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  1. Ditto to that Les. It t is about a bunch of guys having fun. Thanks Art and Ted.
  2. Looks like it will be a nice day. Water temp was at 64.5 yesterday. Good luck everyone.
  3. That sounds good. The next calm day, I'll be there. Did you get bait at Millers?
  4. Also interested and sent PM.
  5. I wonder what size. Hope this isn't a trend. The walleye fishing was getting better there.
  6. Thank you momay. Just what I needed to know.
  7. Maybe this weekend - Caesar.
  8. Ladder stand winch installation Has anyone ever tried the winch installation system? I was wondering about the pivots you place in the ground and then put the ladder in it to hoist up with the winch. Can you get those pivots out later to use in other installations or do you have to leave them in.
  9. If things don't change dramatically in the next two weeks, it is going to be a tough contest. Fished Canandaigua today. Water temp at the ramp was 59 deg but the further south you went in the lake, the warmer it got. Lake was a consistent 68 deg in some of my favorite areas. The perch are there, just not the big ones. The perch averaged less than 9" with an occasional 9 1/2 - 10".
  10. Nice fish.. DID you happen to get a surface temp. I am just waiting for the temps to dip below 70.
  11. It should be a little cooler by the time of the contest. I would carry two coolers on board. One for the fish you intend to weigh in. Replace the water periodically and the perch will live. I have done this in a lot warmer conditions with success. I would not thermo shock the fish bye changing water temps a lot. Just change the water.
  12. Jealous. Walleye fishing has been great and I made up for lost time. Now on to perch.
  13. The Gambler rig micro was a hot ticket with us the later part of the day. I wished we put it on earlier, but the rule of the day was not until eye number 17 was in the boat. Of course, we could have gotten it out earlier, except for a cluttered f... trying to land an eye earlier
  14. He Bri, the alewife patterns work pretty good on eyes. Save a few for me in the regular size. Not the mags. Thanks
  15. Unfortunately, I have to agree. There are still plenty of panfish left, but a couple of years of trial and error searching and refining techniques are necessary to become successful. These days, I have both my own slot limit and bag limit. No need to "fill the freezer". A lot of other guys are too. Seneca lake is a good example of what can go wrong and I am worried that Canandaigua might be next. And how many of us here over 60 remember the perch and giant gill fishing in Conesus? As far as reports go, I am looking for pre fall perch right now and have to report that they are not schooling yet but I am picking up more and more in deep water staging areas off of flats in a few of the finger lakes. Nothing to be excited about, give it another three weeks and they should move in. Temps need to drop in to the 60's.