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  1. I am a processor... I have been doing this 15 years now..All sausage that leaves the shop is 100% you're own however the smoke meat is community meat. ..ALOT of guys have "problems" with a community product.. Here is the thing guys have to understand, As a processor I want EVERY SINGLE POUND OF SMOKE MEAT that leaves my shop to be 100% so I go through meat and only use what I feel is good meat..after I'm done inspecting and prepping meat, Bill's, Jim's, Jeff's, George's, Joe's meat is ALL the same quality before it hits the grinder..
  2. If this is still available at 1st of the year I'm interested 100%
  3. WOWSERS LOVE THIS BOAT!!!!!!!! Unfortunately just a tad out of my reach for price
  4. What type of wrap are you looking for? A vinyl wrap? Or are you looking for winterizing wrap? might be better to specify Here is one but not sure exactly what you're looking for OR if they have a mobile wrapping service for you
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