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  1. Motor cavitating on pontoon boat I have a friend who bought a palm beach 22ft pontoon boat with the 22" pontoons instead of the 19" standard pontoons. He also upgraded from a 90hp Suzuki to a 115 Yamaha. When we go out in it and even turn slightly the motor cavitates bad. The motor is trimmed down all the way. Even going straight if he trims it up any it will cavitate. I'm saying the shaft is too short. It's mounted down as far as it can go. The dealer says it's not the shaft but it's propped wrong. It has a 17 pitch. They're telling him to go to a 13 pitch. I'm not buying that. What do you guys think? Total Chaos
  2. Dipsy Divers 8 Dipsy Divers and 1 Walker Diver. Only 1 has a ring. They are size 1. $55 shipped to your door.
  3. I've got 2 of them, pay the shipping and you can have them.
  4. I have 15 assorted flashers for sale. 3, 8" Sin Dr's, 2, 8" Pro Troll Hot Chips, 6, Oki Lil Shooters of which all are UV and 4 other fish type flashers. All are in great condition except for the 2 Pro Trolls that have tape peeling. $65 shipped to your door by Priority Mail. Paypal preferred. Thanks Total Chaos
  5. 3 for 3 Sunday morning. Fished from 6:30 until noon. 50-80 fow from Selkirk to just north of the river. 2 came on a 175 copper with flasher/fly the other on a 125 dipsy on a 3 1/2 setting with flasher/fly. Didn't mark much but they were there. Total Chaos
  6. I've been running 20's for years and never had a problem. I fish the east end of the lake where the fish are sometimes as deep as 180ft and I've never been spooled. Not even close. I personally like the high speed retrieve which is why I went with them to begin with and then the small size makes them even more desirable. I even run them with a 2 and a 5 color core on it. Total Chaos
  7. Yes there are guys that don't use them. I however do and I run clear Dreamweaver snubbers on all my Dipsys. Total Chaos
  8. This is just my experiences for boats from salt water. I've bought 2 in recent years and both showed no issues. I bought a 23ft Trophy that was like new. It even smelled new. No issues and ran great. No corrosion, no electrical issues, no nothing. The owner after me loved it as well. That boat came from CT. I bought a Baha that came from NJ and it was slipped all the time. Again no issues from the salt water. I did change out the zincs when I got it home and had to pressure wash some barnacles off it but other than that, again no issues. It clearly will depend how it was maintained and you just have to be smart about what you're buying. Both of the boats I bought were OB's, I'd be more skeptical of I/O's and inboards from salt. Best bet is to get a surveyor. May cost $500 or so but will be well worth it. I chose not to use one for the last 2 boats and I was lucky. Total Chaos
  9. I use that rod for a few things. First it makes a great rod for copper. I also use it as a downrigger rod. If you like a longer rod for downrigging this is the one. I also use it for leadcore. Lastly, and I don't know many guys using the technique now but it makes a good thumper rod. The soft tip shows every little movement of the dodger. Total Chaos
  10. I trailered mine for years with a big heavy 4 stroke. I used a ratchet strap around the motor and went up to a downrigger base or a cleat. I would ratchet it up tight so the bracket didn't bounce or have any movement. Never once had a problem. Total Chaos
  11. It looks eerily similar to a website that I got scammed on a few years back. I googled it and the reviews look sketchy. The site that scammed me had set up there own reviews with videos like this one. They were done from a different website so it looked legit. Only after a few months did the real dirt start showing up. It looks to me like the site was just set up in January. Give it some more time and see if anything pops up on google. Literally 1 week after I bought from the site that I got scammed at, bad press started showing up on google. If I had only waited. Total Chaos
  12. 2008 Baha Cruisers 252gle with twin 140hp Suzuki OB's Total Chaos
  13. 20 miles west of Delmar in the Helderbergs.