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  1. What does a Canadian marina having to pull my boat out so I could switch out props have anything to do with an American supporting American products? You reaching here?
  2. CHIRP would be nice if they offered the same cone angles as traditional. CHIRP basically gives you a "prettier picture." I don't recommend it to anyone who is trolling.
  3. Some lakes are better than others.
  4. Some good Rochester choices are: Sure Strike Charters Hooked Up Charters Class A Sportfishing Right now most charters look like hero's becasue the fishing is so good. The guys I listed are experienced enough and verstile to get you on fish even on tough years.
  5. Did you zoom in? When you plug in a Lakemaster chip you get a new menu. Look in there for a setting that allows you to get down to 1' contours.
  6. I think we can drop the observers in the amateur division, but on the pro side there are too many things a team can cheat on. For example on Saturday the clock struck 2pm and we started to clear lines as fishing ended at 1:59:59. 2pm the diver takes a ride and it's a clear upgrade. We had to throw that fish back. There is no communication, 8 rod limit, creel limits, and a few more rules that having someone look after makes sense when thousands of dollars are on the line.
  7. Congrats to team Dublin Up Sportfishing Charters for winning a tough tourney. They started day 2 in second place, and took advantage of a stumble by the team that was leading after day 1. We'd like to thank all of our sponsors. Narby's Superette & Tackle Black North Point Breeze FishUSA Team Dreamweaver Familiar Bite A-Tom-Mik Mfg. Hammerhead Cowbells Gambler Rigs It seems this event has become a "Pro" event over the years. Only 2 amateur teams fished it this year. We want to get the amateur teams involved becasue we feel this format benefits them. We have 4-5 great species in the lake to target, so fishing for them all (in my opinion) makes you a better fisherman. We were thinking about doing an amateur division and instead of 5 & 5, like the pros fish for, going to 3 salmon and 3 Trout for an amateur division. We'd like to hear your thoughts.
  8. Very cool! Yes, the FF in the back of the boat has caught us a lot of fish.
  9. Who's charter boat were you on out of curiosity? I agree with the posters above. Stick with similar brands and network them. One transducer shared between units gives you no cross talk.
  10. Stick with traditional sonar and you'll be fine. Humminbird HELIX Sonar/GPS units are a great bang for your buck. I find when people get all the other sonars/imaging that's available they spend more time fooling around with sonar than fishing.
  11. I really like the Cisco electronics mount. I have 2 on my Lund. They are built well.
  12. I'm not sure about that.
  13. Si-Tex makes an Autopilot for cable steering.
  14. I hate to say this, but look for the charter boats. You can't beat their network. Doesn't mean you have to be on top of them, but they will give you a direction or area.
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