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  1. This came a few days ago an after market hat for your Go Pro instead of the head harness thingy from Go Pro I have been using. Wish I had it last week for Ontario!
  2. Arrived home at 4:00 pm after great 3 days fishing. We ended up fishing 17 hours and landing 17 salmon on 23 bites. We set our Dubro releases extra tight resulting in a high land ratio. On of the fish I lost I failed to close the snap on the fly behind the flasher. My bad / Another was 10 feet from the net. Best fly combo was an old school Mtn. Dew Pro Troll and a Blue Hammer Fly. It was a blood bath out there yesterday early. We were thrilled to get on the water each day at 5:30 am with calm seas which this year was rare the last 7 weeks. Looking back over 40 years one of the bench marks is if you can land one salmon per hour over 3-5 days on a trip that is some pretty darn good action! With our trip to the Oak in July and the Salmon river this week we were blessed with calm water and great fishing as we close out 2020 for our 2 trips out there with a salmon an hour average. Next May 2021the LOC derby trip at the Bar in mid-May! Triples on and landing all three the last day:
  3. 90-100 ft. Screen was pretty active down 70 and 80 feet.
  4. Last day today. Only 3 hours from 6 am to 9 am. Fantastic bite!
  5. Day1 of 3 here and nice seas to shoot some GO Pro 8 video from my head harness of the day's action. We were 3 for 4 quitting at Noon. Couldn't get out in the late afternoon with small craft advisory till 2 am from the north. I spent some time editing the am's action. Can't wait for day 2 Wednesday!
  6. Ready to put on and power on when the reel starts screaming! On demand saves battery life and lots of film to download.
  7. After doing hundreds of hours of edit work last winter for my daughter's basketball season at Essex High School using our I-phone 11's to capture video I have discovered that the free edition software I-Movie on my MacBook Air Lap top is super easy to use. For fishing I use a head harness for my new Go Pro 8 and have it ready to hit the power button and record on we hook up and turn the camera on to capture clips of the fish jumping and netting. Filming from the back of the boat with it pointing down 30 degrees from the head mount keeps everything in the viewfinder especially netting. Easy to transfer the video direct by a USB cord to my laptop at home and edit to make a 1-2 minute video summary. Great stuff! I never liked the You Tube video editing software and I didn't want to pay for professional subscriptions for editing software. You Tube has free music to add to your videos since everything now is banned for copyright on You Tube and Facebook if you add a recorded song by an artist. One thing I have learned from the Pro's is keep the video's under 2 minutes and use some kind of background instrumental music that is easy on the ears. Oh and after 2 minutes viewers interest fades quickly especially reeling footage.
  8. 262 hours as of August 1st on my 200 hp about triple the normal hours I put on by this time of year. The 200 Mercury has been phenomenal! We usually stop fishing around Christmas time.
  9. Short video I made last week with my new Go Pro 8 Black camera with shoulder and chest mount for the camera.
  10. How do you post a video that shows the video instead of a URL line link to You Tube? Syntax code with the URL?
  11. Joe, How do you get the video to show on this site in a post instead using a You Tube Link? Or anyone who reads this.
  12. No Autopilot. Gas mileage is average with a V6 I/O. Kicker uses a quart of fuel and hour for trolling. Low hours on main engine.
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