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  1. This is East of Braddock's bay about 1 1/2 miles LAKE4-27-21.mp4
  2. Has anyone noticed the Increase in your Insurance premium per year at BoatUS ? Mine increased $131.00. Last year I paid $473 for the year, This year it's $604 for the same coverage. I called them and was told it was because of the unusually high claims made in NY and NJ for the last year.
  3. Purchased Many Items from them, They get 5 Stars ! and 2
  4. I would like (4) if still available. 585-330-3657
  5. Stainless Steel Spool - Comes pre-spooled with 200' of 150 lb of stainless steel cable. Built to handle monofilament or "super lines" without snapping or breaking. From Cannons website.
  6. Cable Length (Feet) = 200'
  7. https://www.fish307.com/cannon-downrigger-low-profile-swivel-base-upgrade-kit-3881958/
  8. and careful on the ramp, It's slick !
  9. Now that I think back, Last year I bought 2 new cannon downriggers and these clips were in the bag of parts. Being me, I dont read instructions well , and wondered what they were also. So when I saw this post I looked them up,I had thrown them in my tackle box and forgot about them. To me I didnt think having a plastic clip between the ball and cable was too good of an Idea but I guess that's their intended purpose and they must be strong enough to take a beating.
  10. https://www.fish307.com/cannon-downrigger-part-2200148-snap-and-insulator/
  11. That's called a weight insulator The trolling weight insulator is used to break the cable contact to the water while the weight is still in the water. The reel conductive path al- lows the circuit path to be made through the structure of the downrigger
  12. Last week while letting down my prob and ball on my older cannon Mag 10 down-rigger I heard a loud crunch sound, looked up and if it wasn't for my "cat like" reflexes grabbing for that rigger I would have lost everything ! I pulled it back in the boat and checked it out. All 4 sides of the mount snapped off. The composite plastic shattered. I was shaky the whole rest of my trip out, worried about my other rigger. Well I looked at that base too and discovered cracks in that one also. When I got home I started looking on the internet for bases. I am as conservative as the next guy and Stainless bases caught my eye but the price quickly deterred me ! Well I found the newer rebuild kits Cannon Downrigger - LOW PROFILE SWIVEL BASE UPGRADE KIT - 3881958 at Fish307.com. I installed them and they work great. There is an aluminum plate in them for added strength and durability. No more worries ! They were $25 with some shipping and well worth it. So, check your mounts ! It could be a costly over site.
  13. Looking out the window, still rough at 2:30 PM.
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