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  1. Nice video. I'm jealous of the size of your crew !
  2. I'm not sure there is really that much difference but others may disagree.
  3. Dude, we PM'd back & forth, I told you I was going out Monday & never heard back. Sorry if there was a misunderstanding. I'm going out again Tomorrow -.Thurs. State launch(west side) @ 6:30ish. Let me know. Catch ya later!
  4. Cannon Repair guy

    How much are boards/ where do you get them? I'm pretty good with electrical stuff, with some guidance from you I'm sure I could manage.
  5. Cannon Repair guy

    Mag 5 HS Rigger is 4 years old, I bought it new. Stopped working at all under warranty- took it to Screwy's got it back, worked fine for 3 trips and stopped working completely again. Took it to the guy near Lockport, he fixed it(not under warranty) then it worked for 2 trips and stopped working completely again. Board was replaced each time. Something more must be going on with this thing- was going to have the board removed this time. Any thoughts?
  6. Cannon Repair guy

    Cannon Repair guy Lost the number for the guy near Lockport who does downrigger repair. Used him (Tony?) in the past-very good. Contact info much appreciated!
  7. Oak 8/22 Got to my waypoints from yesterday and the place looked a ghost town. After wandering around a bit I found a band of water between 325-370 that held fish so I did a an east/west troll in this band. At first it seemed like a spoon bite (two faced mag) but then it went back to FF deal from yesterday (morning wood and 2 face w/ stud fly and an ITO lemon-lime mag fly. Like yesterday had to sort thru the juveys, but there are some real quality fish out there too Just ran 3 riggers. Got pretty dam rough working my way in. She's building up for real now.
  8. Nice Steelie! I hit some good fish today 8/21 in 300-500. The inside screen didn't look very good to me so I went out.
  9. Matures & big steelhead. Released a lot of 2 yr olds right behind the boat.
  10. Oak 8/21 Just crushed em today. Fished 350-500. Went 18 for 19 Solo, mostly FF. Morning Wood/ lemon lime ITO mag fly on the 95' rigger was literally non stop, every time I got it back out. Ridiculous fishing.
  11. Nice rig. Great looking canopy- could fish with that all winter!
  12. Got some great grilling material there and you're arms aren't killing you from an epic battle with a major on the copper that all you can do with is smoke or bake- you're all set for a good night, enjoy!!