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  1. Sold / Closed

    The deal didn't fall through and they are on their way to a happy customer. Thanks
  2. 11 ProTrol's 8" 11 ProTrol's, 8" , $60 shipped to your door. Prefer paypal. Total Chaos
  3. 95 ATOMMIK Flys 95 ATOMMIK Flys. Lots of great colors in here. Greens, blues and everything in between. All new, never been fished before. $125 shipped. Total Chaos
  4. Michigan Stinger spoons 9 Michigan Stinger spoons. $25 shipped to your door. Total Chaos
  5. NK spoons 11 size 28 and 13 mags. $75 shipped to your door. Total Chaos
  6. I run with 1 bag all the time. Either side doesn't matter. Never had an issue going in circles. Total Chaos
  7. Use bags. I have a 25ft Baha Cruisers and I have 2 bags. 1 is a 22" and the other is a 30". Sometimes I need both and sometimes 1 or the other will work alone, depends on wind and waves. I had 2, 22" bags but found sometimes it wasn't enough hence the bigger bag. With bags I can keep my rpms anywhere from 900-1100 giving me plenty of control. The other good thing about bags is the safety factor. Should you lose power in rough water you can deploy the bag off the bow to keep it into the waves. Plates are rough on seals too. Total Chaos
  8. Motor cavitating on pontoon boat I have a friend who bought a palm beach 22ft pontoon boat with the 22" pontoons instead of the 19" standard pontoons. He also upgraded from a 90hp Suzuki to a 115 Yamaha. When we go out in it and even turn slightly the motor cavitates bad. The motor is trimmed down all the way. Even going straight if he trims it up any it will cavitate. I'm saying the shaft is too short. It's mounted down as far as it can go. The dealer says it's not the shaft but it's propped wrong. It has a 17 pitch. They're telling him to go to a 13 pitch. I'm not buying that. What do you guys think? Total Chaos
  9. Dipsy Divers 8 Dipsy Divers and 1 Walker Diver. Only 1 has a ring. They are size 1. $55 shipped to your door.
  10. I've got 2 of them, pay the shipping and you can have them.
  11. I have 15 assorted flashers for sale. 3, 8" Sin Dr's, 2, 8" Pro Troll Hot Chips, 6, Oki Lil Shooters of which all are UV and 4 other fish type flashers. All are in great condition except for the 2 Pro Trolls that have tape peeling. $65 shipped to your door by Priority Mail. Paypal preferred. Thanks Total Chaos
  12. 3 for 3 Sunday morning. Fished from 6:30 until noon. 50-80 fow from Selkirk to just north of the river. 2 came on a 175 copper with flasher/fly the other on a 125 dipsy on a 3 1/2 setting with flasher/fly. Didn't mark much but they were there. Total Chaos
  13. I've been running 20's for years and never had a problem. I fish the east end of the lake where the fish are sometimes as deep as 180ft and I've never been spooled. Not even close. I personally like the high speed retrieve which is why I went with them to begin with and then the small size makes them even more desirable. I even run them with a 2 and a 5 color core on it. Total Chaos
  14. Yes there are guys that don't use them. I however do and I run clear Dreamweaver snubbers on all my Dipsys. Total Chaos