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  1. Well my first question is: what’s this gonna cost me... LOL! Guess I need to do some more research, really liked the Tailfin for a lot of reasons... Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Sounds like there is growing support for the EZ Steer... Thanks Captain for weighing in on this. Collective decisions are usually the best decision. Rather than starting a new thread, any words of wisdom on the best approach to setting up the steering on an old cable-assist Alpha? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. KIR: Appreciate you speaking up about your set-up and experiences. I initially was looking at the ez steer set-up and using assisted directional control off the Alpha outdrive. However I recently met an Erie fisherman with an Islander and he was using the Garmin Reactor. In his opinion an autopilot on the kicker was the way to go. I am curious to see how the Islander performs with just the kicker in light to moderate seas. It's a light boat and as Pierless stated may be subject to points of wind a bit more that i would prefer.
  4. Felt I made the right decision purchasing it, hearing an experienced opinion such as your just reinforces it...
  5. Appreciate the vote of confidence... About the only thing this kicker didn’t come with was power tilt so I am fortunate in that regard. There is one question I was debating on; the best location for the throttle controls. Have seen a few set-ups with them located aft. Any thoughts on that? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Well I do have a great first mate that needs to be in charge of something... So I really don't need an autopilot for the I/O while we're not fishing, least I haven't so far with my previous sport boats. But your comments do raise a couple questions about overwhelming conditions and the ability to maintain control. Islanders as probably most aluminum boat that style are light and have a large sail area especially if you have any canvas up. Having said that, I really like the idea of independently controlling just the kicker, and after reviewing the Tailfin vs the Panther, I see the value in the Tailfin with a future upgrade of throttle control if it works out. I'm thinking that will be my first direction, worst case it might show up on the classifieds... Appreciate the input!
  7. Thanks Jerry Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. So I just purchased a 9.9 Mercury to use as a kicker for my 4.3L Islander. The four stroke outboard is carbureted, electric start and set up for the 8 pin throttle control which I plan on mounting to a 10" lift bracket. The question I am working though is whether to connect the outboard to the Alpha drive with EZ Steer linkage and set up steering control for the Mercruiser or just go with something like: http://panthermarineproducts.com/electro-steer-and-steering/ . If money grew on trees, I'm sure I would be looking at a full blown Garmin autopilot, linked to my... But this is a budget build and I'm looking for an economical approach to keep the boat going fairly straight without fighting with the wife... Greatly appreciate experienced answers with helpful suggestions...
  9. So I actually purchased four rods & reels, 2ea 8.5' and 2ea 10' to do just that Sk8man. Wasn't sure beyond that which way to go. However thanks to some excellent feedback - believe I know the direction forward. Like the idea of ziplock bags also.
  10. Unfortunately due to the fact that I will probably be storing more than using... Liked the idea of getting all the wire off the and stored on the reel. Plus I also was thinking that the long leader length could be adjusted to easily change the action with the added bonus of making it a bit easier for single hand netting. But totally get there are easy work arounds and those benefits probably don’t outweigh the ease of making changes wearing glasses... I do appreciate all the feedback. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. Sliders caught my attention for two reasons; one because it got the wire off the rod and in my opinion helped protect it, the other because you could play with the leader length. But something definitely to be said about clip and go set-ups... Thanks for the responses!
  12. I’m setting up a couple wire diver rods and I’ve been debating between fixed diver or a slide diver. I know the short answer is try one of each and see what works. Well it ain’t exactly fishing season yet and I have been fortunate to get some great advice from LOU, so thought I ask the question: Which do you like and why? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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