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  1. That is a brute. There are many fisheries around the state producing smallmouths in excess of 6 pounds. The largest I know of on Otisco was 7 pounds 14 ounces. We had many over 6 but nothing over 7 yet. I remember when fish like that were absolutely unheard of....
  2. Awesome job! This weekend i was laid up and couldnt fish. My son got into a good one yesterday as well and it seems like the fishing is solid.
  3. Pb

    Awesome fish and awesome season! You are working hard at it and the results show it.
  4. I can get canal info and heard saturday its been good as of late and prob into then. I used to fish it a lot and 1 of my customers is a commercial fisherman from there and he fishes it a lot still. Shoot me a text later if you are interested and ill get a hold of him. He might even take you. He had pics of him and his buddy recently with a 50 and a 60 he showed me when he was out with me saturday. Its a shore night gig, my favorite place to fish stripers from shore and you will hit the +/- tides nearly perfect
  5. I pay for a duplicate and keep 1 on the boat and 1 in my wallet so I always have it if an opportunity to fish presents itself.
  6. You won't be disappointed!!! I love both of mine. The new mega imaging unit has absolutely put fish in the boat I never would have found before.
  7. If you use the tm to steer and auto pilot providing most of the propulsion with the big motor you will be very happy, but just electric alone you will be limited.
  8. The weeds have been atrocious for the last couple weeks, but there are ways of trolling through some them effectively. Half of learning to troll otisco is learning how to deal with the weeds. If anyone fishing otisco wants some trolling help pm me and make arrangements to see me in person. I'm easy to catch on the dock as well. Surface temp last night after dark was nearly 78, and weeds were starting to blow off. This morning 73 and nearly blown off. The mats were so bad I broke off yesterday morning when I hung a board in one.
  9. I use a 36v terrova ipilot and in flat conditions or down wind I can troll 6+ hrs easy on a charge at 2 to 2.2. I seldom go this route though and use my main motor for most of the propulsion and my tm for steering, fine tuning speed, and auto pilot. 24v isn't adequate in my opinion after having both, but I have lots of gear and 3-4 people plus me. BTW, if you fish a lot, batteries won't last more than a season at peak performance running them way down every trip. Also if you fish mornings and evenings you will need a very fast on board charger. I use the mk345 on my boat and the mk460 on my sons bass boat.
  10. Nice work! Some days the sunlight turns em on and some days it turns them off. Usually you have to make some adjustment for the change if you want to keep catching. Most days they don't shut down completely till 11 to 12.
  11. Made it out fishing for my birthday last night. It was my first fall walleye casting trip and picked up a 6+ lb eye along with a nice upper 30's tiger and a 7 lb catfish that was a battle. Eyes really aren't in tight enough with recent warm weather especially for casting, but I managed to get on 1! Trolled three in the same time in daylight before supper.
  12. Hookem n cookem Awesome fish! I got your buddy on a bunch of good fish the other day... not sure if he showed you pics? No ten pounders though!!! 20+lb tiger the and some 5 lb eaters along with a pile of big smallies. I think harnesses are great if you are on feeding fish, but if you are struggling to find active fish 2 mph and sticks of some kind covers a ton more water and there are lots of baits I do well with at 3mph. I had days last year where plenty of guys did as well as I did or maybe better with their harnesses, but on days I struggled and had to work to get into the eyes the harness guys got skunked at 1 mph because they never found em. I also often go out a couple hours before I anticipate the bite so I can find what I'm looking for on my graph. I fish a tiny lake and it takes me 2 hours to check all the places I want to check with lines down at 2.5 ish. Just food for thought
  13. Nice fish!!! I've kept a few over my life that I had to eat because I couldn't revive them or they bled out and it's similar to pike in my opinion if taken care of properly but I really would rather not eat another. It's way to much actual filets of that particular taste for me. Now if they tasted like walleye that would be different!!!!! That being said I know several people that target them to eat, but I've seen people eat a lot I wouldn't touch. Bite has picked up here dramatically on tigers trolling. Several recent days every boat out trolling I talked to hooked up good fish. I've had more in the last 2 weeks than any 6 weeks all season.
  14. Skaneateles

    Skaneatles will definitely support walleye! The proof is that they are thriving with out a massive introductory stocking. Stop stocking all trout in the fingers and see how well the rainbows and landlocked salmon do. The lake is loaded with perch and panfish. As far as it being a great rainbow trout and landlocked fishery goes there isnt near the cold water food source that there is for walleye. The stocked fish are basically the only fish that are successfully shocked fish in otisco as they live in the stained water. They didn't get natural reproduction fish until they Gill netted away from the pond after I found natural reproduction fish away from the causeway and reported it to the DEC. Now if the Gill nets were put were the fish are... wow they would have had some samples. Honestly I was surprised they got any where the nets were....go ahead and believe alewife predation wipes out reproduction completely, but you will be wrong.
  15. for sale : usa

    Can't really tell the color...