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  1. chowder

    Starting over

    No matter how personable your Insurance company is - they are not your friend. they are in business to make the most profit possible. Unfortunately this has been a real eye opening experience. Check your coverage often and very carefully because they are not there to help you when you need it most
  2. chowder

    Starting over

    Had some nice Hammerhead rigs and some Grease taps both of which were productive but alas they are all history
  3. chowder

    "GPS module not responding"

    I ordered a LGC-4000. Pretty good chance I will upgrade my electronics next year but putting in the Fishhawk and the TrollMaster is it for me for now though I did make sure I left a wire snake in the hull passage so threading a new unit wont be too big a deal. I also put in a large transducer block on the transom when I mounted the Fishhawk transducer so I've got options there too.
  4. chowder

    Starting over

    Yes. Niagara river/bar w/ 3 way. Fingerlakes jig w/ plastics. And whenever I get them trolling but I only smoke the FLX lakers
  5. chowder

    Starting over

  6. chowder

    Replace rigger reels

    Get Tuna's drag washers for them too- be a huge improvement!
  7. chowder

    "GPS module not responding"

    I have an older Lowrance global map GPS unit and I have been having an increasing number of instances in which I have no gps and get the "module not responding" prompt. Eventually it does come on but sometimes not for an hour or so. The puck is mounted on the bow of my islander. Any advice?
  8. chowder

    Starting over

    Yep, life is like a box of chocolates ...
  9. chowder

    Starting over

    Lost my house, garage, truck and the Sportcraft 232 GLS that Hank and I spent the last few months rigging up to a fire last week. All my tackle and rods accumulated over the last 14 years were in the Sportcraft except my light/shallow Browns stuff and 4,6, and 8 color reels all of which was in my little boat. I am super extremely fortunate that I still have my old friend 'Emily' a StarCraft Islander that I was trying to sell. The thing that makes this kind of interesting is that I'm trying to replace as little of my crap as I can so that I don't use up my 'House contents insurance money' on stuff I just don't need. So here's what I've gotten: A FishHawk unit, 2 riggers w/ double rod holders, 2 weights + releases & 2 stacker releases. I got an Okuma 55 High speed(HS) w/ 300' copper and put it on a cheap Okuma pro rod, an Okuma 55 HS w/ 400' copper also on a cheap Okuma pro, and 2 Okuma HS reels w/ wire for divers on 7' Talora rigger rods w/ twilli tips. I respooled my browns rigger reels w/ 30# Ande and stuck them on 4 new cheap 6'6"' MH uglistiks from Walmart. For tackle I got 6 spin doctors in basic greens / whites, etc.. For flies I got like 5 of Tommy's and 5 of BW's + a couple meat rig combos. For spoons I got 6 Yecks and 6 DWs. I'm ready to fish!! Let's see how it goes- I'm wondering if just concentrating on these handful of baits just might make it easier to concentrate on the fish and be more enjoyable too. I'll keep you posted.
  10. The connection that I have from the transducer is black in color and will only fit into the "Structure" port on the back of the unit. Am I missing an adapter or do I have the wrong model Airmar transducer?
  11. chowder

    No screen: HDS-9 / Airmar B-60

    I am familiar with the prompts that both of you are speaking about. I know I set internal sonar on. Not sure if if the unit is set to global or not. Have to do some checking. Thnx for input gents.
  12. THANKS!!!! I looked for it there and emailed them but didn't have any luck. I got one, don't need grief if there was a problem and I 'altered' anything...
  13. I have an HDS-9 linked to an Airmar B-60 thru hull. The careen shows numbers but no bottom or other indications that the components are working together. I did make sure that I selected the Airmar B-60 during the setup. I welcome anyone who has familiarity with this combo to chime in on this. Thanks.
  14. I can't find a detailed wiring diagram for the digital Trollmaster II wiring harness. I need to make the wire going to the throttle servo longer. Is this just a single positive lead that I can splice onto?