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  1. Does find some sheds but really loves just to be out. He did a great job helping us track and retrieve deer this year as well.
  2. I’m supposed to go on Thursday, going to be a cold one!
  3. Sheds are starting to show up. Pic of him in July.
  4. And sometimes they drop dead in there tracks.
  5. He showed up last night. Took a heart shot and still went 100 yards into the redbrush. Tommy retrieved him this morning.
  6. Had a visitor this morning to the deer pile out back. His days are numbered.
  7. Beautiful dogs Ken. Love to run with you guys sometime. Lazyriver I don’t sweat Rusty’s opinion. In this day and age the difference of opinions are pretty common. No worries we still share a lot of common interests. Never even heard of a Vole before his post. Pretty sure we’ll be saving the lives of a lot of them.
  8. Hard for me to tell if it’s one of the ones I’ve watched at the park but it makes sense. Great stuff Ken.
  9. Tommy and a friend out calling tonight. The roadkill deer has had nothing but fox and opossum on it so far. Hope that changes soon.
  10. Back out on the 20th, looking forward to it!
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