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  1. Learned this evening the neighbor did indeed do this with his bow.
  2. Got this guy this morning looks like someone sliced him pretty good during bow season
  3. Finally got it done Saturday evening shot him at 6 yards. Not the biggest but biggest if seen all season
  4. I know a guy in the riga Mumford area that may have some room let me know and I can pm you his info
  5. Wondering what the current off shore wave situation is around Fair Haven? Don’t want to go out to find my 22’ can’t handle it and from shore it looks good. Thanks in advance!!
  6. Pair of #5 Black tape chinook divers. Used 2-3 times sell the pair for $30. Pickup only Gates/Spencerport area
  7. I’m aware but in years past when tournaments are happening, it seems as though reports are hard to come by
  8. With the tournament this weekend good luck on a report
  9. Those who run chinook divers, I have 2 of the #5 chinook divers, I run them on a 3 setting, does anyone know of the accuracy of the chart that comes along with them? Thank you in advance
  10. Yea he is already fired up for this weekend, his goal is to place in the LOC now lol
  11. Girlfriends son has been out several times fishing and was very apprehensive about fighting a “Big Fish” then on Saturday evening the downrigger fires and before I even really knew what was on it I just handed him the rod. He fought the fish all alone and when it hit the net the fear was replaced by adrenaline and excitement and now we have a rod hog on our hands!! He had to have a picture to show it off and said he had to hold the ATOMMIK FLY the fish hit because they are the best on the lake!! The best part was when we got back to the dock, he looked at me and said I am so glad my mom met you.
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