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  1. Bought a Merc 9.9 Prokicker from them in 2018. No issues
  2. I need to change tension from Ontario to Erie to Cayuga to Oneida
  3. I've had 2 Black's releases develop striped threads for the small tension adjustment screw (one actually fell right out) in the past year. Anybody else had this and have the reason figured out? Thanks
  4. You should start out where you mark bottom focused lakers. If you head towards Dean's You are gonna mark them starting in 30-40 fow very 1st thing . You will find yourself working out more to 60 fow + as sun get's higher. Personally, I don't make a drop if i don't see what i want on the sonar 1st.
  5. If you really want to target Smallmouth I'd suggest going out of SBH on Erie. Should be able to get onto em in 30-40FOW with tubes pulled across bottom or crawfish suspended straight down just off the bottom,
  6. You gotta be kidding me- this guy should be banned from the LOU
  7. This is awesome , thanks to all!
  8. Aurora is north of Long Point launch. When you come out of the launch bear to starboard and get across the point before setting up lines. it comes up shallow there at the point.
  9. Sweet fish but I would have to agree. Kinda just quit spring brown fishing there 10 years ago and went to Ontario.
  10. Just remember to put a bead in front of the swivel that goes to your leader so when the diver slides down it has something to bump into that's not a knot!
  11. Some days you eat the bear and somedays the bear eats you. I might actually be able to get fishin next Weekend
  12. We fish chunk and live herring too but it's typically far less predictable.
  13. Not actually all that difficult to troll for them around Kingston. Pretty essential to have downspeed so you can match speed going down and upstream and deal with different tidal flows. Big Rapalas in Hot Steel and similar color patterns down roughly halfway in the water column. Go out on outgoing tide When you see a pile of boats and they are going back n forth- you found the fish. Slack tide not much is happening
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