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  1. The "S" suffix in the model number indicates it is a short shaft engine.
  2. L&M

    Thanks to Hank

    ck your pm's
  3. L&M


    Got him/her thx
  4. L&M

    Cayuga Cayuga 8/19

    Looks like he's all set https://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/topic/74835-broke-down/
  5. L&M

    Oak docked boats

  6. click on the prefix tap , click on Sold/Close , scroll down to bottom of edit page & click edit.
  7. L&M

    Removing hardtop

    If it is that particular boat/hull it was built in several different configurations one of them being a soft top version. If any of you have ever owned or fished off one with a hard top you would understand why he wants to remove it instead of buying stock in Excedrin. Those of you that know me know I'm a bit vertically challenged ( ) & even for me if your not on your toes going down to the wheel from the deck your going to catch the hard top dead square in the noggin every time
  8. L&M


    Yes it can
  9. L&M

    Raymarine EV 100 autopilot

    If you did a factory reset Rusty you will have to go thu the dock side wizard first thing before moving the boat either setting still at the dock or on the trailer. It will walk you thu step by step what to do and how to make the changes to the drive polarity ( rudder/outboard in your case ) direction. If it is turning to starboard instead of port as you said it will ask yes or no. select no and it will do the test again and ask you yes or no again. If yes this time select yes, and your drive polarity is all set in the computer, then continue on with the wizard. On another note did you by chance put anything metal or move the electric trolling motor head ( I think you had a bow mount on it when I put it on ) closer to the EV1 ? https://raymarine.app.box.com/s/mpzvev3fdat7t2dbup61/file/23464190539 Sec 5 explains about the compass linearization being set automatically at power up, but can be fine tuned with sea trial. It has no bearing on the actual operation of the pilot itself. Note that your system Does Not have a rudder reference so follow the set up accordingly
  10. L&M


    Simrad GO series are compatible with that unit as well. https://www.simrad-yachting.com/simrad/series/go-xse/
  11. L&M

    Do this or you may be SORRY!

    Pair of vice grips fit the bill nicely in a pinch
  12. L&M

    Johnson J6REDS 6.0 1996

    Save your 80 bucks and do as was mentioned above. Pull the carb & put a kit in it, fuel pump works off crankcase pulse & just turning it over by hand will not make it pump fuel, nor is it a test to see if its ok, engine has to be running for it to operate.
  13. L&M

    Best launch in Port Bay?

    Raised it, leveled it out & widened it this spring.