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  1. As Chinook said , it's probably the shift shaft seal or upper driveshaft seal but a pressure test will tell for sure. It could be the lower driveshaft seal under the pump but that would normally show itself in the water intake or out the prop area with the drive down. If the upper input yoke seal was leaking you would only see it in the bellows as said above.
  2. Docks are in and open at both the North & South launches
  3. L&M

    for sale : usa Mag 10's

    still available
  4. With 13" up to 22" adjustable swivel bases Pair 150.00
  5. L&M

    for sale : usa Mag 10's

    3 Working mag 10 riggers with extendable booms & rod holders 175.00 each or all 3 for 500.00
  6. There called anti siphon valves & that's best way to set it up.
  7. I see that didn't work out according to plan Topic is now locked
  8. Speaking of fishing why don't we all get back to what this forum is all about and leave the politics to FB
  9. It will act the same as your sport pilot does now. When pilots engaged wheel will turn but can be overridden, not engaged you have your normal steering & I recommend a new cable when its installed anyway & especially with 30 years on it. If your doing it yourself you should be able to get by for under a grand, cable and all.
  10. You could just switch the sport pilot out for an octopus type s helm and leave everything as it is if your happy with what you have.
  11. I think you will find that is a Power Winch plug & socket that someone had adapted to use on your riggers, not a Canon item. Look up Power Winch part number P7702200AJ
  12. No Unless it has been converted from cable to hydraulic steering.
  13. I'm assuming your talking an OMC Cobra drive & not a Stringer. The transom plates are all the same as long as you have the OMC bellhousing for the GM motor.
  14. Run the drill bit in reverse until your through the plastic.
  15. There digging it now & should be open for the weekend
  16. Take it to pm's or any other means guys but it doesn't belong here. thx
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