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  1. Main line I like a couple hundred feet of 12 lb Ande underneath my fluorocarbon leaders. 20 lb test under the 12 depending on reel capacity. Cheap and easy to replace the 12 and leaders every year or as needed during the season.
  2. Forschner Cimeter for salmon. 10 or 12" blade for salmon and big lakers. I use the 12" for peeling the fillets off and going through bone and the 10" for skinning. Easy to sharpen and the edge lasts.
  3. I ran Magda 30's and 20's for years and while they were cheap reels they did the trick. Fished the Finger Lakes and then Ontario for a few years with them. Took many Salmon and Browns and never lost a fish because of them. Drags were a little sticky. This was 25+ years ago so I don't know if they are the same now. From my past experience I think they will be fine for the limited use it seems they would get. IF they are the same as they were back then.
  4. They are both productive but a slide diver has to be removed completely from the line or left on that rod. Same thing if you want to change color divers and then re rigged when you want to fish it again. A fixed diver can be removed from the rod via a snap swivel which is a hell of a lot more convenient. That said, I always have at least one rod on the boat dedicated to slide divers and four for running fixed divers.
  5. No way I would buy a boat without a sea trial and survey for a glass boat.
  6. Thats a really low price. I paid over $100.00 for my 150 at Costco.
  7. Something wrong there. I have a charter insurance policy with a million liability through Boat US/Geico and pay less than that.
  8. I'll take them if dp doesn't
  9. What do you want to use it for, fish? Igloo.
  10. Thanks. I have a message out to him
  11. Thanks. He's backed up until April and I can't wait that long.
  12. I believe I read on this site there was a competent reel repair guy maybe in or around Rochester maybe? Anybody have any experience with them and contact info? Thanks
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