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  1. Trouthunter

    Downrigger release

    With 40 years fishing the Finger Lakes & Lake Ontario trust me go with the Chamberlains you will not be sorry.
  2. what make are these
  3. Thank you here in Florida would have attended if I was up in that area
  4. Did anyone tape this meeting would like to see it
  5. Hope your son is doing well It is not like the old days when you could trust a mans' word hope everything works out for you
  6. Trouthunter

    Wanted Looking for a 25’-31’er

    Volvo Pentas are very good motors just have there compression checked though
  7. Trouthunter

    Brown or LL salmon??

    It is a brown no question about it
  8. Trouthunter

    Spring striper fishing

    Call Bob Trenz At Off the Chart Charters in Newburgh he can tell you everything you need to know about stripers on the Hudson.
  9. Good luck with the sale Frank my first name is Clarke grandfathers' last name would buy in a heart beat if did not have two boats already
  10. Trouthunter

    Starcraft Chieftain

    What size motor do you have in her
  11. Trouthunter

    Canandaigua Happy New Year

    Happy New Year To all the Great fisherpersons who fish our beautiful finger lakes may 2019 see you with a record fish or personal best
  12. Trouthunter

    for sale : usa Want to buy

    I have decided to keep them did not really want to sell just wanted to know what u were willing to pay for them
  13. Trouthunter

    for sale : usa Want to buy

    no thanks I think I will keep them
  14. Trouthunter

    for sale : usa Want to buy

    I have a few what are you willing to pay for them two rodholders on each
  15. Trouthunter

    What do you consider a trophy steelhead?

    Mine would be a 20lb Steelhead 20lb Brown 10lb Atlantic & 40lb King