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  1. Thanks, I wasn't sure if it was like my computer programs that I have to pay a renew fee every year so they keep working.
  2. I keep getting emails to renew my Navionics card that I purchased last year. Is this necessary? Any new upgrades listed wouldn't benefit me. Or will some features of the card or all of the card stop functioning if I don't renew it?
  3. The other bright side is that I haven't had an annoying telemarketer call for days now.
  4. I need to replace my Tekota 800 that I use for 400 copper. I had the drag rebuilt by Tuna Tom a few years ago after it never worked right from new and replacing the drags didn't correct the drag problem. I am tired of readjusting the drag constantly as I'm reeling in a fish. I noticed alot of recomendations for the Okuma reel. I'm not going to sell my 800 as I wouldn't wish that piece of junk on anyone else.I saw some used Saltist 50 on this site. Are those big enough?
  5. I tried the barrel method. I smoked my impeller and the plastic housing in a few minutes. I'll stick with the muffs.
  6. Sometimes a light mounted above the windshield will give a glare. A buddy of mine did that and it was useless because you couldn't see a thing. I mounted my GOlight on the pulpit and it works great. I did get a little glare off the bow rail but I just painted a section of it flat black. I had to fabricate a aluminum mounting block to get the light above the anchor which is also on the pulpit.I don't know if you need a remote controlled light but it is handy at times.
  7. lrg355 is right. I changed mine easily with the instructions found online. They give you tips to use common tools rather than specialty tools.
  8. If you have a power steering oil cooler don't forget to blow it out and add antifreeze. Maybe not all IO's have them. I'm only familiar with mine.
  9. I almost feel guilty reading this post. I am not alergic to either posion ivy or poison oak. I forget sometimes that my wife can get poison from my clothes if I walk through a poison patch. My one son and daughter are alergic to pioson ivy but my other son isn't. I live in the woods so my job is to remove the poison ivy from all the trees along the sunny edge on my driveway so my wife can move the grass there without getting blotchy. Sorry guys I feel your pain but I can't really relate to it.
  10. I've been getting one or two salmon per trip. Can't keep away from the lakers. Today nothing so far. I'm the only boat in the Trench.
  11. The bears definitly seem to prefer my Cuddyback cameras. I had 2 destroyed so far. They don't touch my Brownings or Stealthcams. Cuddyback did repair them once but don't do it a second time. I have some great pics of their teeth and noses. I was thinking of putting the damaged cameras back up but it might be considered baiting. Hopefully this year they stick around for archery season. But usually the food sources change and the bears move on.
  12. I put bolts with a RTV seal in the rod holder holes. That could have been a definite water leak.
  13. I'll check on the rod holders. I don't use the rod holders on the rigger because it is too high. That could be the problem plus storing them on the unheated part of my garage.
  14. Last week I went to use my STX and it started to run as soon as it was plugged in. I opened the case and it was really corroded. The motor case and the circuit board had significant corrosion. I replaced the switch first with no results so now I ordered a circuit board. Is this corrosion because I store them in a unheated garage? Is it a grounding issue.( although the auto up worked before). Or is it just a poor case seal when they were made?
  15. This was my first time fishing at New Haven. Thursday evening caught one within 10 minutes at 135 ft, down 75. Friday was too rough so we fished the bay for bass. Saturday morning went 4 for 5 of mature salmon. 150 ft. down 80 at 2.2 MPH. All on flasher and flies. Spoons did nothing. Only hooked up on a westerly troll. Saturday evening had one release. Sunday morning we gave it a try but it was too rough for my boat. When the waves splashed over the bow we packed up and headed home.
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