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  1. Most of my trips are Tuna and shark. Really anything that is out there at the time. It is not a trip for the timid. We are taking a 25 footer 60-80 miles offshore. The weather is everything. I ran out 4 times last season. Best trip 4 bluefin to around 60 pounds. Shark is always fun. Hard to get the keepers, but it is still lots of fun fighting a 100-200 pound shark. Normal trip is 2-3 sharks caught. Fun stuff. Lots of whales out there. Had two humpbacks breach 100 yards from the boat last year. It was like a Nat Geo program.
  2. Good day all, I just wanted to intro myself and give a little rundown on me. My name is Bryan and I live in NJ. I am an avid fisherman that fishes 3-5 time a week in NJ. I have never fished your lake or any others up that way. I have been mostly doing the saltwater thing off the coast of NJ and NY. My goal is to get up there this year and catch my first Salmon and possibly Walleye. For my saltwater fishing I have a 25 ft center console Ranger with twin 175 Optis. For the local lakes I have a 16 ft Sylvan with twin 15 hp evinrudes. Maybe we can trade on fishing trips. I can come up your way for big lake fishing and you can come down my way for stripers in the spring and Tuna and Shark in the summer. Anyway, good fishing and stay safe all. Bye the way.....Great Site
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