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  1. I have an Okuma Blue Diamond BD-TR862MH wire dipsey rod with a loose reel seat. I get rotation from the 10 o'clock to 2 o'clock position. I'm not sure how to approach the repair as I am not a rod builder. Can I split the foam handle to remove the handle and then slide off reel seat then apply epoxy or adhesive to blank and then reset seat? I really like this roller rod and don't think Okuma makes them any longer. Advise please and Thanks in advance for any comments.
  2. Yeah. We call that special effect "swim head". I kinda enjoy it. Sort of like the lake staying with ya.
  3. Thanks for the replies gentlemen.
  4. Anyone know how the state launch west side is? Should I bring waders to launch? Possible shakedown tomorrow.
  5. Here ya go bro.....23"W (doghouse to gunnel panel) X 18L (cockpit to transom) Port and starboard are identical. Thickness of cushion is 3" at transom side to 3.5" towards bow side. I wouldn't go thicker that 3" at transom because of backrest. These jumpseats don't get used much cause they're in the way when working the riggers AND people tend to stand on them AND they slip forward which could cause the standing person to go for an unintended swim. We use them when fishing is slow and we have more than usual on board. Can't help with the starter issue as my 22' 1988 HT is powered by a 3.7L.
  6. We were there the 8th. Lots of eyes were at the parking area but not up to the barrier at the time. Some real beauties. At the barrier a few northerns were seen. Also saw a lot of rudd trying to run the barrier. Can't say if they're still there.
  7. Congrats Spurs. Was good talking to you Friday. We managed enough perch for supper today.
  8. Saw a woodchuck this morning at his hole. Wasn't out very long, it might have seen it's shadow. Also had a bald eagle flying overhead while ice fishing silver lake. I think it was looking for fish on the ice.
  9. Great buck Doc. Mind if I ask what broadhead you using? Gotta love bloodtrails you can follow without stooping.
  10. Yep, the fish are fine but the real trophies in the pictures are the smiling faces of friends and loved ones.
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