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  1. Yea, most handhelds transmit at 1 watt. Fixed units are 5 watt
  2. The handhelds do not put out the same power that the larger units do. You may only get a couple of miles on them.I have two mounted VHF units on my boat and when I run offshore a sat phone is a must
  3. !996 Suzuki DT 25 engine Low Low Hours (20-25) 2 Stroke - Oil Injection Elec start All 3 carbs rebuilt New water pump Very powerful 25 HP Motor Simple upgrade to 30HP Perfect condition Engine located in New Jersey $1800.00 O.B.O. Bryan [email protected] 732 447 3494
  4. I thought I would get to 18-20. Now with the correct prop I’m hopeful I will see 12-14
  5. OK I did the break in and swapped the prop to the 9.25 x 11. It did not work out very well. 4500 rpm and 8.5 knots. I ordered the 9.25 x 9 and will try it out next week
  6. I’m looking into the rev limiters and the throttle position sensor. It’s a pain. Everything I try I have to drive the boat 20 miles to the lake to try things
  7. OK, So I mounted my 9.9 2021 Suzuki on my 16 ft Sylvan Pro Select. With the supplied 5 degree 4 blade prop. I could get 8.3 mph out of the engine. I installed the new ECM and Throttle plate to convert to a 20 HP motor. I also changed the prop to a 9.25 x 11. this is where the problems begin. Now the most I can get is 4400 RPM and a max speed of 7.7 MPH. Its not the prop. The engine just hits 4400 at 2/3 throttle and stops. if I trim the motor way up it still won't go over 4400 RPM. Any ideas
  8. Keep the 175 on the boat. It need the power. 90 HP will just not be enough
  9. Flygaff

    10 hp motor

    I’m glad I have twins on my saltwater boat. Last year I blew a lower unit 74 miles offshore. Took a long time but I made it back
  10. Flygaff

    10 hp motor

    When I spend a day trolling for striper done by me (NJ) I burn through about 25-30 gallons with my twin 175s. This 9.9/20 will be on my 16 ft Sylvan pro select. I would think I will be able to troll all day for about 2 gallons
  11. Flygaff

    10 hp motor

    Looks good, I have mine mounted with the digital gauge. Everything seems to work. I am just over 3 hours into the break in. I’m going to take it out on a local lake Saturday and try to get 3 more hours on it. I’m going to convert to the 20 hp when I hit 15 hours.
  12. Flygaff

    10 hp motor

    Yea the cables ran me $58 each for 16 footers
  13. Flygaff

    10 hp motor

    I have the elec start remote with power trim 20 inch shaft. I have the new restrictor and the 20 hp ecu. I won’t put that stuff on until the break in is done. I bought all the extra parts from Precision Marine in fl
  14. good luck with the stripers. My boat goes in the water for the season in 3 weeks. I am at the end of the Hudson in Raritan Bay and mostly troll for them. Come May I will anchor and use clams for bait. Yea, stripers are really dumb and easy to catch. Fun stuff
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