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  1. Nifty idea but I think your going to need some deflectors on the sides to contain the water & if your running the engine for any length of time as per breaking in the cam/engine keep a close eye on the temperature as your just recirculating the cooling water
  2. Me too, I'm waiting to see how the new toys work out for ya
  3. Thats what it is & it's not as easy or for that matter possible to convert over to hydraulic as a Mercruiser would be that was explained in your other thread. https://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/topic/83842-what-auto-pilot-are-you-using/
  4. I take you didn't care much about racing then
  5. Rick Meade in Clyde NY pm me if you need more info http://meadeautomotivemachine.com/
  6. Looks like it could be a Gizzard Shad from that angle
  7. Are you sure that OMC isn't power assist cable steer. Unless it's been converted that is what it should of came with.
  8. Drive the hour and a half or so & have John Mann do it up for you in Sodus Pt. Sodus Bay Canvas 315-871-6400
  9. Cannandaga but Liverpool should be the same if anybody is interested https://www.runnings.com/friday-flash-sale
  10. Look close it says XL on the box tag & bottom pic too I believe
  11. I could think of a better area to cut off & let float away, leave upstate & the lake where I be
  12. Normal mounting is usually mid ship to maintain a good constant trolling feedback. Why would you want to mount it either fore or aft?
  13. Ever considered selling snowballs to eskimos ?
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