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  1. Put one of these engines in it & your ready to go > https://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/topic/76633-pair-of-350-volvo-inboard-motors/?tab=comments#comment-568209
  2. L&M

    Oz ?

  3. Agreed > Lets keep to the fishing / hunting aspects & leave the political debates for facebook
  4. L&M

    back-up camera

    Take a look here as well
  5. L&M

    Hello fellow Ontario people

    Welcome aboard Chuck
  6. L&M

    Canvas Repair

    Check your pm's Habit
  7. Well somebody has to keep an eye on ya
  8. L&M

    L&M Marine contact info ?

    ck your pm's Bob
  9. L&M

    Sportsman ? Not so much

    Lets stick with the topic here guys & leave the political stuff to facebook
  10. I heard the only waitin was on you & ya never showed
  11. L&M

    Open garage door?

    What Bruce said