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  1. Gill-T


    I would look at Diabolical rigs. I like the accessories on their heads so you don’t need toothpicks
  2. I would love to see a study of lake O salmon tissues looking for pharmaceutical based hormones that may be in the water. How about the stuff in plastics? Stuff changing rapidly in evolutionary terms. The amount of largemouths with melanin black blotches is alarming. Nobody talks about a “fish bowl size” theory. The larger the fish bowl, the larger the goldfish. Perhaps salmon with an ocean evolution are evolving to the smaller lake setting.
  3. Gill-T

    Fishing Seneca

    Jigging or trolling? Jigging and family time = pontoon
  4. Gill-T

    Casting For Spring Browns

    Cleos work. I like small hot’n’tots fished slow.
  5. Gill-T

    A little " magic Dust" for you, a little for me..

    How does paint adhere to stainless?
  6. Thanks for posting Brian. Simple mods. Find bendable aluminum trim in any Home Depot or Lowe’s, add bolt eyelets for tie points on tow string, lock washers/and or lock nuts. 1/2 keel is towards the tow string side. Note when you add 2nd keel you want to tap holes so keels are slightly angled away from tow string so boards track away from boat approx 1.5” offset from factory hole. Placement of tow knot matters. Shorter front section is approx 7.5”-8” and longer back string is approx 10.5”-11”. Word of caution on spray paint and styrofoam is it can warp boards.
  7. Gill-T

    Best boards

    Gambler has the pics. He will post on a separate thread. Maybe Rob can pin the thread for a reference. Brian posted on Questions about trout and salmon trolling section
  8. Gill-T

    Best boards

    I don’t mind posting it, I just don’t know how to post a picture lol. I will send the picture to gambler and he can post it.
  9. Gill-T

    Best boards

    Spend the money on two extra 1/2 keels. Otters function MUCH better with the extra keels. If you PM me your cell I will send you a picture of how I reinforced mine. Their downfall is the string pulling out of the styrofoam over time. With reinforcement they become carefree.
  10. Robins showed up today on the wave of warm air.
  11. Gill-T

    Thoughts on P-Line flouroclear

    What he said. 15’ Trilene big game green mono with a Seaguar fluoro leader for clear water. In green water my leader is 12 lb green Trilene XL.
  12. Gill-T

    Starting temp

    If the more accurate question is “where do I put my probe rigger”, then I would say approx 48 degrees. Early spring or late staging areas you may not find 48 degree water so fishing the marks on your graph trumps temp.
  13. Gill-T

    Kingfest 2019 - Who's Ready??

    I love you Hank.
  14. Gill-T

    Kingfest 2019 - Who's Ready??

    .....how to cover blemishes with boat decals.
  15. Gill-T

    Kingfest 2019 - Who's Ready??

    ......is Tungsten better than lead?
  16. Gill-T

    Kingfest 2019 - Who's Ready??

    Twill tips are “springy”.
  17. Gill-T

    Kingfest 2019 - Who's Ready??

    In fact we should all put a rigging tip on here to keep this thread going.
  18. Gill-T

    Kingfest 2019 - Who's Ready??

    I retract my sorry for hijack comment.
  19. Gill-T

    Kingfest 2019 - Who's Ready??

    Ha! Just figured it out. Karma.
  20. Gill-T

    Kingfest 2019 - Who's Ready??

    I am sorry for hijacking this thread a little but those fishermen that pimp their kids to act as observers should be DQ’d. Who would put their kid on a strangers’ 21’ boat in 6-8’ waves? I once got as an observer a guys’s daughter that had zero experience trolling and turned green within 30 minutes of the tournament.
  21. Gill-T

    Kingfest 2019 - Who's Ready??

    Or tighten the drag and use a snubber..... or mount a pinch pad-style release on the rod above the handle with a piece of monel copper twisted tight and place wire in pad in lieu of rubber band.
  22. Gill-T

    Spring's first signs

    Today I saw migrating swans, grackles, robins, starlings, skunks and the seagulls have arrived in the parking lots. Almost time.
  23. Gill-T

    Niagara bar spring fishing

    I maybe kept three fish.
  24. Gill-T

    Niagara bar spring fishing

    There are no fish in olcott. You best stay away.