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  1. Probably a true account of occasional kings in the river. We get steelhead, browns and lake trout that slide down from Lake Erie into the upper Niagara every winter thru March
  2. I have some Tomic 6” spoons that I run that help reduce Shaker take. I am going to break out my jplugs and Lymans next trip which should help
  3. Spoonpullers website has Canadian fishermen reporting the same type of reports. Suspended bait with no hooks and shakers everywhere
  4. Boat trailer tire never used. Carb is off my 1988 year boat. Local pick-up in Buffalo area. Make an offer.
  5. Nice outing! So watermelon is back? Going to have to dust some of those off and put them to use again. I wonder if Hammer Flies will be working again? What is old is new again!
  6. Yesterday’s shakerfest off Olcott were 15”-18” sized
  7. Could someone summarize the takeaway from the meeting in regards to the state of the lake? Thanks 🙏
  8. Handle straight up and lift by holding the loop and you never will bend a handle.
  9. I play the role of a charter captain for all my friends that have moved away and return once a year to fish NY waters because fishing is world class
  10. Consider Sodus. Good eats, a beach and you can fish the bay for bass if too rough to get out of main lake.
  11. The small ones we were catching during the spring LOC were 1-3 lbs that I assume were 1.5 yrs old. The 5-12 lbers we caught were probably 2.5 yrs old and the 12-20 lbers were probably 3.5 yrs old. We caught no fish over 20 lbs. Seeing that there does not appear to be a shortage of bait, I would assume we were catching mostly wild fish that didn’t get the jump start in life with food pellets. We could use some otolith data IMO.
  12. Well there you have it. Scientific proof that bananas have no effect on brown trout or Cisco catch rates.
  13. What, no green fish Brian?? It can’t be a true shakedown for the Escape until you target Lakers.
  14. This time of year the water near the summerset plant usually fires up. I would have a bunch of leadcore in the water
  15. I stripped bare some old Hookster mags and taped them up with modern tape patterns. Old made new.
  16. PM Sportcraft 232 on this site. He might have some.
  17. A fly pattern such as the A-TOM-MIK hypnotist would be the closest to an “everyday fly”. Green, UV and glow in combo should get you started.
  18. What brand wire? I have recently had some bad luck with the normally reliable Malin brand where one of the strands seemed to be not integrated within the other six strands of wire making it rough on the guides and easier to unravel.
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