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  1. Decent condition super high speed daiwas wanted. PM me please, thanks!
  2. I have spoken with some other captains concerning these riggers so now I'm throwing this open to a wider audience. I am attempting to make sure I'm not writing these things off before getting another pair of new mag 5s. I'd like to hear what anyone who has these thinks about the bottom tracking with the cannon transducer combo specifically with respect to blowback and accurate distance from the weight to the bottom. Please don't comment because you think they are expensive or because you have any other spiritual/anecdotal feelings about them. I charter and so anything that can potentially allow me to focus on my customers instead of keeping track of some detail is potentially worth considering in terms of rate on return of investment. In particular I am looking at how these riggers could positively affect Laker fishing from the Bar to Olcott in April through May and browns fishing after the fish have moved out of the skinny water. I look forward to any and all informed responses.
  3. chowder

    Chautauqua 6/28

    Nice looking fish!
  4. At the risk of implying that I know what I'm talking about (which I certainly don't think i do) what I'm talking about is what I call 'the best odds approach to hunting'- be it fish or game. It's not that I don't ever run 2 divers/side because I do if the fish tell me that that 'investment' is one I need to make. In the same way, it's not that I don't ever run 2 junk lines per big board because I will if the fish tell me that that approach is worth the inherint risk. In general it seems to me like the best spread is something you have: a.) confidence in b.) you can control and be flexible with c.) is going to minimize issues getting fish in the boat and c.) lends itself to being changed to maximize any and all information the fish unintentionally give you about their preferences.
  5. Every day is a new day. Unless you are Kreskin I would suggest am startup the following way: 3 riggers- meat and flasher on 1 rigger, FF combo on 1 am ,spoon + bright spoon cheater on other. Wire diver with FF combo or flasher/meat on one side, braid slide diver with am spoon on other side. 300 or 400 copper on one board am spoon, 8 color on other board bright spoon. weave across depth contours varying speed. If nothing is happening as day brightens change spoons to a mix of bright and muted and maybe drop a spoon rigger. If day is overcast get a gold spoon and maybe a gold ff combo out and or purple spoon and or purple ff combo. If lockjaw is present IMHO less is more. obviously if a certain presentation or direction or speed results in a hit respond accordingly. DONT LEAVE FISH TO FIND FISH. One hot rod can make the day....
  6. Don't have one around to check this. Somebody must know. Thanks!!
  7. There is a couple in use here in Olcott. I especially like the fact that an iTroll can be installed to control speed on main and kicker. Bucking a head wind I often troll with the main. Also the iTroll steps back up upon being switched from idle to speed and this can be 'stepped' variably. Waiting for mine presently
  8. Welcome!! Theres a lot of OH registrations here at the lake Ontario marina in Olcott NY. I charter on both Erie and Ontario and have made the pilgrimage down to port Clinton in March a couple times as well. Check in with us here if you want to head up to sample some real salmon fishing and we'll try to help.
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