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  1. Musky torpedo in front of weighted steel. I run a 200’ and a 225’ section. I was catching kings with a flasher/ fly on that rig this weekend with the temp break at 68’, I would imagine I was at least down that deep.
  2. At the black north restaurant on East end of creek at piers. Stop in afterwards to restaurant as food is excellent!!
  3. They should create a warm water species tournament with the same format. It would be good to promote tourism. Bass, Walleye, Carp. Ya I said it ......carp! This way the walleye division doesn’t take prize money away from anglers that will never travel to walleye waters.
  4. The north shore rolled over a couple of days ago. You won’t have to go out far to find fish.
  5. Alright gents, what target do want?
  6. How about filming each catch via cell phone or GoPro as each fish comes over the gunnels with a tournament pin placed on the fish as it hits the floor. Different colored pins for different teams with pins picked randomly out of a hat on the morning of.
  7. My love affair with the new Matthews continues. After practicing out to 60 yards a couple weekends ago, I had Jeff at Niagara Outdoors cut me some 5 mm Easton Axis 340’s. Moving into 20 yards after shooting at 60 makes it seem oh so easy. First three in the same hole. Now I need to find a target that can stop my arrows!
  8. Since there are legal length restrictions on the different species, it might be a good idea to practice catch and release until you learn them by sight. There are some good color plates you can look at online but each fish species can change color based on time of the year so it can get confusing.
  9. word of caution on those style of swivels, they will open up on a large fish. Look for coastlock or duolock swivel styles.
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