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  1. I'll post pics when I get back to Olcott. Not new looking but rock solid reels. Buyer can meet me or pay shipping. Thanks.
  2. Way back I used to put a dipsy bottom on slidedivers and fastened with a small screw, then they dived exactly like a dipsy but were cumbersome to adjust
  3. Strap diver to rod seat with Amish Velcro strap. Wrap leader around reel and use hair zingy through swivel to tension leader end by wrapping around drag or line counter etc. simple and keeps tension on wire which is critical- Never undo anything that will have to be redone to fish UNLESS necessary
  4. Picked the big Crestliner up at L&M (Hank's) on Friday after a long winter for that boat and started organizing things in the afternoon but wife came home and wanted to sit in the sun and have a beer so... Anway, boat ran like a top, but I had forgot to put my spoon pads in the boat so all we had were the ones that were still on the rods. All's well when your'e with friends. I also forgot to toss any fish rags in the boat.
  5. Well done! I'll fish for them all day with a couple ultralight rods. Still over 8 lbs of walleye fillets in the freezer though...
  6. Reel Doc and Traveling man joined me for some fun fishing/ shakedown mission with the big Crestliner today. Fished a lil East in 90 -100 fow with riggers at 50, 60 n 70 down. Slide divers down 35-45 . 8 and 10 colors w/ spoons off big boards and a 300’ copper w/ jointed rapala down the chute. Mostly spoons on other stuff + a ‘joelagreca’meat rig/flasher combo on 1 rigger.Surface speed: 2.5-3.1. All presentations took fish. Mostly kings today with a few pushing into the 20#s . Nice day on the water with old friends
  7. Worked East of Port in 70-90 FOW. Ran riggers 60-30 down , 10 color & 7 color off big boards, Slide divers down 30-45’. Spoons were on all lines. Varied surface speed from 1.7-3.0. All presentations took fish. The 3 guys boxed out with a nice mix of Kings and Lakers.
  8. I drifted the river some Thursday, especially before and then out past the coast guard station. Marked some fish but not much bait. Continued my search to the green can and then on out to the red can marking a few fish but no bait. Caught 1 laker drifting emeralds.
  9. You betcha. Not out today (Saturday) but have a trip tomorrow and will post a quick summary.
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