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  1. How is the steelhead rebounding & how are atlantic salmon doing as a whole in the fishery thanks in advance
  2. Trouthunter

    Sold / Closed Flashers for sale

    12.00 shipping what are you nuts
  3. Lets all see the beautiful Rainbows & Landlocks caught out of the Finger Lakes
  4. Trouthunter

    for sale : usa Antique lot

    When u say short like how short maybe interested
  5. Trouthunter

    Guides on cayuga

    Trouthunter Charters
  6. Trouthunter

    Cayuga Cayuga 10/8

    Its great that you took your fishing buddy out & hopeful many more times beautiful fish
  7. Trouthunter

    Finger lakes Rainbows & Landlocks

    That is a nice Canandaigua Lake rainbow that's my favorite lake to fishing great lake for big rainbows
  8. Trouthunter

    Finger lakes Rainbows & Landlocks

    That is one beautiful Keuka Lake Rainbow there is other trout in here after all
  9. Trouthunter

    Seneca south end question

    Sure fishing is good give it a shot
  10. Trouthunter

    Finger lakes Rainbows & Landlocks

    Great pictures men keep them coming we have the best fishery here in western new york
  11. Trouthunter

    Cayuga 8/29

    Nice healthy fish good catch
  12. Trouthunter

    Cayuga 8/29

    How big was your landlock weight & length
  13. What is that bracket that is sitting on the I/O outdrive
  14. Trouthunter

    Blacks downrigger release question

    Get some Chamberlains
  15. Trouthunter


    Does anyone think we will ever see 40+ lb Kings out on the lake again
  16. What has happened to all the large steelhead like the 20lb fish we would see on this board are they gone for good
  17. Trouthunter

    Cayuga 2nd annual Margeit memorial fishing tournament

    Anyone know what that landlock weighted on the winning team
  18. Trouthunter

    A bit Angry

    There are some dumbass out there for sure
  19. You were on what lake