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  1. Sodus Bay Cisco’s
  2. Sodus Bay Cisco’s

    Cool. I heard they move into Sodus and I-Bays. That is a 4 year old king's fillet mignon.
  3. Scary Boat Accident Last August

    Check out this accident. I think it was one Jason saw.
  4. 4.3 mercruiser issues

    Get a reputable marine mechanic that knows how to tune the timing to specs recommended by the manufacturer.
  5. Seneca dead fish

    I was thinking maybe the lamprey hole created a secondary infection esp with all the talk of high bacteria count in the areas of concern.
  6. Daredeveles in 5 of diamonds, orange scale, brown trout. Sizes 3/4oz and bigger. Take pliers to get hooks out!
  7. Double D gets a taste

    Great day!
  8. Braddocks

    Give us a report!
  9. 4.3 mercruiser issues

    x2 on timing.
  10. 4.3 mercruiser issues

    Check ignitions coils.
  11. I wish I needed a boat.
  12. Seneca dead fish

    That lamprey hole looks suspicious. Usually after the lamprey detaches the wound is all red and angry looking. That lamprey hole looks like the surrounding tissue became necrotic (dead).
  13. There were boating restrictions from what I remember. If water could not be pushed out of Erie Canal due to high water on Ontario then the fingers connected directly or indirectly would have been effected also IMO.
  14. Great design on this rig. I love the inset transom to make it easier to net over the back of the engines. Good luck with the sale.