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  1. i use the most smelly dryer sheets seams work for mine has a mouse eat tru a livewell hose not good thing to happen
  2. update for the boat just bought this 15 hp efi on ebay pro kicker for my sylvan excursi on 21
  3. i hear goodyear endurance are pretty good
  4. trust me i can find one decent im buyng it dealers having trouble getting new ones
  5. thanks for the reply i have seen alot bass boats also have 20 inc shafts
  6. have a boat that has a 20 inch transom motors are hard to find with a 20 inch shaft need advice what to do get a jack plate or maybe a conversion kit found a 150 hp yamaha 4 stroke
  7. ya was thinking try find a long shat least 15 hp kicker thanks for the info
  8. putting 15 hp yamaha kicker better fixed or ajustable ?
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