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  1. Seeing if anyone has a display for sale.have to send mine in for repair and in dire need of one this coming weekend
  2. 20” x 8” roughly I can’t call until lunch break
  3. Your Boat name on a cool bottle opener $50 + shipping or pickup Rochester or meet between Rochester and fair Haven along 104
  4. I did 3 coats of primer and 3 coats of paint that claims to protect against rust
  5. So considering that half keels are $80 a piece and I have some scrap steel laying around I decided to make a set myself. My question is I had to make them 1” shorter than the stock keels will this have any negative effect? I plan to try them this weekend and if work will likely begin taking orders
  6. I have that chart but even with that I have found that I am sometimes much deeper than I think and hit bottom
  7. Looking to purchase a fishhawk TD to build a more accurate dipsy diver chart if anyone has one please message me
  8. Any chance you would possibly deliver to a different place in Fair Haven?
  9. Shoreline of Fair Haven has these washing up anyone seeing this on the south shore?
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