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  1. I e-mailed them and received my check a week later
  2. For a while now I have noticed that a lot of Atlantic’s have been miss identified as a Brown in pictures. What is a sure way of telling the difference between them? Tail, mouth, spots?
  3. 2nd John Mann. He did mine about 6 years ago. Still looks great and very reasonably priced.
  4. Has anyone heard from the LOC yet? I E-mailed them about a refund for the spring derby on a season pass about 10 days ago and haven't received a reply yet.
  5. I have a few optimizers from years ago. We run them a few times a year and they still produce. I probably don’t run them enough. Those colors look great.
  6. Apparently if you registered for the spring derby you need to e-mail them to let them know if you would like a refund or apply it to a future derby. Not sure if you have a season pass if you need to contact them. I haven't done anything yet so I don't know how it will work.
  7. Not sure what the angle is. I'll have to take a look and try to angle it back a bit.
  8. From the looks of these arches I am wondering if my transducer is angled forward a little to much. I would have thought they should be more of an inverted V shape.
  9. Location? I’m interested in the 12llb weight if still available
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