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  1. Same speeds as a regular flasher. Coho and Steelhead don't mind a little faster speed though.
  2. I forgot how great the action was on those NK C5's. I actually found them in a box a few weeks ago and put them on the boat.
  3. Been a great couple of weeks tourney fishing the West end mainly with a Coho/Steelhead program. We won the Niagara Pro Am, and had a great comeback this Sunday to sneak into the top 10 at the Orleans County Open. These baits were our rocks. We fished these on our Cannon Optimum downriggers in the top 60', wire divers on 3 settings from 35-60' out, and on FishUSA Stealthcore from 2-10 colors. Fishing ain't easy right now, but the Coho and Steelhead on the West end are plentiful at times. I heard a quote today from a buddy who fished with us this weekend. He quoted who he thinks is Michael Jordan. "You never lose. You just learn!" Tournament fishing is just that. The days your the bug are the days you pick something up and put it in your bag of tricks. I did that this weekend! When you're the windshield your don't take much away from it. But it's a good time, and a lot of fun! Niagara Pro Am: We put about 42 miles on the boat in practice and had a good pick most of the day on Coho and Steelhead. We ended up working the coldest surface water we found, and that had the best class of fish. Friday, we fished 50-51* water in 370-400'. Only 1 king bite all day. We boxed by 12:15. Took us 20 bites to box our 12 with short fish and dropped fish. Saturday, we were surprised to find that cold surface water still there with the wind that was blowing. Again, we finished our box by 12:15. On this day it took us 24 bites to get our box. We only had one short fish. We dropped a lot! We got very lucky and had 4 king bites. Orleans County Open: Saturday, we made some bad decisions and just kept pushing to find better water, or "the juice" as they say in Bass fishing. We put 52 miles on the ol' girl by the time we hit the pier heads at 2pm. We saw 70' of water, and we saw the Canadian shoreline. There were signs but we ignored them going for the gusto. Sunday, we settled in and had our 10 fish by 9am. We spent the rest of the day looking for matures. 7/8 rods loaded with Familiar Bite Pacific Herring and a Team Dreamweaver Rod Father mag generated 5 mature bites. We landed 1! Cracked off two rigs, and dropped the other two. We could have had the monster box but in the end it was a great time, with great friends, and we learned something. Ok, I'll end with this. Keep an eye on FishUSA's website. The Rod Father, a color we ran a lot in the past on Warrior blanks, will be a custom DW at FishUSA. The Coho and Steelhead LOVED the SS and DW the last two weeks, and the Kings chewed that mag all spring. The DW 6" spin doctors can all be found there as well. The flies were A-Tom-Mik Mfg. Coho flies in green/blue, green Crinkle, and hammer. Coho Spin Doctors Sent from my Pixel 5 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. The new Saltist is supposed to be released at iCast 2021 and ship in the Fall of 2021. The rep told me the company that made the linecounter for that reel stopped, or couldn't produce them anymore. Hence, the re-design. Take it for what it's worth, but I think the only gripe on that reel from people was the placement of it.
  5. CHIRP is not the best for trolling. Cone angles are half of what you get with traditional sonar.
  6. Hey buddy, go into settings and turn CHIRP off. You don't have a CHIRP transducer, and I'd hate to see you do damage to that transducer. CHIRP transducers typically have a cooling element in them. I found out the hard way. Also, make sure you turn Switchfire to max in the sonar settings and the transducer selected are either Humminbird 50/200 or Generic 50/200.
  7. > Weigh ins for all 3 days will be held at the Black North Point Breeze. Pro and Am teams need to be in line when the clock strikes 3pm each day. No exceptions to this rule. They have graciously donated to the event. Please enjoy some refreshing drinks during weigh in and feast on their tasty menu for dinner. > The captains meeting will take place about 3:30pm on Friday directly following the King of the Oak (KOTO) weigh in. Please have at least 1 member of your team there. > King of the Oak (KOTO) registrations can be found at Ernst's Lake Breeze Marina. They are collecting your entries. If you are in need of a dock, boat parts, or fuel they are there for you!
  8. Ya, I'm getting there too UNREEL.....
  9. The Wife and I gottum pretty good on Oneida this morning. Launched around 7am on the west end and started on a 20' flat without a nibble. Spot 2 was in 15' on a grass edge and it was GAME ON! Wife struck first with the biggest about 22" on a Perch blade bait. Then it was all about the size 7 jigging rap in Glow Perch. Smallest we took home was 19". Back to Lake Ontario until October when we'll start up our Oneida Lake Walleye charters. We can cast or troll for them. If you're interested please call to book now. Sent from my Pixel 5 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. I'd say they'll be fine, but tossing them in some fire brine wouldn't hurt.
  11. Bruce - He's "Chirpin" on high frequency, and that's why he has to have the gain so high. High Frequency isn't very powerful, nor does it have a great cone angle. The best transducers for what we do are still the traditional 50/200 Airmars. 200khz for when you're on plane, and 50khz for fishing. GillT - There are always fish down there no matter the time of year. Most of the time people only look at the top 100-150'. Salmon don't mind being down there while they are digesting. Deepest king we've caught this Spring was 250' down with a 20lb Shark weight.
  12. Registration deadline for this years event is Monday June 7th at midnight. This event is part of the US lake cup, so if you are fishing the Niagara Pro Am and Sodus Pro Am this is the third event in the series. You can register here: http://greatlakesspecialevents.com/orleansopen.html
  13. Appreciate the plug buddy. We're booked for the season at this point unless we run into any cancelations.
  14. Thrillseeker, Wet Net Charters, and Vision Quest would be some of the boats I'd shoot for.
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