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  1. Got 4 of them out there this year of of sandy. Also cool to catch them. I also lost giant that jumped and threw the hook
  2. Some friends recently asked if my wife and myself would like to come over and hang out the first Saturday in November. I just started to laugh. I told them we don’t make plans between September and January 😂
  3. What a great first hunt for my middle child! We saw 7 bucks and 4 does. She was loving life. After the plot cleared we had two big does still in the plot right before last light. My daughter told me to go for it. She also told me to go for all 7 of those bucks 😂
  4. Jay’s Deer Processing on 259 past Spencerport. I’ve brought him over 20 deer over the years. He does a good job
  5. I may get my middle daughter out this week for her first hunt.
  6. It’s just about the best time of year!!! Who is ready?
  7. Definitely sick, and passed a couple weeks ago unfortunately
  8. I would continue to hit the 80-120 area with 1 1/2oz jighead a and a 4”white paddletail or 1 1/2oz to 2oz jigging spoon or blade bait. It can be done. Get a drift bag to slow your drift.
  9. No way they were just capping it. They cut out whole sections out of the new construction. I was over there last week looking at it
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