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  1. PM sent
  2. I can help with this. We call the units you have the "core" series, which was replaced with HELIX.They are great units! If they are "linked" as you stated (technical term is networked) there should be an Ethernet cable between the two units. With the Core series you can't share maps like Navionics and Lakemaster between the two units. However, you can share waypoints. If you want to bring the boat down to the Genesee River boat launch I'd be happy to go through them with you, and fix any networking issues you're seeing.
  3. This #browntrout ate a mystery machine @BayRatLures short shallows today. https://t.co/9Lx6E1i5bk

  4. Can't beat that helix 5 Sent from my Pixel XL using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. I save the bags the Hammerheads come in, and just toss them back in when I'm done with them.
  6. 30s are fine if you don't go heavier than 25lb test. Sent from my Pixel XL using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. I've got Daiwa Saltist that are 10+ years old and they've need nothing! Drags are still butter smooth and everything is tight. Sent from my Pixel XL using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Looks like we better get moving on the #yankeetroller it'll be here before we know it! https://t.co/4DZzElNYNs

  9. Saltwater fish are AWESOME! Nice job!
  10. Short Shallow Rat Attack on #wisconsin #browntrout #stealhead and #salmon #bayratlures… https://t.co/MqLeQHJwOR

  11. Hello Rick- I would like to attend the event.


    Wally Sackett

    1. Yankee Troller

      Yankee Troller

      Any specific questions you may have?

  12. An RSVP would be appreciated
  13. Rochester Round Table (Open to the public) - March 7th - UPDATE Put this in your calendars folks! This is going to be fun and informational! We have some great local captains who will be sitting on the panel Tuesday, March 7th giving YOU an opportunity to blast them with questions about fishing the Monroe County area during the Spring and early Summer months. 1 question = 4 answers! When - Tuesday, March 7th @ 7pm Where - Irondequoit Fish and Game Club Your Panel: Captain Bruce Stenglein - Captain Bruce has been fishing the world class waters of Lake Ontario since 1977. Hooked Up Charters is based in Rochester, NY on the Genesee River. He has fished from the Niagara River to the mighty St. Lawrence River. The Genesee River in Rochester, NY is the home port for Hooked Up Charters. Captain Jeremy Sage - Captain Jeremy has experience fishing from Oswego to the Niagara River. He's won professional tournaments, and ALWAYS seems to catch the big fish at the annual Rochester charity event held in early May. Although his "home port" is Oak Orchard he does spend his Spring in Rochester. Captain Jerry Snyder - Captain Jerry fishes a touch East of Rochester in the Spring, but he has a very different approach to targeting fish this time of year. I think many will be surprised at his techniques targeting shoreline Brown Trout. Captain #4 TBA Please PM me any questions you may have. I will be moderating the panel. I'd like to have a list of questions ahead of time, and then we can open it up to Q&A.
  14. Yes I do. One of them looks to be fairly new, and the other looks to have had some use. They belong to a friend. They are in good shape.