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  1. I wish you fishermen would know what you are catching as you maybe taking fish that are not legal
  2. That is a landlock not a brown look at the tail
  3. We need to push for allowing to keep two rainbows
  4. True what you say but there is ways to slow down their number so they do not have the impact that they are causing now
  5. I sure hope they do a number on treating that lake this year it is a shame that this lake got to this point
  6. That rainbow will be 7 lbs by next year or bigger
  7. This lake always produces world class Rainbows
  8. Max also try stickbaits for those browns seems to do better on them
  9. Very nice fish if looking for brown try near drop offs as browns are ambush feeders also humps good luck
  10. That lake needs to have major treatments to bring it back if not it is in big trouble
  11. Almost looked like a parr rainbow except for the tail
  12. We fishermen can change this if we just get involved
  13. They should follow what the kids due up at the University of Michigan they have created a super fishery in Lake Huron at the Detour passage
  14. We need more beauties like these out in the lake
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