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  1. Very nice looking fish way to catch em
  2. Good luck trying to catch anything but lakers very few of anything else take boat to next lake over better luck for other species
  3. The tires are separating on on one axle, the axle closest to the vehicle. What do you mean by center of ball to center of axle on each side
  4. How can you tell if you have a bent axle
  5. Tires were always keep at 50 lbs they are 205/75R14 four axle trailer
  6. Can anyone help me a have been having tire trailer issues seems like tires have been wearing odd & separating the chords on my radial tires they are pretty brand new anyone having these same issues the boat is a Starcraft Islander 26 help
  7. Rainbows are always high up in the water column in this this lake have caught them as deep as 50 feet but most 15 to 40 all year long nice fish keep on catching
  8. Rainbows are caught near the state park & north in the late fall that is when I have the best luck with them November is best
  9. We need to cut-up every one of those lampreys that we catch so none return to produce more
  10. Very nice brown there is much bigger ones in there but very nice one
  11. Stay in the top 30 feet silver & pink are the best for the silver this is my home lake there are some big ones around
  12. I think I might even eat that myself looks good
  13. Can not beat a good solid Aluminum boat for the Great lakes or coastal offshore gas wise
  14. How was that cow doing just asking
  15. Bulletbob right on do not ban something just because you can afford to get new
  16. April 1st is best for the rainbows but fall is better for browns not many in Hemlock but Naples creek gets good numbers
  17. My cousin is a charter captain in the Newburgh area give him a call its Off the Chart Charters Bob Trenz he can tell you all you need to know & when is best
  18. Doc how did the Landlocks fight in that cold water
  19. Were you jigging or set rigs
  20. Nice landlock how big ,weight & length
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