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  1. The Amish BEEFY bags last a loooooong time. That's what we use.
  2. Correct, it's a 1993 Tiara 3600 Open. It's powered by a pair of Crusader 502XL engines. Beam is similar to the Trojan in the 13' range.
  3. What type of steering is in the boat? I'm assuming cable?
  4. Do you run a kicker? We install mechanical AP's often enough. I can help you with a bill of materials, and even drop ship those items to you.
  5. These came with a boat we purchased. There are (4) sets of doubles and (3) singles. $900 P/U or buyer pays for shipping.
  6. This unit is currently on the boat we purchased and will be coming off sometime this month. It's currently hooked to a 1kw thru-hull that I'm sure I can't save. I can help you with a transducer for this unit through the marina. This unit needs to be flush mounted unless you can find a gimbal mount for it. - $500 P/U or buyer pays shipping
  7. These items are currently on the boat we purchased and will be coming off by the end of September. The Rayamarine C 80 has a chart card in it for the Great Lakes. The radar spins up and works. - $1500 P/U only
  8. We're excited to announce we received our "new to us" boat this weekend. We chose to go a little newer and bigger. We're excited to rig this 36' Tiara Open over the Winter.
  9. It's quick. I don't have the time to sit and watch it charge, but an hour on the charger is all it needs after a day of fishing.
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