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  1. Had a chance to spend the morning in layout blinds with my son. Birds didn't work very well but we still had a great time. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. I had the pleasure of hunting on the Hunter farm with three generations of Alan's family. I can remember hunting with Michael when he was Brock's age. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. DtD, I have corned venison and also goose breast. It comes out great. I've even made it into pastrami. Also both venison and goose is very good canned. Finished grinding the venison and mixed it with pork butt. Ended up with 13 # burger, 10# breakfast sausage, and 10# Italian sausage. I have 4# frozen and sliced for jerky. Finally done with the deer processing. I may be slow but I'm thorough and really like the results. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  4. After roasting and simmering bones, remove them from the broth and pick the meat. Cool the broth and a layer of tallow will solidify on the top and is easily picked off. Roasting the bones makes for better stock. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  5. Interesting recipe reeleyz. I've braised the shank before and this is similar. I just took bones out of the stock pot and picked the meat and I got 3 lbs. that nearly everyone throws away. I also have about 3 gallons of great stock. I only occasionally have a deer commercially cut as I prefer to do it myself. I know I use every bit of meat and it's always very good quality. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  6. Decided this rainy Sunday afternoon was a good time to get some chores done. After church I finished boning and packaging the deer I got last week. It should be properly aged as it spent 9 days in my extra refrigerator and looks great. Now I need to get a couple pork buts and grind all the trimmed venison and mix some into burger, breakfast sausage, and Italian sausage. I will also save a bag of the better pieces from the trimmings to make a batch of jerky. The loins, steaks, tenderloins, sirloins, and sirloin tips are vacuum sealed and in the freezer. I saved all the bones and roasted them on my grill and they are now simmering on the stove with garlic, onion, celery, dried tomatoes and carrot. I'll pick all the meat, cool it and remove any tallow and freeze it with broth in gallon ziplock bags for easy delicious soups and stew. It's amazing how much meat is on those bones even with careful trimming. Not a scrap wasted. I also had 2 gallons of raspberries frozen on trays that I put in gallon ziplock bags and returned to the freezer. They are for pies, jam or smoothies. Now I'm going to relax for the rest of the afternoon. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. For the second year in a row we got these two on a goose hunt. The 4 year old shared a layout blind with his dad or me and we alternated gunning and videoing. The 6 year old had her own layout blind. Got to start them in young. It was a blast. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Took Gabe and Henry Ward for jumbo perch. Caught 30 up to 13" this morning. Caught them in 12 fow on minnows. We did have to pick through shorts but the ones we kept were nice. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Fished Saturday afternoon with my buddy and his 4 year old son. Had a blast catching bluegills. Must have kept 75-100 and also some crappies. Fun low tech bobber fishing. Lots of fishermen but they all seemed polite and happy. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. After a disappointing opener that had few birds working our set up and not firing a shot, day two made up for it. We had large flocks of mallards hovering our decoys and shot a three man limit of mallards and a black in short order. Spend a fair amount of time bird watching as many flocks lit in the decoys but we saw very few woodies and no teal to finish off our limit. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. I tend to agree with bosco. There is a healthy population in the eastern end of the lake. They also are caught in Niagara River and around many tributaries and bays throughout the lake. Since they are known to migrates over large areas I believe they are likely occupying most suitable habitat. Perhaps measures could be taken to improve spawning areas to help increase their numbers. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  12. Mark trolling runs on gps in daylight and return to fish at night. Fish have been in 25-40 fow. Catching some on deep diving cranks and some on stick baits with weight or downriggers. Lately been catching smaller fish 19-22". Troll slowly into current. Can also catch them on bucktails jigs and jigging spoons drifting slowly with the current. Boat control is extremely important in all applications. Been catching them regularly all summer and still are biting well. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  13. Black River and Chaumont River both have significant spawning. They have already put gravel in Chaumont to improve spawning success. I'm also certain that many of the lake walleyes migrate to Quinte and spawn their tributaries. He also believe that since perch and walleye spawn early (March/April) the gobies are still in deep water and don't have the same affect as on the bass which spawn much latter (May/June) That leads to better recruitment for the walleye and perch and a decrease in bass numbers. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  14. After discussion this with fishery biologists I find that they feel the walleye population is doing well with fish of all age classes present. However, they are unsure of where river fish are spawning. They also said if spawning site could be identified adding gravel to these sites can greatly improve spawning success. That type of habitat improvement has been shown to be very successful in other areas. He didn't believe any change in regulations was needed at this time and didn't believe that over harvesting was an issue with current regulations. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  15. The are places where the current is ripping and we generally fish in fairly heavy current. Hold into the current with trolling motor when using jigging spoons or bucktails to keep line vertical as possible. Have caught them with dipseys, down riggers, and bottom bouncers when trolling against the current. Floating weeds have resent lay been an issue. Changes in depths and current do make trolling a challenge but it is effective if you can keep lures near the bottom. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United