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  1. chowder

    Go to copper or braid

    Mono has too much stretch and resistance which limits dive depth. For Salmon go with wire. For eyes go with braid
  2. chowder

    Go to copper or braid

    For what application?
  3. Does anybody know when they close the gates to the Skan launch?
  4. chowder

    Guides on cayuga

    Trolling: No doubt.Scott knows the lake like nobody else: https://bluemoon.lakeontariounited.com/
  5. chowder

    $2,000 limit graph

    I'll let you guys know how it turns out but according to some folks who should know the Airmar TM-260 installed correctly on high end sonar units will enable me to id fish/bait at search speed. That's what I'm shooting for with my HDS 12/ TM 260 combo, guess I'm not really interested in any thing less than that
  6. chowder

    Wanted Islander

    I've got sandbags in the nose of mine favoring the side w/o the kicker. Works wonders in the same way and helps get out of the hole too.
  7. chowder

    $2,000 limit graph

    HDS 9 + Airmar -260 BL (probably be a bit less than 2k if you don't get the carbon) 'spend for the glass close to what you spent on the rifle'
  8. chowder

    Wanted Islander

    That's not really a very informative statement. These boats are light weight aluminum boats: easy to tow ,easy on gas, and relatively inexpensive when they are a bit older. They don't crush a big rolling sea like a heavy glass boat but as long as you are prudent they are very comfortable under normal conditions. I have had one for over 10 years and fish a lot.
  9. Yeah, she is a fine boat named after my bride of 30 years
  10. chowder

    Cayuga Cayuga 9/16

    yeah, I have tried it, and it does work if you stay attentive… just such a pita
  11. chowder

    Cayuga Cayuga 9/16

    The Atlantic juveniles have long been an issue for me on both Seneca and Cayuga. I can't stand dragging them around and both dwindling their potential contribution to the population while negating the potential of my presentation.