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  1. I know you run Chinook Divers, haven’t heard you mention them this year. Are they still part of your program?
  2. From what I hear he swamped the boat and swam to shore. Crazy
  3. Drove from Hilton to Hamlin Beach to get my dogs out. Rainy and blowing around 30 but they wanted to go and off we went. Driving by the public launch at Sandy I saw a vehicle with a small trailer. Made no sense, creek is high and muddy and the lake is a mess. Just got home and got this from my son.
  4. Definitely a cool stretch of water with so many opportunities. Very blessed.
  5. We’re good on numbers 1-3 Rick but I gotta say that number 4 is hard to get past. Would be different if they were incidental but sometimes I think you catch them on purpose.
  6. Rob and his crew are fun to fish with. Beautiful big boat and really cool electronics and systems. Fun just to watch. Interesting to me is that we caught nothing but Kings and Browns. Not one Bow or Coho. Thankfully no lakers.
  7. That pike is incredible. Do you have more pics of it? 20+lbs?
  8. Fished Sunday and Monday with Legacy. Sunday we had great green water with a nice area of stained water. Fishing was pretty epic in 15 to 25 foot of water. 18 King bites of which we landed 14. Biggest was 18lbs, smallest around 10. Boards riggers and divers all took shots. Also caught 20 plus Browns, nothing over 10lbs. Monday morning the pocket was gone but we still managed 5 for 8 on Kings and another 20 plus Browns.
  9. Weather report for Hilton/Hamlin still says sunny and clear for Monday.
  10. I drove to Gloucester Mass last week and saw signs the whole way.
  11. Basically 2-4 I think.
  12. Same for rental cars.
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