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  1. Yup. Here it is. https://www.ritchienavigation.com/contact-us/
  2. Contact Ritchie compass . Maybe they have a customer support dept.
  3. Well lets hope it's mother nature throwing us a curve ball and not management decisions based on inaccurate data which is the direction I'm leaning towards based on what I am seeing. I am also hopeful the proposed Steelhead limit reduction, which I am not in favor of, is not just an attempt to bandaid a potentially altogether different issue or to pacify an organized special interest group. If I remember correctly the size limit increase was supposed to solve some issues and it doesn't appear that it has. Any talk of reversing that regulation like you mentioned in your post !? It was good to have this discussion with you and I hope the rest of your season is successful.
  4. Congratulations. Your river fishing report is much more positive than most I've talked to. Steelhead are just trickling in and many fishermen ended Salmon trips early due to lack of fish. I even heard (2nd hand) the DSR reported that Salmon fishing is over last week. As far as the late run theory only time will tell. I've heard that one before and when it doesn't happen none of the experts seem to want to talk about it. We had good numbers of fish in our area of the Lake this summer and fall and the Canadian tribs are doing well. Were those North shore fish we had? I'm pretty sure the lake guys haven't caught enough salmon to kill the fishing in the tribs and if they did that would indicate there is not enough fish being stocked in the lake, no?
  5. And how is the Salmon River and the rest of the south shore tribs fishing this fall King Davy? Could it be mismanagement the fishermen are concerned with?
  6. You mean stocking numbers for Salmon and Steelhead but not Lake Trout? But you know that.
  7. Fishing just west of 9 mile last April we took an Atlantic with a tag in it. We called the # on the tag and found out it was 1 of 96 tagged fish stocked out of Port Dalhousie in November of 2018. Pretty cool tagging program they have going in Canada and that little Atlantic sure was a swimmer traveling 220 kilometers. Fish was released in good shape. Here is the fish and some data the program sent us. Fish was #6
  8. My riggers run about 10 ft deeper at 100 ft on the counters with 300 ft of cable compared to 200 ft. Again not a big deal. A faster or slower trolling speed will change your depth more than that.
  9. I always load my riggers with 300 ft of cable. For those rare days I need to fish 200 + ft down I can and if I kink a cable 80 or 100 ft down I'm not screwed. It does effect the accuracy of the counter on my scottys but not a big deal to me as I usually set my riggers to what I am seeing on the graph anyway.
  10. I just talked to a friend of mine who put on the 2116's years ago. He never had the condensation issue but has replaced the counters in all four after three seasons. When he bought his they had no power switch. The new counters have a power button so you can turn them off when not in use. He said he paid about $50.00 for each counter. I think I'll stick with my old 1116's. Thanks for the info as I never heard about the counter problems until now.
  11. Hummmm. Not sure I would recommend the 2116's then. Are you covering the riggers when not in use?
  12. How many counters have you replaced and how old are the riggers? The mechanical counters are on the 1116's and they are not even remotely interchangeable with the digital counters. And yes they still make and sell the the 1116's in 2019
  13. Isn't that a special reply. You can still buy the old style. Do you even run Scottys?
  14. You are referring to the new digital readout counters then. I have the old style mechanical counters since 94, No issues.
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