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    Walleyes and Whitetails...Nothing makes me happier than getting people out in the woods and on the water...seeing them take fish and game is my passion
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  1. whaler I went back out around 2am for a bit when the clouds rolled in and the area we casted was alive! Caught several bass over 5 lbs and 2 big eyes say 7-8 pounds I released em all and went back to bed!
  2. Thanks for the kind words guys! muskie magnet I just cut all 4 gills on each side to bleed them so you can't see it. I don't cut the throat because I feel it kills the fish too fast and doesn't bleed them as well. Not too mention I don't care for pictures with them cut like that. If you completely remove the lateral line and skin fat along with bleeding them the big ones are every bit as good as skinny little Oneida fish. Anyone interested in getting out better get on it as I have few openings left. My season on Otisco is only 3 more weeks maybe 4 if weather and fishing are awesome. I haven't spent 24 hours at home total since end of April. I'm ready for some time off and some hunting. Seems like yesterday I was putting the boat in and somehow another season has come and gone. I'm sure nobody spent more time on the water this season than I did, and thanks to all my great customers for making it possible.
  3. There is no best lure....don't fall in love with anything and keep the walleyes honest. I try all my techniques, tricks, and lures every year. Especially when I'm catching....that's the best time to compare lures. Only way to be confident is to keep testing when they cooperate and each year you will find a lure or two that's a little better or a lot better. I haven't hardly caught a fish on big lures here trolling in years and this year at dusk it's my go-to. Did fish on deep hj14s, top 20 rogues, tdd11s, tdd13s, and reef runner 800s this evening. Started my birthday fishing a day early and popped a nice 9+ trolling this morning on a little number 7 stick I painted right before I left the dock. Lost a bigger one this afternoon on a little crankbait I also painted this morning.
  4. nice job guys! Lots of options this time of year for trolling and casting day and night. Couple 9s and a 10 tonight. Really it's been good all season though for big fish and numbers. I enjoy getting fish down 35 feet and top water the same day. Having a good bite on big plugs and small spoons and cranks the same day. Shows you that there is a broad range for walleye.
  5. Saranac river to Franklin falls pond to fish and moose pond to camp right there for free. I have info if you want more pm me
  6. 3 to 4 colors of core off a rigger produces most of my best fish and it doesn't get more versatile than chasing marks on the screen with core. I always try to keep the rigger above the fish and drop right on em with a falling "dying" spoon....deadly technique. As far as connections go I've never had a failure fishing 12-14 hours a day 7 days a week for going on 2 seasons....not something I even think about....
  7. Very Nice Picture,s.

  8. Ive had a great season so far here on Otisco on all the species so I thought I'd post some pictures. First of all, I've caught more big browns this season than the other 10 seasons combined! Probably is the only positive thing about the recent years weed cutting efforts is we are seeing hardly any deoxygenation anymore and none this year The walleye fishing has been inconsistent and difficult at times this season for nearly all the boats out there, but hasn't been too bad for me and have had plenty 9-10+ pound fish. Check out the bite width on the monster tiger that nearly stole a 24" walleye. Big Tiger Muskies were on fire in may and June and the deep summer trolling is start to pick up them up as well. Currently I've had 12 over 41" this season I've taken my biggest tiger 46" 9n the pond side along with a bunch walleye 8+ pounders there also. We literally have fished rhe entire lake from pond to dam for both. We casted in 60fow and all the way down to 3 fow for both walleye and tigers as well as trolling them over the same range. The summer troll has changed several times so far making it tough for anyone not fishing every day here, but I've fished every day both morning and night in most cases except 2 days I believe. Overall a wildy successful first half.
  9. Awesome job as always bud! Ive been so busy here I forgot to ask you what you thought of that rod I sent with you when you stopped in a while back. Fishing has been solid for me all season as well... won't be long and we will be on the river again. I have some interesting fishing here you could do there as well if you get an opportunity some night... remember that walleye I caught in the middle of the lake broke down... well I'm casting in the middle at night occasionally and catching! Even have a shore bite I play with now and again you'd like with your custom floaters....tight lines and give me a report on that rod!
  10. the rod collapses into the handle so it will store better. I like the feature for my storage area and have had no issues.
  11. If you want a great walleye trolling rod go with the Denali 8'6" leadcore rod. They also have a braid/mono trolling rod and a 12' leadcore rod. There is nothing that compares to this rod in forgiveness and landing walleye. These rods easily handle big fish as well. I tested the 12' rod tiger musky trolling on rod rod length setbacks at near 3 gps speed and it performed very well on a 45" tiger! Paired with a tekota and I don't think you can do any better... I have 2 dozen and wouldn't consider using anything else! If someone wants to demo them contact me.
  12. I have 3 of em and they are an awesome bow!
  13. sold... I will have 2 gen 3s for sale soon when my gen4 12 and 15 get here.
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