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  1. I can put some gas in the boat now.
  2. Wish I was closer. What a great post.
  3. I like the end. Sanfran winning by 8 or better will help the cause.
  4. Going with the Chiefs giving 7 1/2 and Sanfran giving 7 1/2.
  5. Port Bay is not far west of Oswego. You won't be disappointed.
  6. Hank. L&M from this board in Port Bay
  7. I have the coverage but never had to use it.
  8. Geico writes the policies for Boat us. My policy is cheaper going through Boat US.
  9. Things are as they should be again. Now lets hope Tony Romos microphone breaks down.
  10. Today I'm going with KC giving 9 1/2 and Seattle getting 4.
  11. Of coarse, I bet um. Split today but really can't lose this game. I like the Titans a lot more than the Ravens so even though I lost a few bucks it's still good to see the Titans win.
  12. Lets hope so. Baltimore is giving 9 1/2.
  13. Todays picks SF and Baltimore. Although I lost 3 out of 4 last week.
  14. There are enough moderators on this site to handle things. Just sayin.
  15. And the Saints were giving 8pts
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