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  1. Yankee Troller

    Is it too late to book a July charter?

    I appreciate the plug. Sounds as if he wants Sodus, but genEus if you change your mind and want to come West I have some weekdays available.
  2. Bracket meeting will be Thursday evening June 7th at Boone & Crocketts Riverside Cafe located on the Ernst's Lake Breeze Marina property. The meeting will start at 7pm. There will be $100 and $250 brackets. Each bracket requires 8 teams. King of the Oak #1 will be held on Saturday June 9th. If you are in the Orleans County Open You will weigh your biggest 3 fish first at weigh in. If you are not in the OCO you need to be in line to weigh no later than 3pm. This will be the only weigh in at the Black North Inn. The remainder of the KOTO events will be at Ernst's Lake Breeze Marina.
  3. Deadline to enter is 5pm TODAY! http://greatlakesspecialevents.com/orleansopen.html
  4. Yankee Troller

    A shout out to the Yankee Troller!

    No Problem! Happy to help. I run shorter leaders than what you described. Usually, 5-6' leaders. I clear the counter with the diver a foot from the tip of the rod. Then run them 10' out in 10' of water. Or 5' out in 5' of water. I match the line out to depth of water I'm in. They get a 2:1 dive curve out that short.
  5. Yankee Troller


    Jordan Harbor to Grimsby is loaded if you're mobile.
  6. Yankee Troller

    Where to buy gear

    FishUSA is almost a local place, but they run sales EVERY day! It's addicting going to their website every morning to see what is going to be on special.
  7. I think a lot of people mistaken Gizzard Shad for Alewife. If you're catching these Browns around bays, ponds, or rivers they are probably Gizzard Shad this time of year. I had a Brown Trout puke up a Smelt this weekend and a Goby. You can go to the Tweets page to see the pic. Most of their diet right now is Gizzard Shad and Goby though from what I've been seeing.
  8. Yankee Troller

    Setting up Otter boards

    I run 9" form the knot to the front hole, and 11" from the knot to the back hole. If you're pulling big coppers these two tricks can help. Drill a hole 3/4" -1" under the original holes where the rope goes into the board. Add another keel with a half weight.
  9. 37 degrees, so this was totally unexpected.
  10. Days don't get much better than today when you're Brown Trout fishing on Lake Ontario! Many Browns came to the net today, and we went 1/2 on King Salmon. We took our biggest Brown Trout of the season today at 12.5lbs and the Salmon we landed was 15lbs. These guys from West Virginia were floored by the fishery they were shown today! Once we had our share of Brown Trout in 10' of water we slid out to 15-30' of water and found a bigger class of Brown Trout. That was cool enough for me, but when we hooked two Salmon in that water we weren't leaving it! Today's program was Bay Rat Lures Short Shallows back 100' in Can't Afford It, My Secret, BT Candy, Ayu, Yankee Troller, Citric Shad, and Ridin Dirty. Our Fishing - Chinook Diver-Stainless Steel Troll Fishing Divers were going out 10-20' back with Mulloto, Yellow Tail, Glow Frog, and Green Shorts. Our Cannon downriggers took both King bites down 20-25' fishing a Sea Sick Waddler and a Green Shorts spoon fished 50' back. FishUSA | EGO Fishing - Designed for the Savvy Angler | Daiwa Corporation - USA | McCoy Fishing Line | Humminbird
  11. Yankee Troller

    Genesee River Pen Project - Weekend Feeders Needed

    Thank you
  12. The Genesee Charter Boat Association is responsible for the Salmon/Steelhead pen project in Rochester. The fish are currently in the pens and we are in need of people to help feed them. We have weekdays covered for the most part, but we are in need of weekend volunteers. If you can help please contact Randy Calus @ 585-739-0569
  13. Yankee Troller

    losing lake trout

    I don't see the problem here? This is a bad thing?