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  1. I think I might even eat that myself looks good
  2. Can not beat a good solid Aluminum boat for the Great lakes or coastal offshore gas wise
  3. How was that cow doing just asking
  4. Bulletbob right on do not ban something just because you can afford to get new
  5. April 1st is best for the rainbows but fall is better for browns not many in Hemlock but Naples creek gets good numbers
  6. My cousin is a charter captain in the Newburgh area give him a call its Off the Chart Charters Bob Trenz he can tell you all you need to know & when is best
  7. Doc how did the Landlocks fight in that cold water
  8. Were you jigging or set rigs
  9. Nice landlock how big ,weight & length
  10. Got a guestion for you trailering guys what brand trailer tires do you guys like & why thanks in advance
  11. That is a Landlock no question about it
  12. Wow one hell of a nice brown
  13. I wish you fishermen would know what you are catching as you maybe taking fish that are not legal
  14. That is a landlock not a brown look at the tail
  15. We need to push for allowing to keep two rainbows
  16. True what you say but there is ways to slow down their number so they do not have the impact that they are causing now
  17. I sure hope they do a number on treating that lake this year it is a shame that this lake got to this point
  18. That rainbow will be 7 lbs by next year or bigger
  19. This lake always produces world class Rainbows
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