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  1. Bellows

    not very
  2. Two cannon Downriggers Two cannon downriggers either 3 foot booms or expandable ones in great shape have auto stop & cable retrivers first $550.00 takes these they also have three rod holders & are magnum 10A call me if interested 2012075402
  3. The North Side

    Go with the j-plugs they will catch u Kings & Coho
  4. Big Black Bear

    We see males in jersey 700 Lbs & up had one as large as 1000 lbs not saying that is not a nice bear
  5. Big Black Bear

    Nice bear but a baby compared to the bruins down at my parents home in New Jersey
  6. questions for the experts

    Not everyone can afford to take a charter that is what a board like this is for that how we learn pro or beginner
  7. Seneca Seneca question

    The fishing there changes all the time some days good some days not as good but still better than most take advantage if you can enjoy
  8. Owasco A boy and some silver!

    Which Finger Lake were you fishing
  9. Starcraft Islander

    Starcraft Islander Hope someone can help me looking for side window ( port )for a StarCraft Islander 22ft tree branch hit it & shattered
  10. Transom replacement material

    Can you use this stuff for flooring starboard I mean
  11. Its going to take a forty plus fish to win it this year caught a 46lb fish in the eightys the lake is returnig
  12. Just my two cents but it is going to take a forty pound plus king to win the Loc Derby this year just check the leader board it now 39 pounds plus
  13. Cayuga Cayuga 8/27 PM

    That is one beast of a Landlock sure a mount for the wall
  14. Pig smallie

    NIce Fish
  15. Niagara bar

    Did you keep the Atlantic & if so about how big
  16. the oak

    The Oak is still on fire lots of fish from 130 out to 350 Matures to two & three year olds temp is 48 degrees to 53 at 115 feet go get them
  17. Cayuga 8/23

    That is one beautiful Landlock Salmon It would make a great mount
  18. I would be interested if u have room either Thursday or Friday
  19. for sale : usa 2002 Pursuit Express

    Nice boat just purchased a 48ft Carolina down in the keys good luck with your sale
  20. Great looking boat good luck with the sale it should sell Quickly
  21. If you got room I got the experience just let me know
  22. Eclipse Angling!

    I sure hope u got a picture to post please
  23. If you want I can send u some also they have three rod holders on them just send me your e-mail Can meet you somewhere just let me know