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  1. boat canvas replacement

    As noted above > John is an artist when it comes to canvas & fabricating to your needs John Mann 315-871-6400
  2. Lake level news.

    A bit more on the topic: STATE BRIEFS Dam floodgates to open to drain excess Lake Ontario water MASSENA – Floodgates are being opened at a New York Power Authority dam in Massena to spill excess water from Lake Ontario into the Saint Lawrence River. The gates at Long Sault (SOO) Dam are scheduled to open at 7 a.m. Monday. The power authority said there will be rapidly changing river flows downstream. Outflows from Lake Ontario are established weekly by the International Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River Board. The decision to open the floodgates Monday is in response to higher than normal water levels and ice conditions on Lake Ontario. The spilling may continue through March 23. Heavy spring rains last year filled Lake Ontario to a record high level, resulting in extensive shoreline flooding. Officials said opening dam floodgates would have worsened floods that were also occurring downstream.
  3. #1 He has been warned #2 Unfortunately it worked within 2hrs of his post.
  4. Kicker Brackets

    What one was it Pap, got a picture of how you mounted it?
  5. Unfortunately this years show at Del Lago has been canceled. Below is the press release I just received. https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?ui=2&ik=93f437277b&view=att&th=161fc3217b14c75f&attid=0.1&disp=inline&safe=1&zw Wight Ox Enterprises to postpone The Sportsman’s Classic at Del Lago! Little Genesee, NY: - Wight-Ox Enterprises has announced the postponement of The Sportsman’s Classic at Del Lago Resort and Casino originally scheduled for March 16th through the 18th, 2018. Plans are for the potential return of expo in March of 2019. “It saddens us to cancel the expo on such short notice.”, says Norm Wightman, President of Wight-Ox Enterprises. “Wight Ox Enterprises and the Del Lado Resort and Casino are committed to providing vendors and sportsman with the very best expo experience that we can. Due to circumstances beyond our control we just did not feel that this could happen in 2018!” John Lenox, Vice President of Wight Ox Enterprises ads, “Our top priority has always been and will always be the best interest of all parties we work with. After much thought and conversation we determined that it would be in the best interest of everyone to look towards 2019. Our focus will now rest squarely on the continued growth of Rush Outdoors TV, The World of Rush Outdoors and The Great New York Sportsman’s Expo!”
  6. WTB- 40-60hp outboard

    ck your pm's
  7. WTB- 40-60hp outboard

    Long shaft or short & tiller handle or controls?
  8. Modifying boards

    Some good tips here too from Bob's original "09 post
  9. Sodus Launch Open?

    Mystery's over > The * was to get Andys question back to the top altho I do like his theory better I'll take a ride over in the morning and see what's going on unless somebody chimes in before
  10. Surveyor

    Robert Spencer (585) 259-9527 https://marinesurveyrochester.com/
  11. Autopilot help for a friend

    That is correct, you can not use the Raymarine or any other hydraulic pilot for that matter unless you convert it over to a full hydraulic system. He has a cable steer boat to the power assisted ram , not a hydraulic system but rather a power assist power steering set up
  12. Another satisfied L&M marine customer!

    Just sent you a pm Sent from my Moto G (4) using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. Lowrance autopilot cable steer

    They don't offer a tilt unit, you will have to forgo that if you want to use this system.