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  1. Thanks for the info guys! !
  2. Wow that's a true Bruin!
  3. Just purchased a Blackhorn 209 breach plug for my Muzzleloader, can't find anywhere local that actually sells the Balckhorn...... and ordering online they want to charge a fortune to send it out. Anyone know where I can find some?
  4. Spent all day in the woods yesterday checking some of the stands and mowing / clearing all the trails. When I got to one of my stands I discovered the whole tree is covered in poison!! Not sure what to do at this point...... any ideas on how to really kill this since I'm not able to reach the stand to even remove it with out getting it all over me!
  5. If you look close there is a 2.5 yr old buck on the edge of the plot watching this coyote.
  6. Did you just cut the existing strap off the stand and replace with these?
  7. Yup! They should all be hard horned by the end of the week
  8. Wow!!! That's all I got!! I don't even want to know what the price tag is! No doubt that would be a trip of a lifetime!! Very jealous!
  9. Wanted

    What model did you get? Can you add a handle to the 4ft one do you know?
  10. I'm locked in for the season!!! I have hadn't 4 cameras running for the last month or so and have 6 more to deploy! Only one decent 3 yr old so far and lots of first rack bucks with a ton of does with multiple fawns. Plots are all doing great and with this mornings rain my turnips should really start taking off! Can't wait for the middle -end of October to hit!
  11. Not sure, but my yard I'd like walking on marbles with them and that same goes for my hunting property. Lots and lots of them. Last year on the other hand was non existent.
  12. Wow awsome fish! A few Alwives away from 40 lbs!
  13. Wanted

    Yes I have been waiting to hear back from them also! Been weeks since I contacted them! If anyone knows where to find them help us out!
  14. That's awsome! Very jealous of how you are able to travel every year with your kids to hunt!
  15. That's a heck of and 8 point! His spread will make up for his brows.