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  1. Preserving Baits

    What is everyone's go to for preserving bait fish? I bought some smelts from a retailer last year that were so well done that they were usable after sitting in the boat for 3 months.
  2. Navionics and a Tablet

    Yeah I was thinking that might be an issue. What receiver did you get? Is it weatherproof?
  3. Navionics and a Tablet

    So this year I was going to spring for the the navionics chip to go in my Humminbird. In my research I found that there is an app as well which got me to thinking. I could add a tablet and add the app and potentially get the same thing with the benefit of portability. Does anyone run this and how does it compare to the chip for the FF? Obviously with no sonar connection you cant get real time adjustment but otherwise is it essentially the same?
  4. Looking to buy a working hummingbird helix 5 or 7. Sent from my SM-N950U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Sutton Spoon Company

    I would believe it. I have a silver plated speedy shiner that out fishes the stainless equivalent 4:1.
  6. Sutton Spoon Company

    I wish they had an online presence. I need some 44s but living in Maine makes it a bit more than a day trip lol.
  7. Lake Trolls/Cow Bells

    I kinda want to make my own. Particularly coipper ones. It doesnt seem like any of the makers want to offer much in copper
  8. Lake Trolls/Cow Bells

    Anyone have a good source for blades for these? I have tried Nanns, lakeland, hagans, and several others but cant find to find a reasonable source. Struggling to find large blades and also pricing is I bit on the steep side.
  9. I will take them. Sent from my SM-N950U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. Smokercraft Parts

    Does anyone have access to a Smoker Craft parts book? I have a '17 Phantom that I want to add a windshield wiper to. I know they use AM motors I just cant find a model number.
  11. Lowrance autopilot cable steer

    The tilt is an additional part that goes on over the shaft. Like this unit:
  12. Lowrance autopilot cable steer

    Right but we are talking that previous unit. I cant use that one. I need tilt.
  13. Lowrance autopilot cable steer

    The only feature I really want/need is the ability to maintain a heading.
  14. Lowrance autopilot cable steer

    I was thinking of switching to hydraulic this year and then adding autopilot next year. Are hydraulics good long term? Any downsides?
  15. Lowrance autopilot cable steer

    Thanks. I didnt know Cabelas carried these. Do they have a tilt wheel option?