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  1. braid downrigger cable

    I run the braid thru my fingers before entering the spool. When it wads up enough you pluck it like a bow string and they fly off
  2. Then a mathematician can create a stocking formula. Good as anything.
  3. Gambler Rigs and Hammerhead cowbells

    Name the video "ground hog day". Apply, rinse, and repeat. Apply, rinse and repeat.
  4. A decent video
  5. SPoon size for kings

    3.25"-5" spoon size is typical
  6. Tippy Dam video

  7. Preserving Baits

    20 Mule Team Borax.
  8. State of the Lake meetings

    Thanks Jerry for posting. How much discussion was presented for Atlantic Salmon returns and stocking? Typically the DEC posts 50,000 per year but usually three times that number gets planted.
  9. Lake Trout video

    I put the big gear out because the laker numbers you catch in April off Niagara county is crazy and I want to weed out "small" fish. I say small but 7-8 lb lakers are trophys everywhere else. I can tell you big spoons do match the hatch as most of the deep bait coming out of winter are adult alewives. My time on the Kaho showed me that 6-8" alewives is what is available. With the supposed hole in certain adult alewife year classes, I think going with smaller baits would make sense. The slimy sculpin that were netted were only 2-4". Not sure how much the bloater chubby will play a role....might be putting a hook off a dodger one day??
  10. Lake Trout video

    If you want the big ones PAP then throw a big bait out there. Guys fishing out west use Cisco Kid Musky plugs to catch big lakers. I have been testing huge spoons for Lakers in the spring to target the big ones in April. I am up to 7" spoons and may try larger.
  11. Rather disturbing info

    This is not a Republican/Democratic issue, it is a health issue. Cancer does not care what your political affiliation is. These are just guidelines for people to make educated decisions about what they consume. The state has to put this information out for liability reasons. There are no "fish police" out there preventing you from eating what you want. If you want to eat the fish you it (BTW every fish sold in stores has heavy metals also).
  12. Interesting read

    I am sure Bill frequents this website. Disappointing behavior for a supposed "leader" in the industry. It also speaks to the pressure guides are under to produce for their clients that he would stoop to those depths. Difficult business to hang your hat on a sport that requires the timing of bird migrations. A little bit of laziness involved also. A small drive up to Upper and Lower Lakes WMA + a little legwork and he could get his clients a limit of ducks every time.
  13. Big Jon Brute rigger worth the $$

    Definitely get the delay-slow down feature for the rigger if you are going to run an expensive probe on it. If you get the swivel base, you can swing the arm 90 degrees when netting fish down the middle. I have a 4' boom to extend beyond a swim platform.
  14. Interesting read