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  1. This is the advice I seek: Is this a serious problem needing immediate attention or can it wait till July/August? (will be a long wait for service now anyway) **It should be addressed asap When these fail is it gradual or all at once? Will continuing to operate this way damage anything other than the dog clutch? **Damage to both the clutch dog & forward gear is happening every time you shift it in to forward. I would guess it's lower shift cable & or worn shift yoke or splines down below. At any rate addressing it now will probably save you grief & money in the end.
  2. If you haven't found one, pm me. I'm pretty sure I can help you out with one.
  3. I'm a little older too but that Sea Star system is more than adequate to steer/control both motors & will work out well for you with the right link between the two.
  4. They still might, but Arney's was sold to new owners last fall
  5. There's a lot to be said about sand too
  6. Point well taken in lower/normal water, but with the water as high as it is now I doubt if that would be an issue, dock not in yet could be though
  7. Readjust your idle mixture, what your describing is normally a lean mixture at idle.
  8. That it is but the channel is open. It's a little extra run time for sure but the south launch is open & in good shape
  9. L&M

    Port Bay

    Channel is open & navigable
  10. If it's the drive that should go with that engine it is a 1:81 ratio
  11. L&M


    Here is a pretty good chart that breaks different scenarios down. https://www.boatzincs.com/pdfs/Chart_B-Which_Anodes_Should_I_Use.pdf
  12. L&M

    Port Bay

    It's normally open on or by the 1st of April, but with what has been going on this last couple of months they have just started on it. I would think it will be open next week some time.
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