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  1. When I take the engine off to repower in early January I will have a compression / leak down test performed and get the info off the engine with the computer showing rpms and what time logged along with any alarms for the history of the engine. The last time the belt and water pump was replaced at the 300 hour service interval was March 2018 for which I have the service record from VT Home and Marine my dealer. Here is the average Low and Average Retail for Nada marine looked up today:
  2. Burlington Vermont. Freshwater only. Lake Champlain and Lake Ontario. Send me a pm I can share my email and phone number.
  3. Great question and thanks for asking: Compression hasn't been tested and it can be tested by my shop on request if the buyer wants to pay the labor. The reason I am selling is I am re-powering with the new 200 hp V6 Mercury Four stroke for my 196 Fishmaster Starcraft 2013. Just ordered it a few days ago and will be here in 5 weeks. They don't make this new motor in hp lower than 175 hp yet. I like the reviews and the technology advances on the 175-300 hp motor released 18 months ago. A friend of mine repowered with the new 200 hp Mercury 4 stroke last spring and loves it and trolls with it. He had a 200 hp 2013 Optimax with 6,000 hours on it when he repowered last spring. New 200 hp 4 stroke:
  4. My 2013 150 hp XL (25") is up for sale as I am re-powering in early January. Complete hardcopy computer records of how the engine was ran by rpm and alarms will be available. I am the original owner. I made this Demo video 6 weeks ago showing it starting at the dock / ramping up to full speed on plane / Trolling at 2.5 mph / and displaying all Smart Gauge data toggling thru the pages. It has 1,200 hours of which 80% was under 1,000 rpms. Stored inside for 7 years. Meticulously maintained. Showroom condition. Average NADA Marine retail is $8,500. That is where I am starting. Click on the "You Tube" link to see 2 minute video. 25" Transom needed for this XL shaft. Vt Home and Marine is removing it in early January when the new engine arrives. You Tube video Demo Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlOGCHN770g&t=3s
  5. $75 with free shipping. Amazon they sell for $124 the non-certified scales. The Boga folks charge $40 to have one certified which covers shipping. $164 value! Will take a personal check. I don't have a pay pal account.
  6. These have the upgraded stainless pin kits and yellow releases seen on the Tournament TX-44's. Reply to [email protected] $50 plus shipping from 05452 Vermont
  7. Upgraded stainless pins and yellow clamp releases. Personal check accepted. Reply to [email protected] New: $115 for pair.
  8. These boards were purchased new by me. Used once. I modified them by adding Offshore pinch pad red tabbed clips on the rear so they won't slide down the fishing line and your not fighting the board when they release on the side one of the attributes I love about Offshore inline boards. I have one of the plastic pins. It's missing one plastic pin and two springs and two spring clips. If someone wanted to order them from Church they are $6 per kit for the stainless pin upgrade from plastic pins. I did upgrade the Yellow clamp on the side which the tournament inlines come standard with over the standard release. Shipping is an additional $10 due to the size of these boards. Will take a personal check. $40 plus $10 freight. Less than half price of the upgraded Tournament Deluxe boards. popular baby names 1989
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