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  1. Yankee Troller

    High speed reels for leadcore

    I've run Daiwa Saltist for about a decade. The Seagates have been out for a few years. My Saltist are BULLETPROOF, but I've had levelwind issues with most of my Seagates. I recommend high speed reels for rigger rods, divers, leadcores, and short coppers. However, I am not a fan of high speed retrieves on long coppers. The high speed retrieve is a trade off for loss of torque.
  2. Yankee Troller

    Best time for fishing

    I don't mind teaching/helping out. https://crazyyankeesportfishing.com/charter-rates
  3. Yankee Troller


    Look into Si-Tex. They make an autopilot for cable steer.
  4. Yankee Troller

    Best time for fishing

    If you want good "eating fish" then May in Niagara County or July in Orleans County would be my choices for you. If you want a chance at a big fish the East end in August/September is where you want to be. However, those fish are beginning the end of their lives. Meat starts getting pale in color. It's not bad, but not the stuff we get up West most of the season.
  5. The new manager of the Altmar hatchery was a client of mine for a few years. He took me on a tour of the hatchery this past Spring, and showed me the complete process. I believer your claim is false. They do not selectively harvest medium fish to breed over big dogs. That being said they also don't toss away smaller Salmon. They take what they get and use it. The thing that I admired the most about the Altmar hatchery is what they are able to accomplish with what little they have, and what little the state gives them. Those hatchery guys are ROCK STARS, and responsible for what we have. I'd make a bet that the biggest fish are targeted and yanked out of the Salmon River before they even make it to the hatchery. Bigger fish are easier to see, and the crowd fishing that river is very good at dragging fish out of there. A few of us have asked about "experimenting" by breeding larger fish together to see what could come of it. The state continues to say there is no science that supports it will work.
  6. Yankee Troller

    Brown trout rod and reels

    Fat Nancy's has a nice 9' rod that quite a few guys are running. I believe they have M and ML. We have the ML, and it makes fighting Spring BT a ton of fun! As for a reel the Daiwa Accudepth or Sealine is more than enough in the 27 size. When you go in there ask for Dave and let him know you want to see the BT rods we're running. He'll know which ones.
  7. A better understanding why our Salmon are maturing earlier than they used to, and what would it take to get back to seeing more 4yr olds.
  8. Bump.....buyer backed out for two of these.
  9. GL862MF-WL M F 8'6" 2 12 - 30 – 9
  10. I understand. If I hear someone looking for one I'll be in contact.
  11. I put the link to the specific rigger in the original post. These are Cannon's flagship rigger with functions to control speed and pre-set depths. I would rather not split up the 3 unless you could find someone to buy the 3rd.
  12. I've got 2 Daiwa Great Lakes I'd part with for $150 with very light use on them.
  13. I know of a 32' Pro-Line going up for sale with twin 250 Verado's if that's of any interest.
  14. These have one seasons worth of use on them (April-September 2018). See below for items that were used/not used on these downriggers. Price is $1,800 for two. References are available for the previous 3 seasons downriggers if you need that. We put a fresh set on the boat each Spring becasue we want to. Not becasue we need to. If you have any questions you can PM or call me 585-704-7996. Things used out of the box: Downrigger Body Boom Pulley Things NOT used out of the box: Downrigger Spool/Cable Base Swivel Base Releases Rod Holders Power cord http://store.cannondownriggers.com/products/390763/Digi-Troll_10
  15. That's awesome Chad! Nice work as usual.