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  1. LOC has covered observers in the past at no charge at tournaments. Be sure to check before assuming. The fish will have to be weighed in separately at an official LOC station.
  2. Rule clarification regarding time to be in weigh in line. Under rule 2 it says 3:00. Under rule 8 it says 3:30. Or am I reading it wrong?
  3. Headed out a little later than most and saw a bunch if boats in tight by shipbuilders doing the brownie program. We decided to start at 90 and head north. Saw some bait and marks I the 100 ft range but no takers. Continued north through a dead zone until we hit 175 fow. Doubled up on divers lost one, the other had a teen king. Ended up heading west while landing the fish and getting set back up. About five minutes after setting back up we were in 190 fow and the 40ft rigger fires with a NK28 spook. Then the dipsy fires again. Rigger fish keeps ripping. Dipsy fish gets off. Had a rookie on rigger fish so it was a little difficult to gauge size before it hit the floor. Tipped our boat scale at 29#s. Not bad for her first time ever salmon fishing. Weighed in at 28.14 for the LOC.
  4. How much are they? Are they ready to ship? Thanks.
  5. Congrats! May it be the first of many more.
  6. On my way home from Sodus I noticed that Fastrack on rt 104 in Ontario near the Tops market has a sign out for "Ethanol Free Premium now available".
  7. I vote for possum. Those things are butt ugly on land or sea.
  8. I was wondering how the Open division boats were notified of the no-go on Saturday of the Niagara Pro-Am since they can start as early as they want and are not restricted to leaving from the specific tournament port(s). They could certainly be out of VHF range and leave before notification of the combined division. Would be a real bummer if you went out and fished and didn't find out until you got to the weigh-in. Did they just call everyone? Seems easy enough, just interested in how it actually happened.
  9. On my(our) third boat partnering with a friend. It's worked out well for over 20 years now. That said, our investment has always been relatively small (less than 5k on boat alone). I wouldn't recommend it for everyone, but it certainly allowed us to have a better rig together than I could swing on my own. We split all the equipment, insurance, maintenance, etc.
  10. Tom, My suggestions for the Open: 1. Leave the entry fee as is. 2. Increase the fishing time. With no separate Am division it should easily be able to be pushed out without interference at the weigh-in. 3. Possibly bump the fish up to the best 4. Thanks for considering. Pat
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