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  1. That is one nasty infection. I sure hope he's on antibiotics, going septic would not be fun.
  2. Swim noodle at dollar and a quarter store?
  3. Well, I just did this job back in April. A few calls to Johnson Outdoors (1-800-227-6433) and about 25 bucks put my Unitrol 6 back into service. There is no need to do a deep teardown. Set the reel assy so that a web/spoke of reel is behind the counter, then with pry tool push counter out. Gear will drop as it's a press fit. When your counter, and hopefully the proper gear arrive, slide counter in place then fix gear to counter shaft and press gear to appropriate depth. I believe your part numbers are: Meter 3 digit 0220477 and Gear, counter 0833561. The tech at Johnson Outdoors was very helpful as it took a few attempts to get the proper counter gear. Hope this helps.
  4. Mounting plate included? Where you at?
  5. check your pm or voice mail please.
  6. Sorry about my poor communication. Seems I've lost our recent pm communications. I still will buy these boards from you. As i said in past pm, I'll be somewhat near your location this saturday evening, perhaps I could swing by Hamburg. Dave 585-368-8692.

  7. I'll take them. Whereabouts in Buffalo?

    1. glowgetter


      I am located in Hamburg ny. Can meet within reason . 

      Call me 



    2. windburn


      Well, I have a dance recital for one of my granddaughters this saturday at Villa, starts at 4p. I could maybe meet you after the event. Will you be around saturday evening? I'm located in North Java.  Dave 585-368-8692

    3. glowgetter


      How about Sunday morning.  I could meet you in East aurora.  Possibly at 20A and the 400 ??

  8. well, years ago i bought a spool of Vanish and absolutely everything vanished.....fish, spoons, sticks. Won't touch the stuff anymore. Lesson learned. We have had good luck with Ande fluro on the wrist spools.
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