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  1. Nice fish! How far out did you fish? We stayed in 100 to 120. Had some action but smaller fish. We couldn't get a hit on divers or leadcore.
  2. I-Bay 6/25 AM 6 for 6 today. 5 kings 1 laker, all smaller fish. Fished between 100 and 120 feet. Black was the color today. Black and green NK, Carbon 24 and AK 47 all Mag size, took fish. All came 90 to 105 feet down. Temp was 59 degrees at 90 feet.
  3. Leader length We're not having much luck with spin doctor or flasher fly combos this year so far. Wondering what length leader most people are using. I'm usually between 18 and 24. Also how far off the ball are you running them?
  4. Check this
  5. VHF Antenna I have a Standard Horizon intrepid LE VHF radio model GX 2365s and I am in the market for a new antenna. I was wondering how to know what the proper antenna would be. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Rick
  6. I Went with Gallagher Charter lakes. They beat Progressives price for me, but must admit I've never had to make a claim.
  7. Fluorocarbon leaders Looking for advice on brand and lb test for fluorocarbon leaders to use for spring browns. Thanks Rick
  8. Is it possible to use the Torpedeo cable with the Depth Raider antenna or do I need a specific antenna? Thanks, Rick
  9. The Vinyl Doctor in Webster used to do it. I think he's still in business. I believe he's mobile too. Phone# 323-1260
  10. Has anyone had any experience with Rust Oleum bottom paint? Thought I would try to save a few bucks if possible and if the product was ok.
  11. I replaced the bearings. Wheel cylinder and star adjuster that were both rusted and not working. It seems to be working while its up on the Jack. True test will be when I get it on the road. Thanks for the suggestions. Rick
  12. Thanks guys, I did pull the hub and it looks like the bearings have quite a bit of play in them. Shoes look fine and all springs are in place. A couple of years ago I did have an issue with a master cylinder so I may have over heated the hub and/or spindle. Is there an easy check for this? I would like to check that out before I replace the bearings.
  13. I have a 2001 Load Rite, double axle trailer with surge brakes (Drum)on one axle. One wheel keeps locking up going forward. I opened the bleeder screw thinking it might be a bad master cylinder but that doesn't free it. If i rotate it backwards by hand it works fine but when i switch to forward again it will go a couple of turns and lock up again. Bad actuator? I haven't had much experience with surge breaks so I thought I would look for a little info before I take off the drum so I might have an idea what to look for. Thanks, Rick
  14. Thanks, I'll give them a try.
  15. Anyone know where I can get teak local in the Rochester area. I'm looking for something about 1"X5"x32"