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  1. Pequod1

    crappie showtime

    Does that mean the ice is off at the south end of Sodus by Bay Bridge? If so, its perch time too.
  2. Pequod1

    2018-2019 Ice Season

    Good luck out there. I saw a few people out jigging the other day but don’t know how they did. Let us know how you make out.
  3. Pequod1

    Hardwater report !!

    I only go to Honeoye on even numbered days.
  4. Pequod1

    Hardwater report !!

    I would have never guessed. Nice fish
  5. Pequod1

    Hardwater report !!

    I live close to the ponds like Gambler and Longspurs and have checked them through 45 yrs! Hate to admit that! This year seems to be different than anything I can remember. They should be solid from one end to another. These large pot holes are new to me. Wind, currents, and our up down temps different than most years. This just means that I should have the boat ready
  6. Pequod1

    All it takes is one to make us all look bad!

    I have not seen too many problems over the years up until the past few years. It seems it is getting worse, not better. Marking your "secret" spot with an empty propane cylinder is not the way to go. Unfortunately, attitude and the way you were brought up is a hard thing to change.
  7. Pequod1

    Hardwater report !!

    You outfished me 33 to 2! I could not find them 6 stops from 18-36’ produced dinks. I am fishing in your truck’s tailgate from now on.
  8. Pequod1

    Hardwater report !!

    Yikes Guess Ill head out tomorrow. wind should be doable as the day progresses.
  9. Pequod1

    Hardwater report !!

    At Sodus, take your pick. Emeralds, fat heads, mousies, perch eyes. .
  10. Pequod1

    Hardwater report !!

    Longspurs, Glad you found them. I made the mistake of going to Gator and Silver fox's secret Sodus spot that only God and the seagulls know. Apparently the seagulls got there before me. Got a few quick fish and then they vanished. We chased around a bit but never found anything more than dinks. One thing to note is that the ice varied a bit depending on where you were. I found only 6" out in 36' in a direct line with the channel. Further south into the bay and closer to shore were much better.
  11. Pequod1

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    Good Luck Tommy. I hunted with you over at Keiths the other day. I have been hitting the Java area the past two afternoons in a very quiet woods except for a very talkative owl. Lots of fresh sign but nothing while I'm there. For some reason, I am seeing quite a few deer in the fields around there in the middle of the day. I might adjust my sit time.
  12. Pequod1

    2018-2019 Ice Season

    That was nuts.
  13. Pequod1

    2018-2019 Ice Season

    Jeez Less. I can't read all that without taking a nap However, been there, done that. Sometime, we should deploy my polar and your tent. It would look like a new invention out there to some of the younger guys. I am getting, by way of Christmas a bunch of new toys including a new Legend xl thermal. Weighs 60 lbs but I have the millennium chair that I will put in instead of their chair to lower the weight. Then again, I'll just let Gambel pull it. He won't notice the difference
  14. Pequod1

    All done with Rage broadheads

    Any opinions on NAP crossbow. I haven't had any problems with them so far. No O rings to mess around with and a nice hard bone penetrating point.