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  1. RT @LOCDerby: https://t.co/JqiY4z2sWq https://t.co/IqWhK36HYx

  2. The best wire to get your divers deep is 7 strand American Fishing Wire (AFW) 30lb camo. It's diameter is a touch above most wire companies 20lb wire. You HAVE to be anal about handling it however. Out of the package it lays nice and straight, but once it's been used a few times it will want to coil (which leads to kinks) if you let the wire get loose. We've compared it to other 30lb wires on a Smart Troll and with other wires you need to let out 25' or more to achieve the same depth. Twili Tips help smooth out the transition where the wire enters/leaves the rod, and eliminates some resistance. Although it's not a must it will make the experience better. Most tolling reels that hold the same amount as a Daiwa Sealine 47 will take 1000' of wire with ease.
  3. Change of pace. We chased trophy #walleye this weekend. We put her back to grow! @FishUSA @CannonFishing @DaiwaUSA https://t.co/QXR1jxJ1n7

  4. JW.... We'd love to see pics of your success on Bay Rats. I'm actually heading to a few of the shops around there Monday. If you have pics please tag us on Facebook, or send them to us.
  5. Ya got to keep them separated.... (You know you sang that) @CannonFishing @DaiwaUSA https://t.co/zkNJ2iZuP8

  6. @HumminbirdFish #helix and @MinnKotaMotors #spotlock feature make #perch #fishing a breeze! https://t.co/okG1ddVMAk

  7. I think South Bay Bait and Tackle was going to get authorized. Might want to check there.
  8. The stock ducer will show your downrigger balls, and a thru hull will mark you downrigger balls. I run both. The Trojan has an Airmar B45 (B60 is a flush mount model), and my Lund has the MEGA transom mount ducer that came with my HELIX 12. If you buy the HB I can help you with some settings to tweak it for what we do.
  9. Thru Hull ducer is much better when looking for bait while on plane. You have multiple choices with a thru hull from Airmar. There are flush mount options like an Airmar (B60) and options that utilize a faring block like an Airmar (B45). Honestly, with the thru hull flush mount options out there if you're running a fiberglass boat you SHOULD BE running a thru hull. The only cons with a thru hull is understanding the Pythagorean theorem. For example my thru hull is 20' from the back of my boat. So, my downriggers actually show deeper than they really are on my fish finders. Should have never used 5200 for that. Like calk/seal, or 4200 is more than enough. I agree bait shows up at 20mph pretty good, but single fish? I'd like to see screen shots of that. At 20mph bait balls are 1/4 the size (or less) that they are trolling at 2-3mph, so that would hold true for fish. I don't understand how you can see fish at 20mph, but I'd love to learn what you're doing to see this.
  10. Yes, electronics will be a part of the school. Sent from my Pixel XL using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. If you ever build another pair for yourself I might be interested in a pair with an extra rod holder.
  12. I was in my Blue Lund out of Irondequoit Sunday morning. Went 2/4. Sent from my Pixel XL using Lake Ontario United mobile app