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  1. Congrats Billy!!
  2. Awsome congrats to both of you!
  3. Good Luck!! I'm on the other end of the spectrum, can't wait till my boys are old enough to get out there!
  4. Jerry, not to argue your point at all....... I do have a honest ? How does the lake level have anything to do the the muddy water and current in the stream? Wouldn't that have to do with run off? I do understand that higher water can produce stronger current but i would think runoff would increase it.
  5. I found the info on the website I purchased my parts from, on a Q & A page, not an actual break down of the whole system.
  6. Well now that I have asked, I found a write up online FINALLY that the one I have is working properly. Thanks PAP
  7. Yes very hard to compress and just as hard to pull back out manually. That was my first thought when I opened the box, No zip ties holding it in place. But then again I'm not exactly sure how it is supposed to function.
  8. The shock is right out of the box, not yet installed. I would assume if not compressed the it should be fully extended?
  9. Just received a new shock absorber for my hydraulic trailer tongue. The shock does not return when compressed. Anyone know of this is normal or is the new part I have indeed bad. I pretty sure it is but before I call wanted to make sure. Not much info on the Web about them . Thanks
  10. Mine did that twice! They sent me a new pair and said they solved the problem with that, the frames are newly designed. So far so good
  11. Love my Tuna Alley's!
  12. Should have asked earlier, gates are closed now.
  13. The docks are kept across the street from my house through out the winter. I will post when they are put in.
  14. And hope they're not a creeper too!