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  1. Robins showed up today on the wave of warm air.
  2. Spring's first signs

    Buffalo. Everything I have seen until now suggest that we will not have an early spring.
  3. Cayuga Cayuga today

    WOW. Beautiful laker. How are the launches?
  4. Wrapping it up

    If you launch at Olcott, you don't need fluoro as the water along the shore has stain. Leader down to tiny barrel and run 12 lb trilene to a 30 lb duolock snap. Some sticks have better action by taking off the split ring and tying direct.
  5. I think all the new shotgun manufacturers cut corners. I always wanted a Browning Auto-5 so I picked up the new version and it felt and looked so poorly made I walked over to the used rack and bought one built in 1952
  6. Grouse thread

    No birds today. Hunted Bear Creek outside of Franklinville. Too many predator tracks for my liking. Fischer tracks, saw a huge red fox. Fox in heat smells in the woods. Dogs got their work out.
  7. Grouse thread

    Beautiful day to be out for a little workout. Birds were not where they were “supposed to be”. After tramping around all the thick narley stuff ... nota. Checked s few pine stands....nota. Gun slung over shoulder at end of hunt in open beech hardwoods two flushes with nothing to show for it. Dogs are pooped.
  8. Florida school shooting

    Every police station should be built next to a school.
  9. calling all dogs

    Yellow jacket, Dogs like to use power lines as travel corridors. If you can’t see far due to age of cut, try elevating up in a climber.
  10. Penn Yan

    Relatively speaking Brian "no ice fishing". All I remember from the last two years were people complaining of dink perch, no ice and ice fishing tournaments cancelled. I think the good fishing that everyone is experiencing is a result of two poor-short seasons building stocks. If the Sodus crew knew what people are catching out on Erie, they would leave that scene to the locals.
  11. Penn Yan

    There was no ice fishing the last two years.
  12. window replacement

    See if there are any salvage boats used for parts. Maybe eBay.
  13. Grouse thread

    Got out in Onondaga county this weekend with my dogs. Probably 10 grouse flushes with three birds hitting the ground. Was able to learn my pointer's body language when the bird is in a tree. My project rescue dog is also rounding out. She lets my german find them, then she tracks their flight in the air and pounces on them when they land. Good one-two punch those two.
  14. Northern king spoons

    I would never give up my NK's. However, I have heard of some paint issues on the newer ones being produced.
  15. First year browns

    I have one smaller sized hot'n'tot in my spread at all times. Place them on inside board line. You don't have let much line out as they dig deep quick.
  16. First year browns

    Use your 3.5" Renoskys. Leave them set up the same as you do for Erie Walleyes with a larger rear hook and only two split rings in lieu of the front hook. The glow colors and loud rattles make this little bait fish big in stained water. 1/2 of my fish on any given day come on spoons so have a mix.
  17. Spring Trip

    April is good from the mouth of Niagara to East of Olcott. Browns along shore, Lakers out a little deeper, Kings are hit or miss.
  18. Hardwater report !!

    Amazing how loud the motor boat blowing bye sounds at 100'. You can see little zooplankton scooting around if you look close. Probably mysis shrimp or larger copepods.
  19. Hardwater report !!

    Water looks green. Plenty of phytoplankton. Phyto doesn't grow fat baitfish. The mussels are filtering the zooplankton.
  20. Hardwater report !!

    Here is why your fish are skinny.
  21. calling all dogs

    ....and coyotes eat the ass and intestines of their prey first.
  22. During the summer months you have to keep an eye out for Canadian yacht owners that are making the run from Wilson to Toronto. I have had a few close calls with these elderly gentlemen setting the autopilot and then going down below.
  23. WHY!!! Fishing certian color flasher

    If I needed one flasher it would be double crush glow on a chrome blank. How many worm harness blade colors do you own?