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  1. If it is super muddy, fish can’t see your bait. You may have to slide East to find good water color.
  2. It’s been a muddy mess all winter since 70 mph wind and 30’ wave event before Christmas. I hope it clears by spring.
  3. This is a tough one. I have had two observers that were not fisher-folk on my boat that got sick to the point I had to come in. I felt bad for the ladies that got roped into the event by their families. I agree observers get a great education if on the right boat. Many start as observers then decide to enter tournaments (me). I feel bad for tournament organizers that have no perfect answer to stop cheating. It would be a great win-win to coordinate with the USGS or DEC to do stomach content checks in the name of science for each fish after weigh-in. If everyone knew their fish would get cut open, lots of would be cheaters would think twice. Randomly draw name from a hat for pre-cooler/boat check prior to send off each morning.
  4. I think there are a bunch on the shelves right now due to Valentines Day
  5. Doing some research on the Ohio walleye derby scene this offseason to pass the time. I think I will be burning the first week of November on Erie this year instead of spending the time in a treestand. Any info on the best ports and places to stay would be appreciated. I almost don’t want to ask what are some good lure patterns especially after reviewing posts on all things walleye as everyone will answer differently so it probably doesn’t matter as much as we think. Ross Robertson’s Big Water posts are entertaining.
  6. The only thing Lake Ontario needs less of is Lampreys
  7. More news. https://www.ewg.org/news-insights/news-release/2023/01/ewg-study-eating-one-freshwater-fish-equals-month-drinking
  8. Ugh. Cancer sucks. Sorry for your loss, she sounds like a great lady.
  9. My takeaway is things are improving.
  10. I would think smelt growth would be tied to the shrimp species with their bottom hugging nature.
  11. Does anyone know if Scotty bases hole locations match Cannon’ base plates?
  12. https://www.mlive.com/news/2023/01/new-fish-advisories-warn-of-pfas-in-lake-michigan-and-huron-smelt.html?outputType=amp
  13. Beautiful spoons Les! Are these lightweight blanks?
  14. Woodsmanship is cheaper 😜
  15. I have to question the timing of some of the tackle flea markets. The end of March guys are starting to hit the lake. Why not have these events in February when everyone is dying to do something outdoorsy?
  16. It was a Phantom of the Opera fish. The other side of the fish had two separate lamprey scars and nose rot.
  17. Andy enjoys watching Hogan’s Heros reruns while rigging
  18. With the nice weather forecasted, muddy water in Niagara county, and the poor white perch dipsy bite being reported on Chautauqua Lake, Captain Andy decided to hijack me to Rochester and fish out of the Genny. Beautiful day to be out with zero wind to speak of. Many times it comes down to making the decision of going left or right out of port to find fish. We chose poorly. We went West out of port due to better water color and temps but found slow fishing tallying a steelhead and a brown fishing the 9:30- 2:30 timeline. We spoke to a boat that blew by us when we first pulled out of port. They had the hammer down coming from where we were heading. I mentioned to Capt Andy “that can’t be a good sign”. We spoke to them at the launch when leaving and they zeroed West of port and clobbered fish East of port. Andy was feeling bad but I reminded him we were able to catch two fish in water they just zeroed on so we won the day…. Anyway, it was great to get out and fish water neither us had fished before. Time well spent with good company.
  19. Yes there are a bunch in Olcott we typically use. Just looking to be further west
  20. Gents, does anyone have any leads on rentals in the Wilson to Youngstown area. Looking for lodging for spring and fall LOC derby times. Thanks in advance
  21. Wow what a tease! Do we know when the fully movie comes out, and might we see accidental underwater footage of Vince in scuba gear looking for the ever elusive staging areas for Olcott pen reared kings??
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