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  1. I'm currently all set guys. Thanks for the the help!
  2. I'm looking for a low profile cannon swivel base if anyone has one to sell. Thanks Matt
  3. JakeyBaby

    Chamount bay walleye

    Great stuff Joe!
  4. JakeyBaby

    Turkey 2018

    Congrats Billy and Tommy!
  5. JakeyBaby

    Tagged out with big bird

    That's awsome congrats!
  6. JakeyBaby

    Turkey 2018

    Congrats to everyone who put tags on birds through the first Leg! I was finally able to get back out Saturday morning and had one going right off the bat. Never was able to get on him first thing but stuck close to him and finally put my eyes on him at 7 o'clock. He was huge to say the least, but had to hens with him and was not able to pull him off them. Sunday I went back to the same location and had gobbling on the roost again. Only difference was, I had to cover a lot more ground to get close. Once I set up roughly 100 yards from the gobbling I gave a few yelps and he answered instantly. Short while later I heard him fly down and he continued to gobble like crazy and before I knew it he was 25 yards all alone and love sick. Nice LB right in my lap and for some reason I decided to let him walk!??[emoji848] Not sure why but I just did....... back at this weekend and can't wait!
  7. JakeyBaby

    Turkey 2018

    Absolutely awsome! Congrats! Congrats to you too Steelie!
  8. JakeyBaby

    Turkey 2018

    First opening day gobbler! Stoned him at 30 yards at 8:15! Nothing like gobbling in the hardwoods.
  9. JakeyBaby

    Turkey 2018

  10. JakeyBaby

    Turkey 2018

    I will definitely be packing bow and gun tomarrow! Set a blind up where they like to strut late morning to try a take one with the bow if I can't get on one earlier with the gun. Can't wait!
  11. JakeyBaby

    Turkey 2018

    Can't wait till the morning!! Good luck with the youngsters tomarrow!
  12. JakeyBaby

    Shed Hunting 2018

    My son found his first shed today! 3 years old and he has put some miles on and loves it!
  13. JakeyBaby

    Shed Hunting 2018

    Great find! Congrats
  14. JakeyBaby

    Shed Hunting 2018

    Great job! Hopefully get out again in an hour or so. Very very little luck for me as of late!
  15. JakeyBaby

    Shed Hunting 2018

    That's awsome!