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  1. Thanks, I ran the boat with the 140 on it for the first time yesterday. 34/35 mph. I thought it would run a bit faster. I only ran it for a few minutes cause I was on a 10 hp lake. I think with playing with the trim and a little weight distribution I believe I may gain a few more mph. I was at 5900 rpm. Mace is 6300. A balancing act for sure.
  2. Can’t wait to get out there. Our striped bass fishing gets underway in a few weeks. I just troll around the bay for them. I think I will be able to troll all day for them for about ten gallons of fuel. I hate to drop my new boat into to saltwater buts it’s gotta happen some day
  3. Well the twin 9.9/20 did not work. I just mounted a Suzuki 140. Keeping one 9.9 for trolling. I have not run the boat yet. My guess is I will be just over 40 mph give or take. I will know in a few days. Now I wonder if I can run this 15-20 miles off the beach. I have a lot of offshore (75+miles) with my now gone 25 center. Have to check my fuel burn. It hold 35 gal. Looks like I wont get to the tuna, but sharks should be in range.
  4. Looking for Used Suzuki 4 stroke Outboard 25 inch shaft 90HP, 115 HP, or 140 HP Low hours and Good Price. Found what I need but I don't want to drive to NC for it if possible. I am In NJ
  5. 2022 Suzuki 9.9/20 HP Outboard new 2022 9.9 outboard with 3 hours run time. Converted to a 20 HP with the 20 HP ECU and an Inlet plate Perfect condition I also have the adapter to use it a a 20 inch or 25 inch shaft. Elec start/Power Tilt Remote unit Includes Davis Fin Wire Harness Fuel tank No Controls 5 year warranty Perfect Condition Engine is in New Jersey. $3200
  6. That's a great price. If it were a 20 inch I would take it. Good luck with the sale. I'm sure it will sell fast. + it is a very easy swap to a 20 HP with just 2 parts
  7. I go to other lakes and rivers. That's why I would like it to go a bit faster
  8. Lake restrictions of 9.9 hp. They don’t seem to care how many you hang on the transom. I upgraded them to 20 hp each. I am keeping my eyes open for a 90 or 115. The boat could be ordered with a 90 or 115 and the hull is rated to 200
  9. Yea, the hull weighs 1700, 2 engines at 120 each and four group 31 AGMs. Lots of weight. I will keep messing with it. I will get it going a bit faster. I just need 3-4 MPH to be satisfied
  10. This was a dealer rigged boat with the twin 8s. The only engines ever on the boat. I just don't know why they would have added 320 pounds to the stern. The logs in memory on the hummingbird says on multible routes 15 MPH and up the 18. Strange. I will try distributing the weight and trying again. I do know i'm underpowered. just trying to squeeze a little more speed out of her
  11. I have the cav plates 1/4 inch above the bottom. i can't figure out why the dealer placed 320 pound of extra weight in the engine well. I my put it back and see what happens.
  12. when I walk up to the bow when running the speed jumps up to 11.4. i know I'm close to plane. I wonder how it went 18 with twin 8 hp motors If I can just get it near 18/20 I will be satisfied. I am thinking about two hydro foils
  13. Here's what I got. My Boat is a 2010 G3 Angler 185F. 1700 pound hull. When I purchased the boat a couple of months ago it had a pair of 2010 Yamaha 8 HP engines mounted on it. I removed the 8 HP Yammis and replace them with a pair of 2021 Suzuki 9.9s upgraded to 20 HP each. I would have thought I would easily get up on plane with twin 20S. I have gone thru a few prop combinations. first i tried the supplied 9 1/4 x 5.5 Pusher props. RPMs hit the limiter quickly at 6.5 MPH. Next a pair of 9 1/4 x 11. 4200 RPMs at 9.5 MPH. Next I went down to 9 1/4 x 8. 5850 RPM at about 10 MPH. I then went to 9 1/4 x 7 4 Blade prop. RPMs hit limit at 7.1 MPH. The memory in the sonar unit says this boat went up to 18 MPH with the twin 8s. The strange thing about the boat is it had approx 320 pounds of weights in the transom well. I have not put them back in yet, but I can't understand what they would do to get the boat on plane. any thoughts? Thanks
  14. I recently purchased 2 of their 901 kits to extend the shafts on my twin Suzuki 9.9s. At first things seemed to go well. I received the kits and went about installing them. After opening the 2ng kit I noticed the bolts supplied were the wrong bolts. Too long. I called them and was told no problem, that they would send the proper ones. a couple days later I received the same wrong bolts. I called back and was told they were sorry and would ship the correct bolts. Later that day i received a message that they did not send anything out because they did not know the proper size to send. I have now had these kits for two weeks and cannot use my boat. I called again this morning and spoke with Mike Graziani (manager) and was berated by him and told the bolts shipped were correct and I should use them. Anyway, They agreed to once again sent me more bolts. I am not convinced they know what they are doing and will send the correct bolts. My advice concerning Bay Manufacturing...Stay away and buy something else.
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