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  1. Maine registration would cost about $20 dollars a year up to 12 years with no yearly inspection. The no inspection is the part that I would like. That's the big PITA. That being said I did find an article that does say it is illegal. https://www.adirondackdailyenterprise.com/opinion/columns/safety-on-the-roads-by-dave-werner/2014/03/registration-of-trailers-in-another-state-illegal/
  2. Is there anyone from New York that registers their boat trailer in Maine? I was told it is perfectly legal if it is under 7000 lb but not sure.
  3. Ive been using this style board for years now and been very happy with them. They track good and I can pull 10 color core no problem. I have never tried any copper. I believe the $109 on Amazon is for 1 board not a pair so the price seems pretty good to me.
  4. I have also done #3 for many years without a problem. I just make sure I use a quality anti-freeze rated for at least -50 degrees burst. Make sure after you remove the plugs you clean the hole out with a wire or something else. My holes are always restricted or completely plugged with dirt and debris.
  5. Headed out about 6:00 AM. Started in about 49 feet just East if the river. Temp was 63 degrees from top to bottom. Didn’t see anything worth staying for so started trolling north. Had 2 fish on in about 140 but dropped both of them. Went out to almost 200 feet and found a little colder water but didn’t mark much bait or fish. Finally managed an Atlantic in 160 feet on 10 color leadcore. 2 other knock offs and that was it. One of the slowest days of the year. Hindsight says we should have kept going north. Is anyone else finding fish in the area?
  6. Did a few large mouth last week at the north end of the bay on a kayak. Flipping under docks with rubber worms. Not hot and heavy but did manage a few.
  7. Mine are captains pack from early 90’s. I’m looking into the Cisco replacement motors.
  8. I replaced my 30 year old antenna with a new Shakespear which means I also soldered on a new connector. I also added a ground wire to the chassis of the radio. It seems to be working better so I have my fingers crossed one of those was the problem.
  9. Do you know how old the riggers are? I'm may be in the market for a couple but need to be able to lift at least 12lb balls. My older Big Jons are popping the curcuit breaker now.
  10. I've been using Walker boards for a few years now. They run good on my boat. I have never run copper on them but they run 10 colors with no problem at all.
  11. Fished today out of I-Bay. Had a decent day but had to go deep. 500 feet straight out was best. A few kings and steelhead. Riggers, Leadcore and dipseys all took hits. Nothing to big. Riggers set between 70 and 85. Dark lures and silver and blue were best for us.
  12. So it’s the same idea as a Michigan stinger “UV”?
  13. What does the “RV” mean? Can’t even find it on their website.
  14. https://www.nws.noaa.gov/om/marine/zone/gtlakes/loopen.htm
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