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  1. Not saying it won't work, but IMHO there are better transducers for our application.
  2. No, on the shoreline you'll find BT, Coho, and drop back steelies. That 20-40' is where you would concentrate looking for Salmon. If you slide out deeper than 40' you're going to get mostly into Lake Trout, but you will find Salmon mixed in with them. Typically, you mark that waypoint and work it when you get bit by a Salmon. You might go through 40 Lake Trout until you get one Salmon bite though.
  3. My opinion would be to NOT go with a CHIRP transducer, but to go with a dual frequency traditional sonar transducer if you're using this for trolling. When you go with a CHIRP transducer you get narrower cone angles. The best you will see with the T165HW is 30*. With a P66 you get 45* on 50khz (best to fish on) and 20* on 200khz (best when heading out looking for bait). If you have a fiberglass boat Airmar's B60 is the way to go to give you better pictures on plane. If you need any more info, or are looking to purchase the transducer let me know I can help you with that.
  4. It's weather dependent, but if going that early you better look from the Welland Canal to Jordan Harbor and stay somewhat skinny 30' or less. April kings love bright sticks. We've done really well on these - Bay Rat X Long Deep in Can't Afford it, Cracked sea Coral, Frog, and My Secret to name a few. If you slide deeper your catch will be mostly Lake Trout until you find a pod of Kings. If you want BT, Coho, and Steel you may be better doing the shoreline thing.
  5. It's not "bad" technology. Generally, you sacrifice cone angle when using CHIRP. Airmar's best CHIRP cone is 30* on a transom mount transducer. Yes, with higher frequencies you get better detail, but nothing beats my 50khz for trolling.
  6. No problem I sell and install all of these options. Let me know if you want some prices.
  7. So there are options: First would be a mechanical AP unit. Cheapest is probably Si-Tex and most expensive would be Garmin. We've installed both. With Rack and pinion steering you will need a new steering cable. These use a drive that replaces your current helm. You'd tie the engines together with a tiebar. The nice thing with this set-up is both engines can utilize the AP. Second option is to put an electric AP on your kicker. Garmin makes a nice one. With this solution the kicker is the only engine with AP.
  8. All Humminbird units now come with dual spectrum CHIRP transducers or a High Wide CHIRP frequency. You have to remember these units are made for in-land lakes (Bass/Walleye/Panfish fishing). CHIRP is not desirable for trolling applications in my opinion, but it is when bottom fishing or jigging. Typically CHIRP offers smaller cone angles, prettier pictures, and better target separation. Any Humminbirds I sell to Great Lakes trollers I suggest going with one of the following Airmar transducers - B60, B45, P66. These transducers offer a 45* (50khz) cone and a 19* (200khz) cone. We use the 50 for fishing and the 200 for running out in the morning looking for bait and fish. If you have any other questions feel free to ask here or PM me. I am one of the largest dealers/installers on Lake Ontario. I've run most Humminbirds on my charter boats for 15yrs+.
  9. I am one of the largest marine electronics dealer/installers on Lake Ontario's South shore I will put my $.02 in. In order to sell most companies high end stuff dealers have to sign a re-sellers agreement not to advertise below Manufacturers Advertised Pricing (MAP). More and more electronics companies have gone to this. This gives the brick and mortar vs the internet dealer the same shot at business in my opinion and puts everyone on the same playing field. Mark up on these electronics is HORRIBLE as it is. That being said with our install business at the marina we sometimes can discount items since we have the service business to go with the sale of the product. I can also go to a trade show, like the Niagara Outdoor Expo, and sell for whatever I want there as long as I don't advertise it. We had over $200,000 in product (cost not retail) that we were bringing to that show. I still have a lot of that product on an order, which most has been tough to get your hands on. If anyone's interested I will have that order sometime in mid February. To the original posters comment if it was illegal I would think these big companies legal teams would not let them do it, but everyone of them do it. It's been this way for many years. Also, if you PM me and tell me what you want I can see what I can do for you.
  10. If you're fishing Canadian water mid to late April fish it like you would Walleye back home with deep sticks in less than 30' of water. You can also go out deep and use the traditional Summer methods too at time.
  11. Do you know what kind of steering you have? If you have hydraulic there are many options.
  12. Fish Hawk is definitely more sensitive after running them side by side the last two seasons. Now that we run both I don't see myself going back to one. Generally, Moor is .5mph slower, but it can be more or less than that at times. Also, you have to remember that both are generally not at the same depth, and on my boat one is running coated cable and the other is on 150lb braid, which affects probe angle.
  13. I was a vendor again this year, and the guy running the show e-mailed me about it two days ago. It's canceled. That being said I have a brand new and fully rigged (for Great Lakes fishing) Starcraft Fishmaster 196 that was going to be my back-drop in the booth to promote our electronics sale/install business at Krenzer Marine. If interested the boat is rigged with the following: Minn Kota Terrova trolling motor w/iPilot Humminbird 12" SOLIX with Lakemaster maps Fish Hawk X4D Cannon Optimum Downriggers and Dual Axis Rod Holders Yamaha 9.9 Kicker w/ Controls Minn Kota on-board battery chargers I also put in an order for $200,000 in marine electronics that were going to be available for sale at the show. These electronics are below and can still be purchased through me. I can drop ship to you or you can bring your boat to Krenzer Marine for the install. If interested shoot me a message on here. Humminbird Sonar/GPS units Airmar transducers Garmin ECHOMAP series Garmin GPSMAP series Cannon dual axis rod holders Cannon Mag10/Optimum downriggers Minn Kota Power Drive/Terrova trolling motors Garmin PS30 transducers (Panoptix) Fish Hawk SnT units Lakemaster chart cards for Lake Ontario and Lake Erie Yamaha kicker engines Scanstrut ROKK wireless phone chargers Minn Kota battery chargers
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