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  1. Let’s resurrect this thread. Count me in this year.
  2. Gill-T

    Salmon Size This Year

    Kurt, 95% of bites have been off spoons this year so far.
  3. Gill-T

    Salmon Size This Year

    Bobbers and worms (not technically a meat rig).
  4. Gill-T

    Spoon manufacturer??

    Not a Northport as they put a twist in the blank. Could be a R&R but not the style hook Dave uses.
  5. Gill-T

    Salmon Size This Year

    My theory is once they hit the bank on the North Shore and get put into the mix of “ideal” upper 40’s temps with bait, they stay in those ideal water bands and begin to move around the lake in a counter clockwise direction with the lake currents.
  6. Baby. “Ouch my wrist hurts cause I caught too many kings” .....LOL.
  7. Glad we could help (boat next to you).
  8. Gill-T

    Salmon Size This Year

    The three year olds are still playing catch up as they were stocked in 2015 and had very little YOY alewife to feed on. They will be smaller. The deep winter pattern three and four year olds are still out there feeding on the bottom of the lake. The big boys will roll up on the North shore first week in July and then are here to stay.
  9. Sorry about the tire. When you were trolling out you were so close to the mother load. You needed to be in the 360'-400+ range west of port.
  10. The bite since the ice water came in has been offshore. Slide divers, leadcore and riggers with long leads. Fished most of the week. The bite has been absolutely crazy this year. Averaging 6 Kings per hour this week. Very easy to fish below them if you are not paying attention. Hot baits have been the mag Dreamweaver UV two-face spoon, discontinued Moody Blue Dreamweaver super slim with UV tape and a 6” Tomic spoon in purple haze color. Wading thru 40 kings per day looking for a LOC fish is a fun way to spend some PTO. We couldn’t crack the 20 lb barrier. Most fish are 8 lbs to 14 lbs and starting to fatten up more and more each day. We would take a three year old 19 lber each day but nothing bigger. Already planning next years onslaught on what will be a huge class of three year olds with scars on their mouths. I hope they don’t remember my boat. Get out there!
  11. Check ignition coils and spark plug gap.
  12. Great! Dancing with Kings can be life altering. Hooked for life.
  13. Kings making boys into young men all over the lake this year.
  14. My mother taught me to fish. Condolences.
  15. As I get older I learn to listen to those voices in my head. You are right to be a little worried about not having a third person in the boat. Things like steering the boat while rigging. Who is driving while netting? What if you got a double? What would happen if you fell in god forbid ....could your boy circle the boat with gear out to get you? With the water cold, trolling is no joke! There were 5’ waves out there today. Pick your days very carefully and always have a third person. Good luck.
  16. Gill-T

    R &R spoons

    Near Binghamton
  17. Gill-T

    R &R spoons

    He has some heavy bend Kodak wobblers blanks he is painting up now that dance at slow lakers speeds.
  18. Gill-T

    R &R spoons

    Dave has been around awhile. Great blanks, great paint jobs. He is a one man show.
  19. Best I could ever remember today.
  20. Gill-T

    OMC cobra

    Anchor Marine on Grand Island might be able to help you.
  21. Gill-T

    2018 SPRING LOC

    ......and......the hearts were just torn out of all the LOC hopefuls (mine included).
  23. Gill-T

    Tons of Spring Kings

    We were seeing lots of big one year olds of the 17-21” range last year. Biggest shakers I have ever seen. This class of kings grew up with the record 2016 hatch of alewives to feed on. These are two year olds now. Not sure if we are looking at classic predator/prey curve or a heavy natural reproduction year in the tribs. As others have said ....enjoy it!!!!
  24. There is more larger sized alewives as a percentage in the spring than any other time of the year. Always good to go big in spring for kings and lakers.
  25. Gill-T

    Put it in the green stripe

    She is a beauty this year.