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  1. I really don't want to give a boat description because there are probably more boats the same make and color and I wouldn't want someone to accuse the wrong person. I'll just have to see how it plays out with the Sheriff's Dept. They know who it is and they are on notice.
  2. The security cameras didn't have a good enough picture to prove who released my boat. The description of the perfs boat got around to all the marinas. They will probably have a difficult time getting gas for their boat. Even though I thought about it I didn't make any threats. Since I've been coming here for 18 years I have met a lot nice people. Many charter captains especially. This is the first time I ever had a problem.
  3. This happened at Henderson harbor.
  4. Last Monday evening when I returned to the dock I had permission to use i found another boat tied to my dock ropes. I went to the nearby restaurant and asked them to move their boat. The punks got belligerent but did move their boat. However they came back later that night and untied my boat and let it drift away. It bounced down the docks and luckily wedged in a boatyard. Not too much damage. They had an easily identifiable boat and it didn't take the Sheriff too long to find them. Probably nothing will happen to them.
  5. Last time I changed a cylinder it was so corroded I broke the hydraulic line. This isn't going to be easy. Maybe I'll wait until winter since I'll probably have to disassemble most of the transom mount.
  6. My OMC outdrive drifts slowly down. Takes about 6 hrs to go all the way. Should I replace the O rings on the check valves or is it more likely to be the cylinders leaking past the internal seals? No visible oil on either the pump. lines or cylinders.
  7. I also will be at Henchens from the 16th to Sunday. I have a Striper boat. I'll see you there.
  8. Thanks. I'll go with the majority and try Plexus.
  9. Is it safe to use Rain X on my isenglass(or plastic enclosure, not really sure what it is). It really helps on my glass windshield and I wondered if it would help on the plastic.
  10. Thats great advice from someone who is still getting a paycheck. Perhaps they should pretend that they can't buy groceries, or pay their property taxes, or car payments or mortgage. By the time this is over they would be bankrupt as a lot of us would be if we stayed at home. I'm self employed so no work, no money. My occupation is dangerous. I have lived with the possibilty of a fatal accident for 40 years from my fault or someone elses fault. I don't need a lecture from someone who is only now facing the possibilty of death from performing their chosen profession. If you don't like the risk don't do the job. Stay at home .
  11. Why is it okay to go fishing alone but not okay for me to operate my excavator to enlarge a driveway? I'm just as alone as someone on a boat. Today some "Brown Shirt" stopped and took my picture so she could report me for working. People were out mowing their lawns, riding bicycles, jogging, etc, but that okay. If one outdoor activity is banned all outside activities should be banned. I'm really concerned that people will so easily give up freedom for the false promise of safety. Or is a majority just too stupid to know what is safe behavior without the goverment telling them what to do?
  12. Thanks, I wasn't sure if it was like my computer programs that I have to pay a renew fee every year so they keep working.
  13. I keep getting emails to renew my Navionics card that I purchased last year. Is this necessary? Any new upgrades listed wouldn't benefit me. Or will some features of the card or all of the card stop functioning if I don't renew it?
  14. The other bright side is that I haven't had an annoying telemarketer call for days now.
  15. I need to replace my Tekota 800 that I use for 400 copper. I had the drag rebuilt by Tuna Tom a few years ago after it never worked right from new and replacing the drags didn't correct the drag problem. I am tired of readjusting the drag constantly as I'm reeling in a fish. I noticed alot of recomendations for the Okuma reel. I'm not going to sell my 800 as I wouldn't wish that piece of junk on anyone else.I saw some used Saltist 50 on this site. Are those big enough?
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