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  1. Mix of spin doctors and pro trolls. Used but in great shape. 32 flashers for 100.00 bucks. Pick up on Mexico before sunday. Post or message me and we can set up a time. Thanks Capt. Glen. p
  2. I found an old shark weight made in Canada going through a bunch of stuff. I really want to sell these weights before I head home on Sunday. Anybody wants the bunch make me a reasonable offer. Pick up in Mexico before Sunday. Thanks Glen
  3. No. They both went before I could get them out of the net holders on the boat.
  4. Pancake weights are sold pending payment. Thanks
  5. Spoons are sold pending payment. Thanks for looking.
  6. If they don't move while I'm up in Mexico I'll ship them when I get home in about a week and a half Crapshoot. Thanks. I'll let you know either way and you will be on top of the list.
  7. For those of you guys not familiar with these old spoons. I run these specifically when I am targeting big kings or late after they stop feeding to piss them off with the brighter colors. 6" aluminum blanks you can still get the action at a relatively slow troll but can also crank them at a pretty good clip. All in new condition and come with split rings and hooks. 17 spoons for 60 bucks and Ill be in Mexico from this Monday for a week. Message or post here if your interested. Thanks
  8. I can't guarantee their 12s. You will have to check them out if your interested. Ill be at Mikes east on Saturday. I have other stuff I will be selling at my cleaning station. Paddles, flys, Jplugs and some spoons are left. Ill call you before then and we can set up a time. Thanks.
  9. Ill be in mexico monday afternoon for a week. Mikes marina east
  10. $60.00 for the pair of 10 or 12 lb pancake weights. Like new. $30.00 for the 15 lb torpedo. $20.00 each for the 12 lb balls I use for bottom bouncing lakers. Pick up in Mexico only.
  11. Thanks to all that showed up. Another couple of days to purchase stuff on the spot the week of the 18th.
  12. Ill be there regardless. Just wont have the stuff laid out but I can show you anything your interested in under the boat canopy. Thanks
  13. Thanks. Boat is sold and I'm just retiring. My back cant take the pounding from a rough lake anymore.
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