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  1. Price Reduction - $125 ! Thanks- Rusty
  2. Price reduced to $99 ! Thanks- Rusty
  3. Hi Glenn, I learned deep-water laker jigging from John Gaulke quite a few years ago. He operates Finger Lakes Angling Zone, and jigs for a majority of his trips. I know folks who have called him with questions. His link is : On John's page is a link to a fellow who makes 1 and 1 1/2 ounce jig heads. I use them and have good luck with them. For lures, I usually start with white plastic, but like any fishing, the fish prefer different bait on different days. I use a level wind reel with superbraid and a 10' floro leader. I use a firm 6' 6" rod. If you have a bow mount trolling motor with the 'anchor' feature, that can be a big help once you find the fish. Also drift bags, or trolling bags to slow the boat can be your friend . A vertical presentation of the bait usually works well. If you have a decent sonar, sometimes its possible to see the fish following your bait. Good luck, Rusty
  4. Howdy all, Up for sale is a white HDPE plastic fillet board that is mounted on two traxtech brackets. There is a 3" (?) drain hole with an RV sewage connector attached to the bottom. There is a 3' piece of flexible drainage hose that attaches to the board at the 3" hole. There is a slot cut in the board to hold a knife, and two stainless steel hooks on the outside. The dimensions of the unit are: 30"W x 17"D. The sides are 4" high. It has been used, as there are some cut marks in the plastic. I believe it is a home-made unit. Currently the unit is in Syracuse. I travel between Syracuse and Watertown weekly, so I can meet somewhere on that stretch of road for delivery. Price is $99 I can be reached at 315-726-1608 Thanks for looking- Rusty
  5. Howdy all, Up for sale is a white plastic cooler with a cushioned top and backrest. Here are the specs from a website where the same item is for sale new. Dimensions: Height:35" Width:36" Depth:18 1/2"Features: Thick foam-in insulation double wall 15.5 gallon livewells Rounded interior corners recessed pockets for swing arm travel High density foam cushions Heavy duty 28 oz marine-grade vinyl UV treated to resist mildew and fading Stainless steel hardware Drain complete with fitting Right now the unit is in Syracuse. I travel between Syracuse and Watertown weekly, so I can deliver/meet you on that stretch of road if you like. I can be contacted at 315- 726-1608 Thanks for looking- Rusty Here are pictures of the one that I have:
  6. That 115 Yamaha must be the perfect motor for Thad Fishmaster. Enough power to get you there, but smooth enough to troll with. Jealous. Thanks - Rusty
  7. Super Ski Planer Boards $75 For sale is a pair of used Super Ski twin planer boards. I bought them used from someone on this site years ago, and have never used them. I think there are supposed to be cute little flags with them, but sadly they are missing. I'm not interested in shipping, but am willing to meet in the Syracuse or Watertown area, or somewhere in between within reason. Payment accepted- US cash Call or text with questions. 315-726-1608 Thanks- Rusty
  8. Owasco

    Stillwater, I haven't been there in a couple of weeks. When I was there, one side of the launch was open. Obviously the water was high, and the parking lot was pretty muddy due to the heavy equipment, but I was able to launch. I was told they hope to have the project completed by Memorial Day. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. I read that it all ended well ! Thanks - Rusty
  10. Sorry, didn't even notice. Thanks - Rusty
  11. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Howdy all, I read this article on Project 2014 and thought there might be others who would find it interesting and informative as well. Is Plan 2014 really the culprit behind Lake Ontario's high water levels? Thanks - Rusty
  13. Howdy all, I stopped in at the FH launch to get a first hand look at the water level. In case you haven't heard, it's high. I just read an article stating that it's about 21" above normal, and is expected to get another 10" higher. Crazy ! Thanks - Rusty