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  1. Raymarine discontinued the SportPilot some time ago and I wouldn't recommend buying a used one. There are other affordable units out there that will serve you well. Hyd or cable steer?
  2. From past overall experiences I would steer clear of Jasper. There are several very good company's that deal strictly with marine rebuilds and/or new long block assembly's, one being the for mentioned Michigan Motorz & another is Marine Engines Inc. out of Mass. If your going that way I would both consider the difference in price between a new vs rebuilt long block & also stepping up to a 5.7 over the 5.0 while your at it.
  3. https://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/topic/93238-where-did-the-app-go/?tab=comments#comment-675182
  4. New swivel only. No mounting plates with them. 3 available $50 each or bo prefer not to ship
  5. I was referring to the filter not the tank. If its been a season or more I would change it out and check it for water again after a few trips to see where you stand. **The amount of water is not extreme for that time frame & shows the filter is doing the job it was intended to do.
  6. When did you drain it or check it last?
  7. Which model Sport Pilot & what do you need? Sent from my T790S using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Kits are available ( 435070 ) but complete pumps are about nonexistent although there is a guy out in Ohio ( pettys marine ) that advertises complete pumps on an exchange basis only. I know nothing about him but it might be worth a shot if your isn't rebuildable.
  9. I believe you'll find that titles started in 1987 for boats 14' and over in NYS.
  10. Quality grade Dextron III ATF
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