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  1. My first pair of riggers were Scotty manuals with extendable boom and swivel base. The ext boom and base gave me a lot more options as far as installation placement went as well as a lot more versatility when it came to running different rod configurations. I went with the Scottys because of the 2 ft retrieve per turn which sure was nice when fishing deep and the clutch system for dropping the weight. Turns out they were pretty much bullet proof and I was glad I went with the Scottys. As happy as I was with them I sure was a lot happier when I upgraded to the electrics. LOL Good luck with your decision.
  2. No set area or size. At times the schools are small and tightly packed and they will look like a fish mark on your graph and I've seen miles of bait non stop. Not seeing your jig could potentially be your transducer angle is tilted to far off to the back or your gain is set to low.
  3. The "fuzz looks like bait to me. Thinner school on the top picture and a more dense school on the bottom picture.
  4. I see. My dual outboard boat had the connection in front of the motors and it worked really nice. 200 yamaha 15 hp honda. Everything was above the cables so no interference and I could easily disconnect the main, trim up the kicker and lock it in place to a third ball fitting located in the splashwell for running. Good luck with your decision.
  5. Is it still 20 bucks shipping for two?
  6. Did you happen to use the ramp to the far left looking from the water? Other than that the area inside the break wall is pretty clear. Shallow to the right side of the river coming in.
  7. https://www.amazon.com/Slimy-Grimy-Granular-lb-Vessel/dp/B0000AXNLW I've been using it for years.
  8. Slimy grimy. Safe on the environment (and you) works well if spray it on and you have a pressure washer.
  9. Ditto. Hank might have encountered this problem once or twice in the past and would NOT recommend anything that might harm your boat.
  10. Put aside all the excuses and theories, that IS the bottom line...... And not Lake Trout.
  11. I'll take them Greg. I'll send payment through paypal after work
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