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  1. Nice to get out with the family. This hot, humid, and calm weather will probably bring the biting flies out in masses!!!
  2. I Came across this in an old Garmin monochrome GPS I had in the basement. I realize it's almost 30 years old but if someone can use it it's yours. I Just thought I would throw it out there before I tossed it. I'm located in Penfield NY. Just drop me a PM.
  3. A VHF is never a bad idea. I have one that came with a new to-me boat that I would be willing to donate to you. Just pay for the shipping. If you are interested drop me a message and we can figure it out.
  4. if the sanitarium doesn't take it I will.
  5. The weigh stations are not paid to do this. It's a lot of hassle for not getting paid. That's why I doubt Mayers would want to do it. There's no benefit for them. It needs to be a tackle shop, so it brings in possible patrons. Unfortunately, most of the tackle shops in the Monroe County area have closed.
  6. I have to Agree about the hours. Some counties have 11 hours of open weigh stations and Monroe County is the only place that only has 6 Hours. Fishing after work hours during the week is pretty much out of the question. I don't mind the hours starting later but closing at 4:00 pm compared to 8:00 pm is a huge disadvantage.
  7. I'm looking forward to another LOC season. I wish Monroe County had a weigh station that was open later than 4:00. There is only one weigh station in the county, and it closes earlier than any other station. If you hook into a decent fish after 3:00-3:30, chances are good that you won't make the weigh station before closing. The next closest weigh station from I-Bay is a 20-mile ride/drive to Hughs Marina in Williamson. I sure miss the days when there were multiple weigh stations close by.
  8. Sorry to hear Fishy Business is closing. Going to miss it on our camping trips to Keuka State Park.
  9. Used 6-gallon gas tank. Was used with a Johnson outboard. The gas hose was fine but hasn't been used in about 5 years so I can't be sure now. $35 Located in Penfield N.Y. Local pickup only Message if interested.
  10. If torpedo weights are also an option, contact Troutman87 on this sight. He makes his own at a very reasonable price. I've used a few of his and have been very happy.
  11. Thanks all for the replies. I never believed in the fin either. It was on the boat when I bought it 2 years ago, so I figured someone knew more than I did. When I re-prop I'll probably take it off. I found the spare prop that came with the boat, and it is a 21 pitch so I'm thinking that's probably what is on it now.
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