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  1. Current has been a issue at the Oak for weeks now so downspeed is gonna be a problem for you without a fishhawk/depthraider/moor. Browns have been a bit more solid to work on than Kings of late. That being the case you are looking for a place where the T-cline meets the bottom , preferably with some structure. I had 48.6 only down 50' on Saturday and it stayed that way in pretty far.
  2. I'd go straight out to 75, set lines and head east, run a spread from bottom to 40 down. If screen is poor, troll straight out, changing the depths of your presentations every 15 feet increase in FOW. If screen is not poor but no action then zig zag from 100-75. If no action troll straight out. Run a mixture of meat and spoons
  3. First trip in the new to me vessel. First I need to extend my thanks to Hank for the great job rigging this boat (as well as Emily I, and Emily II ), she is a true pleasure to fish out of. Based on word from others we started out in 70 FOW and deployed a varied spread against a fairly favorable screen. Ran east crossing from 75 to 100 FOW while working most of the water column yielded one young teenage king that went into the box and a few that didn't make it that far. Overall, the situation , although looking like it was going to get good, didn't really pan out, so we pointed out. Somewhere past 200FOW we started a frustrating run of Meat/diver fish that were tough to keep on. The screen out there was pretty empty looking but we put a few high teens kings in the box and opened some bubbly to 'christen' the boat. Screen just got positively dead looking around 330 so we retraced our passage with a slow pick that started inauspiciously with limp laker on the 400 copper/carbon 14 chute rod. battled and lost a couple more high teens kings on deep meat rigger and a meat/diver combo and finished up with a stellar rod handling performance on Greg's (aka 'reel Doc') part with a hefty, aggressive King again on a diver/meat rod. We had surface speeds from 1.5 to 3.2 that took fish, noticeably quiet were 8 and 10 color spoon rods off the boards. It was an absolutely gorgeous day on the water made better by good company and a trolling boat masterfully fitted out.
  4. I sent you a pm yesterday. I'll take 4. Thanks
  5. Yes, I saw that one. Not much of a deal compared with new though really but thanks!
  6. Looking for a used Lowrance 3g broadband setup, especially if it includes a HDS gen 3 display unit. If you see or hear about one, please let me know. Thanks
  7. Found a decent screen in a relatively narrow band of water from 60-80 fow west of the Oak. Fish came on geezer, carbon 14,and two face spoons anywhere from 40' to 75' down off riggers, core, and copper and wire divers hauling meat rigs. There was a pronounced band of trash filled water at 80' that cleared up somewhat west as we headed west of the Oak. Surface speeds from 2.4 to 3.0.
  8. I'd think hard about getting into the Lowrance HDS gen 3 series just because of all the things you can branch out into with that level of technology
  9. What is your budget for screen + transducer?
  10. Excellent post, full of honest, specific stuff. Great job out there. I've had the same screens and frustrations- you are not alone and you guys had a good go!
  11. If you do not need to mount riggers and equip them with swivels and you already have places for board lines I can't see why you would need to spend $ and time putting trax on the vessel. It's a no brainer when there is nothing on the boat and it needs mounting capacity but from what you describe I can't see why you would do it unless you wanted to completely change the setup. 2 Bigjon or other type adjustable fixed in place rod holders / side would get you dipsy rods horizontal for salmon wire applications (for walleye we just put our 2 diver rods/side in the rod trees since they don't have that much tension on them). I'm in the process of switching boats (I have trax on 2 other vessels) and the only reason I'm putting a 12" section of trax on either side of my new to me is because I want to be able to take the rod trees on and off.
  12. I'm hoping to get a bit more tug out of wally with the short copper off big boards. Snap weights and inlines don't lead to much 'fish' feel
  13. Just a nagging consideration: Waldo doesn’t pull much so you will need to stay very attentive to ‘pullbacks ‘ i.e. strikes.
  14. Thanks for the feedback mr 580. Yeah, for me no sense taking all that time to deploy and reel in the 10 colors we've been using off the boards. I have a couple Okuma 55s that were wire reels that I'm switching to Highspeeds so there's the reels and I don't care what the line counter says, once the copper is out and the power pro is in the release I know where that line is running. I had the same experience you may had with short coppers vs leadcore in my winter time finger lakes fishing: just did not have the same results as 4,5,6 colors off the boards. Let's stay in touch, sounds like we fish near each other on erie, I'd like to hear how this works for you. -Andy
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