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  1. windburn

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    Great buck Doc. Mind if I ask what broadhead you using? Gotta love bloodtrails you can follow without stooping.
  2. Bump for a fellow sabre owner
  3. windburn

    Next generation fishing

    Yep, the fish are fine but the real trophies in the pictures are the smiling faces of friends and loved ones.
  4. No. It's a low profile swivel base. I was able to scab it together and it will probably function OK. Problem was in the spring loaded position lock pin. Thanks for responding
  5. Wrong configuration but thanks for the reply feeder.
  6. Looking for an in good condition Walker short swivel base (WF00650) OR the spring loaded locking pin only. Thanks
  7. Trim off all dark meat and the lateral line off your fillets and they'll taste a lot better. Some guys bleed the fish out before it goes in the box. I prefer kings and coho over 'eyes. I did some 'eyes on the grill that we caught Thursday and think I shouldda hit them with a lot more old bay, very bland.
  8. windburn

    Olcott 7/1

    I usually keep a can of wasp killer onboard just because.
  9. windburn

    A little more from my Wicked Tuna Visit

    love that show. we don't miss a single episode. We're glad that the airplane harpooners haven't been featured lately.
  10. windburn

    Presque isle pic

    Nice. Love Presque Isle.
  11. Good lookin fish. Thanks for the report.
  12. windburn

    Alpha 1 bellows

    Is it possible to replace driveshaft bellows on an Alpha 1(1989) without removing bellhousing? Exhaust sleeve is in good shape and shift cable bellows also in good shape as I did lower cable a few years ago. Can I fabricate a pull/push tool to facilitate install? Thanks in advance for advice.
  13. windburn

    Going to the Oak

  14. windburn

    Going to the Oak

    Yep, we're thinking about the Oak also. Is the Rt 18 bridge over the river open?
  15. windburn

    Conesus Conesus Largemouth

    That's a hog! DId you happen to use the state launch on east side? I heard they were doing some work on it.