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  1. Great day @ the Oak! Fished 120-150' from the front door to the pump house. Most fish came in the top 60'. #salmon… https://t.co/oDjMtVCkMI

  2. Yankee Troller:


    When you are using Amish Outfitter's Clipper Planer board releases with the brass sleeves & SS weights, how do you keep the releases from sliding down your planer board lines when you are letting the boards out?   How do you keep them from sliding down the planer board line until you are ready to use them?



    Jim's Jewel

  3. Lots of #salmon around! Fishing has been easy and a ton of fun! Get out here and experience #lakeontario https://t.co/8oJxT55qbl

  4. According to reel excitement fishing report not much change today. The cold water is still inside. Sent from my Pixel XL using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. A lot has changed since Tuesday. East wind brought the temp break at 80' to 35' on Wednesday. It stayed there on Thursday, and I'm assuming the NW wind will drive it back down. Still a good starting point.
  6. NW will push warm water in. I'd start in 100' and work north from there.
  7. for sale : usa

    No, they were used for my 600 & 700 coppers.
  8. @ATOMMIK Stud fly behind a white double UV DW Spin Doctor. 175' out on a wire diver! https://t.co/T6gOKaX90y

  9. for sale : usa

    I don't see a PM from you. The reel is still available.
  10. for sale : usa

    Sorry was running charters and a tournament in Rochester this weekend. I will get on the PMs right now.
  11. Monroe County Offshore Classic results https://t.co/eWtydiYXNH

  12. LOL Hey bud! Sent from my Pixel XL using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. WoooooooW aren't you cool! [emoji23] Sent from my Pixel XL using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. for sale : usa

    PMs have been answered.
  15. Rods and Reels Sale I will update this page as items sell. First come first serve. IF we agree to ship something buyer pays shipping. I am available to deliver in and around Rochester or Oak Orchard. NEW Daiwa Great Lakes Rods - $35/rod 10'6" MH Diver rod (4) 9'6" MH Diver rod (2) 9' MH Leadcore rod (5) USED Daiwa Heartland Rods - $30/rod 9'6" H Diver rods (1) Black version 10'6" H Diver rods (2) Green version Used Reels Tekota 800 w/ Tuna Tom drags (4) - $175/reel Okuma Titus 50L - $125 Penn 345 - $90 DAMAGED Daiwa Heartland Rods 8' M Downrigger rod (3) - Reel seat has play - $10/rod