade. The heavy weight of the clip slides down the line fast and you have true one hand placement for speed.
  13. Looks like you will want to go deep and East out of Olcott to find the warmer surface water.
  14. Yes, shoreline trolling renewed. Break out the April gear. Also, the top of the Niagara drop will have warm water and bait
  15. It's nice but as it ages and the ink runs I would be afraid it would look like a melanoma.