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  1. I think we beat this dead horse enough.
  2. Jimmy Dean or Bob Evans breakfast bowls can be placed in microwave in launch office ( I believe there still is one). They are delicious.
  3. Yep but closer to 18” than 25” would be the norm.
  4. Mostly a spoon bite but they are hitting flashers with flies or meat
  5. My question would be why Seneca? We have vacant power plants at Dunkirk and Somerset that could much better handle warm water discharges.
  6. Grown adults can figure out their own breakfast
  7. ya hear that Vince! I am picturing Nick in his hoodie slinging hash and eggs. 😂
  8. Nice! Those fishmasters sure are nice and deep. I think I saw you guys out there, black boat?
  9. The coho are beautiful this year. Great mixed bag fishing right now in Niagara County. Nice fish Yankee.
  10. so the plan is to let water out to raise downstream levels in order to get ships upstream ..Are they then going to raise the lake levels as the ships move above the Saunders dam to help them on their way??? Makes no sense. Maybe the shipping lanes are deeper further upstream? I thought sea levels are rising downstream?
  11. I am surprised your able to text with the lakers slime on your fingers.
  12. Has anyone checked on the baby ducks and fingerling pike? I am fairly concerned.
  13. I would suggest water level markers at all marinas and just make phone calls. You could have Marina operators submit pictures of water levels against water level markers on sea walls. Lots of real time data that doesn’t require buoy data or computer/math projections.
  14. I am not sure what the IJC was looking at when they say they were looking at Lake Erie levels and were worried? Lake Erie is down two feet from what I could tell from Saturday.
  15. For your braid downrigger cable, just wrap the braid twice around the terminal swivel then improved clinch knot. For an added sense of security, I tie an overhand knot in the tag end and burn the end. The burnt end would stop catastrophic slipping and losing your gear. Saves money on termination but only if you tie the right knot lol.
  16. Beautiful class of 14-16” perch this year on Erie.
  17. Great idea for an event! I am sure this will grow to something much larger. Thanks for representing the fleet for a good cause.
  18. Nice work gents. I decided I wanted fish fry so I stayed off Lady O.
  19. Ha! Glad you got your head straight about mining silver! It was opening day for kings this weekend. Let the fun begin!!
  20. After looking at the picture a second time (when I am not bouncing around in waves), I would lean towards juvenile Atlantic
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