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  1. the rod collapses into the handle so it will store better. I like the feature for my storage area and have had no issues.
  2. If you want a great walleye trolling rod go with the Denali 8'6" leadcore rod. They also have a braid/mono trolling rod and a 12' leadcore rod. There is nothing that compares to this rod in forgiveness and landing walleye. These rods easily handle big fish as well. I tested the 12' rod tiger musky trolling on rod rod length setbacks at near 3 gps speed and it performed very well on a 45" tiger! Paired with a tekota and I don't think you can do any better... I have 2 dozen and wouldn't consider using anything else! If someone wants to demo them contact me.
  3. sold... I will have 2 gen 3s for sale soon when my gen4 12 and 15 get here.
  4. Nice work and good fish! The spot you were fishing has been very good and continues to be though it will be over there very very soon. In fact most guys have already been giving up just in the last couple days. The only thing that makes that area tough at all is everyone is too close together to cast properly. I often go there after my trips and many times it's empty by then and 3-5 casts and I'm done when there is room and with a boat and the right breeze it's 6-8 fish a drift. Epic nights are 20-30 fish in under an hour for some and for others it's still a zero. On good night's I never keep em as those are the nights you really learn the craft, and can begin the process of dialing in. My first solo troll started right where I left off last season with an extremely old 10 and half pounder.... Kevin has another one to mount for me as the fish wouldn't go back.. The bite on big tigers in spring is by far the best ive seen and I even got an early season pig of a brown.
  5. I have no idea what the offense was but if he didn't break the law and it seems like he took a shortcut to shorten his day and or make a hair more you probably could cut him a break on as the job is far more difficult than anyone realizes and the hours we put in are insane. I put in a hundred hours a week every week if I'm any bit busy, and oftentimes more. Granted I probably want it more than most and fish a far more difficult fishery than Oneida where every single technique ever thought of works well if you do it right. Another approach would be to call him personally and see what he has to say for himself, and then based on his response you will know what to do.
  6. Helix 12 Still has original screensaver film and comes with gimbal mount. I have both transom mount bracket and trolling motor mount your choice. Also includes instructions and lakemaster northeast. Everything works fine. Pick up preferred, but will ship at buyers expense. $1250
  7. Nice work bud! I always wanna get up there with you but only have 2 days off for the first 2 months and you know I spend em fishing here. Not too mention if I had more than one mistress Tracy wouldn't have it! Dream season here so far....for me anyways! Landed a nearly 45" this morning on one of the new 12' Denali trolling rods this morning.
  8. It's absolutely irrelevant how fish taste or whether someone has a boat.... conservation is necessary. As far as taste goes they make coolers for a reason and nobody said you can't keep any fish I keep fish regularly. I don't however keep my limit every single time it's possible. Mostly I'm referring to tigers and other fish that grow for 20+ years. If you want a certain species wouldn't it be helpful if we didn't unilaterally kill them all just because we don't have a boat! Furthermore nobody is holding anyone back from obtaining a boat and tigers are easily caught from shore in open water season too. There's no excuse for not thinking a little about conservation and it doesn't cost anything extra nor is it a painful experience putting an occasional fish back....its actually enjoyable. Read about the adirondack guides and how many of them later in life when it was too late regretted their influence on nature. I have personally overharvested and learned the hard way that fisheries are more fragile than most realize. It's easy to criticize the management of the fisheries, when really it's us that are the problem! Just make any effort to protect nature just a little and we will all reap the benefits and so will future generations.
  9. As a guide it's my responsibility to also be a steward of the fishery and outdoors in general. If anyone thinks my opinion is self serving it's not at all. I'll still do my best to put people on tigers either way and I'll catch plenty either way. Actually the attention from the media helps me personally more than it hurts, but I doesn't change the fact that its not ethical and I would rather be broke than have everyone misled by Figura.
