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  1. Testing mode for the near future. I will report back as I am still fishing for another 3 weeks. I trailer a ton every season and this looks like a great option. Purchased at Costco on sale for $100 a few days ago. Thanks!
  2. 4-6 ft waves on Lake O is not fun on any boat. Once it starts building beyond 4 ft it's time to head in. 40 years of that rule!
  3. I think the high cut-out design is a big help to net and release fish as it puts you safely closer to the water and having the cushioned back to keep you from falling in the lake. 90% of bowriders are "Multi-Specie design" meaning an open back and low raised deck. What makes this boat unique is the back is closed off keeping passengers safe at all times and keeping waves out of the back of the boat that sometimes splash into your transom if people are standing in the back reeling and netting a fish in a big following sea. My former 19 ft Sea Nymph (Fly Guy owns) had the same design of a high back. This design has appealed to me since 1984 for trolling Ontario and here. Essentially a big water boat that is trolling specific. Top view:
  4. I purchased the external version (this one) for the boat instead of the engine internal one (smaller version). Selling for $75 New $125. Will work with any engine. Mounts to boat. 10 micron. See thru bowl clear bottom to view water or contaminates. I can pay freight with the asking price to ship.
  5. Now at 350 hours for 2020 with 6 weeks to go on Champlain finishing when the roads get too snowy in December. This years journey began in early March!
  6. Under 2 minute video made this am with some ideas to make things a bit easier with dock lines / boat fenders / Wash down hose:
  7. https://www.impactfenders.com/product/bendable-boat-fenders/
  8. Just tried my new Impact Boat fenders yesterday and they were awesome! I used to have 8" round style and these cover more area and don't bounce off a dock. Very pleased with them and they take up a lot less room in the boat. Easy to put on and take off at the cleats.
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