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  1. It can get crowed on the weekends. Crowded if the fishing is good but doable.
  2. Piece of parachute cord with a small stainless steel clip tied on the end
  3. Good luck whatever you decide. I currently have four Scotty electrics on my boat and been running two of them since 1994. They are virtually bullet proof and personally do not have any reason to buy anything else. The only downside is they are physically larger than the other brands with the horizontal spool.. For ease of use and reliability I have nothing but good things to say about them. Reasonably priced as well.
  4. I'll take them. where are you on the river and when will you be up? I'm at Mikes east. You know who made them?
  5. 2 lbs heavier on the probe rigger than the rest of your riggers is whats recommended to compensate for the additional blowback caused by the probe. That's assuming all the weights are of the same design. I have found Torpedo weights are good for reduced blowback and the old Atomic 13 lbers are what I still run for deep fishing. Sharks are nice but expensive.
  6. I've had good luck with Rule
  7. Good laker bite 100+ fow near bottom. Big river and north. Only game I could find.
  8. I would suggest putting 300 ft on if possible. It will last a lot longer with that extra 100 ft. P.S. Love my subtroll.
  9. And even if they don't some clown on a message board will accuse them of it..
  10. In the past I've had the stop beads slip if something like weeds or plastic gets pulled into the front roller with the bead. Two beads back to back will hold better in that situation than one. Another reason to run multiple beads is to stop the weight below the surface of the water to prevent swinging on a rough lake and then raise it to line setting position when you are ready on the second stop.. Multiple beads will not cause any problems on the spool.
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