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  1. https://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/topic/62581-watkins-tackle-sale/#comment-460636
  2. I hope so > You set it up this year
  3. 2017 NASCAR Fantasy Sign Up https://racing.fantasysports.yahoo.com/?utmpdku=1 Group ID#: 8099 Password: lou2017 Thanks Dan for setting it up this year
  4. Only you Stan Hope all's well out yer way bud
  5. I'm not sure what A/P unit your thinking of installing but the ram you are referring to will not have a bearing on what ever unit your going to install. That ram part# is the power steering actuator that makes up the M/C'r power steering system. I think you are probably looking at a straight hyd type system & they are asking what size hydraulic ram is already on the boat, whether it be a straight inboard or outboard with dedicated hydraulic steering, not an I/O, cable over hydraulic system that you have on your Penn Yan now.
  6. Yep I've been there & No on the ice, esp. after this wind & rain today.
  7. As well as all Nissan & the smaller OMC engines to 15hp
  8. http://www.fltimes.com/news/wayne-supervisor-plan-will-devastate-lake-ontario-shoreline-communities/article_0c427904-be1a-11e6-92a4-ff8c17b2e19d.html