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  1. Pequod1

    2018-2019 Ice Season

    The best winter prediction will be in May. Then everyone can look back and say they were right
  2. Pequod1

    Clam Hut

    Jeez scot, I paid more for the same shed a few yrs ago. I am going to buy a clam legend xl thermal. I also bought the same millennium chair Keith’s has to replace their chair.
  3. I am officially looking for replacement fishing partners.
  4. Great idea. Ill chill at Kentucky fried while you two freeze your wet buts off. You can pick me up later.
  5. Is it still available?. I am looking to buy one. thanks.
  6. What I mean is that I would like any hp either a 4 or a 5 or a 6. A few companies make all four. I did "scroll down". Only two this month and both were two stroke. Maybe I missed some.
  7. Looking to buy a 4,5,6, four stroke. Let me know if you or anyone you know has one they would like to get rid of. Thanks
  8. Pequod1

    I Bay

    I had 74 deg last wednesday. No lake run perch, just local resident population of small ones. Maybe with this weather, they will be there.
  9. Pequod1


    They were still out there today. Stupid easy fishing. Too bad the weather looks bad for the rest of the week, but these fish should still be here all of September.
  10. Pequod1


    All I can say is wow! If you have never been to Erie, make it a point to go. Anywhere between Sturgeon and Barcelona has been loaded with eyes. We got our 6th limit in a row today for four people by noon. Simply amazing.
  11. Pequod1

    Nice haul on a sunset troll

    Those eyes are a lot fatter than Erie eyes. Nice catch.
  12. Located in Rochester and we can negotiate.
  13. I have an almost brand new 13" 175X80 D load range C tire mounted on a one year old galvanized wheel for sale. I just recently used it as a spare to drive only 40 miles after getting a blow out on the Thruway. This is a Bias ply tire and I do not want to use it because all my other tires are radial. The price is $70. Thanks for looking.
  14. Pequod1


    Whatever they want for a spot lock, buy it! Made a big difference in my perch fishing both in Erie and the finger lakes.
  15. Pequod1


    I talked to the launch guy at Hanover launch at the Cat on Monday. He said that last week, a couple of guys came in with 96 perch but the guys next to them had 16. I have heard of a few others that have hit them off the Cat a few weeks ago and saw people set up on the perch beds in 55' straight out when I came in. In my opinion, I think they were around because of the cold water upwelling in that area last week that drove the bait in followed by the perch. I did mark schools of something on the bottom in 75-80' but all the eyes I caught out there were spitting up smelt. I think those bottom fish were probably smelt and not perch. Good luck if you try and let us know.