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  1. L&M

    Erie 6/17/18

  2. L&M

    Amish Outfitters Planer Clips

    Joe has the right idea, they weren't originally designed for use with rubber bands to start with . If your going to use rubber bands with them you might as well just use shower curtain rings and be done with it.
  3. L&M

    Starcraft islander restoration

    I would side with Fishnut. If it was drained/winterized properly or at least drained I would spend the least amount of money on parts & fresh fuel to get it running as possible and see what you have to work with. That 2.5L thats in it now is one of the best engines around for reliability & I wouldn't be afraid of the Cobra drive either if all is well with it .
  4. Wouldn't be this one by chance would it ?
  5. L&M

    OMC outdrive

    Really no need if all is clean & the o-rings are replaced. Besides the next guy takes it off won't be curse-in ya when it all needs to be cleaned off.
  6. L&M

    OMC outdrive

    Shift yoke up on a Cobra drive is forward gear
  7. https://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/topic/72318-wilson-harbor-invitational/?do=findComment&comment=538321
  8. L&M

    Lower end

    Rock the drive from side to side and look in the gap between the top of the gimbal ring & the transom plate, you will probably see your issue right there where the gimbal ring clamps on to the steering pin. It's a rather common problem, but not an inexpensive one to fix.
  9. L&M

    4.3 Mercruiser Overheating

    They restrict the amount of water that flows out thru the risers/elbows at idle/low rpms & helps keep a steady flow going thu the engine when the sea water pump isn't pumping to capacity due to the lower rpm's .
  10. 9.9 ELH = 9.9hp Electric start, Longshaft (20"), Tiller handle steering
  11. L&M

    4.3 Mercruiser Overheating

    Good talking yesterday Jack, let me know how you make out.
  12. L&M

    Oneida 5-5-18

    Sheeps head
  13. L&M


    Bob Spencer 585-259-9527 https://marinesurveyrochester.com/