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  1. A great day of landlocked fishing on Champlain with three LL and one Steelhead in the 5 lb class. Some nice jumps on a short video from yesterday's action:
  2. Hit the water and set lines 1 pm off Split Rock. Reggie called us on the radio and had just landed a 25" monster! It was 38F and calm and more like early Fall today with the sun beaming in today running the heater on low today for mid January. My guest was Mike Morin and 4:15 pm our turn came with a Master Angler "Tank" 24" and 6 1/2 lbs. Fished till dark at 5:00 pm and called it and joined Reggie at the ramp to load the boats in the dark. Fish hit a Crazy Ivan "Fat Buzzy" at 50 ft. First salmon of 2021! Released to swim away for someone else to enjoy. Love the 5 gallon Home Depot bucket of water to keep the fish alive before taking photos and video of the release.
  3. Felt like mid November yesterday for 3.5 hours in the afternoon air temp 37F. Surface temp. 40.7 F down to 90 ft. Screen looked great! 1 LT and a knockoff with two rods on riggers running 92 ft with a cheater at 50 ft and another at 60 ft with cheater at 40 ft. No trailers at Converse at 12:30 pm. One utility boat with a tiller motor flat lining around Split rock. 40 second video from yesterday:
  4. Most of these fish from my home port of Lake Champlain plus Lake Ontario / Mullet Lake (Michigan) my in-laws: 1987-2020:
  5. It's been on fire for the Frostbite Fleet with good size Landlocks the last few weeks! Fishing deep for them 50-110 ft. of cable out and water temp. is 45F. Warm for this late in the year! Might be fishing all winter this year!
  6. Vt side and NY side 2 hours each of time for me that afternoon. Launched out of Converse near the Charlotte / Essex Ferry crossing. 3 boats out that afternoon... One launched out of Red Gate Otter Creek / Point Bay Marina / Converse for myself on the Vermont side. Thanks!
  7. Update: Boat is in for a trailer inspection / water pump / accessory belt tomorrow at Vt Home. Going to have them hook up the lap top and grab hours ran at different rpm's for the 396 hours on the engine for this season. I have burned 466 gallons of fuel this year off the Troll Control rpm gauge. 1.18 gallons of gas per hour (gph) for the boat on plane + tubing with the kids and trolling. Trips amounted to 80 trips on the water for the year going back to break-in mid-December last year. In addition 50 hours and 8 trips on three other boats I was a guest. It's been one of the busiest years for me in 40 years on the water in terms of hours and trips combined.
  8. Testing mode for the near future. I will report back as I am still fishing for another 3 weeks. I trailer a ton every season and this looks like a great option. Purchased at Costco on sale for $100 a few days ago. Thanks!
  9. 4-6 ft waves on Lake O is not fun on any boat. Once it starts building beyond 4 ft it's time to head in. 40 years of that rule!
  10. I think the high cut-out design is a big help to net and release fish as it puts you safely closer to the water and having the cushioned back to keep you from falling in the lake. 90% of bowriders are "Multi-Specie design" meaning an open back and low raised deck. What makes this boat unique is the back is closed off keeping passengers safe at all times and keeping waves out of the back of the boat that sometimes splash into your transom if people are standing in the back reeling and netting a fish in a big following sea. My former 19 ft Sea Nymph (Fly Guy owns) had the same design of a high back. This design has appealed to me since 1984 for trolling Ontario and here. Essentially a big water boat that is trolling specific. Top view:
  11. I purchased the external version (this one) for the boat instead of the engine internal one (smaller version). Selling for $75 New $125. Will work with any engine. Mounts to boat. 10 micron. See thru bowl clear bottom to view water or contaminates. I can pay freight with the asking price to ship.
  12. Now at 350 hours for 2020 with 6 weeks to go on Champlain finishing when the roads get too snowy in December. This years journey began in early March!
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