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  1. I know Ed very well the owner and like I mentioned he has owned this boat since 1985 always garage kept. The last 20 years a few 3 day derbies on Champlain and very little use over the seasons. It's never been to Ontario. All Champlain. The launch is 1 mile from his house. Ed is downsizing and out of the fishing picture these days in retirement.
  2. I am posted this for a friend who isn't computer savvy. One owner of this boat since new. I will try to get more photos from him to post here. Original main motor.
  3. 1985 Starcraft Islander, 4 electric Canon downriggers, 200hp Merc, 9.9 4 stroke Merc Kicker, canvas top, loaded with equipment. Please contact me for more details. Boat always kept in garage! Email Ed at: [email protected] Here are some of the accessories: - King VHF 7000 - Ray Jefferson Temp Control - Chapter Digital Troll Speedometer - 4 Canon Mag10 Downriggers - 2 6ft Booms - 2 4ft Booms - Lowrence 350A w/gps antenna - Mercury Dual Controls
  4. Non-downrigger rod delivery device on demo on water trolling I made at 6 am on Lake Champlain with 31F air temp at sunrise.
  5. Here is the new video just made showing how the Slideducer is installed on the rigger cable with no cutting required. The data cord plugs into the back of the display. The display should be anchored. Here is a great video from Fish Hawk that shows how to set this system up without a downrigger:
  6. Looking for a nice camp to rent with docking on the little salmon river Tuesday-Saturday following Labor Day in 2019? 3 people. Separate bedrooms. [email protected] Thank you, Ron
  7. Looks nice. I have a 2013 Fishmaster 196 and I have no need to step up into the bow as the bow cover is always in place and have no trolling motor up in the front. I also keep my Mr. Buddy dual burner propane heater in the middle area where that step is shown when we fish from November till late December and March thru May in Lake Champlain with the heater for Landlock salmon. Neat ideas and the boxes look very professional! December 7th 2015 sunrise in Willsboro bay NY temp. 32 degrees! 2015 Spring Loc derby Niagara Bar Lake Ontario for spring Kings:
  8. Included: Retro Ease / Dual Rod holders / Expandable booms / Standard base / Battery end plugs / Owners manual. Not included shown in photos: Walker release / 10 lb. Weight in photo / Swivel Trax Tech base / Locks. Original Owner / Serviced at Vt Home and Marine (Cannon Service Center for 13 years). Excellent working condition! Reason for selling: Upgrading to the new Digitroll 10's. No trade offers please. Sold as a Pair only for $795. Shipping possible at expense of buyer. Craigs List Ad with photos: http://vermont.craigslist.org/bpo/5606393157.html
  9. I agree with Tim 100% We fish the Niagara Bar (LOC derby) in the Spring and Lake Champlain the rest of the season for Atlantics and dealing with currents all the time. The Fish Hawk is the gold standard for us. Especially identifying the upper and lower Thermocline in the Summer. I could make the case we have been fishing 32 years and we could still catch fish without a probe. The metaphor is: I could also say I really like my automatic transmission in my car now versus a stick shift back in the day and shifting all day. Just saying. Shift or auto transmission? Autopilot or steering the boat manually (that is another thread)? I prefer improvements and technology for the sport. Where we would be today if we were still using a flasher sonar from 1980?
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