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  1. Yankee Troller


    Yes I wanted something wider than 40" as some salmon in Lake O get to 42". I also wanted something deep so I could flip a fillet over and have room to do the other side. I want to say I went 44" wide and 22" deep, but don't quote me. It was a while ago. The nice thing about the space is when carving smaller fish you can stack fillets off to the side and do the trimmings when you're done.
  2. Yankee Troller

    Geezer Spoon

    You should give me some more. I lost all of mine.
  3. Yankee Troller

    Saltist vs tekota A ? Pros/ cons

    I think the Tekota A reels came out late summer/fall time, so probably not may guys have any experience with them. A buddy was running some up on BOQ this fall. He seemed to like them. Time will tell.
  4. Yankee Troller

    Helix 5 chirp DI GPS G2

    Stay away from the DI and SI. It's not worth the extra money. You just want Sonar/GPS, and yes it will track your weights.
  5. Yankee Troller


    Deep Blue will custom make any size board for you if you go to them direct. I wanted something deeper and wider than what they offered. I'm going on 6/7 years with mine, and I do the same thing Scott does with the Magma mounts in my rod holders.
  6. Yankee Troller


    If the broker isn't the owner of the brokerage company I'd contact his manager/owner. His job is to present those offers to the seller and they can counter. The broker that was brokering the boat I have now told me I was too low. I told him his job wasn't to tell me about my offer, but to give it to the seller. He did, and it was accepted. The more the broker gets for the seller the more the broker makes, but that's not your problem.
  7. Yankee Troller

    Diawa sealine reels

    The Daiwa Sealine's are all you need for Great Lakes fishing. The Saltist are nice if you have room in the budget for them. Sealine 27 - Great for Walleye and Spring Browns Sealine 47 - Great for Kings used as Downrigger or Dispey reels Sealine 57 - Great reel for a "junk line" reel. Saltist 20 - Great for Walleye and Spring Browns Saltist 30 - Great for Kings used as Downrigger or Dispey reels Saltist 40/50 - Great reel for a "junk line" reel.
  8. Yankee Troller

    2018-2019 Ice Season

    That's about the only problem with the Humminbird flashers. They lack the power and cone angle to fish past 80'. It's do-able as I fished 130' for LT with it, but it's so much better with the HELIX. You have the power and a wider cone with the ICE HELIX's. However way you slice it, a flasher or a FF WILL help you ice more fish when you're jigging. BTW....The G2 CHIRP HELIX is a HUGE improvement over the G1 when it comes to target separation.
  9. Yankee Troller

    Fake teak

    I think that's becasue most of these products require a certified dealer to install, so the dealer has to tack on their mark-up/labor.
  10. Yankee Troller

    Fake teak

    I have friends who have the PlasDECK on their back decks. It has held up nicely for them. SeaDek is a more cushy decking. I don't know how it would hold up over time, but I bet it feels better than standing on fiberglass all day. I know a few people who had PlasDECK installed at Krenzer Marine in Sodus if you want to call over there.
  11. Yankee Troller

    10 meter Express vs Mid cabin

    No experience with them. Tall Tails has them in his Tiara. He's done his research on them. He might be able to answer some questions on them.
  12. Yankee Troller

    10 meter Express vs Mid cabin

    Everything is "fixable." It all depends on how much you want to spend fixing things. With any used boat purchase you're going to have a punch list of things that need to be addressed. You take care of those things in the order you feel fit.
  13. Yankee Troller

    10 meter Express vs Mid cabin

    Not a problem. If you have any other questions ask away.
  14. Yankee Troller

    10 meter Express vs Mid cabin

    I'll try to add to the list as I remember stuff. You're gonna get .5-.6 MPG at cruise with these boats. The hull on the 10 meters are fiberglass, but the caps are balsa cored. They are both great fishing platforms becasue of their wide beams. They tend to slide in a ditch troll due to a fairly flat hull in the back and no keel, but the beam makes it manageable. Express Pro Liner boat which means no stringers to rot Con Mid Cabin Pro Con Have been known to have stinger issues Sit higher off the water Prop shafts are shorter, motors are set further back, and the boat is slower than an Express
  15. Yankee Troller

    3 or 4 Downriggers

    I set mine up for 5. Not that I'd ever run 5, but it allows me to run 3 or 4. That being said I've never ran more than 3 on this boat. On smaller beam boats I think 2 is all that's really needed. Running multiple divers and junk lines can use up those rods.