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  1. Grind bite today with those same 12-16 lb three year olds that dominate the catch. We did see a couple bait pods and basically made circles where the bait was all day. Meat rigs were the ticket. Two spoon fish and two plug fish, the rest were taken on meat. 124’-180’
  2. Boy was I wrong about the shootout weights. Less than 6 lb average again this year.
  3. First day back on Lake Ontario since the spring LOC (boat repairs). Hit the water at 8:45 and appeared to have missed the morning bite or fishing was slow as the lake was empty of boats after 1:00. We trolled north out to 420’ and back and never really saw anything to turn on. Zero bait, skinny fish and what appeared to be a SE down current (usually NE). Fish were scattered. Lots of steelhead everywhere we went. Most of the kings of any size were in the 135’-180’ range. Mag dipsys with meat back 240’-300’. Riggers 68’-82’ with spoons. One plug fish on slide diver. One junk line fish. I surmise the wind direction last night played a role but it seemed like the lake was settling when we quit at 4:30. Fish came in flurries. 4 or 5 fish in quick succession then nothing for an hour. Back at it in the morning
  4. Guesses on the average fish size for the winning box? Knowing there will be calm seas, some will go for the home run jig bite. My guess is a 7 lb average
  5. You may want to check on the battery type. I have heard Lithium batteries don’t like cold temps below freezing
  6. As per usual, great content Dan. You will need new drag washers before the season ends!
  7. I know a guy if you need help.
  8. Rick, how is the device for checking on muskrats chewing on cables?
  9. I would try to jog your memory of any women you may have wronged on 7/14. That coincidence seems a little strange.
  10. It is a design flaw of all boats that we must rely on a $150 bilge to secure a very expensive piece of machinery. The day I decided to no longer slip my boat, a great weight was lifted off my chest. I have two auto bilges and an on-demand third and I still have reoccurring dreams I am on my boat sinking.
  11. Good heads up. Good weekend to play around on Lake Ontario with the derby going on and an equally great bite.
  12. Nice report shorthanded
  13. Never got deeper than 52’
  14. Two man limit in two hours off the Catt. Three way rigs and riggers on bottom with worm harnesses. One short eye and 13 large sheep as well. Nice to be at fish cleaning station before all the boats came back. Zero perch.
  15. Did Bandits keep the short fish off the line?
  16. Only one fish over 30 lbs in the Canadian Derby so far. This is a lakewide phenomenon.
  17. Fish are everywhere this year so boats should be spread out
  18. Those ladders seem like were adhesive poor from the start. No tackiness.
  19. This could be a thing of beauty but instead it has wings like a flying fish.
  20. Yep, that is the way to do it. Alt WTP tape is fine for flashers due to large surface area but I run into trouble with ladder backs and eyeball stickers mostly.
  21. Let the good times roll! Guys in Dunkirk today limited out in short order as well. Summer school is upon us.
  22. Agreed. I will also make releasing cuts on the tape to reduce surface tension over curves and bends.
  23. Agreed, I buy WTP when I can. WTP just doesn’t have much variety.
  24. I do a lot of customization of baits with various tape companies. I get frustrated at times by the lack of adhesion supplied to products I purchase. What does everyone use to make tape stick better? I tried rubber cement and it ain’t working.
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