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  1. That sounds like a blast. I will try that the next time there.
  2. Thanks. I keep everything up high. Probably hit the lake on the next good weather window.
  3. Nice report guys. I fished that area a few times last year but I am more interested in bows and landlocks. How has the fishing for silver fish been in that area? Thanks.
  4. If you are on the east side, I might suggest Port Bay and Sodus for perch. Might be tough now because we are nearing the end of the spawn so be prepared for very light taps as they suck ion the minnow. Easy to miss them this time of year.
  5. Keuka 4/24 I decided to try the Penn Yan side for perch yesterday and basically ran into a pickerel fest. We caught them on almost every cast. The most interesting catch however were the two lake trout we got, 25" and 27" in 14' of water on the perch rigs. These were the two worse looking anorexic trout I have ever seen. No doubt, lack of food. I did spend some time looking for lake trout in the usual points and found zero bait. I hope there is some bait in other areas of the lake for these fish, otherwise, the lakers are going to be in trouble.
  6. I wanted weather in the 70's and wind under 10 and it looks like it will be around 65 and wind around 10. Close enough for me. I just signed up yesterday. Anyone else going? Fishing has been a little tougher with a lot of perch spawning and a few spawned out but there are still a few nice catches to be had. Hope to see a lot of guys there.
  7. Interesting. It was slower today but we were using plastics. Fish seemed to turn off in the late morning. It is nice to keep those big ones once and a while but I wish people would not make a habit out of it. There are a number of us now that limit our catch and size. Talked to a guy at the dock today that said he does the same and was happy that I do too. Not saying that everyone should but just think about it. Thanks.
  8. Honeoye is high. The docks are not is but the high water makes it easier to launch and retrieve.
  9. ok thanks. I will contact my buddy to see if he is still interested.
  10. Can you put an anchor lock on it like the terrorva? I just was on their web site and it says you can if it is a post 2007 model. Just asking for a friend that might be interested.
  11. It received "strong" opposition from the assembly, and was approved by the senate.
  12. The weather forecast now has snow in the morning turning to rain later. Temp in thev30's. I am sitting this one out guys. See you April 30
  13. According to Senator Galavan's office, as of yesterday at 10:00 am, the crossbow legislation was still included in the budget proposal. This is further than it has gone before. The resistance to part GGG comes from Long Island and Catskill area bowhunters. That is a formidable group with a lot of money to overcome. We will all know soon.