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  1. High Bidder

    New Chartplotter

    I just wasn't sure that the unit being under the hardtop would have good reception. Since I have it I'll install it. Thanks for the wiring info.
  2. High Bidder

    New Chartplotter

    I ended up buying a lowarance Elite12 ti unit. Now I have to figure out how to wire the unit . I am going to connect it to my Simnet system via a micro c cable. Do I have to have a separate power supply to the head unit or does it get the power through the simnet sytem? I also am connecting a Point1 GPS antenna to my simnet buss to get more accurate GPS position. The point 1 has a heading compass but I already have a Simrad RC42N compass connected to the system for my autopilot. Will the system just ignore the data from the Point 1 heading compass or will there be a conflict having two heading compasses? Or should I use a GPS antenna without a heading sensor? Lowrance couldn't answer these questions and the installation manual isn't clear on this matter. Lowrance technical support reads from the same manual that I have and really don't know how to interface different systems so I have to go to the experts on this site.
  3. High Bidder

    Loaded questuon...

    I see that you guys from NY have gotten use to the Safe Act. Why would you support a company like Field and Stream or Dicks that wants to take away all semi autos, shotguns, handguns and rifles. Here in PA we hope that Field and Sream soon goes bankrupt. I wouldn't go there if they were giving ammo away free.
  4. High Bidder

    Tempress Elite High/Low Back Seat Reviews

    Also Because of the armrests they might not swivel around like your existing seats. I have to be in forward gear to turn my seat and I have to swivel right pretty far to get reverse. But I can deal with that for a more comfortable ride.
  5. High Bidder

    Tempress Elite High/Low Back Seat Reviews

    I installed the Elite for a helm chair. It is much better than the stock Striper seat. It is wider so I could only replace the helm seat and not both seats or I couldn't get between them.
  6. High Bidder

    New Chartplotter

    Its Simnet. Yes, its a AP24. I only need the NMEA2K info sent to the Simnet system. The Lowrance and Simrad units have a micro C port and will connect. Now the only decision is , will a new unit and card give me a contour view on the west end of the lake and offer the same ease of operation as my old Globalmap in marking waypoints and displaying SOG and course. My Globalmap apparently is not compatable with the newer cards.
  7. High Bidder

    New Chartplotter

    After reading more about the Elite units, I don't believe they will interface with my autopilot. Simrad is probably the best unit. Thanks mr 580.
  8. High Bidder

    New Chartplotter

    The Simrad Go series is compatible but it looks more complicated to quickly mark a waypoint when you hook a fish. I was at the Outdoor show in Harrisburg and there was a rep and display there from Simrad and Lowrance. The Lowrance has a waypoint button where as it seems with the Simrad you have to go through a menu to mark the waypoint. I'm not sure how the Garmin works on waypoints. What is your opinion on the waypoints?
  9. High Bidder

    New Chartplotter

    It's time to upgrade my chartplotter. I am deciding between Garmin 1022 and Lowrance Elite 12ti. The Garmin costs 30% less but I'm not sure if I can connect it to my Simnet system for my autopilot. Can anyone tell me if there is an adapter cable available or if the Garmin has a Micro C data port. Or which unit is the better unit. I now have a 13 yr old Lowrance Globalmap which still works but the map card does not cover the western part of the lake and its too old to use a upgraded card.
  10. High Bidder

    Get up to $75 with Navionics

    I meant to say that the lake contours are not visible out from Oak Orchard river mouth in the lake. I was going to upgrade my GPS plotter unit but I haven't found one that is as easy to operate as my old Globalmap. I wasn't impressed with the waypoint process on the new Lowrance units but I can't find a Simrad unit to test. I know those two units will connect to my Simrad autopilot. I'm not sure how to connect the other brands..
  11. High Bidder

    Get up to $75 with Navionics

    i have a Lowrance Globalmap 7500. My current card does show contours about 6 miles to the east of Oak Orchard but changes to just a generic style at the river mouth area.
  12. High Bidder

    Get up to $75 with Navionics

    I have a 10 yr old Hot Maps card. Is there any improvements in the newer cards that would be noticeable. Or do the new cards need a new model plotter. My current card does not go west to Oak Orchard so I am looking for a better one.
  13. Most states have the same problem as NY. The metro areas control the election because they need the tax revenue from the rural areas of the state. Here in PA most of the state is red except for the cities. Will it ever change? Never. Living in a rural area you will always be a second class citizen. The presidential election in 2016 was a fluke in that a republican won in PA. I don't think that will ever happen again.
  14. Braid line didn't suit my purpose. But it wouldn't break like mono if reeling in fast and not setting the drag light enough. I never used it so i can't say if mono would work.
  15. I have two childs life vests. One is for 30 to 50 lbs and one for 40 to 90 lbs. Both in very good, hardly used condition. Free for the cost of shipping. Grand kids grew up.