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  1. For walleye, perch, bass, and anything else in less than 100fow imaging is the play imo. I can see individual fish on bait 200' left and right of the boat. Can't get your spread that wide....or your sonar.
  2. If you are looking for another alternative for smallies do yourself a favor and try the ned rig in green pumpkin. This bait is very simple to fish and the less action you give it the better. Let it sink and drag it along mostly letting it sit.
  3. The auto chart allows you to make an accurate map yourself
  4. The auto chart feature is worth using anywhere you will be fishing a lot and would like a more accurate map. Many lakes there is no accurate map on the market... obviously Keuka doesn't fit that category.
  5. Nice work bud and nice fish! Let me know if you want to try the casting/trolling night bite here. Tracy n I did very well Friday night.
  6. I'd say 39-41, but like Andrew said exact size doesn't matter. I seldom measure them accurately as it's just a more thing to get in the way of an easy safe release. Congrats
  7. Fish are still cooperating...my group Saturday and Sunday did 15 casting with fish each day over 30 inches, and temps are in the 60s. Let me know if you guys want to use the gas grill or the Traeger wood pellet grill. Sent from my E6810 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Another good weekend...bite continues to be solid for walleye and tigers. Even caught walleye running jerkbaits during daylight.
  9. Still haven't caught one on true top water dead sticking yet this season but I had on blow me up but somehow missed the lure. This year the jig bite is the best I've seen and they hit it so hard. The jig seems to be have the biggest advantage over sticks on flat clear conditions.
  10. We ended up with 23 eyes casting for the weekend...kept 13.
  11. I'm on walleye for a while now, though that doesn't necessarily keep the tigers off, but I hope some of you get after em!
  12. Andrew that purple and white 3" in the pic is a perfect color pattern!
  13. The tiger musky bite is as good as I've seen it right now and the weeds are still below the surface enough to fish over them trolling or casting. Anyone looking to catch tigers it's a great time to give it a go! Mix it up between floaters and suspended lures until you figure out which they prefer. Same goes with speed. There are numbers and some size if you pick thru them. Usually fast is how we think of fishing them, but I had excellent results going extremely slow on a couple recent outings. I'd stick with alewife patterns right now and alewife sized lures as well.
  14. Well the water hasn't warmed much,52 sat afternoon, but overall things are shaping up. Walleye We are just starting to catch casting at night in several locations. Bait is just starting to show up so things will continue to improve. Weeds aren't a factor yet, but will be in couple weeks. Daytime trolling is also producing on shelves in 15-20 fow. It's a tough troll unless you have an accurate map and boards are the play. I boated 7 and released 5 between casting and trolling. Still struggled to land them trolling below 2.2 GPS speed. Tigers Bite is on 10-15 fow fishing over weeds for small to low 30s fish. Trolling is especially effective. I boated 8 in an less than an hour. Big fish are deep still to my knowledge, but catchable. Smallmouths Smallies can be found almost anywhere, but for bigger fish look for them staging in 15-20 fow on shelves waiting to move up to spawn. I didn't have time to try casting for them, but trolled over a dozen in the 3-4 lb range in those locations. There are some tanks already suspended feeding on bait...I trolled 2 over 6lbs. Crappie Nice catches of crappie in the 12" range are coming from the pond side in several locations. I haven't tried for them up north or heard anything from that end. Overall Friday to Saturday evening was very productive by all accounts.
  15. I use kitechs or gulp and lately blade baits, jigging raps, and shiver minnows. I don't tip them. I really only do this to fish structure that I can't troll or cast them when sticks aren't working. Sent from my E6810 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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