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  1. Should have been with me this spring on my charters then. No need to be so sure you are right no matter what even if you have an investment in a certain presentation. I don't have a personal investment in any kind of presentation so when a specific presentation isn't working within my customer's time frame I start changing things around to catch fish. If by changing to a spoon presentation I get a Laker when I wasn't getting them with 2 different colored cowbell rigs at different speeds, I'm not going to say to myself; ' You know , I should find out if I was trolling the wrong way with those cowbells or try more colors because they are supposed to work no matter what'. Nope, I'm gonna do what I do with all the different gear and lure presentations I use, which is to run a mix of the stuff that typically works in the water I'm seeing the fish the I want in at that time of year and take it from there.
  2. Lakers don’t always want ‘bells’ , let the fish decide- run bells , mag spoons and flasherfly combos, spread out over riggers, divers and junk lines
  3. Yep, not complicated unless you’re boat is a fashion statement 😜PS; a little weight on yer releases is usually all that is required for more aggressive slide outs, very easy on Clippers- there is a bolt hole
  4. So , in typical fashion, the person who indicated that they would go in on this with me has ‘disappeared’ . If you are serious about 9 trays or more, PM me asap. Thanks
  5. The Coho and King fishing has been epic this Spring. Unfortunately, the Coho, hands down 'the best eating' fish in the lake, disappear as quickly as they appear.
  6. I have sent the same PM to the first 4 people who sent me a PM. I should know about availability tomorrow Monday 5/2. Thanks
  7. I like to fillet, brine and prepare my own meat strips. Looking for someone to split a case of whole herring. PM me - do not respond as a post. Thanks!
  8. I do have a rudder on my bowmount. I definitely noticed a difference in the capability of the motor to maintain boat position in the strong currents on the Niagara River . I'm not sure how much difference it has made when using the bowmount as the autopilot. What I have noticed is how important it is to begin immediately using the kicker in conjunction with the bowmount as soon as I start trolling, especially with 4 customers onboard going into a chop. I got into the habit of using the bowmount itself to troll in an effort to get fishing asap and then I would get busy resetting lines etc and run on just the bowmount for longer than I was aware and with 4 customers + me the batteries would get depleted and my electric planer reels which are wired to the bowmount batteries will run pretty slow getting the boards in at the end of a trip.
  9. I strongly advise you to consider all aspects of the bowmount purchase: 1.) A bowmount system is composed of 4 parts a) the bowmount b) the batteries c) the controller (foot, bluetooth remote etc) and d.) the onboard charging system. 2.) Think hard thru all you will want this system to accomplish because there are several factors to consider; a) Are you going to be using the bowmount only for rod in hand fishing (drifting rivers, jigging, bass techniques, etc) or are you going to be using it for the aforementioned purposes as well as for trolling? b) If you are using it for trolling, will you be using it alone to provide propulsion or in conjunction with a main or kicker motor doing the 'pushing' and the bowmount doing autopilot duty? 3.) How big (lbs thrust required) and tall (shaft length required) is your vessel and are you going to stay in that boat for quite awhile. 4.) the answers to all these questions are pretty important if you want an integrated system that will meet all your needs. -Tight Lines! P.S. FYI I use a 22' aluminum outboard boat w/ 220 hp main, 9.9 kicker to do charters on the Niagara river, Finger lakes, Long Island Sound and Lake Ontario and Lake Erie .This vessel is equipped with a 115 lb thrust Min Kota Terrova AP Spotlok, Saltwater 36 volt unit, 3 batteries and a 4 bank charger (the 4th bank charges 1 of this boats starting batteries) I use both a bluetooth controller and a corded foot pedal,. I have learned the hard way to think as much as I can about overall considerations and what I might do next that I'm not doing now before making a bowmount investment.
  10. They were in Olcott 3 weeks ago. USGS. Who We Are | U.S. Geological Survey (usgs.gov)
  11. What are you targeting , in what FOW?
  12. Run 65# braid- minimizes issues, you're not jigging so don't sweat the sensitivity.
  13. I run SDs on braid as my outside divers on Ontario, with Dipsys on wire as inside divers ( in July and August I often run the Mag dipsys inside). On Erie I have started running both inside and outside Slide divers on braid. I usually run the mag kit equipped divers on the inside. Based on advice from Mr. 580 I will be letting the divers slide on 40 lb mono this year. Unfortunately due to the difference between Kings and Wallye I use completely different rods and reels for SDs on Erie and Ontario but it’s 2 different boats too so …
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