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    Walleyes and Whitetails...Nothing makes me happier than getting people out in the woods and on the water...seeing them take fish and game is my passion
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  1. justtracytrolling

    Wanted Helix 10 or 12

    The helix 12 mega imaging unit is awesome for trolling. You can see individual fish on bait anywhere in your spread...at least to 50 fow...I don't have any experience with it in deeper water. The link to the tm works well also but for what I do I prefer to drive
  2. justtracytrolling

    SLR Bass opener

    Tough walleye morning here but bass were on fire and my guys were happy with bags of smallmouth filets! Fish it's what's for dinner!
  3. justtracytrolling

    Mono vs braid or nanofil

    The stradic ci4+ are sweet! I have 5 I use for walleye and have no complaint. The spiderwire will be fine for sure
  4. justtracytrolling

    Mono vs braid or nanofil

    Seaguar isn't a cheap alternative...I've used em all and the seaguar is just a bit thinner and wears better... Just like their leader material. The nanofil is great too but wear is an issue. Powerpro is on sale often and that's what I'd use if I was trying to save money and buying retail. Once you get the hang of it wind knots can be eliminated..even night casting walleye its possible to avoid them entirely, but not with customers!
  5. justtracytrolling

    Bass ripped off the beds

    Lake Champlain opens a week sooner as it borders Vermont water. Yes there were 25 bass tournaments on Champlain over the weekend but all legal. Gotta read the rules...
  6. justtracytrolling

    Mono vs braid or nanofil

    Most guys use braid that's too light to start and the lighter you go the more wear is an issue and the more wind knots. 20 lb seaguar kanzen with seaguar premier flouro leader in 12lb handles most anything for walleye, trolling included and with the same diameter as 10lb fireline and your average 8lb flouro.
  7. justtracytrolling

    Owasco/Otisco 4 Day haul

    Otisco has been very good for bass and tigers, but the walleye action has been very inconsistent to be nice about it! Ive only had 1 skunk but not much of a pattern. I can find em no prob... catching is the hard part. We have had a lot of temperature fluctuations and a fast in my experience that is tough fishing. Last week upper mid 70s till Thursday this weekend under 70.
  8. justtracytrolling

    Trolling Boats and Your Dance Platforms

  9. justtracytrolling

    Late spawn

    The topic is late spawn! My point is the walleye season is in place to protect the spawn... Obviously we catch spawning walleye in season so the season needs tweaking. As far as the limits and size restrictions go that depends on how the DEC chooses to manage the fishery and it seems we have little say in that.
  10. justtracytrolling

    What are these fish

    White perch...very tasty...
  11. justtracytrolling


    I fished alot more than that for not much action and didn't land most of what bit....but a couple topwater fish made it worth it....I can't get enough of those explosions in 2-3 fow
  12. Love my glp stuff..glad I listened to you greg! Gonna make somebody happy!
  13. justtracytrolling

    Late spawn

    Males were still making a mess on my boat as of Sunday. I think the season needs a little adjustment....seems like all too often the spawn isn't over by the opener.
  14. justtracytrolling

    Fillet Knife?

    The extendable cutco is a helluva knife for sure.
  15. justtracytrolling

    Fillet Knife?

    No they all get used regularly...lol! I don't really use steak knives or kitchen knives. I prefer a boning or small filet knives to eat dinner. The big no slip handles on the bubba blades are a bit much for the dinner table though! I do filet a ton of fish, though every once in a while a customer takes the fish home whole to show their kids.