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Reel Chaos

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  1. Reel Chaos


    Ahh makes sense as bait, thought maybe I was missing out on some sort of delicacy and didn’t know it
  2. Reel Chaos


    What does one do with all the crows? I have only ever shot one when I was a kid?
  3. I will be at the Niagara expo Saturday will take 2 rods/reels. If you will sell just reels would rather go that route
  4. Would you be willing to sell just 2? Or just the reels?
  5. Reel Chaos

    Hard water

    I used to do a lot of hard water fishing down in the Binghamton area growing up, I moved to Rochester (Greece) 7 years ago and have yet to do any hard water fishing. Just wondering where there is good fishing as I would love to get back into it. Or even better find a few fellow fisherman in the area to go with. Thanks!!
  6. Reel Chaos

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    Glad he walked by you and didn’t have to continue to struggle def right thing to do. Plus now it won’t be wasted if other hunter gave up the search
  7. Reel Chaos

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    Would this deer have happened to be shot in Windsor near CR weeks elementary
  8. Reel Chaos

    TROPHY Boat recommendations

    This year was my first year on my own boat and I purchased a 07 2052WA. It has the 4.3 FI and for me it’s perfect!! Gas is very reasonable also. Caught a lot of fish for my rookie year on her!!
  9. New in box, never used brand new $55 will sell for $40 Rochester area pickup. Sportsman 350watt electric grinder
  10. Older 32lb thrust clamp on trolling motor Minn Kota agjustable shaft with tilt 5 speed forward and reverse. Works great $50 No shipping Rochester area pick up
  11. Reel Chaos

    A bit Angry

    Yea I wouldn’t have been mad had I not tried waving him off before it even happened. Then on top of that he was the only boat anywhere near me
  12. Reel Chaos

    A bit Angry

    Well that’s why I was angry as I said above there was PLENTY of room for him not to do it
  13. Reel Chaos

    A bit Angry

    Well that’s why I was angry as I said above there was PLENTY of room for him not to do it