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  1. Release them unharmed, then buy haddock fillets. After many years of eating fish I’ve decided that I don’t eat fish from fresh water, no matter how they have been treated, cleaned, breaded or fried. I still love sushi and sashimi though. Big difference.
  2. Couldn’t help but think of this thread last weekend while watching an episode of “North Woods Law”. One of the story lines on the show involved the rescue of a bunch of red fox kits that were taken to a rehabilitation facility where they would be raised and eventually released into the wild. Text book irony.
  3. I haven’t hunted with them. I’ve fished with Christian. Great guy.
  4. https://www.nyguideservice.com/waterfowl-rates.html
  5. On FB - NY Guide Service Christian Grabowski
  6. I picked up a brown in the harbor last week. Never knew they were in there. Congrats.
  7. 5/12/22 Trolled Henderson Harbor looking for pickerel. Ended up with brown trout on scorpion stinger spoons on a mini disc line. Crazy. I picked up a trailer license plate from the boat launch parking lot. Lemm know if you think it’s yours.
  8. I was out there today. Got lures in the water around 11a, headed south. Did a lap around Sunken Island, and headed north. Pulled rods and headed for the light house. Washed some lures between there and the high rocks in 18-40 fow. Never took a hit. Water was mid- high 40s, and crystal clear. Gonna try in the harbor tomorrow for some pike/pickerel action as I don’t see the conditions brown fishing getting any better for me. Rusty
  9. Such a beautiful animal that feeds on mice and voles. Congrats on the kill. That will make you wallet much heavier.
  10. rusty1034


    Well said Rollmops. These folks that want to blame inflated gasoline prices on a single person haven’t taken the time to discover that the US exports oil. They are also the same people that are not complaining that the stock market is at an all time high. Can that be blamed on the same person ? Double standard ? Anyone have a fishing report ?
  11. That’s awesome Kevin ! Looks like a heavy fella.
  12. X2 Kevin. I haven’t been to my land in close to a month. I’m concerned as to what I’ll find. I don’t see any forecast of frost any time soon.
  13. I had an issue with the Food Saver. It would vacuum, but not enough so that it got to the heat seal stage. I determined it was due to residue on the lower foam pad. I replaced that, and it’s back to working great.
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