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  1. Oil

    Make sure to use what they recommend as well as any additive they supply & follow there break in procedure to not void any warranty with anything from Jasper or any other re-builder for that matter.
  2. Sold / Closed

    I took care of it bling, but here is your answer: If your using a L/T or PC open Edit in your original post , click the Prefix tab to Sold/Closed then scroll down & click Edit Topic . This does not seem to work with the mobile app yet tho.
  3. Look like this? http://mwands.com/store/35-watt-monocrystalline-solar-panel
  4. Gen 4 if it's the original engine then. I sent you a pm.
  5. 454 (7.4L) Gen 4 or 5 blocks ?
  6. Sold / Closed

    Doesn't necessarily have to be an outboard only. System will work with most hydraulic steering set up's & can also be controlled with a Simrad GO5 or GO7 Chart Plotter Display as well as the Lowrance units.
  7. You probably already have but make sure you have power to the purple / + side of the coil both static with the switch on & when your turning it over. Also check the main engine harness plug for corrosion.
  8. Thought it seemed familiar Phone number is listed at the bottom of the add. I bet a call or text to it would solve any speculation and alot of typing.
  9. No pun intended on the boat, but I'm afraid with that relatively low hard top you'd wanna be stocking up on Excedrin Dave.
  10. New restrictions put on boaters along shoreline Boaters will have to slow down to 5 mph within 600 feet of Lake Ontario’s New York shoreline after the governor ordered the measure to fight flood damage. Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced the new speed limit Monday. It usually applies within 100 feet of shore. But now flooding has affected hundreds of properties along the lake since early March, inundating basements and causing shoreline erosion in some areas. To try to keep boat wakes from making the problem worse, some cities and towns along the lake have established their own speed limits within 500 feet of shore. The governor says with the new state speed limit, boaters won’t have to figure out which town’s limit applies as they move along.
  11. Glad it all worked out for you
  12. Did they tell you to use a 3/8's or a 1/2" impact gun to tighten down a plastic hand tightened prop hub??
  13. The center plastic insert is probably not seated all the way into the prop.
  14. You have a prop for a 4 3/4" gear housing & your Opti has the smaller 4 1/4" housing. Unfortunately that prop will not work for your application. Over all prop diameter is larger as well.