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  1. 15 for 25 on Lake Trout yesterday for my regular crew Mike and Chris. My 16th trip since December 29th after taking the boat out of hibernation. Last few days 43F calm and sunny! Couldn't ask for nicer weather for early February!
  2. Since 2011 I have been using them and they have taken 70% of our larger salmon over other delivery systems. The lite trip arm feature for small fish and the 30 ft leads we use on them is a perfect combo! Stealthy delivery system that outperforms riggers for larger fish and no need to put out a ton of copper or lead core off boards to target bigger fish!
  3. Over 50 bites yesterday landing 18 salmon and 12 LT. With this mild weather with dry roads and lack of snow + calm water it's been an epic January with 8 trips in the last 12 days that began on 12/28/22!
  4. Picture perfect day in December to get out yesterday. Everyone knows the day before the big storm the fish start chewing! Regular guest Mike Morin joined me at the ramp at 9 am. Setup at 9:15 and fished till sunset. Randy and his guest shortly after us joined us. We split up and fished two different areas. When the day was over we had over 40 bites! Hard sticking them there are so many 15-16" salmon showing up at Fishville lately. 50/50 mix of lakers and salmon. We lost a few decent fish but that's why we keep trying! LOL .. Randy did very well with his guest as well! Blue Moon was the best lure with 2 Lite Bites and 2 riggers with free sliders running and the riggers parked at 40 and 45 ft. Lite bites 120 ft of line out to run at 40 ft. 7 hours of fishing and 27 miles on the GPS for the day. Randy's boat and mine were the only boats out yesterday.
  5. Very impressive! Nice opening day fish too! Keep up!
  6. Thanks Hank for closing it. I remember to go into edit but I was lost there yesterday. Reading your help post the next step was full edit. Got it! Thanks, Ron
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