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  1. West side of Owasco, take Ensenore road down to the lake. There is a little point there where people will be fishing for lakers. Roughly 100 fow. I usually set tips with large shiners and then jig with white superfluke on a 1oz gammaball jig head #4 sharp hook or if not happening then dead stik a minnow. Conditions have to get cold to freeze all that water.
  2. chowder

    Brown trout rod and reels

    Eagle claw 8' ml w/ accudepth+ w/ 6lb test have worked well for me and can still manage a spring king if you slow down the boat and are patient and careful.
  3. chowder

    High speed reels for leadcore

    The Okuma high speeds are good too
  4. chowder

    Kayak fishing on Cayuga

    I got a Hobie Pro Angler 14 this fall and I've fished the Fingers/Ontario and the Niagara in the winter out of my 'winterized' 17' Alumacraft so I'm following this thread from a couple angles. Although I've been kayaking for over 40 years I have no intention of splashing my new Hobie this winter (except down in Mosquito Lagoon, Fla.) but I have been thinking about a dry suit for awhile. Does anybody have any experience with how these suits hold up if you use them for ice fishing as well boat use?
  5. chowder

    Fingerlakes tackle

    I have 2 different Goby pattern spoons. They have a textured paint job but they look like Stingers
  6. chowder

    Fingerlakes tackle

    Who makes it?
  7. chowder

    Skan launch closure date?

    I was pretty sure that the date has varied but I have not been out the last 2 falls at Skan. Thanks very much for the feedback gents!
  8. chowder

    Go to copper or braid

    Mono has too much stretch and resistance which limits dive depth. For Salmon go with wire. For eyes go with braid
  9. chowder

    Go to copper or braid

    For what application?
  10. Does anybody know when they close the gates to the Skan launch?
  11. chowder

    Guides on cayuga

    Trolling: No doubt.Scott knows the lake like nobody else: https://bluemoon.lakeontariounited.com/
  12. chowder

    $2,000 limit graph

    I'll let you guys know how it turns out but according to some folks who should know the Airmar TM-260 installed correctly on high end sonar units will enable me to id fish/bait at search speed. That's what I'm shooting for with my HDS 12/ TM 260 combo, guess I'm not really interested in any thing less than that
  13. chowder

    Wanted Islander

    I've got sandbags in the nose of mine favoring the side w/o the kicker. Works wonders in the same way and helps get out of the hole too.
  14. chowder

    $2,000 limit graph

    HDS 9 + Airmar -260 BL (probably be a bit less than 2k if you don't get the carbon) 'spend for the glass close to what you spent on the rifle'