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  1. Your funny looking yellow boat doesn’t have any riggers or rod holders??
  2. What do you guys do to remove the ice from your boat decks and rod guides?
  3. Put up three this afternoon. A couple of Hail Mary shots at one. The others spooked well out of range. Such is grouse hunting
  4. Late season grouse, my browning Auto-5 12 gauge with modified choke gets the nod. More pellets.
  5. I have a Remington 1100 in 20 gauge that is a joy to shoot. I like older guns. It helps to have an autoloader for birds like grouse and pheasant
  6. Awesome! Note fin clip.
  7. I remember your past year's struggles on this thread so it may be seasonal food shifts or the greater usage of food plots by the public. That is why an aerial survey would be helpful. I would think there would be federal funding through the USDA related to COVID studies.
  8. This would be a good year for aerial surveys to make sure the DEC’s ten year plan isn’t going to be adversely affected by COVID. I drove all around Skaneateles this evening at dusk and only saw a few deer around town. I am just not seeing them. USDA doesn’t really have evidence of clinical COVID significance in deer. https://www.aphis.usda.gov/animal_health/one_health/downloads/qa-covid-white-tailed-deer-study.pdf
  9. There are over 400 people hospitalized in Erie county right now due to COVID. Just about everyone I know has gotten this latest version or has family members that had a recent bout of Omicron. Thankfully, the level of mortality with this rendition has been low.
  10. chowder, he lives in Old Forge NY where there are more bears per square mile than people. His sense of reality is slightly skewed in the bubble he lives in.
  11. Cook and eat burbot like lobster.
  12. Has anyone been able to get the membership renewal to work on the LOTSA website?
  13. Two for two today ahead of weather change.
  14. That is just it. Not seeing them in fields, not seeing many road kills, not on top of hunter cars and not many while hunting. It will be interesting to see the final numbers.
  15. Wow! This explains a lot. We have fished over some crazy graphs on Erie without catching and we thought they might be whitefish or Gizzards
  16. Good to see Mr Weaver is still chasing gold.
  17. The only whitefish commercial outfits I have seen was along the UP of Michigan. Nets go out in the fall to match the fish movement inshore to spawn on reefs. The boats bicatch was often dark kings. Not a fan of gill nets but smoked whitefish is yummy.
  18. Ink dye packs inside dummy cameras
  19. Yes, I hunt state land around Almond most years. This year I didn’t get down that way. Nice country.
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