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  1. Magnum Metalz. Been using them for 4 years now and love them. Very small footprint.
  2. The Silver Hordes are size 3 and 4 and the Ace Hi plugs are 5”. $40 shipped Priority mail. PayPal or Venmo
  3. 22 Evil Eye spoons. They’re 3” and only about 6 have been in the water. The rest are new. $80 shipped Priority mail. PayPal or Venmo.
  4. https://www.news10.com/news/bill-could-end-harmful-chemicals-from-entering-ny-waters/ Here's the link from the local news.
  5. This is legit because I saw it on the local news tonight. I didn't pay attention to it though. I did here a company spokesman saying something about the stuff naturally occurring in the water already. After that I can't say.
  6. The ramp is open. Boats launched there this week. Have no clue if it gets plowed when it snows and no clue about the pay machine. I guess if it takes your money then pay and if it doesn't then just launch.
  7. Total Chaos

    Board releases

    Rubber bands. I use a simple shower curtain hook and half hitch a light rubber band onto my line then clip it in the hook and send it down the board line. If the fish can't break the band you'll at least see it stretching the band and can pop it off with a quick snap of the rod. Total Chaos
  8. I’ve shot at least 30 deer with rage heads never had one fail! I’ve only lost 2 deer with them. Both were broadside. One I hit in the neck, god knows how, and he survived. I started getting pics within 3 days of me shooting him and the other, you guessed it, shoulder. Every head has opened and none ever opened prior to contact. You guys can use whatever you want but stop bashing something that works fine. I bet the majority of the times it operator error that causes the fail. Just like everything in life. And the crickets is because Gill-T had nothing to say about the quartering shots that obviously resulted in dead deer that he was sure I couldn’t show him. I can say rage heads have made me look a lot better than I am because I’ve made some borderline shots that resulted in quick, easy to find kills that with a cut on contact head would not have been easy if ever recovered. I shot thunderhead 125 and Ricky mountain razors back in the day and lost deer with both. They’re only as good as the person behind the bow.
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