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  1. It's a fish- it's brain is tiny. Don't try and talk to it-let it talk to you, and then do what it likes whether it makes sense or not. Remember: Q.What the hell does a meat rig with teasers look like? Ans. Doesn't matter.
  2. I really don't think you are going to have an issue with a manual planer reel clutch , especially with shockers. Like I said I have run the Aurora's (which are bigger than Frank's boards) on some old Canon manual reels with no significant problems at all- but suit yourself.
  3. I usually run wire mag dipsys inside and braid slide divers outside. if I'm gonna run 2 wire divers/side then I run mags inside and reg size divers on 2.5 for outsides
  4. Cisco makes the heaviest duty planer reels I've seen but to be honest with you I haven't had any real problems with my Amish or Aurora boards on any of my planer reels. I've run these boards on Cisco, Canon, and Big jon manuals and electrics, biggest thing as I mentioned elsewhere is that you need to turn into the board you are retrieving when using the electrics or the breakers are going to trip on you. Also - I do run shockers on the boards when it's rough.
  5. If you want more action then shorten the fly leader- that makes it snappier. A long leader gives the fly a lazy feel. IMHO both have their days
  6. Ignorance is bliss: I just sort of assumed that for Slide diver lite bites it was 3:1 @ 3.0 with super braid and spoons so that's what I base my attempts to catch fish on but is it just me or don't we all really let the fish tell us what the 'right' place is to run the baits. In my experience the exact right place isn't always where you're marking fish or bait.
  7. I couldn't figure that out either but all you have to do is mouth the words " 2nd amendment" and somebody, somewhere is going to go postal.
  8. Talking about 'losing the right to protect family' is really kinda disingenuous isn't it. I mean seriously, let's not turn this into some kind of last of the Mohegans scenario. Frankly, I don't trust Joe blow's ability to maintain sight picture,fire control, and their family's safety at the same time anyway.
  9. I have absolutely no problem with cutting off his access to firearms for a premediated felony He should of thought about those consequences before he committed the crime.
  10. Ah, yes- the trip when the batteries went dead and it took forever to get the kicker going
  11. I fish Erie too and most of the Walleye charter guys I know use some kind of poly big boards- you don't see too many Otters. IMHO they aren't really built for day in/ day out service. The foam material allows the hardware to wallow out the holes and then the keels start to shuck around, etc. I have one that was a spare if anybody needs it.
  12. Saiff is a rank opportunist. I hope he gets slammed.
  13. I have 2 sets- great boards. Started out with Otters years back- , they never seemed to pull very good and they are awkward shape and somebody stepped on one and broke it. Then I went to Auroralites, they were good boards but burned up along with the Sportcraft. Got a set of Frank's boards for the big Crestliner and another set for the winter boat. very fairly priced and pull great! Note- with the Auroras and Franks, you need to turn towards the board when running the electric planer motors on retrieval (they pull hard). I run boards most of the time
  14. The Chowder n reel Doc team dropped the boat in at T-Falls at 7:30 am and trolled North. Very consistent action on wire divers pulling white spinny +green fly and silver w/ green dots spinny+ silver/green fly. With the exception of 1 laker and 1 salmon on the 40' rigger we got a 2 man box on the wires (reg divers on 2 with 145' and 112'). Worked back n forth across 65 to 250 fow @ 2.4 surface. Ran an 8 color and a 5 color off the boards with different stick baits to no avail. Ran into Zeke and Cyn when we were pulling the boat out, always good to see you folks! Water is pretty skinny at the launch.
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