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  1. I have 30 Nk spoons for sale in different sizes $100.00 for the lot pay-pal available
  2. I will take if you can wait for me to get it monday
  3. If you want to get into Musky try Monksville they are pounding them there its in Northern Jersey near Greenwood Lake
  4. I can help you out give me a call u check my name
  5. I am interested my number is 2012075402 give me a call
  6. IF you want any of these items call me on my cell at 201-207-5402 Thank you
  7. Beautiful boat good luck with your sale someone is getting one super nice boat
  8. yes I will be around this weekend if anyone is interested
  9. If nobody takes them I will cash in hand Can meet you
  10. . I have a Fish Hawk 840 for sale works excellent no probe. Probe was lost to the bottom $400 also two downrigger weights one 8 lb. the other 10 lb. pancake $65.00
  11. Really nice eyes I guess they are still in there
  12. What motor do you have in her what are you moving up too
  13. All I can say is you will not be sorry its like being blind & then all of a sudden being able to see
  14. U SK8man could be right on the fish does look out of proportion
  15. Could have come back from just spawning
  16. Do what Paul said make sure his business gets what it desires people like that should be ashamed
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