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  1. We never know on the SS until mid week. Last I knew we were close to 50 on the WHI.
  2. Yankee in Rochester Haven't posted much lately. I feel like I'd be a broken record! So, I will give up the lures that have been HOT, and put up some pics for the LOU family to browse. Hot Spoon - Stinger and DW Glow Frogs. These have the glow cups on them. The water has been really colored up to dirty this Spring. I think the glow cups really stood out. We ran these behind #2 Chinook divers out 10-15' (depending on water depth). Hot Sticks - There are quite a few, but the one similarity is they are all Bay Rats. We generally run the S3 on the inside board and the short shallows on the outside board. Green Frog, Nuclear Green, Coho Crusher, BT Candy, Red Tiger, Moldy Candy Corn, Fresh Perch, Fire Tiger, My Secret, and Watermelon. We've been running them back 100' on average behind our boards. Enjoy the pics!
  3. Gill - You mean to say even the living legend, Vinny P, gets tangles on his boat? Phew....I feel a little bit better about myself now......LOL
  4. Got Bait? #humminbird #helix #simplyclearlybetter #lakeontario @ Crazy Yankee Sportfishing https://t.co/JxeKY9SMGp

  5. Seasonal Landscape - Looking to hire This is my brothers business, and he needs some workers. Description: Looking to hire a couple full-time lawn mowing and landscape laborers.. Applicants must have experience with either lawn mowing, weed wacking, and landscaping installations & maintenance. Pay will be based on your experience. Message me if interested Call 585-426-LAWN
  6. If you're looking at sunglasses in the Rochester area check out Webster Eye Care. Tell them I sent ya. He often gives out some nice deals. I get my Costa's from him.
  7. #takeakidfishing is all you need to know! @HumminbirdFish @CannonFishing @BayRatLures https://t.co/khd2zrohNG

  8. Check out this nice #browntrout triple! They took @BayRatLures and DW spoons on our @ChinookDiver https://t.co/BsqyVl6ASD

  9. This #browntrout is choking on a @BayRatLures BT Candy S3. https://t.co/t0DhKJYG5Q

  10. Yankee's Daiwa Heartland Sale - 4/5/17 I will add rods as I'm switching over from the Heartlands to the Great Lakes series. Good or Brand new condition: (1) 8' Medium Downrigger Rod - $25/rod (2) 9'6" Medium Heavy Dipsey Diver Rod - $30 (used for copper so no Twilli tip) (1) 10'6" Heavy Dipsey Diver Rod - $30 (used for mono slide divers so no Twilli tip) (2) 9'6" Medium Heavy Dipsey Diver Rod - $35 w/ Twilli Tip Damaged Rods: (3) 8' Medium Downrigger Rod - $10/rod - Reel seat is loose (1) 9'6" Medium Heavy Dipsey Diver Rod - $10 - Missing a ceramic insert in a guide
  11. Guy is supposedly picking them up Saturday.