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  1. Got him out finally. Definitely thought he was older then what he is but still hard for me tell! Happy to have him and at a loss with my 2017 buck tags gone.
  2. Yup she was hot BBD!
  3. 15 mins ago had 2 doe came through with a 2yr old trail ing them. Since then 2 more 1st racks have come through not on her trail. She must be hot, just need a big one to do the same thing
  4. Supper excited to night! Finally talked me kid into to come and sit with me! He's not happy about the fact that it's big boys only tonight but he's here and that's all that matters.
  5. Wow congrats to both of you! That deer is what dream are made of! Took this morning off and decided to duck hunt. Decent shoot to this point.
  6. Congrats, only a 1st rack and button buck so far.
  7. I too have the Mossburg 500 with rifled barrel. But that hasn't seen the woods since I bought my CVA Accura V2! Love that gun more then any! Since my land literally is on the wrong side road no rifles allowed! The Muzzleloader hunting has definitely made me a better deer killer also, slowes you down and makes you take only perfect shot. Zero back up, closest you can get to bow hunting situations with a gun. Good luck every one tomarrow, shoot straight and knock em stiff!
  8. Good luck to all on stand today! I'd have to say conditions wise this is by far the best day of our season! If you can, I would sit ALL day!
  9. Ended getting them at Genessee Valley thanks to a friend! Thanks!
  10. Anyone know where I can get Barnes Muzzleloader bullets in the Rochester area? I've called just about everywhere and no one seems to cary them anymore!
  11. November 15th (today) is typically the day that most doe will be bread ( + or -) a day. So yes being extremely close to that bedroom is key! Once the mature bucks get off those first does it the action will pick back up again for a day or two.
  12. Tick tick tick........ good luck to everyone on guard! Crunch time before mayhem is upon us!