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  1. I believe you'll find that titles started in 1987 for boats 14' and over in NYS.
  2. Quality grade Dextron III ATF
  3. https://www.ijc.org/en/loslrb/dry-conditions-lead-low-water-levels-board-decrease-outflows?fbclid=IwAR08wSHFKEz6aPiPEGoYKPBvreUrrPvXZ_BdaFaZyod65eTfIV-ARJjsABw
  4. L&M

    Boat tops

    Yes he is : John Mann Sodus Pt 315-871-6400
  5. Good point, you need a minimum of 10" behind the dash, but unless it is an older Morris rotary helm/cable or a rack & pinion set up any existing Teleflex rotary cable is compatible with the octopus drive.
  6. Steering the boat with power assist steering is most always hard on a mechanical drive pilot with the engine not running but the octopus is a more direct and stronger unit than the X5 was & has a full disconnect so you should see no resistance in steering in standby or pilot off mode.
  7. If you have the X5 version Sport Pilot you can utilize the Octopus Type S drive in place of the X5 drive
  8. This system will work out better if you plan to install a hydraulic auto pilot system to steer both the kicker and outdrive with the engine not running. Pilot will be much more responsive not having to drive the power assist cylinder with the engine off.
  9. Channel always fills in over the winter months John. It should be dredged & navigable the 1st week of April.
  10. L&M

    Boat tops

    John Mann Sodus Pt 315-871-6400
  11. You will have no problem using it in your SeaStar/BayStar system.
  12. Intermediate starter solenoid if its a Mercruiser would be my guess especially considering you had an issue in the fall & be careful with the hammer around the newer starters & small reduction starters as it only takes one hit in the wrong spot to damage the ceramic magnets in what was a perfectly good starter.
  13. John Mann in Sodus Pt. 315-871-6400
  14. That picture says it all Chuck. Thoughts & prayers are with you & the family my friend
  15. Were the battery's returned to the point of sale or to an Interstate dealer to determined if it is a battery issue or not. Possibly one bad of the pair causing the problem? If they were bought new there is a one year free replacement on them. Unfortunately what the meter on the charger says & what the actual condition of each battery is, are two different things. Proper testing & condition is normally done with a load tester and/or a newer style digital tester to determined each battery's condition. As stated above one defective battery in a series bank can have an effect on the total output especially with a 24v system using only two battery's .
  16. I can assure everyone that John is still in business & has no plans of not being in the foreseeable future. 315-871-6400
  17. There should be no problem in the middle where it's mounted now, but it does appear that the surface is pointing straight down. Loosen the 4 screws and tilt it aft as far as you can or about 20*s & it should cure your problem. With it pointing straight down as it is the balls at depth & trolling speed are out of the cone angle.
  18. The other issue with anti seize is that it acts as an insulator & impedes the heat transfer from the plug to the head
  19. Letting the engine warm some in the colder/freezing weather is good practice but allowing the lower extremity's of the engine to warm to lake temperature is to ensure the impeller isn't frozen in the housing prier to starting the engine
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