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  1. Does that last pic look like an Atlantic to anyone else?
  2. Oak info

    Camp at either Lakeside Beach State Park, 3 miles to the west or maybe North of the Ridge, 5 miles east and south if Terry's open in April. I'm not sure the state park is even open for camping in mid-april. Catch a transient slip at Lakebreeze Marina. I don't think camping and slip are proximal to each other at the oak.
  3. Hardwater report !!

    Hey spurs, talk about a pissed off wife....mine lost a rod/reel down the hole last week on Conesus. I was outside the trap and I heard this loud yelling "Oh no. the rod went down the hole!!"" It was her favorite rod. I'll miss that rod but they make 'em every day. Tried to dredge it up but nada. Today on Conesus out of Vitale we caught enough gills for a supper or two. Had to weed through them. Nice bonus largemouth also. Maybe we'll locate perch next time out.
  4. Bouncy out there

  5. Bouncy out there

    here's one from my home port....
  6. Bouncy out there

    So what will be the best cams to see the fury? occasional 27's for monday? Yikes!! Don't think I've ever seen a forecast this wild!!!
  7. Oak 8/19

    Well, if I was fishin only with mama in 5's and had doubled rhythm would be VT not NSR!!
  8. Nice. Thanks for the info lineman.
  9. Veterans Week Vacation

    Livin' the deam!!!!!
  10. 15 point Wyoming County buck

    Oh yeah!!! That's a beaut Sean.
  11. Check your PM please.
  12. Anyone use a Billboard Sign as winter cover

    yep. Used one the last 10 years. Guessing approx 30'x16'. Pretty worn out now. Kinda heavy for 1 man to pull over the HT and radar dome.Use heavy 1"x12" dowel to slide into the cutout channels and tie down to trailer. Also fixed a 2x8x12 on edge lengthwise (bow to stern) on the HT to give a bit more slope to shed the snow. Probably gonna go with a lighter weight tarp this year as this one is worn out. BTW, the billboard tarp is pretty stiff to work with as it's pretty thick. Never did work up a framework so can't help you there.
  13. Very nice. A few weeks ago we were onboard a Raider 22' about 35 miles out of Ketchican. What a great riding boat that was. I believe the Hewescraft and Raider are comparable? Pretty much the same layout.