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  1. Very cool and congrats on the successful youth hunts would have loved to do it but we have been busy trying to get a deer killed for my son. What breed is Hank? Sent from my SM-A716U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Well today was a special one! Was able to Finally meet up with Bradon aka Steelie here on LOU and put our boys together. If it hasn't for this man I would not have the dog I do , and it means alot. He told me how special these dogs are and he most definitely wasn't worng. Today Blaze showed up pointing and retrieving birds like these guys are bread to do. Gunnar payed lots of attention, and by the end of the day followed suit. FINALLY Retrieved 2 fresh birds to hand and we just missed our glory camera shot with both dogs locked on point on the same bird side by side of each other on the last bird of the day!! Was truly awsome! Can't wait to do it again brother and man watching these dogs work is truly special! Now on to trying to get the kids on some deer this week old. Sent from my SM-A716U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Crazy to hear!! Desperately hope it doesn't advance through out the state! Feel you're pain brother!
  4. Hell of a deer Joe! Room looks good! Sent from my SM-A716U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Sounds like a great time! I'm just getting into this bird dog game and I am absolutely hooked! Nothing like watching all the hard work come together. We did Pheasants last weekend and hopefully some more this weekend after I take my 12 year old on his first duck hunt! Fingers cross the dog retrieves both my sons and his first bird at the same time...... can it get any better then that? Actually possibly when my son shoots his first deer and the dog tracks it!
  6. So we were fortunate enough to be able and go back Sunday afternoon to put Gunnar on some more birds. Much tougher conditions then Saturday morning. Warm, windy, and very dry. He was able to put up one out of for birds. With the grass and brush much dryer his face and around his eyes got pretty torn up! Is there anything you guys do to help them from getting to beat up? Thinking about getting him a skid plate for his belly.
  7. Me and Gunnar finally did our first hunt together this morning and I will never forget it! Truly awsome! He did amazing for his first time, I couldn't be happier and can't wait to do it again very soon!
  8. I'm sure the dog doesn't care that they are easy either! Great pics and beautiful pup! Man I can't wait to get rolling.
  9. Anyone ever have luck with Woodcock here in NY? They seem to be the perfect wild bird for a pointer since they hold tight and don't go to far when flushed. No need to give up your spots but just curious if the migration hits certain areas better than others.
  10. I currently have a pen made for birds, got my hands on some launchers, and just finishing up 3 pigeon traps so I can get my hands on some live birds. We are scheduled to put him on some Pheasants this weekend! Can't wait. My first real hunting dog and I'm already wishing I didn't wait till now, he has taught me more already then I will probably ever have the chance to teach him. Crazy how much a dog can change you!
  11. So it's been along time since ive posted, but as we all know it's almost that time! Gunnar as over achieved more then I could have ever expected for just turning 8 months. He is a machine when hunting and turns it off like a switch once told to. He retrieves great on land and in the water, he has great steadiness, hunts hard for upland (haven't been able to expose any live birds to point) but points everything in the yard, tacking deer like a pro (pretty easy tracks), very obedient....... so on and so on. My question is I know a lot of guys will not hunt their dog it's first season. Why? We have worked so hard to get to this point, but want to make sure I do the right thing. My sons first year to hunt as well so lots of memories to made for sure! So, would you or would you not hunt your dogs it's first season???
  12. So I just re read what I wrote!!! And I'm not sure what happened! But I meant to write I'm NOT entirely on board with the September season!!!
  13. Although, I'm entirely on board with the September gun season. Lots of fawns still with mom and guns before bow is really going to stir $h!+ up!
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