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  1. It simply brings your particular add up to the top of the listings as does any comment you or others make on it.
  2. I have one here Robert. If you still need it pm me .
  3. If your refering to #4 on that parts list it is actually a cast aluminum adapter rather than brass. I'll ck the archives & see if I have any left.
  4. Nobody would know better
  5. Give John Mann a call Dick, he'll steer you in the right direction. 315-871-6400
  6. http://wivb.com/2017/04/20/niagara-county-officials-to-declare-state-of-emergency/
  7. This is probably part of that report too John
  8. Just a Heads Up in Wayne County Waters There is an Idle Only / No Wake rule in effect:
  9. Which at the time was actually Penn Yan. Same workers & factory , just different owners & name for several years in the mid/late 80's.
  10. Just extend them out with standard automotive clamps piggy backed on to what you already have or your local auto parts store or plumbing supply might be able to order over sized clamps for you.
  11. If your using a L/T or PC open Edit in your original post , click the Prefix tab to Sold/Closed then scroll down & click Edit Topic . This does not seem to work with the mobile app yet tho.
  12. You'll be happy with the 8hp Bob. Both power & weight should be just about right for that boat. Hank