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  1. Well I finished the twin 9.9 project. I'm mostly happy with the results. My final numbers are: With 2 people on board, a full bag of fuel, the trolling motor, and A pair of Canon elec downriggers, I am able to run at 24.4 MPH. with just myself in the boat I briefly hit 28 but mostly its at 27.6. Now I can try out other lakes and not be crawling along at 10 MPH.
  2. I’m interested. How much to ship it to New Jersey
  3. Flygaff

    for sale : usa 1996 Ranger 250C Boat for sale

    The boat was just uncovered for the season. The detainers will be cleaning it up in the next couple of weeks. Boat looks and performs great. Great offshore machine. Would consider trade for 18 aluminum deep vee of equal value
  4. I finished the project and raised and tweaked the engines a bit. With 4 batteries and two people in the boat I was able to hit 27.8 mph. More than I expected. Now I have to mount my motor guide 24vlt motor and run the wires
  5. Ive been out there on 3 days when summer storms popped up without much waring. All three times at least 1 boat sunk. I have also towed boat in as storms approached. Safety is key. A little extra speed helps as well
  6. I purchased twin Suzuki 9.9 s for my boat last year. I can't say enough good things about the Suzuki. Elec start, fuel injected, power trim, and all for $2400.00. Another benifit of the Suzuki 9.9 is if you don't have enough power there are a couple of fixes. You can take out the breather restrictor plate and you now have a 15 HP engine, or swap the restrictor plate and the ECU and you have a true 20 HP engine. I just love my new Suzukis
  7. I just received a pair of TH Marine Mini Jack plates. It will give 4 inches of lift and a 4 inch setback for each engine. Now my question is, How close together should i mount the engines? I currently have them at 24 inch centers. I'm thinking of bringing that down to 17 inches. Any thoughts? Thanks
  8. Yea, I need to get the engines up a bit. About 3 inches. I just bit the bullet and ordered two TH Marine Mini Jack Plates. You can go up as high as 5 inches and it sets the motors back 4 inches. I'm pretty sure this will cure all my ills and give me a little extra speed. $150 for each bracket. now I just have to pull two engines and drill a bunch of new holes in my transom.
  9. Thanks for the info. I will be trying a few things as soon as I can get the boat back in the water
  10. I will look at my options. Short shaft is not one of them. maybe a hydrofoil may help
  11. That may be the issue. I hade twin 15s on their in the past with no issues but they were older engines. I’ll have to look at my options. I don’t believe there is a way to raise them up higher. Fun project anyway
  12. Yea, I’m pushing the spirit a bit. From an environmental standpoint I’m ahead of the game going from twin 15 hp 30 year old two strokes to twin 2021 four stroke. But the real issue is safety. The lake I fish blows up fast and at 8-10 mph your a sitting duck. They lose people in weather there almost every year. Also I need the extra power for fishing the Delaware river. Most of my fishing is in elec only lakes.
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