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  1. Hey Hank hope the winter is going by quickly for you please do not forget me as I still want to replace that motor in my Islander 26 with the 5.7 you got ok I am still here in Florida so just call me at 201-207-5402 Thanks so much Capt. Clarke Niziol
  2. This guy should be locked away He gives us true fishing guides a bad name people who do this should not be rewarded but punished for their crimes enough said
  3. Nice Landlock about how heavy & length & depth
  4. To me it looks like a brown if your hand was not in the way & I could see its tall I could give you for sure
  5. If you think they care at all about us I have a bridge in New York I will sell you cheap
  6. If you are looking for rainbows (big ones) fish Canandaigua Lake if you want browns Landlocks fish Cayuga have a great time if you need more help just ask
  7. What are you paying & how many trips are you figuring
  8. I am in Florida til the 30th will be going to the Harrisburg Sportshow if you still have them will take them
  9. I have used the Crazy Ivan spoons they work very well on rainbows & landlocks
  10. May I ask you what lake you were fishing
  11. Its the same when you hit 60 thankful for the great year & finding a beautiful younger woman to spend the rest of my life together
  12. Merry Christmas to you too Hank stay warm here in sunny Florida see you in spring
  13. Merry Christmas to all & a Happy New Year May will all have a great year on the Great Lake called Ontario & our beautiful Finger Lakes, May will all brake our personal best fish or one that leaves us long lasting memories also all join to keep theses lakes fishing for many generations to come
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