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  1. will drop price to $4750 or $3750 without the kicker andre
  2. that's great. I'm an angler cooperator as well. best, andre
  3. definitely impressive to do all of that from a kayak! i wonder, though, if having a lake trout out of the water that long and then releasing it into upper 70 degree surface temps results in a "successful" release. Are they swimming away vigorously? When i plan not to keep a trout, i don't net it. I just grab the treble hook with needle nose pliers with the fish still in the water and that is usually successful. I don't mean to be a critic, but i've seen plenty of dead lake trout floating belly up on hemlock this summer. again, though, way to go catching a filming out of a yak! dre
  4. great video Pete! were you fishing out of Sandy? thanks for sharing! andre
  5. dremarquis

    stren sonic braid

    Hi all, i have been using stren sonic braid for the last 10 years. I would buy 3000yds of the 20# but can't seem to find it anymore online. Do you know if it is still being made? thanks, andre
  6. 1987 Crestliner Aluminum boat (Viking V180 Deluxe) for sale. All welded construction (no rivets). Good, very solid condition. Only 2 owners. 18’ 7” long, 87” beam. 90 hp Evinrude (1986) with new VRO fuel pump and new stainless steel propeller. 15 hp Yamaha 4-stroke kicker (2004). Both motors run VERY well. EZ loader trailer with new Kuhmo tires. This is a genuine multi-species, multi-style fishing boat. Comes with 2 Penn downriggers, rodholders (I can throw in 6 more that aren’t shown in the photos) - everything you need for trolling. Also has a foot-controlled Minn Kota trolling motor and Humminbird Fishfinder. Boat is set up for trolling, jigging for walleyes or lakers, and casting for bass etc. Comes with a deep cycle battery and a starting battery, anchor, life vests, extra seats, fire extinguisher -- everything you need to fish successfully! Lots of storage space. This is an excellent boat for fishing the fingerlakes or Lake Ontario. Comes with other misc. stuff like bumpers, ropes and boat cover (although I have always had it in a garage). $5000 or $4000 without the Yamaha kicker.
  7. dremarquis

    walleye flesh looks wrong

    mine was a male
  8. dremarquis

    walleye flesh looks wrong

    thanks very much, everyone. over the years i have caught quite a few walleye out of conesus and this is the first one that had flesh that looked that way. andre
  9. dremarquis

    walleye flesh looks wrong

    Hi all, i caught this walleye wed night on conesus. Fish looked really healthy but as you can see, the flesh is not the white/translucent color it should be. The flesh smelled perfectly fine. Do any of you know what this is and if it is safe to eat? thanks, andre