  10. Rusty Dave figura is a hack of a journalist and is single handedly giving people motivation to kill trophies that aren't really even close to record size as the ice fishing tip up record is total BS. most states don't allow it. These are commonly caught sized fish and while keeping them isn't necessarily a problem advertising and begging people to come catch and kill them is a big problem. I can't get figura to even return an email let alone cover the conservation side. I heard chapter 70 is working to get our message out there. Wanna chase a record...at least chase the state record and put back the rest. Want a good mount and don't like replicas then keep one, but don't think you have close to a true record. And if you do eat tigers I'm ok with that just stop the glorification of the commonly caught fish and know that conservation is everyone's responsibility. I love walleye but I don't keep a limit every time they are biting! I used to keep most every single one when I listened to the DEC, but I know better now and I just want to make sure others at least be aware of conservation and that not every good fish has to killed. Think about others and share your experience by allowing others the same experience. If everyone kept every legal tiger these fish would be rare and that's not what most people want to happen to the fish they choose to target. Im not a strictly c n r guy by any means, but I do not keep them nor do I allow it on my boat as these fish are to be shared and I catch way too many of them and if I let 1 person I'd have to let them all and I can't live with that.
  11. The whole it's only a matter of time till a 30 in lber comes out of Otisco is ridiculous if these ones are kept and I have seen 30lbers come out and go back already....what's the big deal it's already happened...alot!!! Just what we need is more over dramatized one sided news that everyone believes without any understanding of the truth.
  12. Let's try to keep this world record in perspective. That record isn't even close to the state record which isn't close to the real world record. The state record dwarfs this fish at 35lbs. The real world record is 51 lbs so stop this nonsense. There aren't that many lakes that freeze with tigers in states where it is legal to fish for them in the winter. People flock to catch a record and keep every single one because they think this size fish is a rare beast. This size is not rare at all and needs to be released if you want to catch a really big tiger. The articles on these fish leave the reader thinking it's an amazing catch when there have been 8 caught and killed just this winter. If you put your time in you will see that while they are great catches they aren't records by real standards. It's like going crazy over a 6lb smallmouth. I know a kid who has caught 3 with me and isn't old enough to drive. Im not here to say what a person should do with their legal fish, but don't think I have to keep this fish because it's nearly a world record. These fish have to be released by other conservation minded individuals several times to get big. The fact that the current record holder kept a 40 the same day gator caught the 47 is absurd. They are keeping them because they think everyone would....well most actually don't. Again, keep the fish if you want but know mid-forties fish aren't huge at all. If a record is important, and this one definitely isn't, you will never catch a record if you kill fish before they reach record size. I know of 3 I believe were close to or would have broken the state record and all were released, and I know of 5 50s that have been released. So let's not glorify killing anymore near records. I don't get upset with them being caught and kept I get upset when everyone thinks it's the norm! The only thing normal about what is happening on Otisco is the size of these bs record fish....they are normal and caught all the time every single open water season by lots of people. Now you figure out how to catch the walleye consistently especially thru the ice and that's not normal. If you fish for perch, crappie, bass, walleye, bluegills or any other species besides tigers in Otisco you will eventually catch this size tiger without even trying so how can this be considered some miraculous newsworthy rare beast that you have to kill. I know more regular Otisco anglers who have caught one than haven't. Heck eat em if that's your thing but if size matters to you then this size must go back. More important than anything though is know this world record equates to catching less than the biggest one caught on any given year in a 6 mile long lake....that doesn't sound so record like to me. Wanna see a really big one do some research and you will see this isn't that.... This fish isn't even close!
  13. Thought I would share the secret to catching lots of good tiger muskies on Otisco! This is very simple yet overlooked by all ice fishermen apparently though I thought it was obvious. This secret will also work to catch really big tigers thru the ice though to date nobody has caught a really big one thru the ice even with a half dozen live baits a piece in the water. Some fish must be released safely in order to get big! It's that simple! The open water fishermen have this figured out and its the only reason the ice fishermen have decent fish to catch. Now if the ice fishermen could be less selfish everyone could have even better fishing forever. In order to have some chance of survival circle hooks and perhaps quick strike rigs should be used and gaffs simply aren't necessary. Just make the right size hole and grab em by the jaw. If you are too scared perhaps this isn't the activity for you! Anyway that's the technique I use to catch plenty of mid forties tigers every year as they are not near a rare catch of a lifetime as they aren't mature yet really. Apparently ice fishermen figure if they keep all the medium ones nobody else can catch one bigger than theirs, but this simply won't work because many already have! It's called conservation and while I believe everyone has the right to decide what to do with their own catch I thought I'd mention that it's legal to put fish back as it seems unheard of in winter.
  14. The third pic tells the story...the perfect t-bone....they hit from the bottom right behind the gill plate.
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