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    Walleyes and Whitetails...Nothing makes me happier than getting people out in the woods and on the water...seeing them take fish and game is my passion
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  1. Baker baits are of the highest quality and if you are fishing ski's you should have a few. Great pics Zach! Still tough here but we are getting a few....nothing like last year at least for me.
  2. Nice job guys! Beautiful fish and what a pig!
  3. Honeoye

    Can't say alot about the other fingers but otisco probably has the best walleye fishing and it hasn't been fishing well since the flooding. Water has finally stopped going over the dam and fishing is just starting to improve a touch. Ill bet the other lakes have plenty of water and dissolved oxygen as well and they too are probably trolling tougher than normal. Fish are much deeper this summer and are spending a lot less time above the thermocline active on otisco at least. Based on what I'm seeing if head to Erie if you are looking for numbers. Last summer you couldn't have paid me to leave otisco for walleye.
  4. I feel your pain! What you are describing happens way too often. It's so simple really...NEVER approach another boat on plane by aiming right at it. Always show the other boat a little courtesy and show them you see them. I have lots of friends and acquaintances that will come pay me a visit on the water and several I didn't recognize have had me worried on their approach. He may have thought he knew you....still not how it's done if you arent an idiot. We need mandatory boater education for everyone.
  5. If you are really hardcore with walleye Oneida's little walleye probably won't scratch your itch.
  6. There are modest cabins in the campground as well.
  7. Otisco is just south of Syracuse and next to skaneatles. Id be happy to get you and the family out on the pontoon for some fishing and sight seeing. Oneida is nice as well but it isn't a small lake and it gets rough. With the wind there is a lot of days you can't get out.
  8. Where are you located?
  9. Nice work bud! Release those names so everyone knows who they are. Congrats
  10. Couple of tigers today casting, but nothing noteworthy 28 and 31. Walleye continue to be nearly impossible during daylight trolling.
  11. Lake is finally stable but fishing hasn't been easy since before the 4th. Hopefully a summer troll bite develops soon. As of Sunday a lot of fish were on shore just outside the weeds on the drops. If they haven't moved off shore for this weekend I'm gonna be jigging. Fish are tough to troll where they have been. Marked a bunch of tigers deep as well but couldn't budge them.
  12. I went out about 6 am on a combo troll. We caught a few smb ,a few browns, and lost 1 eye. I've gotten a few tigers in recent trips working outside weedlines where the water drops off quick leaving weedlines you can easily follow. Long casts, downsize and fish slow if you have to....
  13. As Ed said wrap in paper, double bag and throw away. I do this twice a day all summer and I'm not gonna say the campground dumpster is exactly pleasant but it isn't an issue. Done properly the rest of the garbage is far worse smelling. I could take everything back out on the lake, but I don't agree at all with dumping really ANYTHING into the lake I love!
  14. Greenhornet, Lake isn't trolling easy at all right now, but if it gets any bit consistent I'll show some stuff. If you choose speed dependant methods like lead core, jets, clip weights etc you need a fishery that precise depth control isn't necessary....not otisco! I don't think you get your speed consistent enough with a light kayak. A plug program is near as fussy.
  15. Debris here last night and again this morning as well.