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  1. Pequod1

    Keuka fishing

    I know specifically of a good Crappie bite at a location in Keuka that occurs the third week in April yearly. This year, they had a smaller bite fully two weeks later than normal. The smallies will be on their beds for the opener if this keeps up. I’ll try again later this week
  2. Pequod1

    Keuka fishing

    I fished yesterday and looked at temps from Morgan marine in Penn Yan south to a couple miles past the college. Temps ranged from 53 at Morgan to 56 south. The lake is about two weeks late. Only a few smaller male sunfish in the shallows, a couple rock bass and no smallies yet. There is no green growth to speak of.
  3. Pequod1

    Keuka What happen to this guy?

    Keuka ? No muskie there, but I have taken two pike there recently over 12 lbs. and, there are a lot of fish eating birds there including eagles. Could be one of them.
  4. Pequod1

    Oneida 5-5-18

    Looks like a nice trip. I am thinking about going this week. Where did you launch?
  5. Pequod1

    2018 walleye s

    Doing the same thing Kevin. 40 yrs in classroom for me though. I read that sea bass stocks are up and the season was extended. Still a 5 fish limit though. It opens the 19th. I might be there in early June..
  6. Pequod1

    Keuka Launch site

    I guess the south end will remain unknown territory for me. Thank you town of Urbana and New York State.
  7. Pequod1

    Keuka Penn Yan boat launch

    Good news - launch is good. Bad news- fishing was bad.
  8. Pequod1

    Keuka Penn Yan boat launch

    I did see boats entering the lake from the channel on Saturday. I would assume they launched at the ramp. I will know for sure tomorrow and leave feedback.
  9. Pequod1

    Water temps

    Honeoye is up in the mid 40’s. About time.
  10. Pequod1

    Keuka Launch site

    Wow, that would be great. Hope someone has some recent updates.
  11. Pequod1

    Water temps

    Who fishes. I just drive around lakes taking temps for you guys Honestly,fishing for lakers is very good, fishing for panfish is very bad.
  12. Pequod1

    Water temps

    39 deg the entire length of the west branch on Keuka Lake yesterday. The east branch was the same 39 but the temp warmed up to a whopping 40.5 deg at the pump house at 2:00.
  13. Pequod1

    Jigging for trout

    It seems to me that you are drifting too fast. Get a minn kota and spot lock or if you don’t have spot lock, I used to keep a smaller minn kota in reverse heading up current. As far as jigging goes, 1 oz. round jig, white plastic, braided line, fleurocarbon leader.
  14. Glad you put some info out there. I had no idea that this was going on. I’ll try visit and check it out.
  15. Zach, my buddy Chief (ANDY) is looking for a terrova, PM me if you still have it and want to sell Thanks,