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  1. I have many questions lol. Do you only use the troller when you are rigging? How many volt system? Does it last for a full day fishing? What kind of boat are you running it on? Thrust rating? Thanks for the info.
  2. I have a 18' Smokercraft Phantom. It is all aluminum with a 90 Honda on it. The issue I am having is keeping the bow into the wind. If the wind is pushing 10 or above it is a b!tch to fish out of alone. In the time it takes to put a rigger down it can just about do a 180. I have tried drift bags and they helped a little but they require me to troll above idle and there is that typical flat spot in the throttle. I was thinking about adding a trolling motor to the bow but not sure it would do the trick (and it would be an expensive test). Anyone have any ideas for simple things I could try? Thanks.
  3. We are looking to travel out and fish in Mexico the first week of June. Based on the bite so far will the Brown fishing be down by then?
  4. I am still looking the Lowrance P/N is 000-10976-001 it should have a blue plug.
  5. Looking for a HDI transducer for a Lowrance. Mine got broken while the boat was in storage.......mysteriously.
  6. Can I get in line for 2 of the SG27LCAs? Is it 60 ea TTD?
  7. Title says it all pretty much. Not brand picky just looking for them to be in decent shape with or without line. Must be able ship. Thank you!
  8. I would do the mast for $150 if you will ship.
  9. Looking for a few 4.0 coyote spoons in army truck pattern. I cant seem to find them online with out paying stupid S&H.
  10. Ahh ok. I assume they will pull down to the bottom lure when you get a fish on?
  11. How are these rigged? Sent from my SM-N950U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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