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  1. sorry...typo...my bad..... last number should be 4 607 769 6094
  2. I'd like to come see your boat. I'm in Hammondsport so not far. Call or text me asap. Mike 607 769 6093
  3. heres some info about using a Minn Kota Ulterra, might help ya minn kota ulterra trolling analysis.xlsx
  4. Hey DEC guys. Listen to Shaneo19! Net tanker loads of alewives out of Seneca and dump them into Keuka. Brilliant!! Keuka wins. Seneca wins. SOON. So far as I know, nobody has yet reported finding a Keuka cisco in a laker belly!!! I trolled and caught 6 lakers in 3 hours yesterday evening. Right on my average catch rate. All small, all skinny. No rb, bt, or llk. Fleas are bad this year.
  5. Hi Jerktroller, I use a HB Helix 7 and its been showing me occasional small clouds of baitfish again, since around Xmas (I fish year round). I can't know what kind of baitfish, of course. I assume they are sawbellys. Ciscos? I doubt it. Trolling, these days I AVERAGE around 2 lakers per hour and I'd say 1 in 4 is over 3#. Very few over 4# . They all look healthy to me. I release them all, so don't see belly content. I fished Seneca for many years... averaged only 1 fish per hour there. Not as many as Keuka, but there were always a few rainbows, lls and browns around to make it interesting. Anyhow, Keuka now has alewives, and it has lakers. MAYBE it also has a few DEC planted Ciscos? But I heard that in the past the ciscos, and shad, failed to compete with the alewives, so I question why put ciscos back in there just to fail yet again? If alewives can thrive as they have, with a few annual ups and downs in count, well the DEC need to find a way to strengthen the alewife population and then fill the lake with browns, rb's and lls to eat 'em. Then we'd be happy trollers
  6. Sorry bout my handle. I'm talking about Keuka. Lampreys not a big problem here....yet. Lake now seems to again have reasonable populations of lakers and alewives (sawbellies). Yeah! Also plenty bass, perch, pike etc around the edges. But as far as I can tell there are minimal/zero of the fishies us trollers want most....rainbows, browns and landlocked salmon. DEC should restock them.... large enough so they don't all get instantly eaten by lakers!! DEC's native cisco 'solution'? If sawbellies wiped them out before, along with shad, why wouldn't that happen again? So, if you need to stock bait DEC....stock alewives! Duuh. Jigging for 2# lakers gets old real quick, as does weed/dock hunting for edge dwellers.... I like to troll for gamefish, and I release all lakers unharmed.... ugly, tasteless, weak-fighting, fishies that they are. Anyone opened a laker belly with ciscos in it yet?
  7. G'Job DEC! We trollers can now target lakers, lakers….. or lakers. Rainbows, browns and salmon are as rare as hen's teeth! Plenty of bait though (sawbellies, NOT your phantom ciscos). No fun! No interest! Lakers only..... and you did it DEC! Rethink your stocking plans or you'll lose fishermen support, license income, charter guys, etc. Sawbelly counts rise and fall from time to time. Always have. You panicked last couple years, and started talking about your bs cisco theories (yawn). You shoulda just waited for the sawbellies to resurge (it only took 6 months) then re-stocked the game fish. Please.
  8. Lobster Boat $20,000 1994 Atlas Pompano. LOA 21', Beam 7', Draft 2', Dry Weight 2400# Trailer : Newer Magic Tilt. Custom bunks for easy launch/retrieve. Engine : Yanmar. 4cyl diesel 64HP. Top speed 16mph Cruise 12 mph/1.2 gph, 34 gals Kicker Motor: Tohatsu. 6HP 4 stroke on a lift bracket. Special Equipment: Raymarine Smartpilot X5 Autopilot hooked to Lowrance GPS/Map hooked to Furuno FCV620 Sonar/Fishfinder w thro-hull Airmar transducer. These expensive newer electronics are top of the line and all work superbly, especially for single handed cruising and fishing. General Equipment: Cabin has 2 bunks, sink, cooler box, storeage. Remote searchlight, nav lights, VHF com radio, solar panel. Drift bags, newer enclosed pilothouse canvas + full cockpit mooring cover. All general boat gear (anchors, lines, wipers, 2 elec pumps + a Whale manual pump, boat-hook, flares, life-jackets, swim platform, bunk & seat cushions, portapotti etc). Bonus fishing gear: Canon & Big John elec downriggers, 2 planer boats/reels, 6 heavy rods/reels/tackle. Troll at 2mph single-handed on diesel or on kicker for king salmon, browns, lakers, etc. Everything looking and working good. A wonderful, safe boat all set for Kings! Mike 607 769 6094 Seneca Lake
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