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  1. Bad Habit

    Canvas Repair

    Thanks for the help. Hank hooked me up and I’m dropping off the canvas this weekend.
  2. Bad Habit

    Torpedo Speed and Temp Cable

    Has anyone been using the Torpedo Downrigger cable with the stainless exterior and copper core for the Depth Raider? Sounds like a great idea to not have to worry about the coating being damaged. Interested in how it works overall. thanks, Rick
  3. Bad Habit

    Canvas Repair

    About 7 years ago I had John Mann, Sodus Bay canvas, make a new top, windows and drop curtain for my boat. Now I would like to get the windows replaced but haven't been able to get a hold of John. I called and left a message but never heard back. Does anyone know if he is still in business? He did a great job and would like him to do the replacement windows if possible.
  4. Bad Habit

    Another Autopilot question

    I can troll down to about 1.8 mph on the main. Just curious what an auto pilot would cost and how it works with power steering and what the price tag might be. Just a toy I’ve always thought would be handy.
  5. Bad Habit

    Another Autopilot question

    I know very little about Autopilots and was wondering what might be the best unit for a 25ft boat with a 350, 260 hp Mercruiser with power steering. Not sure this is the direction I want to go but wanted to look at my options. How difficult is installation?
  6. We fished Sat morning in front of the Genny. Went 3 for 6 fishing from 30 to 45 feet. Biggest was about #20
  7. Bad Habit

    2 Big John Down Riggers

    Have any pictures?
  8. If interested, make him an offer.
  9. There are 2 lots of 4 Roemer releases.They are $40 dollars for each lot plus shipping. I am posting this for a friend so please contact him for any questions or if you would like to buy. The Phone# is (585)-749-8517 and is located in Webster N.Y.
  10. Fat Trout, Do you have any problems with the boat rocking at the dock setting of the motion sensor light? It sounds like a great idea.
  11. Bad Habit

    Flea reports ?

    Almost no fleas out of I-Bay Saturday.
  12. Looks like a great setup. Looked on line for the Scotty contact sleeve and no one has it in stock. Have to call locally (Rochester) area to see if I can get it.
  13. Fleas were so bad this weekend they loaded up in my antenna wire and broke it off while I was raising the ball. Just wondering if anyone had a one they weren't using and wanted to part with.
  14. Decent day for us this morning. Boated 16 fish and lost a handful more. Fished between 70 and 85 feet between Shipbuilders and Hedges. Mostly Browns with a couple of small kings. Everything we ran took hits. Leadcore, divers and downriggers. Fleas weren't to bad early but late morning they were terrible.