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  1. windburn

    Going to the Oak

  2. windburn

    Going to the Oak

    Yep, we're thinking about the Oak also. Is the Rt 18 bridge over the river open?
  3. windburn

    Conesus Conesus Largemouth

    That's a hog! DId you happen to use the state launch on east side? I heard they were doing some work on it.
  4. Yep, that first pic is the same one Ralph showed me at the club today. I'll have to try and get up to Olcott!!
  5. Been watching the show since the beginning. Best show on the tube. Had to be great meeting Dave
  6. windburn

    Calling all fishermen

    I can only remember the statement my adult son made a few years ago while we were fishin' eyes on Erie...."Dad, let's go back to Ontario. Catchin' these walleyes is like pickin' tomatoes".
  7. windburn

    Pt Breeze Boat Lauches 3/23/18

    Yep. Clear now. Thanks for the info.
  8. windburn

    Pt Breeze Boat Lauches 3/23/18

    So, the bridge in question is the bridge directly in front of Narby's?
  9. windburn

    Spring's first signs

    Tim, only a foot?
  10. windburn

    For the Love of Copper!

    Very good informative read.
  11. windburn

    Sold / Closed Jplugs 30 for $20

    You have PM
  12. windburn

    Sold / Closed Jplugs 30 for $20

    I'll take em. Hooks and harnesses included?
  13. windburn

    Spring's first signs

    Oops, sorry for the unintentional hijack. PM will be used in the future.
  14. windburn

    Spring's first signs

    Cpt Vince, I recall Fred saying that you helped with the set up of the boat. We've owned her quite a few years now. It's been good to us.
  15. windburn

    Spring's first signs

    steelhead'r, you ever own a 22' sabre HT? I think I own your old boat!