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  1. spoonfed-1

    Moor Subtroll Wire

    Big Blue Enterprises now handles parts and service for the subtrolls. http://moorelectronics.com/service.html
  2. spoonfed-1

    Manual downriggers

    I started with Scotty manuals in the early 90's. Spool on top made cranking easy and two foot retrieve per rotation made them faster to bring up than other brands. Trouble free until I upgraded to the electrics.Don't miss the manuals LOL As far as rod and reels go it depends on your budget and what you will be fishing for
  3. spoonfed-1

    Advise on 1999 Evinrude 225HP

    Contact Hank, L&M from this board and see if he can help you out. He's in Port Bay so not real far.
  4. spoonfed-1

    Charter Capt Does All The Fishing?

    Bingo. Simple solution is to communicate with the Capt. Lake conditions play a big part in what I can safely allow my clients to do. With three or four different presentations in the water all requiring different techniques to insure a good hook up and landing percentage, on a friendly lake I have the opportunity to explain what needs to be done to get those fish locked up and boxed. On a bumpy lake the last thing I want is for people that are not familiar with my gear to practice with it. Nothing good ever comes of that situation. I'm out there to give the fishermen the trip of their lives and long lasting memory's but also have to protect my investment and reputation. Communication is the key.
  5. spoonfed-1

    Starting over

    Very sorry to hear of this Andy. If you can make it up to the camper next weekend I can hook you up with some spare gear.
  6. spoonfed-1

    Shiman Tekota for wire

    600's been working for me for quite a few years now.
  7. spoonfed-1

    Anyone know why?

    Two fish different categories 18. Is entitled to only one division cash prize. Two fish the same category. If the succeeding fish is larger, the smaller of the fish with least weight will be withdrawn. I see what you are saying though. They should make it clearer regarding the 2 fish different categories.
  8. spoonfed-1

    Anyone know why?

    Thats the way it works. Perhaps there was a higher placeing fish that hadn't been updated to the board yet or perhaps it was a mistake. The rule is clear as posted above.
  9. spoonfed-1

    3 or 4 Downriggers

    Four and would like five but the kicker is in the way. 10 ft beam. Sometimes less is better and on those days I run less.
  10. Any pictures? I will pass them on to him.
  11. Got any rod holders with the alumitrak base mounts you want to sell? Friend of mine is looking for two but no plastic.
  12. Fish of a lifetime!!! Congratulations
  13. spoonfed-1

    Pumpout Station At Mexico Point Launch?

    It wasn't a week and a half ago.
  14. spoonfed-1

    Tons of Spring Kings