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  1. Looking for a Fish Hawk Transducer for X4, X4D or 840 Systems. Any one selling one ?
  2. Try checking here, might match it up
  3. Duel Planner board design
  4. Wind and waves on the great lakes
  5. Wind and waves on the great lakes
  6. Great action video ! Thanks.
  7. Retaining pin on big Jon rigger

    I have Proos down-riggers and have change/replaced the spring this way.
  8. Retaining pin on big Jon rigger

    If I remember right I don't think you have to remove the spool to replace that spring for the counter. feel around the spring and feel where the bump is where the spring screws into itself, and twist it , the spring should come apart so you can put it around the spool and screw it together again.
  9. Aluminum boat

    Where you located ?
  10. Remedy for Biting Flys

    Has a faint citronella scent to it, I just use a very small spray of it to my socks and it works great !
  11. Remedy for Biting Flys

    I tried the fabric softener sheets, They didn't seem to have an effect on them, But the boat smelled fresh !
  12. Remedy for Biting Flys

    The mint oil helps keep the spiders away, I put a few drops on a rag and leave it on the dash.
  13. Remedy for Biting Flys

    I swear by Ultra Shield !...I read some old posts on the Biting Fly problems, They were killing us out there so I went to Country Max and bought a bottle. It's for Horses and it works GREAT ! I only use a small spritz of the stuff on my legs and socks (very small ) and I did a few small sprays around the Boat, Been out 4 times since...NO flys !