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  1. Hi all, I want to cook more roasts bone-in, so i wanted to get a good hack saw blade. I need 12" blades and it sounds like 10 TPI is best. I read it's important that the blades NOT be painted (because the paint will come off when cutting the bone). I cannot find non-painted (ideally stainless steel) 12" blades with 7-10TPI. Do any of you know where i can get such blades. Other advise is also welcome. I can't spend too much on a fancy butcher saw. thanks, andre
  2. of course those are MAGNIFICANT LLs. But it's just very sad that the lakers and browns are doing so poorly (compared to 5-10 years ago) dre
  3. Granted, those are two extremely nice fish, but what has happened to the lake trout population there? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. i fish hemlock a lot and usually catch some. I've been out 3 times this spring and i've had ONE bite! dre
  5. i first saw that comic about 30 years ago and have never forgotten it. CLASSIC HILARITY!
  6. i know the midlake isn't frozen, but what about the launch at woodville?
  7. i'm hoping to get out Saturday. I'm guessing it's frozen over, but does anyone know for sure? thanks, dre
  8. Does anybody have a good sense of when they Spawn? Is there a good pre-Spawn bite? I have heard that they don’t bite well while spawning… Is that correct? Thanks, Andre Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. the Stingers are flying better now that i used teflon tape to keep them vertical many thanks! dre
  10. i am shooting 4" vanes. I will try using the teflon tape to get the stingers vertical. thanks!
  11. Hi all, I began bowhunting about 10 years ago and practiced with field points and hunted with grim reapers. I killed and retrieved about 15 deer with grim reapers but I also had several hit the shoulder bone and not penetrate. So 2 years ago I decided to switch to Muzzys. I would be completely dialed in with my field points but with the Muzzys i couldn't make a "kill shot" on my targets. People on this forum said i needed my bow tuned. So i took it to Traditions and he said he tuned it perfectly. I couldn't hunt last year due to a back injury and surgery. This year, after lots of research, i decided to switch to Stinger (single piece of metal, 2 cutting edges). I am again dialed in with field points but when i shoot the Stingers, not nearly as accurate. Is it important that the Stingers be completely vertical? because mine are not (due to the inserts, when they are tight they are at some different angle). Can anyone give me advice on this? thanks, andre
  12. Hey Bob, it sounds to me like you know what you're doing! I'm going to follow your advice! thanks! dre
  13. Thanks VERY MUCH for all of your advice! dre
  14. Thanks VERY MUCH for all of your advice! dre
  15. i often catch one or two eyes on Conesus trolling shallow at night. I have trolled many times during the day and never caught an eye. i often see nice marks near the bottom in 25-40fow. I think they might be eyes. I have jigged many bass and lake trout, so i want to give jigging for eyes a try. My understanding is that eye jigging is more subtle than lake trout jigging. What lures do you recommend for jigging? soft plastics? spoons? Any info will be greatly appreciated! thanks, andre
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