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  1. Flouro is more abrasion proof but it probably works similarly.
  2. If you are trolling I'd recommend 40 lb braid. It's diameter matches dive curve info and it will handle any pike. Mono doesn't work well trolling as the line diameter is an issue getting lures to dive to your desired depth. I'd use 20 lb braid for spinning and the same 40 on a baitcaster. Run a heavy flouro leader or steel and you are all set. If you are bass fishing as well you can go lighter but still use a decent flouro leader like 20lb minimum.
  3. Thanks Tman! Still struggling with this new phone and I officially hate technology!!! Chuck and Dan have fished with me several times and it was a good thing as we needed a ton of teamwork getting that fish to the boat on light tackle and keeping the fish out of other gear. We were way into the backing by the time we were able to gain any ground. Everybody always asks once we get the full spread out what happens when we hook up...this fish wasn't the kind of thing you draw up. As soon as we started getting the fish to come over the other 3 on that side the fish runs all the way across three of the 4 on the other. Must have sped up, slowed down, went right and left several times each! Love my Terrova...it gives me so much control!
  4. I have the new 12 and a 9, use them everyday, and love both units. The mega imaging is awesome if you fish structure.
  5. There is a good state launch and the eyes are big...very tough fishing. Water is ink black and the only lures I caught on were purple and Id have loved to have tried some uv or glow stuff but didn't have any with me. Also high frequency wide angle sonar gives tons of false returns with all the iron in the water similar to nighttime but way worse. After I switched to 83 mhz and stopped chasing fish that weren't there I caught salmon, walleye, pike and bass on reef runner deep divers. Did 1 laker on cow bells, but didn't have spin n glows then. Best water I had was the east side of the islands from the blue Jay campground south. There were two walleye boats slipped at blue Jay where we stayed and they worked south of that and they caught 2 fish between them all week...both 10 pounders.
  6. Otisco finally gives up a good tiger This year the casting bite for tigers has been non existent at least for me the few times I've tried, and only caught 1 mid thirties fish all season walleye trolling. I havent tried to much tiger trolling but what I have done hasn't moved a rod. This evening we landed a 44 off shore walleye trolling down about 20 over 65. Fish wasn't nearly as thick as I've seen but very healthy looking. Had 8 boards out and a chute and it hit the outside rod which made for quite a fight with over 300 feet of line out before it hit. Fish was in great shape, good enough to get me a few times trying to get the grip I wanted! It was a nice cool evening so I measured it quickly and they got some great video and pics before an easy release. Dropped a couple nice eyes to, but the tiger made our day! I marked a lot more tigers as well today off shore than I have been. Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope for a solid trolling season. After multiple trys I can't get the pic to upload....ill figure it out tomorrow I guess.
  7. What Oneida eyes need is better forage and the goby seems to be helping. Letting them mature a bit helps too but the only way to get thick walleyes instead of hammer handles is with excellent forage. It's not age structure alone that puts size on its mostly diet. There are plenty of walleye in Oneida, if anything they are over populated, they just don't have the forage up until the goby at least and the jury is still out on their impact. On lakes with real high bait densities, ie otisco, you can't catch a keeper under 3+ pounds and those 18"s are only 3 yrs old. By their fourth year they are all over 4 pounds....btw if they do actually have food you will struggle to catch em at first at least.
  8. Nice job kevin! Sent from my SM-G935V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Owasco is still loaded with walleye and they had nothing to do with the rainbow problem. Anyone who doesn't see that the walleye weren't to blame doesn't realize how many are still in there!!! Besides in this area and rainbows are the introduced species. I'm all for trout, but they coexist with walleye.
  10. Seneca wouldn't produce skinny walleye anyway...they would be footballs...27 inch 10 pounders...sign me up!!!!
  11. The home owner is actually breaking the law not you. Harassment of anglers from shore will get you ticketed. The only scenario where you can't fish docks is if a marina is created by excavation then that marina can be closed to public fishing if the marina owner so chooses. Justin Okrepki NYSDEC licensed guide #7324 http://www.otiscolakeguideservice.com/ (607)-349-1750
  12. I've heard of them caught there as well but not by anyone I'd trust. I saw a 28" rainbow come out of Otisco and they aren't stocked in Otisco so anything is possible. Fisherdude, Why would we want two lakes filled with skinny small walleye? Lol...it would be nice to get eyes in all the fingers though. Justin Okrepki NYSDEC licensed guide #7324 http://www.otiscolakeguideservice.com/ (607)-349-1750
  13. Chas is 100% right about draining batteries. If you have just enough amp hours your batteries won't last as many charges. Batteries should be recharged every trip and kept charged. Justin Okrepki NYSDEC licensed guide #7324 http://www.otiscolakeguideservice.com/ (607)-349-1750
  14. Otisco report With the spring shore bite all but over I thought I'd post some pictures and give a report. Honestly I've never seen so many shore anglers and so few boats. I've had the lake nearly to myself the entire season. Fish have been very cooperative trolling and casting all season and even the tougher trips are getting a fish or two. The last week was an unreal trolling bite for us in several areas of the lake limiting daily fishing a midmorning and late afternoon bite.
  15. Seems like if this is first offense it's a bit more than a slap on the wrist, but not nearly enough. This isn't a violation in my eyes this is out and cheating for profit. Apparently fair chase isnt part of his skill set which makes me wonder if this is the tip of the iceberg with bill saiff outdoors. Once a cheater always a cheater.... none of us are perfect, but I find this disgusting.