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  1. High Bidder

    Thru hull transducer

    Installed a thru hull two years ago. Really don't notice any difference between the transom mounted and thru hull when trolling. I have a selector switch that I can use either one. The only diference is when under power I don't lose the bottom with the thru hull where as sometimes I did with the transom mounted.
  2. High Bidder

    Touch screen GPS

    I'm considering getting a new GPS chartplotter but was a little concerned about a touchscreen type. I hate when someone puts a fishy fingerprint on my screen now. Simrad units connect to my Autopilot easiest. I built a adapter cable for my present Lowrance Globalmap unit. Other brands won't connect to my Simnet system. The expensive units seem to be both touchscreen and dial or button control but the less expensive units are touchscreen only. Just was wondering if I'm too concerned about a slimey screen.
  3. High Bidder

    Lowrance gen 3 or Simrad nss9 evo2

    I also was considering upgrading my Globalmap unit to a Simrad since it would easily connect to my Simnet system for my autopilot. Is the built in GPS effective under a hardtop or would I have to install a puck like I do now with my Lowrance Globalmap unit? I would be using the unit only as a chartplotter.
  4. High Bidder

    Bears eating my cameras

    I just hope the wardens don't think using cameras is "baiting". Although I did think of putting all my old cameras around my stand. I'm sure its the human scent because I had a bear walk by and as soon as it caught my scent it returned to the base of my ladder and looked up at me.
  5. High Bidder

    Bears eating my cameras

    Bears eating my cameras This past year I've had 3 cameras chewed or knocked off the tree by bears, some numerous times. I've gotten some good pics of their teeth, ears and noses. At first I thought they prefered the Cuddiback units but lately they moved on to the other brands. I don't know if its the smell of plastic that attracts them or the sound. I hope some of them stick around for archery bear season. By rifle season the food selection changes and they move out. This is in north central PA.
  6. High Bidder

    oil level in IO engine

    If I change the drain I would no longer have a dipstick tube and dipstick. I couldn't check the oil level. I would have to splice a drain valve into the dipstick tube.
  7. High Bidder

    oil level in IO engine

    The problem is a tube cannot be slid down the dipstick tube because of the bends in a Ford tube and also at the oil pan the dipstick tube adapter block is fastened to the oil pan with a bolt that is ported . I'm not sure what that bolt is called but it is drilled partially lengthwise and then out the side to the fill tube. I guess at the end of the season I'll remove the exhaust manifold and loosen the fill tube to check if any oil is remaining. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the launch pics. I feel a lot better seeing the docks. Can't wait to start fishing.
  9. High Bidder

    oil level in IO engine

    Before I changed it i could get all 5 qts out including the filter. Everything lined up and everything looked the same inside and out. The drain hole was metric so I had to machine another bolt to attach the dipstick tube, which also serves as the suction tube. The drain was in the exact same position on the pan. I can't figure it out for sure and I don't feel like pulling the engine again so I guess I'll just run it.
  10. High Bidder

    oil level in IO engine

    oil level in IO engine Two years ago I had to replace the oil pan on my 5.0 Ford engine. I used a ford van oil pan because it was the same shape as the original. The problem I have now is that when I change oil I can only get 3.5 qts out. Since I have to suck it out through the dipstick I don't know if oil is remaining in the pan or I don't have enough in it. Removing the drain plug is next to impossible to completely drain the oil. Would the oil pan retain oil since it is a automotive type instead of marine original? The oil level on the dipstick shows full.
  11. Glad to hear the salmon are there. I'm coming up Saturday for a week of fishing. How is the Henderson launch? The last pictures I saw the water was still pretty far into the parking lot.
  12. High Bidder

    Setting Navionics for Oak Orchard.

    Setting Navionics for Oak Orchard. Fished at Oak Orchard for the first time last week. My GPS would not show depth grid from my Navionics card. Apparently it is a different selection than the one for Mexico Bay area. The card is 10 years old. Could someone tell me the setting for the Western part of the Lake O.
  13. I really appreciate this information. I am going to Oak Orchard for my first time next Thursday. I had no idea where to start until I read this thread. I am still not sure what direction to go, either west, east or straight out. But at least I know what depth to try. I'll be looking for other boats and will probably sort of follow them at a discreet distance. Thanks.
  14. High Bidder

    My expierence this weekend

    The Hamburg Cabela's is always slow on check out. Twice I did the same as Adm. Byrd and left my stuff and walked. If some of my suppliers wouldn't give me gift cards I probably wouldn't shop there. Although they did have the best price on the Ruger I bought last spring. I was there Sunday and they only had 5 registers open and fifty people in line. I had to wait because my son needed some stuff.
  15. High Bidder

    Fishing the western end

    Fishing the western end I always fished Mexico and Henderson, but this year would like to try going west. I booked a slip at Bald Eagle Marina for the middle of July. Is that a good area for that time of year? Does anyone know of a place to stay? My boat isn't big enough to stay on overnight. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, High Bidder