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  1. Ahhh bummer. He will be back!
  2. Another three last night 👌🏼
  3. Big male down this morning!
  4. Dream weaver. You can find it on fish USA. It’s a fish USA custom color
  5. Carbon 14 Game Over NBK UV Green Jeans hulk
  6. Another 2 down last night
  7. Another three piece last night
  8. First sets of the season for me last night gave up 3 foxes. Not a bad night solo
  9. 2022 had a lot of great outdoor memories. This was our first full season with a boat, so we had more opportunities to hit the big water. While I don’t fish as much as I used to due to a growing family, it was still a year filled with lots of fish and game. The kids enjoyed catching panfish, largemouths this summer, and some perch through the ice. My oldest daughter also accompanied me on her first deer hunt! I was also able to assist a few anglers in putting them on the first kings and others on their first coyotes. My dad really enjoys bass fishing, so we did a few trips this summer putting well over 100 in the boat. My dad also got to experience jigging lake trout on cayuga which was a lot of fun. You will also see my turkey fan mount and coyote skull mount I finished from the 2021 season. Happy with how they came out! A few more highlight were the musky weekend this fall with the boys, a single fall perch outing that ended with a huge fish fry, a work trip to Rhode Island where my boss took as on a striped bass charter, my annual birthday outing with my buddy Matt on the Niagara(brutal conditions this past year), 3rd place king on big fish Friday of the Sandy Creek shootout, you will see pictures of three nice bucks standing within 25 yards of me after I had already filled my buck tag(this will teach me for next season to hold out lol), and a couple duck hunts. Already looking forward to this 2023 season! Enjoy the pictures!
  10. Are you meaning for next year?
  11. Shout out to my boy Isaac for always making me feel at home on his land during gun season. Was able to harvest my first and second ever muzzleloader deer tonight! It’s been a blessed season. I got three in the freezer early and I’ve been able to bless four other families with the last four that I have taken.
  12. Good luck Rob 🤞🏼. I’ll be looking forward to the picture in the morning.
  13. You can use your regular season buck tag for a buck or a doe in the late bow muzzleloader season. The holiday hunt is just an extension of the late bow muzzleloader season
  14. To get started you really just need 4 rods. I recently just got into trolling in the last year and a half. For downrigger rods I run 8’6” okuma white diamond downrigger rods with the Okuma Ma-30dxt. 25lb trilene big game and a 10’ section of 20lb 100% trilene fluorocarbon. For dipsey rods I run 10’ okuma white diamond dipsey rods with the Okuma Magda Pro Line Counter 30DX Reel. It will hold 1000ft of the 19 strand of torpedo wire. I run the size 5 black chinook divers on the 4 setting. They have much less drag when fighting fish. I run 25lb 100% fluorocarbon from my diver to my paddle. One big thing is swivels. Go quality on the swivels. I really like the dream weaver ball bearing swivels. As for releases, most people use the blacks or the Scotty releases. Both work just fine. meat rigs- I always have luck on the white crushed pearl glow 10” spin doctors with a stud fly meat rig and white head. This has been my top producer when fishing meat. I have tried others, but this one always gets bit. flasher flys- 8” white crushed pearl spin doctor and a mirage fly always gets bit. Just do alot of flasher and fly matching. Keep colors similar. Fly colors I like: green crinkle, stud, mirage, sweet pea, 42nd, green hammer. Spoons the options are endless. Definite wants: Carbon 14 at first light is a must. Still does well on cloudy days during the day as well. nbk Uv mixed veggie stinger gator oranges to run up high on cheaters for steelhead and cohos Rod father sea sick waddler Glow frog martel game over. Honestly there are tons of spoons that work. Whatever you run the most is what you will catch fish on. Any other questions, feel free to reach out. Good luck out there
  15. Number 5 in the freezer this season. It’s definitely been a blessed one. See if I can’t get one nice buck to wrap the season up!
  16. Took my oldest daughter (5yo) out for her first hunt tonight. We didn’t see anything but she said she would like to go again, so that’s a positive lol!
  17. Another freezer filler today! Had some cool patterning on the legs. Opening day of gun is one of my favorite days of the year. The camaraderie, tradition, texts and chats back and forth with friends, and the deer that get taken all just come together for one great day. Another one in the books and I’m already looking forward to the next one. Congrats to everyone who scored today! I saw a lot of great bucks hit the ground today 💪🏼
  18. Everyone be safe this morning and shoot straight! Looking forward to all the pictures and stories throughout the day
  19. Jays Deer Processor on 259 in Spencerport 585-797-8276
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