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  1. Good adventures with you buddy. My shorthair hunted her last hunt Saturday. She finished on top with success but arthritis has found the hips and she was bed bound for two days. Like a running back, when it goes, it goes downhill quick.
  2. Anyone see any daytime buck movement this weekend? Chores kept me away.
  3. Well said Les. To give an example that might help people understand, almost NOBODY posts about great deer sightings at their favorite state land deer hunting spots. Why?? Because the word will drive interest, visitation and result in a reduced experience to the poster. Generally speaking, what is good for the fish is subsequently good for fishermen.
  4. I jumped a small buck with a doe in a golden rod patch pheasant hunting this morning. Interesting to see them paired up.
  5. Certainly troubling trend but not as bad as you make it sound. See expiring closure dates. https://www.adfg.alaska.gov/sf/EONR/index.cfm?ADFG=region.R2
  6. Small tribs on this site don’t get much discussion in order to protect the resource. Disappointing yes, but probably a best practice.
  7. Looking at the title of this thread I thought it might provoke a discussion about married life vs before married life.
  8. The hell with the vacuum sealer, great buck!
  9. Because the court systems are busy decriminalizing any jailed persons involving marijuana busts, and to prevent COVID spread in jails, before he left office, Cuomo ordered law enforcement to look the other way on most infractions. You pretty much have to commit murder, rape or kidnapping to see jail time. Expect fishing and hunting violations to get tossed out if someone fights the charge in court. Sad state of affairs right now.
  10. Great job gents! I can report from my stand this morning that the chasing phase of the chipmunk rut has begun.
  11. Beauty! High lung shot always short track jobs.
  12. Sunday does look like the better day for hunting. This weather stinks for deer movement and butchering but boy does these warm days feel nice on the old bones!
  13. Bill, turn around. There is a buck right behind you.
  14. There will be no hunting on Sunday
  15. It is showing up in Northern Onondaga County as well. Pray for cold
  16. You got out for the best part of the day. Pouring here in Buffalo, coming your way.
  17. Ah, well said Bill. We shall make you the LOU honorary weatherman 😂
  18. Great first sit this morning. As per usual, a mile back and 25’ up on state land. Quite an array of critters were active. Raccoons, a fisher, squirrels,chipmunks everywhere, a coyote, turkeys and geese could be heard, and two different doe groups walked by at 35 yards. The woods does revive the spirit after a crappy Friday at work.
  19. They must be able to sense electric current to help them track down victims
  20. I think the answer is don’t shoot if you can’t identify your target but this link to discussion may prove helpful. https://huntingny.com/forums/topic/40336-lighted-site-pins/
  21. Got my new hindsight dialed in out to 50 yards. The matthews is throwing darts. I am ready! I cut the top two blades out of hindsight aligner ring https://www.hindsightco.com/store/p22/Dead_Ringer_3_Pin.html
  22. Fishing stagers?…….stay home. Fishing for silver fish offshore?…..Olcott.
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