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  1. Auto-Stop Riggers with braid

    On the older Cannon Mag 10's we used to run 12lb weights all the time. Are you sure they are rated for 10lbs max?
  2. SOL Question

    My problem stemmed from my customers walking off the dock with their limit of Chinook/Coho this past September. They were stopped at the end of the dock by a "new guy" and after he saw the fillets he came down to my boat looking for the carcasses. I told him I cleaned the fish on the Lake. He proceeded to tell me you can't do that. Walked to his truck to write me a ticket. I went over and explained to him I could provide a picture of every fish that went into those bags that had a time stamp on it. I also asked to see the regulation. In the regs it states you need to have Atlantic and Lake Trout carcasses to accompany the fillets. This is to allow a DEC officer to make sure "unders" aren't kept. My argument was these were Pacific Salmon and were not subject to those regs. I leave the skin on all my fillets, so they were identifiable. However, I chunked them up as 20+ lb Salmon fillets don't fit well in a 1gl zip-lock whole. I guess my other question is.....when can the separation of carcass and fillet happen? Can clients get stopped on the way home with just fillets and be ticketed? There is no clear answer.
  3. Daiwa Saltist

    I'd move your 40's over to your riggers,and put 30's on the divers. Add a little backing on a 30 and 1000' of of 30lb wire fits nicely. 40 has too much line capacity for a diver in my opinion. As far as the gear ratio the 30 is 6.1:1 and the 40 is 6.3:1. It's not THAT big of a difference. However, the 40 has a nice line capacity for when you need larger diameter lines for flea season.
  4. Mason Lead Core

    I've had mixed emotions on the Mason stuff over the years. Sometimes the lead was hard to get out of the sheath, and I had some issues with it breaking. I loved the Suffix Leadcore, but it was so damn brightly colored. However, it was easy to work with, and I can't recall it ever breaking. Last 4-5 years I've been running Stealthcore (made by Woodstock and available at FishUSA) and it's been just as good as the Suffix core. However, it alternates red/black which are the first two colors to disappear in the water column. Does it matter? I don't know, but I'm happy with it.
  5. SOL Question

    I was not happy with the answer I was given, and I hope to bring this up with the Region 8 manager in the near future. I run my business on the weekend, which limits the days I have available to run charters. This is the reason why I run so many doubles on the weekends. Over time I've realized to do this I have had to operate charters on a dock to dock time frame. My hours of operation are 6am-2pm and 4pm-8pm. I have 2 hours in between charters to clean the boat, re-tie rods, grab lunch, and shoot the bull with the guys out that morning while I formulate a game plan for the afternoon. Therefore, cleaning fish on the lake is a necessity given the way I run my business. Also, cleaning fish on land attracts bees, which I'm a wuss when they are present, and requires you to burn fuel to bring the carcass back out to the legal dumping grounds. The BEST reason for not cleaning fish on land is to keep friends! We aren't the hero every day. You have good days and bad days. If clients walk off the fleet's boats with coolers in hand no one ever knows what boat was top dog each day. This helps the fleet stay friendly and doesn't hurt people's business who had a bad day. I just wanted an answer from someone so I'm doing the right thing. I was more or less harassed by an inexperienced officer looking to write a ticket that day. How do I know this? After he had to void my ticket he went over to the gas dock at Shumway and wrote a guy a ticket for the expired registration on his boat. Then he proceeded to write that guys lady friend (who happened to be in a string bikini) a ticket for indecent exposure. #truestory I don't fish out of the Port of Rochester (especially the West side), but if I did I can guarantee you I'd be cleaning fish at the dock! It would 100% get someone extra charters.
  6. Today was a much better day. Turns out we prematurely left yesterday when all we needed to do was to go a few miles further East. Today we took a couple chunks. Surface temps are warming up. We fished in 37-38 degree water. A week ago that was 34-35. A white spoon left onboard by Casey Prisco was the man on the Fishing - Chinook Diver-Stainless Steel Troll Fishing Divers. He won't be getting that back! The rest of the action was all Bay Rat Lures behind Off Shore Tackle Company OR-12 in-line boards. Our best sticks were Moldy Candy Corn, Green Frog, Red w/ Black Squiggles, and a custom that Rob Westcott had painted up.
  7. Nice! Sent from my Pixel XL using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. out of i-bay 2/27

    Nice! Tough day for sure.
  9. Toughest day of the year, but we managed a hand full. Couple nice ones too! Finding the right color was crucial, and we ran quite a bit to find it. When we found it the bites came. It was half downriggers/divers and half flat lines for us. Team Dreamweaver Chilly Willy and Caramel Dolphin Super Slims took our best fish on our Cannon downriggers and Fishing - Chinook Diver-Stainless Steel Troll Fishing Divers. Bay Rat Lures that went were Black Flash, Mustard, and a new custom we we're testing behind Off Shore Tackle Company in-line planer boards. Only two fish we're picture worthy. Tomorrow's another day.....
  10. Wanted Set of Planer Reels

    If one wasn't broken I might entertain those. Thank you.
  11. If anyone has a set of planer reels laying around I might be interested if the price is right.
  12. They are nice when you are running different sections of core or snap weights. For Brown Trout fishing we're seeing more tangles than we'd like. Gonna try to tweak some things this week to try to avoid tangles. FOr snap weights I love them.