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  1. From a conservation standpoint, how would you tell if you are dragging a small fish with a spin doctor thumping your rigger rod when placed as a cheater line?
  2. Does anyone have a picture of the oak orchard event yesterday that they could post? Thanks in advance.
  3. They start working about now but really shine inside on staging fish. A July presentation might be a flasher on middle rigger with a shorter set back and then two plugs with a further setback and just above the flasher on corner riggers (outdowns).
  4. This is a simplistic approach that is a needed default selection in heavy surf but does not take into consideration the crazy currents on Lake Ontario (jimski in mostly an Erie guy). If you are always trolling with the wind and waves, you may not be at the right downspeed to make spoons work right. I usually figure out the direction of the down-current and head into it regardless of wind or wave direction.
  5. When you have a big one straight down, you can do two things to get the fish up on top. Speed up the boat and strip line off the reel. The change in angle will make the fish rise with less pressure.
  6. This should give you some ideas. https://bestlure.ca/collections/4-inch-tailless-lures
  7. Oh boy......the disease is in full effect! Musky what’s a musky?
  8. Father and son been fishing salmon for two years
  9. I have seen enough underwater video on John King’s website and no fish Nick YouTube that the idea of colors disappearing at depth doesn’t really hold mud as some suggest. I have seen orange look orange at deep depths. Generally speaking the only rules I follow is have some glow on anything you put down.
  10. Just a word on conservation. The Niagara Bar becomes swamped with shaker kings by the end of the month thru mid July. To preserve the future, if you are in that situation, consider leaving for a different location away from the drop off. Thanks for considering
  11. Interesting. Thanks for the read.
  12. Looks like a fallfish. I would think a musky would love to chomp one of those.
  13. Question......why don’t they get rid of the bridge?
  14. Was that scum line all cottonwood fuzzies?
  15. Sunset Bay on Erie this morning. Handful of bass, handful of sheepshead, and a bonus walleye on Ned Rigs and Berkeley Max Scent bodies.
  16. Fitting to place the five of diamonds next to the new rodfather pattern- June kitchen sink fishing at its finest.
  17. It has been a reoccurring theme this year, fish blanker screens away from bait. The exception would be the evening bite.
  18. I don’t like seeing my downrigger balls on the screen blocking some images. I love my Hummingbird CHIRP images.
  19. I would add this year there was increased competition on the plankton community from the smelt rebound. Probably a combination of factors at play. Some of the anecdotal thoughts running through my head..... 1). Less kings stocked 2). More Smelt competition? 3). Another invasive in the plankton community? I noticed a lot more orange fillets in the past few years ( blood red invasive shrimp effect?) 4). Mild winters but slow to warm up springs
  20. My fixed cheater is similar to Les’s except I use an Offshore OR-16 red clip to place on downrigger cable and my sliding swivel has poly tubing over clasp to protect the main line. I do raise the rigger and take the cheater off instead of popping the line off the release
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