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  1. If some of us fishermen would lend a helping hand we could improve the quality of the spawning on Springwater creek get involved & thinks get better
  2. 58Johnson I would be very happy if we could get a change like this it would make a differents in my clients fishing more times & spending more money here in the Finger Lakes
  3. Sk8man I value your input as you have been fishing these lakes as long as I have they need to have meetings where we can bring together the Finger Lakes fishermen & voice our wants & needs as we have invested large amount of money into our Charter boats & do not want to lose our clients to other areas as we bring in income into this region of the state
  4. I think we should propose a increase in the Rainbow Trout limit to two fish on the western Finger Lakes there are more then enough fish now to increase the limit to 2 fish daily what do you anglers think
  5. Easy to make just find some scrape aluminum melt it & pour as many as u need
  6. Why does the DEC have to keep screwing with our fishery leave the dam thing alone mother nature will take care of things do not need hand in everything on this planet
  7. It about time someone runs for governor that gives a dam about the real people of New York not the Five boros but the upstaters I may run if the idoits that are running this state do not start waking up , this has happened to long we need people in office who truly care about this state & make it the great state that it is.
  8. I give you five dollars a piece & I will pick - up
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