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  1. Great stuff and was pumped to see you join these guys! Sent from my SM-A515U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Gotta Have it Fishing charter (Website here) with Captain Keith or Irish Hammer Fishing (Website here) with Captain Corbett are both great. Gotta have it does a great shore lunch with a fat back sandwich that is incredible (not recommended if you have a heart condition thought)
  3. Good call. Was thinking about heading up to fair haven to try our luck with the pike too but stuck it out on owasco. As always, good stuff and happy to see someone get their boat a bit more slimey and smelly [emoji1787] Sent from my SM-A515U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. On one side I'm a bit relieved it wasn't just me striking out but would have been nice for one of us to hit them good. Always next time I suppose Sent from my SM-A515U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. First time out on Owasco this year. Launched at Emerson around 2 and headed for the point. Found some good marks down 90' but only managed 1 laker on a chicken wing spoon. Lots of lookers but few takers. We switched spoons, rigs, bells, traps and changed speeds quite a bit, but didn't seem to matter much. Sometimes I wonder if it'd be less beneficial but less stressful if I didn't see the fish on the finder [emoji28] Either way, great to get out with a buddy on a nice day Sent from my SM-A515U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Bullhead fishing with a bamboo pole is what started it all for me. Hook, sinker, bobber and a couple feet of line on the end of a stick and when the bite wasn't happening we'd play in the mud and dam up the small streams running off the fields into the creek. Life was good those days. Thanks for the trip down memory lane there but as other have said the mouths of creeks after a good warm rain was always the ticket. My Grandfather always use to say, if the worms are out, the bullhead will be biting. He'd also say that once you started seeing trout lilly's blossom, then they'd be further upstream.
  7. Crazy the amount of water in the lakes rights now. My buddy sent me these pics last night from Emerson on Owasco. Water is just crazy high Sent from my SM-A515U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Went out yesterday with a friend and found some good bait out in 60-80' but only managed to get 1 steelhead on a dipsey out 140' in 80 fow with an orange mag spoon. Not much of a report, but hope you all have better luck!
  9. I know I'm a but late posting but was able to get out the Saturday of the tournament. Got a late start out of Samson, but fished from about 11-6 without moving a rod. I had no expectations going into it so I wasn't overly disappointed. First ran over to the west side of the lake and marked all sorts of bait. Couldn't believe the amount of bait in that lake. Wind picked up and me and my 16 footer ran back to the east side outnof the waves. Absolutely nothing over there where I was (south of the launch). Decided to try back over in the waves on the west side and it was rocky for me. One question I have for folks is how do you fish for suspended fish? Mark them and make adjustments? I usually drag bottom with gambler rigs for lakers but couldn't get a good game going between the crazy contours and waves of the lake. I was literally watching my rigger ball bounce of the bottom and didn't feel like losing gear so I was just kinda winging it for suspended fish. First tournament is in the books though so ain't mad at it! Glad to see other folks do well! Sent from my SM-A515U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. Excited for the weekend! Not sure if I'll be able to fish all days, but I know I won't catch anything at home. I've been watching the wind reports and the east wind for Sat/Sun should be interesting. I'm actually glad about it cause launching solo out of sampson with a 16' boat I'm thinking I won't get beat up as much staying on the east side of the lake. I wouldn't call myself a fair weather fisherman, because I've gone fishing out of the boat in rain/snow/hail, but I guess I might be a fair-wind fisherman? Fishing wise, east wind probably isn't the best, but I'll be pretty pumped if I don't get skunked.
  11. Noob launching question: I plan on launching at Sampson and I'm sure it'll be crazy that weekend. How's the parking there? I'm assuming there's a launch fee but couldn't find it on their website?
  12. Same here. Use those same pool noodles for rod holders in my garage to. Drilled about 6 1" holes in a 3' section of noodle and then made a slit down one side of the holes so i could push the rod into them. Then drilled the whole thing to a wall. Works great. Those noodles are actually super useful for fishing storage ideas, but my daughter gets upset that i keep stealing them on her
  13. Just signed up for this. Never fished Seneca and have never done a tournament before so looking forward to it!
  14. Went out today and couldn't find any browns but the lakers sure wanted to play. Ended up going 7/11 in 90fow on the east side. Most hits came on a green death trap and green spin n glo. Even had my first solo double and figured that was a good note to end the day on. Largest of the day was 7lbs Sent from my SM-A515U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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