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  1. Wtb ugly sticks 1101 9ft

    Where were you in October? Had 3 of them for sale on here and couldn't give them away. Decided to keep them now.
  2. Best spoon box????

    After 25 years of wasting money on every brand box and lure pad this is what I settled on. I hang it on the wall in my cabin of my boat. I used Velcro to hold the drawers closed. A small circle of Velcro holds them fine. I label the drawers so I know what's in there. Been using it for 2 years now and I'm quite happy with it. I also use one for all my ATOMMIK flys. Total Chaos
  3. Lure Identification???

    Looks like a Yozuri Mag Minnow. Total Chaos
  4. Tuff Decisions

    2, 20lb wire divers, 3 rigger rods and a 500 copper. Total Chaos
  5. what are the ugly stick rods heavy, or medium?

  6. Updated 10/24/17, the 8'3" ugly stiks are sold. Downrigger rods for sale. Not sure how I wanted to list these as I know you probably won't want all of them. So as a package deal $125 shipped to your door. There's 3, 9ft Ugly Stik BWD rods, 1, 7ft Ugly Stik, 1, Shimano Triton downrigger rod and 1, 8' Daiwa Great Lakes System downrigger rod. They're used with scratches and line cuts in the grip but they have many more years of life in them. I'll sell the Ugly Stiks separate if that's what you want. PM me with what you want and I'll try to work with you. Pay Pal preferred. Total Chaos
  7. Sold / Closed 11 ProTrol's 8"

    The deal didn't fall through and they are on their way to a happy customer. Thanks
  8. 11 ProTrol's 8" 11 ProTrol's, 8" , $60 shipped to your door. Prefer paypal. Total Chaos
  9. 95 ATOMMIK Flys 95 ATOMMIK Flys. Lots of great colors in here. Greens, blues and everything in between. All new, never been fished before. $125 shipped. Total Chaos
  10. Michigan Stinger spoons 9 Michigan Stinger spoons. $25 shipped to your door. Total Chaos
  11. NK spoons 11 size 28 and 13 mags. $75 shipped to your door. Total Chaos
  12. New boat.

    I run with 1 bag all the time. Either side doesn't matter. Never had an issue going in circles. Total Chaos
  13. New boat.

    Use bags. I have a 25ft Baha Cruisers and I have 2 bags. 1 is a 22" and the other is a 30". Sometimes I need both and sometimes 1 or the other will work alone, depends on wind and waves. I had 2, 22" bags but found sometimes it wasn't enough hence the bigger bag. With bags I can keep my rpms anywhere from 900-1100 giving me plenty of control. The other good thing about bags is the safety factor. Should you lose power in rough water you can deploy the bag off the bow to keep it into the waves. Plates are rough on seals too. Total Chaos