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  1. Gill-T

    Lake Erie bite

    Some friends still catching off Dunkirk.
  2. Short of a mountain lion, have seen just about everything today.
  3. I am shocked at the amount of rubs and scrapes I am seeing already.
  4. What IS new is people losing their minds about snagging on the Salmon River (which has been a thing since salmon were stocked) and yet will back a candidate facing 91 felonies. People are funny.
  5. I am sure we will hear next on this thread about how Lake Trout are Democrats fault.
  6. Southern Tier woods have acorns, some Beech and decent apple crop. With the cost of broadheads getting crazy, I have gone to Blackout Toxiks as they are the best value IMO. Essentially a Striker head with cheaper parts. Flys true blue. Cabelas has plenty at $29.99
  7. I received some info from a reliable source. There was an issue on the Salmon with indigenous people fishing at night. They were issued tickets for fishing in a no-kill section but not for the manor of taking. There were some other fishermen busted fishing at 2am (Russians) as well. My brother was fishing the Catt this morning and had a run in with three centerpinners with Southern accents that told him he had to leave the hole. It seems to me MEN are behaving badly and it doesn’t matter which group they come from.
  8. Most of the old treaties have made their rounds in discovery in recent years. Indigenous people have a right to harvest in this manner. Someone may argue that the Salmon River and Scriba Creek runs are supported by taxpayer dollars and therefore should be excluded from “harvest by any means” indigenous methods but that is a slippery slope.
  9. Unfortunately, it is the same old adage of greed and power. This is tied to money. When NYS opened up sports betting, they gave the business to a select few and did not invite indigenous groups to the table. The Scriba Creek walleye spearing incident was just the beginning. The DEC had caught the group of Indigenous people dead to rights. It got a little scary for officers as they were hamstrung by Hochel who told them to stand down to ease tensions still brewing from the sports betting issue. This may end badly if folks think the only recourse is to take matters into their own hands.
  10. Last Saturday I was surprised by a largemouth that hit a glow brads wiggle wart. Looks bleak this year. I won’t be back to Olcott. Might try the Niagara once.
  11. (Little does Les know I use use the background in his pictures to figure out where he is fishing). Shhh 🤫
  12. Wait a minute Les. You took a picture of some snot on your line but no pictures of those beautiful Canandaigua rainbows?
  13. No minnows at boat doctors if that was what you were looking for
  14. Russ’s bait and tackle on Niagara St. in Buffalo or Captain Bobs in Clarence.
  15. Gill-T

    Lake Erie bite

    Does anyone have any intel on Dunkirk fish location?
  16. Thanks for the encouraging report! Seeing that the returning 3 year old class of kings appears weak, and therefore our natural reproduction may be lower this year, perhaps there will be room for the fisheries managers to increase stocking levels.
  17. https://nydailyrecord.com/2023/09/12/orleans-county-lawsuit-against-genesee-county-threatens-stamp/
  18. Going to be heading your way in early November to throw my hat in the ring for the walleye derbies.
  19. There were two browns swimming around below the dam two weeks ago but the water is still in the high 60’s
  20. I would watch your hands. There are some nasty bacterial fish borne infections you could get from handling fish. I had it once from Cayuga lake Lakers. Extremely painful. I know a charter captain in Oswego that has it bad right now. His finger is pictured below. I am not saying this is what the fish has. As stated by Rob, probably an old injury but flesh eating bacteria exist.
  21. Gill-T

    Lake Erie bite

    Steady bite this morning off Catt. on worm harnesses.
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