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Everything posted by Trouthunter

  1. Trouthunter


    Does anyone think we will ever see 40+ lb Kings out on the lake again
  2. What has happened to all the large steelhead like the 20lb fish we would see on this board are they gone for good
  3. Trouthunter

    Cayuga 2nd annual Margeit memorial fishing tournament

    Anyone know what that landlock weighted on the winning team
  4. Trouthunter

    A bit Angry

    There are some dumbass out there for sure
  5. You were on what lake
  6. Trouthunter

    Owasco Silvers!!

    What Lake
  7. Trouthunter

    Where are all the 20lb Steelhead we used to see

    Both you captains make very good points
  8. Trouthunter

    Keuka Fishing suggestions for Keauka Lake

    Not many Landlocks here fishing not great for them good for lakers though
  9. Trouthunter

    for sale : usa 24 new stinger spoons 100.00

    Are these all different color patterns my picture is not very clear thank you
  10. What kind of boat you have
  11. Trouthunter

    Tie down those boats!

    Boy was that a stupid move
  12. Trouthunter

    Thank you HANK

    Hank is the one can not beat him thumbs up
  13. Trouthunter

    Fishing line recommendations please

    Gamma line 10 or 15 the best line
  14. Trouthunter

    My Wife's fingerlakes rainbow.

    What was the length of the rainbow
  15. Trouthunter

    Seneca Fishing Seneca Lake

    Severance Point than troll south or cross over & troll north
  16. Trouthunter

    My Wife's fingerlakes rainbow.

    That is a hell of a nice rainbow for Owasco
  17. Very Nice brown way to go
  18. Trouthunter

    My Wife's fingerlakes rainbow.

    Which Lake did she catch it on
  19. What u asking for the block
  20. Trouthunter

    Prop damage!

    Not good can cause damage to engine by vibration
  21. Trouthunter


    Great looking spoons would like to get some
  22. Trouthunter

    On-site smoking service for Salmon, Lake Trout, etc.

    That should go over big I would say
  23. Trouthunter

    Dean's cove

    Those landlocks were about how many pounds