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  1. Some food for thought: I don't want to start a war here ( I myself have a 17' with a medium sized 4 stroke main and 4 stroke kicker) but the reason that more and more boats are sold with OBs is that an OB propulsion system is the cheapest to manufacture- that's always why there is any trend towards any technology in a market driven economy (business's don't do anything because it's better for you). It is also worth considering that Outboards for the most part do not last as long as an I/O, and the rebuild cost of an OB is 2 times the cost of an I/O rebuild. OBs also have a statistically higher rate of head related failures - something I have personally seen in the units owned by 3 close friends w/ larger, high powered OBs.
  2. Not sure why you feel like an outboard is any kind of advantage-they tend to have more issues than a good I/O and they are harder to net around. Anyway here's a boat that's really worth considering
  3. Spring striper help

    Live Herring works best up at Troy where you can catch Herring on Sabiki rigs as you are fishing for Stripers in the river itself. If you are not going to anchor you need excellent boat control and a good grasp of etiquette Down in the bigger/wider reaches of the river you pretty much have to go up into one of the creeks a ways to catch Herring. They are fragile. To keep em alive you need a 55 gal drum cut in half and pump water through it aggressively.
  4. Spring striper help

    Call Obie White
  5. Spring striper help

    Unfortunately Ray is not really missing (lol), he's just in stealth mode...
  6. Spring striper help

    Don't underestimate the time it can take to learn this fishery. If you want to shorten the learning curve hire a guide in the specific part of the river where you think you will fish in the future.
  7. Spring striper help

  8. Spring striper help

    Usually better on incoming, outgoing is often good too. Slack is usually not good. We troll out of Kingston and/or run live or chunk on sliders. You can catch 20+ schoolies trolling with large females in the mix depending on the day. Striper techniques and slider baits change a fair amount from the mouth to Troy.
  9. Fantastic, what a memory you two share.
  10. The thing is made of schedule 40 cpvc ,a piece of vinyl board, and some Berkely rod holders. The bottom is fitted into pipe flange mounts bolted to the side framing. The key to this design though is that it's fastened to a HD stainless canvas frame at the top and middle of the uprights and it doesn't stick up above the canvas. I can travel @50mph w/ that canvas up as long as the back and front are open. I'm close enough to the fishing that I don't need to go any faster than that. Canvas stays up all the time- front and sides come off and it's a bimini - but mostly I use this boat for late fall, winter (finger lakes) and early spring.
  11. Spring striper help

    Get a tide chart
  12. Jigging for lakers/trout?

    Works just like the fingers for lakers- have to find the fish 1st. Don't bother making a drop w/o fish on the screen.Fish need to be on the bottom in water shallower than 80'. Lot of stuff on here about the rigs used. Best to have a bow mount if choppy. Read the posts on here about the technique and specific baits, save yourself some time.