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  1. A light turns on? You shoot at it? Can't teach common sense!! Absolutely rediculas!
  2. Wanted

    That Egg is sexy! Wish I had that kind of $$.....
  3. Crazy stuff! Glad you are ok!!
  4. Awsome stuff! Can't wait to hit the salt again !
  5. As always EXCELLENT work!!
  6. You would have to think that a incident like this would have cause some sort of havoc on the marine life?
  7. Awwww...... I stand corrected ! Still be nice to have coffee there! Beutifull view, and I'm sure yours isn't to shabby either.
  8. Poor you Jerry! What a way to drink coffee every morning
  9. Have to slightly disagree, I Love my blue stuff here on Ontario. Probably my most productive color....
  10. I really wish I could be there! Sounds like it's going to be a great time!
  11. That's awsome!
  12. A/C Delco's here......
  13. If the stand and stix fall through I will take them.
  14. Before and after Pitching practice at my house! Long live the USA and the people of this great country! Donald has this place on the right track to make America Great Again as far as I'm concerned!