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  1. Mecury Outboard Rebuild

    Call Hank from this board L&M marine. Honest and top notch work. He's in port Bay
  2. Setting up Otter boards

    I only add the second Keels when I start running long coppers.
  3. Planer mast ideas with out too much modification

    Like I said it's quick and easy to do, no holes. If your not happy you can always add a mast later. Good luck
  4. Planer mast ideas with out too much modification

    Works fine pulling my otter boats. The top of those rails are pretty high up off the water. Generally speaking the higher the better.
  5. Planer mast ideas with out too much modification

    I attached a couple of Big jon pulleys to the rails in front of the 2nd vertical support rail. Fast,easy, no new holes and it works. Picture is a little small but you can see the black pulley just to the right of the antenna. Keeps the tow lines out of the way.
  6. Best trolling reels???

    17 Tekotas replaced drag washers in the 800 after a couple seasons. No need to send them anywhere as it's a relativley easy job. 16 600's all still have the original drag washers going on 11 or 12 seasons of heavy use. Very happy witht he quality of the reels.
  7. Any updates on the Wounded Warrior weekend? Thanks
  8. Looking at a penn

    Strictly personal preference. Fish it a couple times and see if it works for you. You can always remove it later.
  9. Otter boats

    Otter Boats will run just fine with a single keel if they are set up right. The location of the knot in the tow line harness has a lot to do with how they run.Sorry I don't remember the lengths off hand as it's been a good number of years since I've done it but somebody will chime in with the numbers or contact Big John directly and they will tell you The double keels are for when you are pulling long coppers.
  10. boat canvas replacement

    I had canvas work done by John Mann. He is an artist.
  11. Mason Lead Core

    Thanks. Got a couple reels I am going to spool up with long cores. I'll give the Mason a shot.
  12. Mason Lead Core

    27lb. Good or no good. Thanks.
  13. I need to duplicate a couple different styles and colors. Were are you in the Bay?
  14. More rights than they afforded their victims but I guess your cool with that.