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  1. I’m hoping so. It’s been a rough month of skunks lol
  2. I’ve had three deer out with cameras on them. The longest being there for three weeks. Not a single yote has stopped by any of them yet. Looks like a break in weather next week. Hopefully that kicks things off
  3. Beautiful brown! Nice work
  4. I looked for 204 there a couple weeks ago. They didn’t have any
  5. Let’s see a picture of that pike! That’s a nice sized one
  6. Guys regularly catch many steelhead in the river all the way till mid June many years
  7. Which caller did you get Brian? Predator hunting is a ton of fun
  8. The way I see it, if you want to get vaccinated and it makes you feel comfortable, do it and that’s cool. If you don’t want to get vaccinated and you are comfortable with it, that’s cool too. Vaccinated and unvaccinated alike spread the virus. Look at professional sports right now. This going back and forth is what is destroying us. Its hard to know what is true nowadays as everyone twists the truth to fit the narrative they want people to hear. In the end, do what you are comfortable with, and do your best to keep others safe
  9. Two less coyotes around as of last night!
  10. That banded mallard was almost 11 years old. Thought that was pretty cool
  11. Looked for that duck for an hour to no avail. Bummer. I know it’s right it those cattails somewhere
  12. Nice solo hunt this morning. I also shot a hen mallard but she got into the cattails and I couldn’t find her. I’m going to go back later and take another look
  13. We had 4 come in this morning and got three of them. All mallards
  14. Well, got out with a buddy yesterday to try some waterfowl hunting for the first time. Had a blast. We each took two out of the first flock that came in and called it a morning. 3 black ducks and a mallard!
  15. First few sets of the season last night yielded a nice red!
  16. Wild game innovations informant. It’s usually 50 bucks, but you can find them on sale for cheaper sometimes.
  17. The wild game innovations are cheap and take great pictures
  18. So I have recently acquired a muzzleloader and have bought everything to get started, but I can’t find primers anywhere. Would anybody be willing to sell me a box or point me in the right direction? Any help is appreciated.
  19. J.C. Higgens model 20 12 gauge pump Martin Panther Bow Mossburg 190 16 gauge bolt action (x4) Mossburg 500 pump 20 gauge (x2) Savage 220 20 gauge bolt action (x4) Matthews No Cam Bow (x3) Ford Explorer
  20. That’s crazy! Congrats Matt, that bear is a tank!
  21. It was a beautiful day in the woods. Got in the stand around 530AM and hunted until dark. It was a great day in the woods and I was able to capitalize on a nice doe around 4PM. Didn’t see a ton of deer, but still a great day to be out!
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