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  1. What is the preferred mapping chart card for a Humminbird GPS? Where is the best place to purchase one?
  2. Used a few times $20 located in Penfield NY PM if interested
  3. This time of year parking isn't usually an issue at Mayers.
  4. Looking for recommendations for a stand alone mapping GPS. I have a Humminbird Helix7 fishfinder( no GPS). I have an old Garmin That takes a g-chart that is on its way out and need to replace it.
  5. How often should plugs be changed? Boat is used mainly for fishing so it’s at trolling speed 90% if the time. It’s a 1987 350 Chevy mercruiser with a little over 5000 hours. It still runs fine but the plugs have not been touched in a few years. Is it a “ if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” thing?
  6. Has anyone had any experience with this unit?. I would be using it mainly for the GPS as I'm using a Helix 7 (no gps) now. I realize it has the external antenna but I already have GPS antenna mount now. Mainly concerned about how the mapping works and ease of use. Also if the map cards are readily available.
  7. Head unit, probe, power cord, antenna to receiver cable. I have the antenna but the spring end broken off. I have the spring piece but not sure if it can be soldered or crimped together. You might need to replace it($40 from Kell Labs). You Would also need coated cable. $220 plus shipping or pick up in Penfield N.Y Please PM me
  8. My interference is a nightmare with my main engine. (No kicker) Is there a specific size or kind of ferrite that should be used?
  9. I have the same interference on my Helix 7. What do you do to fix that problem. I’ve been trying to figure it out for a while now.
  10. Has anyone tried these with any success? Wondering if anyone sees a benefit of having a flashing light on an e-chip.
  11. For us Moonshine "Carbon 14" Magnum size.
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