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  1. I had a fair day yesterday out to Shackleton from the south shore boat launch. There were some slush pockets that I had to power through though. I bet they will be worse today and tomorrow but should be good again after the freeze up on Tuesday. One thing that worked for me on the perch was to pound the bottom with a #5 jigging rap and once they showed up , I dropped a black tungsten down with waxies. They pounded that immediately. And all these years I have been doing the jigging rap and minnow head thing. I’ll keep using the jigging rap morning and late afternoon for eyes but going to the tungsten for perch the middle of the day.
  2. The perching has taken a hit. Yes you will get them in March but try the rest of the year. Up until 3 yrs ago, I could catch perch the entire year. Not now. I hit other fingerlakes. When the alewife population crashed. The lakers went after the next easily available food source - perch.
  3. you convinced me to give it another try Friday. I intend to not go where people tell me its great. Seems to be the kiss of death. The perch I caught last October were excellent size. It must have been a great year class 3-4 yrs ago.
  4. I drove around the south shore launch about three weeks ago after an unsuccessful trip to Lewis Point. Looked like a nice area to park and fish out of. Seems like not as many people go there or was it because I was there on a Monday. I intend to try out of there this week someday, weather permitting.
  5. That is an excellent catch for your first time on Oneida. That lake can be very intimidating at times. Congrats to you.
  6. So Les..... You notice the girl friend but not the license plate The old flame still burns.
  7. You could tell he was a novice. A pro would have used a Milwaukee Fuel.
  8. Wow Les, I didn't realize it was that bad when you texted earlier. What kind of an A hole does that sort of thing.
  9. It was quite amazing to see it happen. Actually ironic . I’m still shaking my head. Poor Scotty. I met the guy in the parking lot later. He had the cahoona’s to ask how we did.
  10. Nice meeting you the other day. Too bad you missed Gator trying to jump in the hole after that eye I tried again last night. Not nearly as good. Its being hammered hard.
  11. I just took a ride to the ponds. Right now Cranberry is 100% open and Long is 99% open. The wind was churning up Cranberry and did not look inviting for a boat.
  12. 12”on Honeoye! That’s going to be tough considering I fish there a lot both ice and open water and rarely catch a Crappie over 12”. How about stopping the weed cutting first and then see what happens to the panfish population. No new perch regs.? This was not thought out well..
  13. I hate to give my friend gator any credit, but he has built dozens of ice rods ( along with open water rods) and has a lot of experience with the subtleties of ice blanks. I also build ice rods and have some experience with various blanks. We both use mostly our own builds when fishing but I do have a few tickle sticks and HT’s. I do like the UL tickle stick for perch but not so much for gills or crappies. It does not handle the small tungsten as well as an UL HT with a tungsten spring bobber. ( my preferred gill rod). For crappies, I really have not found any rod out there that I like. But that’s just me.
  14. We will take care of them after deer season Bri. Just sit up in that nice warm tower of yours and wait.
  15. I was in 20’ both trips.
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