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  1. I will be doing this also in the very near future!
  2. If a burglar if found in my home, he wont even be released from that spot! He will be found exactly where he was standing!
  3. Very cool! Much different hunting there then here where everything is flat! Good luck Rob!!
  4. Not sure if this will work or not, but I have heard if you stuff dryer sheets in the tubes and let them sit for a little bit, it will eliminate the problem .
  5. Now that's funny!!! [emoji1786][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  6. Awesome!! Love the Walleye video and one Bad A$$ boat!
  7. Congrats Dan! Love them wide guys!
  8. That's hilarious. Its actually both! My son is only 4 and definitely on the smallish size both has the work ethic of a grown man. And the doe was a tank, didnt realize how big she was until we started dragging her out to where we could get a wheeler to her.
  9. Couldn't resist taking a doe tonight, freezer is empty and have had zero buck action for to long. The wet spring kept me from getting good food in the ground. Was great because I couldn't resist packing up, walking all the way back to the truck, and driving home to get my 4 year so he could track his first deer. Blood hound already, even though he almost literally stepped on her before he saw her because he was so focused on following blood ! Great Moments for sure!
  10. Seems like a perfect night for deer to be on their feet big time. Debating on taking a doe tonight as the season is almost over..
  11. They are all over, been covered up since I sat down.
  12. Rain stopped as day began to break, just heard the first shot.
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