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  1. chowder

    Geezer Spoon

    If you run em when the fish are hot they will be!! (lol)
  2. chowder

    Spring striper fishing

    Spring Striper fishing techniques are pretty location specific. In general baits begin to diverge as you go down river. The Kingston area is where you see the most trolling. It's a great way to cover water and use gear you may already have. Schoolies (small to medium fish) can produce a lot of action and we have certainly caught big fish trolling as well. So there is a lot of ways to skin a cat on the Hudson. Just remember it's really all about having fun
  3. chowder

    Cayuga 1/14

    I packed in mine. Maybe I wasn’t supposed to. I saw few tracks but didn’t really scout much. This time of year my hunting is very focused on coyotes.
  4. chowder

    Cayuga 1/14

    Treman must be one of the Deer management pieces this year. We hunted one last year maybe it was “Buttermilk “ I took a doe in there after 7 hours of seeing nothing . What have your experiences with these hunts been
  5. chowder

    Cayuga 1/14

    Some days you eat the bear and some days the bear eats you. Yeah, Reel Doc and chowder got eaten by the bear yesterday. Launch was frozen in, main didn’t wanna start fish ,mood was ultra negative electronics quit. But through it all we laughed , drank beer and most importantly survived the coldest open water day we ever tried to fish
  6. chowder

    Reports on T-falls bubbler?

    When we got there the launch area was frozen up. It did not seem like the bubbler was working. We broke the ice backing in and had to ram our way in. Busted my trailer lights off. When we came in the bubbler was definitely working.
  7. Planning to hit Cayuga again Sunday 1/13/19. If anybody goes out of T-falls on Saturday please post here if there are issues with the bubbler. I will have sand. Thanks
  8. Deep rigger was 50' w/ a spoon, deep diver was 60' w/ a spoon- only Lakers on either one. I couldn't run boards, way too rough.
  9. No- not a soul there
  10. If Hank doesn't know then nobody knows
  11. I actually love my I/O Islander it’s just to big to haul around on ice covered roads. I’ve spent years getting my little 1st boat to the place it is now it is joy to be out in Oct to May
  12. We met up in the pitch dark at T-falls to a howling North wind. Since we are both older, married men with children the following conversation ensued: ‘man it’s honking ‘ ‘yeah let’s make sure we’ve got clearance under the bridge’ . So after taking down the mast we got out of the channel and into a rough breaking swell and headed north. Our wheel man did an exceptional job of warning me of incoming boomers as I swore my way through getting the riggers set after which I collapsed into the 2nd seat safe out of the gale in the little wheel house with a welcome cup of coffee.Eventually got divers out and a flat chute line. Had really wanted to run boards but it was out of the question. Everything took fish. Salmon only hit the flat line with the Renofsky/ Z man stick. Best laker rig was a dipsy pulling a chicken wing DW. Riggers at 40 and 50 with Diehard and Gator took a couple. Seneca special with a Ryan Kopke fly took only 1 laker but it was the biggest. Fished 60 to 300 fow at speeds from 2 to 4+ mph (boat control was pretty minimal). Great day on the water, looking forward to next weekend!
  13. chowder

    Dipsy rod spacing

    Put my outside rod in the low rod holder of my Muddy Creek tree. It's still pretty parallel to the water but up higher (longer rod too)
  14. chowder


    Nice! Looks like it’s going to be no go tomorrow but we’ll see
  15. chowder


    Should be getting out once a week or so, we'll keep you in the loop!