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  1. Yes, a lot of three pounders. Average around 15-16". Only three or four small ones that I did not count in my total. Even found a largemouth in the stomach of a perch!
  2. LEU is getting to be the walleye/perch forum. Good guys and sharing of info on both LOU and LEU.
  3. Off 14A through town Right turn at Water St. just past the Byrne Dairy. $10 to launch.
  4. Keuka 8/19 I spent the day looking for perch but could not get away from the bass. Never realized how many there are in this lake but all I can say is if you drop shot small crayfish in 20-30' just about anywhere on the Penn Yann branch, you will not be disappointed. I wanted to see how many I could actually catch and release and counted 20 that came to the boat. Ran out of crabs early and switched over to plastic with almost the same results. What a great bass lake.
  5. Honeoye

    I made the two hour drive again yesterday to Erie. 17 eyes, one at 30". I am not an experienced walleye fisherman. We have been at Dunkirk, but I know guys out of the Cat that are doing just as well. Just check the wind and wave forecast out carefully and go.
  6. 35 eyes in the last two trips out of Dunkirk. They are still there. 80-110'. A lot of shorts but limit catches of keepers. Riggers, dipseys, spoons, plugs or worm harnesses. Doesn't matter.
  7. Honeoye

    I take the long two hour drive to Dunkirk from Rochester for a reason. As Semperfi says, the place is on fire. Straight out, look for the boats and troll. Sticks spoons, worm harnesses. Right now it doesn't matter.
  8. Shuush- don't tell anyone - I catch the biggest hogs when I wear my 2X readers. Too bad they suffer ground shrinkage when I take them off
  9. I actually remember that meeting years ago. Small world. I agree on the extra meet on the plastic. It made a difference on Honeoye earlier this year. As far as perch size goes. I'll agree to disagree
  10. Sounds like a lot of fun. I too spend all my time panfishing after a lengthy (too lengthy) charter career. I have not tried the worms yet but I have all the luck I need on plastics. Skinny frustrates me though. I have only fished the north end and the fish tend to be small and look rather thin. Catch plenty of them, just not the right size. A 12" perch there has a lot less meat on it than a 12" perch anywhere else I have fished. I guess I will try the worm fishing on the south end. Thanks.
  11. I have also "experimented" with this lake three times now the past two seasons. Very pretty lake.
  12. Nice fish. I have been having a little fun out that way myself. Long trip, but worth it.
  13. How about the bass tournament guy that decided to release his catch after the weigh in in the middle of my trailer as I was loading up. Should have run him over along with his bag. Union springs last week.
  14. Cayuga

    That is a classic picture.
  15. Cayuga

    I think I just found the answer to my question on the DEC link. Lakewide. Crap.