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  1. Congrats on killing the mountain lion seen in New York.
  2. I am not sure anyone thought about the additional clean up costs at weigh-in by including Lake Trout.
  3. I think you are onto something. I retied my connections with 80 lb using a preferred improved Albright Knot and I found a much better result. The extra thickness has better binding properties. I did nine wraps instead of usual 7. I like it. The only tricky part is the cinch down, making sure the knot doesn’t slip off the end of the doubled up wire
  4. I have been tabulating my own figures and have found an interesting reverse correlation between alewife numbers and the amount of snow pack in my yard.
  5. You should pull off 150' and reel back thru fingers to check for chaff/nicks. If you run wire divers there will be evidence of mono and wire getting together. I change my Big Game mono every year.
  6. There were only a handful of kings weighed in during 1K event due to high 20 lb minimum. I would expect similar. No worries on the conservation side.
  7. 8's or 6's in the tube, 6's for 2nd shot and 4's or 5's for third. Improved choke for brush or pines. Clear cuts or more wooded, modified.
  8. Fishers and Coyote increases have put them in the trees now more than ever. Makes a hard bird to kill, harder. This deer season I watched 8 birds feeding in ash trees. They never hit the ground. They have learned to let you walk right by. My German Shorthair will hold her nose in the air if there is a bird in the tree.
  9. holy crap good man, with brush like that behind your house stop cutting lawn and put a food plot in instead!
  10. WTF are you guys doing on a downrigger ball Facebook page?? Bored much? 😂
  11. The mild winter is flushing water as opposed to storing in form of ice and snow. So far I think we are fine. Alewives should be in great shape. If it stays warm we may be poised to have the second highest alewife hatch on record (prediction based on how 2016 turned out). Sorry Dr Weidel, just another anecdotal prediction lol.
  12. We would be in the poor house. I believe Buffalo is the third poorest city in the country.
  13. Most ports have webcams. You should be able to tell if piers are underwater. In two months many of us will be out trolling and can report out.
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