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  1. No news is bad news. Good Laker bite.
  2. About the same now.
  3. x2
  4. I run my 2nd keels with 1/2 weights. Also drilled a new set of holes in the sides of the boards 3/4" lower that the originals. They pull like hell.
  5. X2. Fish Hawk X4-D works fine, but when I fish across currents I find the sub troll reading is more stabil. I do like the smaller probe on the Fish Hawk though. Price tag....not so much.
  6. I use only wire I got from Moore electronics and never had any problems with it. I've heard mixed reviews on the torpedo but don't have any personal experience with it so I will leave it at that. There is a company that is selling the subtroll components and repairs but I don't have that info with me. I can post it up later today for you.
  7. I heard a 31 lb Brown was taken out of the lower river this morning. I'm sure she knows a little bit about smelt. LOL
  8. Hank, L&M from this board has a real nice one for sale in the Classifieds
  9. Thanks. I'll give him a call later today.
  10. Veterans fishing out of Fairhaven. I remember reading about a fishing day last year for veterans or wounded vets out of Fiarhaven but can't find the post. Anybody know anything about that for this year? I would like to donate my time for this but need to have a date so I don't book it. Thanks Glen
  11. Are you the guy that sent out those copper die cuts last year?
  12. Thats just a head, no body. He didn't say much so I let him be.
  13. Mexico Today To cold and icy to fish. Heres what she looks like. Launch and Little Salmon was iced over as well.
  14. ****. Got a show in MA on the 12th.