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  1. Hear to see the replies..
  2. Nice write up mudflat! I will say one thing....this unit is very sensitive to interference. Motors idling at high RPMs to go into waves can effect them, and boats that are a wiring nightmares seem to have issues with them. Sorry, I had the Flu Sunday night through Wednesday morning, so if it came off "dickish" it wasn't meant to. Review is below. My buddy on the North shore runs his with twin outboards and his picks up both divers. Hmmm....where's your transducer placement on the transom?
  3. Do a search....I did one last season
  4. This bickering is so gay, and I feel like you guys go round and round EVERY year on LOU. I've stayed out of this in recent years and instead tried to understand the DEC. I go to every public meeting they hold and this is where I voice my opinions and ask questions. Not on the internet against the keyboard gangstas. I think if we all did the following we'd be better off on this WORLD CLASS fishery: Go to the public meetings. Listen to the data the DEC has. Ask questions to challenge it. Help with the pen projects. Go catch fish!
  5. Still some nice #steelhead Offshore on #lakeontario to target, and there should be some good #fishing this winter… https://t.co/W3VdaVJ1JH

  6. Sunglasses (Costa/Maui Jim) Both pairs are virtually brand new. Save 50% off sticker! Pick up, or buyer pays shipping. Costa Permit - https://www.costadelmar.com/us/en/men/sunglasses/view-all/permit/PT.html?cgid=mens-sunglasses-all $150 DETAILS: Frame Color - MATTE GRAY Lens Color - Blue Mirror Lens Material - Polarized Glass (580) Maui Jim Kapalua - https://www.mauijim.com/en/shop/sunglasses/rimless/kapalua $150 DETAILS: Frame: Gunmetal Lens: Neutral Grey - Highest light reduction for rich color and contrast. Lens Material: Polycarbonate - When durability and protection against shattering are the priority.
  7. Brad Penn 20/50 "The Green Oil" has added Zinc. We do oil changes every 80-100 hours. We put in 4.5qts of Brad Penn and 1qt of Lucas Oil Stabilizer (it's like honey). Lots of guys running 454's on Lake Ontario, but a lot of them are reactive rather than proactive. If you take care of your engines, and maintain them, then there is no reason you can't get 6,000-10,000 hours out of a 454.
  8. Yes, we run 150lb American Fishing Wire downrigger braid. If you go with a 200 or 250lb test braid you're really doing nothing but cutting out downrigger hum. 200 and 250lb braid is the same diameter as 150lb cable that comes stock on your downriggers. Going to 150lb braid will cut back your blowback. I run 20lb sharks off my 150lb braid every day. Only issue with braid is flea season, but it's manageable.
  9. Try pulling the package out the freezer the day before you plan on using it. Put it in the refrigerator and let it thaw out. When it's thawed it has a chance to brine. From what Walter has told me he cuts it, puts it in the package with some brine, and then flash freezes it. So, it never gets a good chance to brine. We've tried this and it does hold up better. He's working on an improved brine, and we've been testing it. It's all trial an error, but he doesn't want to change it too much becasue the fish absolutely LOVE it!
  10. Another @ATOMMIK Stud fly victim! 225' diver with a UV 2 Face paddle. https://t.co/qmxfYA8Gnr

  11. I'm running Dreamweaver cut plugs mainly Sent from my Pixel XL using Lake Ontario United mobile app