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  1. I don't need docks, but is it open or iced over? thank you, andre
  2. Can i advertise a MZ on Craigslist? Ebay? thanks, andre
  3. Hi all, my foodsaver gamesaver served me pretty well for 15 years but is on its way out. i'm looking to upgrade. Please let me know if you are very happy with your model. thanks and Happy New Year to all! andre
  4. Hi all, Given that muzzleloaders are not considered "guns," what are NYS laws regarding an individual (me) selling a muzzleloader. I do not think this forum allows advertising a muzzleloader for sale - correct? Any advice is appreciated. thanks, andre
  5. thank you Kelly, and welcome to the LOU forum! Just joined the LOU forum from Hawaii? andre
  6. same thing can happen with a powerful rifle
  7. Thank you for walking us through this fire, Pete. We're fortunate to have someone with your knowledge of forests inform us! Andre
  8. What brand of game bag do you recommend if you are hunting where you have to skin and quarter a deer (too far to pull and it's public land where you can't use a 4-wheeler). And where can they be bought? thanks! andre
  9. thank you SO MUCH! I had looked at about 15 places and the model i wanted was out of stock everywhere else. andre
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