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  1. It’s a Winchester model 69. Was my dad’s and still shoots pretty well.
  2. I wouldn’t shoot them if I didn’t eat them. They need to be braised to become tender. I went again this afternoon and got a grey and a black.
  3. On a nice day it’s a great time to walk in the woods and do some scouting for next year. Hunting squirrels is a great way to practice your still hunting and stalking skills also.
  4. Unfortunately with upcoming family commitments I decided to wraps the boat up for the year.
  5. Looks like next week the wind will let up.
  6. Nice fish. I may have to give it a shot if the weather holds. Been spending most of the fall deer hunting and some perch fishing. My Lund is in the garage and not put up for the winter yet!
  7. Since I had filled both muzzleloader tags with a buck and a doe in the early season I thought I was through for the year. I discovered today I can use my unused regular season tag for a buck or doe and 2 DMP tags and 2 of my wife’s in the late muzzleloader season in 6g (confirmed with DEC) which gives me another week to hunt and more tags than I’d ever use. Not sure I would shoot anything as I passed up many during the regular season but at least I can get out if I want.
  8. Pro hunter .50 cal muzzleloader TC Greyhawk .50 cal muzzleloader (round ball and XTP) New England Firearms .50 cal muzzleloader (2 different ones) New England Firearms .243 Pro Hunter30-06 TC Contender Pistol .357 maximum Remington 1000 12 gauge Winchester model 12 20 gauge Winchester 94 30-30 Alpine bow Mathews Outback bow Remington 721 .270 Mosburg bolt action 20 gauge Savage 110 30-06 (caribou) Remington 721 .270 (caribou) Ruger Mark 2 .22 cal (trooper had me finish off road kill) wife killed one with Camary daughter killed one with Suburban
  9. Federal Power Shock .243 hundred grain soft point
  10. .243 100 grain I found bullet in off shoulder after it broke femur just below socket. Dropped in its tracks. Bullet did its job.
  11. My wife has kill several does but this is just her second buck. The night before I was with her in a ground blind and a doe with twin fawns came out. It would have been an easy shot but she said she would rather just watch them even though we had 4 doe tags. The next evening she returned to the same blind and I sat a scrape about 300 yards away. Just before sunset I heard her shoot and got a phone message saying “I need your help”. I immediately called her and was relieved to find out she had dropped a buck at 80 yards. She said 5 deer came out and at least 2 were bucks but the one she shot had stopped and given her a good broadside shot. She said the other deer were still standing there and one was a 4 point. When I got to the blind the deer were still standing there but then ran off. It’s always special when I can put her on a deer or turkey. She was still a little shaky when I got there to take care of her buck. She somewhat understands my hunting passion but still only likes hunting on pleasant days!
  12. Use to use 250 shockwaves with 3 triple 7 pellets Shot great but not great expansion. I switched to 245 grain Barnes spitfire with 100 grains of Black Horn. Shot equally well but cleaner and much better expansion. Rusty hooked me up with the Barnes bullets and they seem to work great on the 2 deer I’ve taken. Great penetration plus good expansion.
  13. Was fortunate to take him this evening 1/2 mile from home with muzzleloader. Thanks for the bullets Rusty they work just fine!!!! I’ve been concerned with EHD outbreak in my region but I’ve seen quite a few deer so far. Think it’s hit worse just north of here.
  14. My sister in law in Canton sent me this message. I had a guy come into the store today and somehow we started on a conversation and he told me Pierce a nearby farmer found 100 dead deer 😞 Although not confirmed it certainly is scary and no frost in the forecast.
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