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  1. Congrats! Nice bird!
  2. Congrats on a great bird!
  3. Ours turned no then, motoring in now 12/ 16
  4. 1 for 2 now Same place as you
  5. We are here also, nothing at this point. Lots of boats!
  6. Nice boat by the way!
  7. Awsome thanks!
  8. May head to Buffalo tonight...... any action to be had?
  9. Awsome bird! Congrats man! 2nd pic the stick between his legs look s like a Canada. Lol
  10. That's pretty awsome! Congrats to you guys!
  11. Well my plan was to get in there early and put out decoys and hopefully have him come to the field like the other day. Instead I over slept and didn't get there till 730. Plan was still going to be the same, but instead there was 2 hens in the field already. Grabbed my binoculars and scanned the field and saw him strutting across the field on the edge. I sat right down where I was mad that I over slept and blew my opportunity AGAIN! The two hens worked the opposite way from me to a smaller field behind the one I was in and of course he followed them. I let out a few yelps to let him know I was there and he instantly gobbled! So I knew it is going to be a waiting game. The birds hung out in the back field for about 10 mins with him gobbling a hand full of times. Next thing I know one of the hens renters the field and start to work her way towards me with him not to far behind. As she SLOWLY came across the field my heart started going off the charts! But instead of committing all the way she turns and goes into the woods a leaves the gobbler in the field full strut and I think it's over as he obviously is going to follow her. But instead I give some real quite yelps and he gobbles and works his way towards me! Before I know it he's strutting 10 yards in front of me and I'm scared he can hear me breathing. Let him gobble one last time before I took the shot at like 7 or 8 yards! Awsome, Awsome experience for me as I gave up Turkey hunting 15 years ago because of bad experiences with other hunters. Now I'm hooked again and can't wait to get back out there to try and fill my second tag.
  12. Finally got it done this morning! What a rush! Same field I missed in two days ago!
  13. Well messed up pretty bad around 8:30! Couldn't move with a hen right on top of me, long story short I pulled up in him and freaking missed!! Gave up Turkey hunting ALONG time ago and not sure why! 1st bird I have worked by myself and I blew it since I didn't turn when I had the chance. Back at em tomarrow.
  14. This includes The King of The Oak event Friday also?
  15. Wow that's cool!