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  1. Protecting SLR walleyes

    This might be true in Canadian lakes as the fish grow and mature slowly but the research coming from Erie, where walleye grow MUCH faster and live a shorter life span, shows that the fecundity is poor in those bigger females and really the mid sized 22-26 inch fish produce more healthy fry than those old slobs!
  2. Protecting SLR walleyes

    That's ridiculous!!! We get only 50000 every other year and get a return. If they really are stocking those insane numbers in lakes without substantial returns then someone should use some common sense and give up wasting those fry as the fishery obviously isn't a good choice for walleye. Put them somewhere that has too much bait where walleye thrive but numbers are low.
  3. Sounds like a great idea! Be even better if you could hatch enough to help the other fingers as the state is too busy overpopulating Oneida and lakes like Conesus and Otisco get a thimble full every other year. Such a shame considering Otisco produces MUCH bigger fish and faster.
  4. line for rigger rods

    BTW that boat looks familiar! Lol
  5. line for rigger rods

    I've used my stradics a lot on the riggers and if you don't mind the pia of deployment they work very well. Not too mention 20 lb tigers were a bit much and had to chase a carp for 20 minutes once solo and haven't done it much since, though I put customers spin rods down occasionally.I just decided not to put the wear on $250 reels.
  6. Oneida Lake Advice

    The humminbird helix mega imaging unit is awesome and because it doesn't have a touch screen you save near $1000 over large touch screen models. Between the auto chart, which allowed me to create my own accurate map, and the imaging the helix has actually changed how I fish and opened many new spots for me.
  7. Oneida Lake Advice

    A good map on ur GPS is a wonderful tool, but sonar and side imaging tell the story if you can read it. You don't even need a rod in the water till you find what you are looking for....the first time you find a nice school of big eyes on a relatively shallow sand flat from 100 feet away and work them for days without ever getting over them you won't ever want to fish without side imaging again. All too often in shallower water big active fish will shut right down if you get in on them. It does take a 10-12 inch screen to really identify individual walleye on si.
  8. Oneida Lake Advice

    I can't think of many techniques that don't work on Oneida....but without sonar I'd find a GPS and map app on my phone. Take a 1/2 day charter your first day and you will be way ahead of the game.
  9. Massena area fishing

    My boys have a bass nation event there every year and do well fishing the above mentioned dam. That stretch is definitely a productive section of the st Lawrence.
  10. Susquehanna River Walleye

    Nice job as always! I knew you've been on em. You and I and Bruce will have to get out this spring....and I might have to get a jig rod out this evening!!
  11. Rather disturbing info

    I've not read anything suggesting fish, and more importantly walleye from otisco have any pollutants. The water is tested several times a day and there is nothing upstream except cows. I guess if owasco has it from the rain then we probably due too, but if our rain is that polluted we are screwed no matter what we eat.
  12. On my boat these overused phrases are usually questions from customers. 1. How big do they have to be to keep? 2 What if I get a really big one can I keep it then? 3. What if it's a state record then can I keep it? 4. How big do you think that one was? Answers 36 but it doesn't matter because we aren't keeping one No No but I'll measure it! About....
  13. What Leadcore For Lake Ontario?

    I have the best luck on walleye when lead core isn't involved....
  14. for sale : usa BOATING SAFETY CLASSES for Anglers

    It would be great if everyone HAD to take boater safety...and not just once!!!
  15. My first spring brown trip

    Nice fish! First Saturday in May can't come soon enough.