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  1. Wondering if you went east or west from port. Going out of I-Bay in the morning if the wind cooperates. Haven't been out in 3 weeks so starting blind. Thanks
  2. sold / closed

    Do these have the spring and tubing included? Would you be willing to split them up?
  3. Seems like it happens almost every year to someone.
  4. I-Bay fishing Will be taking the grandkids for a fishing outing. Looking for any advice for catching something in the bay. The kids are pretty young so something easier like worms or live bait is probably best. I'm not much of a pan fish fisherman so any help would be appreciated.
  5. Where are you located and what is the price?
  6. Went pretty much straight out.
  7. No big ones. 1 small and 2 were low teens.
  8. I-Bay 7/2 3 for 5 today. All kings. Flasher/fly took 2 hits on a wire dipsey. (275 and 300 out). Spindoctor/fly took 2 hits, down 100 and 110. The 5th was a Carbon 14 down 100. Best water depth was between 300 and 340 feet.
  9. When you say "as accurate as the weather forecast" do you mean the counters are off?
  10. Nice fish! How far out did you fish? We stayed in 100 to 120. Had some action but smaller fish. We couldn't get a hit on divers or leadcore.
  11. I-Bay 6/25 AM 6 for 6 today. 5 kings 1 laker, all smaller fish. Fished between 100 and 120 feet. Black was the color today. Black and green NK, Carbon 24 and AK 47 all Mag size, took fish. All came 90 to 105 feet down. Temp was 59 degrees at 90 feet.
  12. Leader length We're not having much luck with spin doctor or flasher fly combos this year so far. Wondering what length leader most people are using. I'm usually between 18 and 24. Also how far off the ball are you running them?
  13. Check this
  14. VHF Antenna I have a Standard Horizon intrepid LE VHF radio model GX 2365s and I am in the market for a new antenna. I was wondering how to know what the proper antenna would be. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Rick
  15. I Went with Gallagher Charter lakes. They beat Progressives price for me, but must admit I've never had to make a claim.