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  1. Yankee Troller

    Is Sodus launch clear?

    Launch by the old Coast Guard dock is open. Most of the bay is still frozen.
  2. Yankee Troller

    What pound test do you use for walleye trolling

    Not a problem. My experience is McCoy runs a little thicker than most companies. Just remember if you're pulling plugs the bigger the diameter the less dive depth you're gonna get. Good luck this season! You guys have some hammers up there. do what you can to protect those big girls.
  3. Yankee Troller

    What pound test do you use for walleye trolling

    I don't do much, but every Fall I fish BOQ for a few weekends. A few of my buddies up there love braid. It gets your plugs deeper for sure. I, however, run 10lb McCoy Mean Green/10lb McCoy Fluoro 100. I only pull deep divers with anywhere from .5-5oz of weight behind Offshore OR12 In-line boards. Never had an issue or a break off.
  4. Yankee Troller

    Driftboat Trip - salmon river?

    Two really good guys are: Captain Tom Burke - Cold Steel Sportfishing Captain Andy Bliss - Chasin Tail Adventures
  5. Yankee Troller

    Two fish finders

    With multiple transducers you will run into crosstalk (interference). If you have the same brand, and they are networkable, then share data like sonar and waypoints via a network.
  6. Yankee Troller

    500 copper reel?

    Shimano Tekota 800 is your best option.
  7. Yankee Troller

    Which inline planners

    Offshore OR12s are a great choice. I run 6 of them on my Lund for Spring BT.
  8. Yankee Troller


    Says it works with Outboards, Stern drives, and in-boards in the product manual. We've never installed one at Krenzer Marine, but at the electronic shows we're told it's a good option for cable steer boats.
  9. Yankee Troller


    The cable driven auto-pilot?
  10. It looks like they sold today. Again, I appreciate the interest.
  11. LOL.....I wouldn't even know where to begin! In today's world we live in I'm more concerned with a scam than anything else. I'm not trying to offend you, so I hope you don't take it that way.