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  1. Ok. Sounds like it will work. Ya, have somebody make up the certificate for a 6 hr morning trip on July 8th for up to 4 people. You can go to my website for contact info and location and other general information. Contact me with anything else you need. If you are up near Mexico on the weekends we could meet up at the boat sometime beforehand.
  2. Hank, L&M fabricated one for a Yami 25 hi thrust on my Penn Yan. Reasonable price and it worked out well being customized for the boat.
  3. You have a PM.
  4. Be in touch in a few days.
  5. Out of Mexico be alright?
  6. Mexico Launch CLOSED As of 9:30 this morning Mexico launch is officially closed.
  7. Mexico Point boat ramp. 5/6 It aint pretty
  8. The East end is getting HOT!
  9. Nice fat and healthy Steelhead would be my guess. Tough to tell from that picture though.
  10. If by chance you swing by Mikes East in the afternoon and see me out cleaning up after fishing swing by and say hello. I'll try and help you out to catch fish. Just not while I'm working.
  11. Brown bite has been tough but some quality fish to be had if you work for them. Laker bite has been on fire. These guys released a boat load but kept two Lakers for the chowder pot and a big Brown for the smoker. These folks got no problem eating Lake Trout Check this Brown out
  12. No news is bad news. Good Laker bite.
  13. About the same now.
  14. x2
  15. I run my 2nd keels with 1/2 weights. Also drilled a new set of holes in the sides of the boards 3/4" lower that the originals. They pull like hell.