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  1. 1 week from tomorrow. ..... .
  2. Was wondering what happened to you!
  3. So it looks like more people are leaning towards the butt ends rather than the actual belt. I'm just wondering if the belt will help a little more with rod control sine the butt of she rod is secured in the pocket? Or does that not really make a difference?
  4. Boat runs great and I love it, still needs attention in bad areas that hopefully will get worked on after the season. Hope the Chris Craft has been as good to you as it was for me!!
  5. Looking to buy a youth fighting belt as it seems like I'm fishing with kids more now then anyone else. Lookin for recommendations for a belt that works good for helping kids handle the rod easier. Thanks
  6. Somehow posted in wrong forum..... https://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/index.php?/topic/66498-Finally-got-out-again!
  7. With my son's baseball season coming to an end on Sunday we finally had a chance to hit the Lake after a long break from it. Only fished for about 2 hrs. The bite was pretty slow for us but managed 2 kings and a laker. Great time watching my son fight his first dipsy King!! Hopefully be pounding the water hard the next couple weeks!
  8. 2 weeks from today!
  9. Soooo...... is there any standings from the first leg to see where everyone placed?
  10. Had the same thing happen a few years ago! Once we brought the pole in after we thought she was gone, set it back in the rod holder since the dipsy never tripped and 30 sec later caught the biggest King of the day to help us win the Sandy Creek Shootout!! I'll take luck any day of the week!
  11. The 2017 Sandy Creek Shootout Big Fish Friday event will be held on Friday July 28th! Every year we are seeing more and more boats compete and lets make this year the biggest we have seen to date! This is a $50.00 CASH ONLY event and the monies must be in my hand no later then 8pm Thursday July 27th! Big Fish Friday you will only weigh ONE fish which may be either Trout or Salmon and we will be paying out the top 5 fish. Payouts are based on number of boats entered and will be announced Thursday July 27th shortly after 8pm. For Friday you may leave from any port just like the Shootout due to high water and lack of docking. Weigh ins will held at East Fork Pro Marine and begin at 2:00pm and must be in line by 3:00 pm or your catch will be DQ'd! Do not forget to bring your registration sheet in Friday also, it can be found on Legacy's page for the Shootout announcement and i will get it up on this one also. More info to come I'm sure in the near future but wanted to get this out there so word can spread to make this another exciting weekend of fishing. Any questions feel free to ask, PM, or call me at (585-355-1509). Thanks Matt Entry Form for Big Fish Friday: https://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=53408 Teams list: 1. ADDICTION 2. Escape 3. Legacy 4. Bear 5. Silver Fox 6. Not Good