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  1. Cape area eyes

    I fish out of Henderson from May until Labor Day and most days I don't see any other boats where I go...when I fish at night I have never seen another boat. It is a huge area...research is a must and even then you have to put time in. I agree though, specific spots will get swamped by people watching online for easy info...
  2. Cape area eyes

    Fleas are terrible...couldnt keep them off the hooks and trebles 15-50 fow
  3. Cape area eyes

    I fished the Henderson area last week with no luck.
  4. 10.7 lb spawned out

    Great day right there, love the big lake o eyes
  5. Are these still available?
  6. Smoking venison

    I have smoked venison and I have marinaded it for a day or two and wrapped in bacon. Like the others said, you have to do something to prevent it from getting too dry. I did my slim jims this year on the smoker instead of the dehydrator and they are the best I have ever made...
  7. My 2016 season is over, freezer is full!

    Thanks guys, these cold temps should really speed things up...there might not be a post Christmas boat outing this year Bruce...
  8. Well the sadness of the end of my 2016 hunting season has come. I have been working crazy hours but was able to get last Saturday off. I headed to camp Friday night and we had some drinks and good food. Lots of laughs. We didn't set an alarm and got up and had a big breakfast. We got a perfect dusting of snow overnight. The wind was light out of the Northeast and the conditions could not have been more perfect. We headed up on the hill with a good strategy to still hunt and ensure we were all in the right areas when deer began to move. We saw 20 deer between the three of us and we ended up with 3 deer before noon. Every deer was a team effort. We headed back to camp and cleaned it up for the season and headed out before dark. What a great ending to an awesome season...I plugged away at the deer all week. I had some of the trim taken to my favorite meat place. I had 20 pounds of Old fashioned Bologna made, 20 pounds of venison Kielbasa, 15 pounds of breakfast sausage. I mixed up 8 pounds of hickory blend ground venison and did it on the smoker. Wicked good and I experimented with a Croghan Bologna. I made 4 cased smoked versions of it. The freezer is packed and I shared 2/3's of that good stuff with my buddies. They each get a medium cooler full. I am very pleased with my season...I saw tons of deer with my bow, I killed one of my best bow bucks and I was able to fill a doe tag and my gun buck tag. Time to shift gears and get ready for winter and I might try to get out and do a little ice fishing...
  9. Double Day

    Just epic Bruce! You are having an awesome year bud!
  10. Veterans Week Vacation

    Thanks guys, the only thing that could have been better if a couple of my buddies filled some tags.
  11. Veterans Week Vacation

    Ok...took my annual Veterans Day week off for the hope of an exciting rut filled week of deer action. It was all of that again this year. Young bucks were chasing does like crazy. I saw a total of 15 bucks, 3 of which were shooters for me. I watched young bucks competing for does, grunting like crazy and fighting. The last two years have been awesome for bucks responding to calls. I bleated in or changed the direction of most of the bucks I saw, 9 of them within bow range. I saw 18 other deer mostly Does and Fawns with a couple unknowns. The weather was a little bit of everything, from wet and rainy to cold crisp potato chip leaves. Lots of laughs in camp, great food and a couple nights a few too many brews. So election day I was home the night before and I voted Tuesday morning...I got to camp and was in my stand around 1100 AM and I was going to sit till dark. Somewhere around 1500 the woods came alive. I could hear a serious chase going on and coming my way. About 10 minutes of crashing and banging they were headed my way. Branches breaking and grunts flying a doe with her tongue hanging out went by one of my lanes...then a 4 point and then a spike horn. they ran around me for another 5 minutes. The doe hunched up under a small tree about 45 yards away. The two small bucks circled each other trying to keep the other away from the doe. They were all exhausted. They all rested and I heard some noise behind me. Up came a buck I called El Toro from cam pics. He was fresh...A spike pretty tall and wide, looks like a small bull. He ran off the two other bucks and followed the doe off down the hill. The woods went quiet for a bit. A little after 1600 I hear a deer coming from my right. He finally comes out of the hemlocks and it is a good buck. He is smelling the party from earlier then he goes right over to where the doe stood and he licked the ground and sniffed the entire area. He turned and started to head down hill and I let out bleats until he stopped and looked back. I then let one more bleat out behind the tree and he turned and was headed my way. He passed through a shooting lane about 25 yards...I blatted to stop him and he stopped broadside...put the pin on him and watched my arrow through. I hit about 2 inches lower than I aimed ( it ended up being closer to 30 yards) I took out the bottom of his heart. He dropped less than 100 yards from me and only went about 60 yards total. We had a couple trail cam pictures of him, always nice to kill the deer you have pictures of. I am very happy with the season. I can't wait until next year. Lots of young bucks!
  12. Beginners luck!

    Awesome job Bruce! You are far from beginner bud... Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. Beginners luck!

    Oneida? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. Found one

    Thanks bud...I'm going to try a deeper daytime bite Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. Found one

    Well I guess the title stays true. Managed 1 last night. First time I have seen other boats where I am at. Still nobody stayed after dark. One thing I have noticed, every fish has come on the same lure. We also broke a fish off, it was strange how that happened and that was the #2 of the lucky lure. The reflectors on the planers is just awesome. This fish was 26 1/2" and 6 pounds 1 ounce on my buddies digital scale. Still searching for the 12 pounder.