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  1. Fishing the western end I always fished Mexico and Henderson, but this year would like to try going west. I booked a slip at Bald Eagle Marina for the middle of July. Is that a good area for that time of year? Does anyone know of a place to stay? My boat isn't big enough to stay on overnight. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, High Bidder
  2. Thanks for the replies. I guess i'll have to get one reel. I only usually fish three rods anyway so I'll just have to adjust the electric reel to the best depth and lure.
  3. Electric reels I know this was discussed before but the comments didn't answer my question. Both of my fishing partners had accidents last year, one is my son, and now have limited use of their right arm. They can't reel in a salmon anymore. Would an electric reel, such as a Daiwa Tanacom, enable them to still fish with me? From the reviews it seems that the reel can retrieve line but can you use it to fight a fish? The reels are a lot of money but these guys have been fishing with me for years and I don't want to fish alone.
  4. After reading the posts on coyote hunting I was thinking of giving it a try. I wasn't sure if there were many around my area but this morning I got my answer. When I was having breakfast my wife says that my 3 beef cows were running across the pasture. In front of them were 3 coyotes making a beeline for the fence. I knew from past experience that the cows don't like dogs of any kind. They are very protective of their calves. They mortally wounded the neighbors pet dog that was too slow to get out of their pasture in time a few years ago. I guess I'll have to research the equipment needed more closely. It sure sounds like fun to me.
  5. After a disappointing PA archery season where I would see the big ones on camera but couldn't find them. The beginning of gun season was just as tough. On the last day I finally found a shooter.. High Bidder
  6. I installed the Raymarine EV100 in my brother in laws boat last month. He loves it. It responds well. He had hydraulic steering already. Don't know about the long term reliability yet. Total cost was about $1200 after rebate. I have had a Simrad for five years. No problems at all.
  7. I ended up getting the factory made hoses and fitting kit from Marine Engine parts. Best prices and fast shipping. The Raymarine instructions are not the best and Sea Star's are non existent. I guess they want a dealer to install their equipment. Luckily it was similar to a Simrad system for which I had prior experience and who has real installation instructions.
  8. The compression hoses are only for the return line. Nobody on Ebay has the Pro series of hoses in the length I need.. That's usually where I get my parts. Thanks anyway.
  9. I have been trying to find out what style of hose ends are on a Sea star 2.0 Pro helm. Sea Star will only tell me to use their hoses but they are not available. The hoses they have available are for return lines with no pressure. Are the hoses connected to the helm a standard JIC type hydraulic hose fitting. I am going to connect a Raymarine EV100 autopilot pump. I hate to disconnect the existing helm line before I know what type they are.
  10. There a two types reverse bypass valves on the actuators for disc brakes. The best seemed to be the normally closed type which doesn't lock the brakes if you are backing up a hill. It allows the pressure to release in any situation. You will need a back up light connection in your trailer wiring to release the brakes for backing up. It took just a few hours to change the trailer brakes and discs work much better.
  11. I bought mine where I could try it on and check how comfortable they are. Some cheaper models were so bad I couldn't have worn them for 5 minutes. I ended up buying the $200 models just because I can stand to wear it a long time.
  12. I had the AP2401 for a few years now. No problems and it works well at all speeds. It totally quiet and easy to use.
  13. Simrad seems to be quiet and reliable but it also probably the most expensive. I installed the AP24 with a linear drive a few years ago. I never had any problems and it is really convenient when fishing alone or with just one other person as I usually do. A kicker with remote control would save fuel and give you back up power with about the same cost. From reading other opinions, a helm drive unit would be less than a linear drive.
  14. I don't think you can get more cost effective heat than natural gas heat. I use a Harman pellet stove as a supplement heat. It can keep my 2500 sq. ft. home at 62-65 degrees. I could have bought a larger stove but it would have burned more pellets. I would have to agree that coal is more practical although more dusty. Also coal gives you great ash for using on that ice in your driveway.
  15. What other electronic units do you turn on when you start to troll. It could be a ground issue with those units. I have a ground issue on my boat that I haven't solved yet. After I replaced the dash panel and rewired the gauges, when I turn on my running lights my temp gauge rises. When I turn them off it drops right back to where it should be. If you think its the thermostat buy an infrared temp gauge. They are not expensive and I use mine all the time to check manifold temp, thermostat housing temp and wheel bearing temp on the trailer.