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  1. Yankee Troller

    $2,000 limit graph

    Get a Hummibird HELIX and pair it with an Airmar transducer. I'll put that combo up against anything. Check out my post at the end of this thread.
  2. Yankee Troller

    What fishfinders does everyone run ?

    Humminbird! Been running them for 10 years, and 5/6 before I signed on with them. You can't beat the value in the HELIX series. Look at the first pic below. I'm marking cannonballs down 100 and 200' down, and if you look closely below them you'll see my flashers. The second pic speaks for itself. This is a non CHIRP Airmar transducer I've been running for years with my birds.
  3. Yankee Troller

    oak vs sodus vs oswego?

    When you're drunk there every weekend, loud, and obnoxious people get annoyed. Some day he'll find a port that can handle him. So far he's 0 for 2.
  4. Yankee Troller

    oak vs sodus vs oswego?

    The Oak is probably the most consistent port on the Lake from April-October. I hear it's a lot more friendly port too.
  5. Yankee Troller

    Rescue off oak orchard !?

    You're wrong. I'm aggravated that wreckless behavior took someones life. I watched the wife get out of the cop car and proceed to cry and scream when they told her the bad news. That was heart breaking, and when I found out whos boat it was I just shook my head given my earlier encounter with him.
  6. If you have a late 90's Garmin and are looking for the Lake Ontario chart I came across one. $100 shipped
  7. Yankee Troller

    Rescue off oak orchard !?

    Yup, I am defending his response. I know this becasue I saw what this guy fished in a week prior as he bragged about being out there. Stupidity and arrogance got someone killed this weekend, but you guys keep defending the boat owner. You guys sound like those libtards who get butt hurt over everything. For Christ sakes this guys poor judgement cost someone their life!
  8. Yankee Troller

    Rescue off oak orchard !?

    In Paul's s defense this guy is wreckless! A week ago we had a NE blow. Most guys cancelled their charters. I was out fishing the inside (100-140') in 3-5' waves. We got our dozen and decided to clean fish in the Creek because it was snotty out there, and getting worse. While I'm cleaning fish this guy passes me and brags about fishing the 31N line that morning. Mind you.... He was in an open bow Tracker fishing boat by himself. A week later this happens.....
  9. Yankee Troller

    Fishfinder advise

    Both are great options. PM me if you have any questions or need a quote on a unit.
  10. Yankee Troller

    Fishfinder advise

    I can get you a 7" Humminbird HELIX at Krenzer Marine. MSRP on that unit is $449. If you don't live near here I can drop ship it to you. If you do live near we can install it if you don't feel as if you can.
  11. Yankee Troller

    Lake Master card

    Lakemaster NorthEast card.
  12. Yankee Troller

    Where are all the 20lb Steelhead we used to see

    You're wrong.....the state doesn't need these people and their lack of ethics. As King Davy explained there are a lot of people with money that would take their place if they were gone. I have fished a trib once each year for the last 3 seasons. Prior to that I fished them every Saturday/Sunday between Oct 1 and ice fishing season. I just can't stand to see the shyt that goes on in our tribs anymore. I personally don't care about the businesses who promote this either. Selling shark rods and 1/0 hooks in Pulaski is just adding to it.
  13. Yankee Troller

    What size weights are you guys running

    15lb Torpedo or Shark weights are what we use 85% of the time. We will sometimes run 20lb sharks.
  14. Yankee Troller

    Where are all the 20lb Steelhead we used to see

    This stream/lake thing needs to stop. We have one hell of a fishery on both sides. If we could team up together and combat this "salmon season" that happens September/October in the tribs with more law enforcement and indictments we'd all win. I know there are a lot of small businesses, especially up East, that thrive on these two months of business. However, the truth is they are just grabbing money and allowing/encouraging unethical behaviors.