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  1. I swear by nicotine and caffeine.
  2. If he don't take them they are yours. You would be next in line.
  3. I tie my fly leaders with the 50 lb Ande Fluorocarbon leader material. Good stuff.
  4. Guys these are 8' 6" MH rods. I can't get the pictures up until tomorrow morning and I PMed the first 4 guys in line. Thanks for the interest Glen .
  5. Thanks for the interest guys. I'll get back to you this evening with the info and pictures in the order the requests were received.
  6. Okuma Blue Diamond Roller guide rods for wire Got two of these rods for sale. Excellent condition $60.00 ea or $100.00 for the pair. You pay shipping or pick up in Mexico in a couple weeks. Post or pm me if interested and I'll get some pictures up this weekend. Thanks for looking.
  7. Mid May on the Lake is usually excellent for Browns in the east end. Lake Trout fishing is excellent as well and on and off we have Salmon and Steelhead in the area. Shore fishing is very limited unless you are open to chasing other types of fish. You could always contact the Captain you are booked with for additional information. Good luck and enjoy your trip.
  8. Would have hit mine if they let them kick the extra point in OT. Still going to collect a couple private bets from the boys at work.
  9. Unfreaken believable. Sorry haters. #5.
  10. LOL.
  11. Doesn't everybody torment the Bills?
  12. Attn Chad/ moderators Since the sofetwre upgrade when I log into LOU at work this is all I can get. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks Home pc is completely normal
  13. Thanks. And thanks to those that PMed me.
  14. Launched out of Taughannock this morning looking for Salmon. Took my first fish 10 minutes in. Except for about an hour long dry spell when the wind switched directions I pretty much beat them up pretty good today. Took fish in front, to the south as well as to the north. Most fish were in the top 40 ft of the water column. Released a lot of fish today but kept a couple nicer ones for the frying pan. Had beautiful weather and thoroughly enjoyed myself this weekend. It's been about 4 years since I fished the Finger Lakes. 3 for the frying pan Hit a couple more Lakers today on the Salmon gear.