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  1. I have a set of Amish Outfitter, redwood planer boards for sale. The green board is the only one I've used. The other has never been in the water. They come with the shock cords as well. They're are collapsible too. $80 pick up in Mexico. I have a slip on the Little Salmon River. Paypal or cash when you pick them up. Total Chaos
  2. I caught one like that about 20 years ago. It took a silver bullet J-plug and the plug was hanging out of the hole in the lower jaw. Looked identical to that one, Total Chaos
  3. Total Chaos

    3 or 4 Downriggers

    I run 2 and do well. When they're on a rigger bite 3 would be nice but I have twin OB's so it's not an option. I'll stack rods if I have to. Total Chaos
  4. I just looked there. $99 is pricey. I can get brand new off ebay for $75 and I thought that was high.
  5. Total Chaos

    Spoon manufacturer??

    R&R used those blanks as did HiTech. The latter usually taped them though so I'd say R&R. Total Chaos
  6. Anyone have a Lowrance or Eagle transducer part # 106-77. Need one for a LMS-527c graph. Total Chaos
  7. Total Chaos

    ISO Amish outfitter boards

    sent you a pm and no response
  8. Total Chaos

    Downrigger stacking, help

    Get a longline clip and put an offshore release on it or just buy the Scotty releases with the longline clips on them. Easiest way to stack rods. I stack rods every trip out and they have been flawless. Total Chaos
  9. Total Chaos

    Wtb ugly sticks 1101 9ft

    Where were you in October? Had 3 of them for sale on here and couldn't give them away. Decided to keep them now.
  10. Total Chaos

    Best spoon box????

    After 25 years of wasting money on every brand box and lure pad this is what I settled on. I hang it on the wall in my cabin of my boat. I used Velcro to hold the drawers closed. A small circle of Velcro holds them fine. I label the drawers so I know what's in there. Been using it for 2 years now and I'm quite happy with it. I also use one for all my ATOMMIK flys. Total Chaos
  11. Total Chaos

    Lure Identification???

    Looks like a Yozuri Mag Minnow. Total Chaos
  12. Total Chaos

    Tuff Decisions

    2, 20lb wire divers, 3 rigger rods and a 500 copper. Total Chaos