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  1. Got it done today!! Planned a 3 day weekend and left work early today to make the drive from Rochester to my home town to hunt with my uncle. Decided to hunt the evening even though it was very warm and walked my way to my dads stand. This is traditionally the first stand I sit every season on my trip home. Got to stand at 330 and 2 hours later here comes the buck crashing straight at me. I get up turn my body and he stops at 33 yards. Didn’t have time to range him and guessed 30. Dad was def looking down on me as the arrow hit a little low and back. So I got out headed to truck and waited a few hours to go look. Deer went about 350 yards and piled up. This is the biggest buck to date taken from Dads stand and one I know he would be proud of and a bit annoyed if he was still around to get yet another call telling him I got a deer out of his stand with the bow since he only gun hunted.
  2. Got a price on the transom mount airmar p66 ?
  3. Not really a screen size issue but thinking a lot of newer technology that I am missing with what I have
  4. I currently have a Simrad NSS7 Evo2 fish finder and gps chart plotter. Looking to upgrade without breaking the bank that will also have ability to hook into auto pilot please leave suggestions Boat is a Trophy Pro 2052 WA with an I/o
  5. Oh nooo should I be preparing to sell the x4d Bluetooth
  6. Today trolling west without changing throttle down speed mphwas .9-1.1 head east 3.3 - 3.5 barely any wind
  7. Looking for a potential boat slip this Friday 8/19 - Labor Day for a 21 Trophy pro
  8. Looking for one if wanting to part ways I can pick up Williamson to oak orchard
  9. Same catching a lot of 17-19# range
  10. Yes it was in forward to remove
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