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  1. Zach, my buddy Chief (ANDY) is looking for a terrova, PM me if you still have it and want to sell Thanks,
  2. Laker - jigging sonar

    I use the dragonfly 5 and Jig lakers in Keuka. You can easily see the lakers and jig on it. I bought the 5" screen because I have a smaller 16.5' boat. The good, the Navionics or C chip is included in the price. Your choice. The bad, The transducer looks like a giant bird beak back there and I am in constant fear of breaking it off when launching or retrieving. I have just replaced the bracket holding it on. but got it for free from raytheon. It was a $20 part if I had to pay.
  3. Hardwater report !!

    God bless you Esox. Your a hardier soul than me.
  4. Hardwater report !!

    Can you enlarge it for me too. I have to find my specs and can’t remember where I put them
  5. Hardwater report !!

    You could atleast take a picture right side up. I got a crink in my neck.
  6. Hardwater report !!

    That’s a good basic recipe. You can add whatever you like to it for your taste. Old bay, graded cheese, celery, onions etc....whatever.
  7. Hardwater report !!

    No, I crossed the lake w/o a problem in the morn,spudding all the way. Met up with a couple friends that showed up later on the west side and hitched a car ride back to my car at Standpipe. Worth it. Scored a nice parking spot on west side. friends are on Oneida now. Over a foot of good ice. They walked out from Sylvan beach. Nothing but pins so far
  8. Hardwater report !!

    Thats crazy, I did the drive around too. Did not want to be the only one out on Conesus and checked Silver. The ice at Silver looked like it was going fast so I did not stay that long. Lots of small perch in Silver, but they seem to have grown up since last winter. They are averaging 8 1/2", last year 7" tops. Next year might be good.
  9. Hardwater report !!

    Nice perch. Never fished that lake. Just got off Honeoye. The fish that were there the past few days disappeared. The only logical explanation is they were the victims of an alien invasion and are now headed out of our galaxy. Just when I thought I had this lake figured out.
  10. Thoughts on the weather

    Fat Lady is getting up to the stage. Think I will get the boat out of storage soon.
  11. new sled for shanty

    Ditto on the G flex. Costs about $35-40. I tried fiberglassing, flex seal, and patches with epoxy that all failed. I have not used the G flex on the sled yet but Three years ago, I sealed a very leaky 14' aluminum boat with it. Even filled a 5" crack below the waterline. Sealed all the rivets and seems. Stopped the leaks and did not peal off. Very impressive to hold through all the pounding on the trailer and water. You need a heat gun to apply it and don't get it on your hands. Wear the latex gloves that come with the kit.
  12. Hardwater report !!

    I am just waiting to see what happens. The bass population last year was great. The perch were a little harder to come buy but we started fishing for them well after the spawn. Gills and big sunfish were all over the place as well as rock bass. And do I have to mention the ever present pickerel. Just how the laker/ alewife population effects the other species is yet to be determined
  13. Headache from propane

    I was wondering about this. I hardly ever use a heater when I fish alone and feel fine, but when I fish with one of my friends in the same hut, he has the heater on full bore and I wind up with a headache. I'll spend more time outside the tent and see if it makes a difference.
  14. Sodus Bay

    Keuka can be great or a dud. The fixit4 you contest for perch this past spring had a 1st and 2nd place five fish weights of over 10 lbs. with a 2.51lb lunker. This past week, I could not get one over 6”.
  15. Sodus Bay

    After doing solid perch fishing the past few years (like 40+), I have caught two perch over two lbs. One in Canandaigua four years ago that Gator ate, and one in I Bay this fall. So, Here is a nickel for you Scotty. Who has a "Broad " sense of humor?