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  1. There you go. And Scott has fished that lake a time or two. Getting any BIG Landlocks Scott? Fish carcuses add nutrients back into the lake.
  2. What happened to Sat Tournamnet On Seneca?
  3. If the fillet itself is near or at legal minimum length just leave the skin on and you are OK. If the fillet is from a barley legal fish then you are pushing it and could run into problems. They need to be able to determine the species and be sure it was a legal fish. I've actually left a patch of skin on the fillet and never had any problem. If I could not prove the fish was of legal length from the fillet, I just gut it.
  4. Try them again. Can't hurt. They have the gas dock built up now.
  5. Salmon Country will pump it out at their gas dock. I think it's about $7.00 if I remember right. Might want to call them first and make sure they are still doing it with the high water
  6. Might help you if you post a location you want to fish out of and when you want to fish.
  7. Make sure you bring someone fishing with you in shorts. Flys won't bother you if they got someone else in short pants to feed on. Seriously, that sucks about the allergy.
  8. I would redo it just so it didn't bother me when I fished.
  9. Spinning rod recomendation. Whats a good spinning rod for deep water jigging big lakers 100-160 fow with 1 - 1 1/2 oz jigs? Thanks Glen
  10. I would recommend Empty Hook. Jeff did great on my shirts.
  11. Thanks. A lot of good info here.
  12. Hey thanks for the advice guys. Nobody jigging that deep with spinning rods? How do you avoid the zebra mussels? Bury the hook point in the plastics? What about jigging spoons and mussels?
  13. Cayuga deep water jigging experts. I need some gear recommendations for jigging big Lakers from 100 to 160 fow. Any of you pros willing to help me out? Looking for spinning rod and jig recommendations for fishing that deep. Under water currents involved as well. I'm guessing jig weights in the 1 to 1 1/2 oz range and to answer a couple of questions. PM if you prefer. Thanks Glen
  14. Cayuga

    Beautiful Brown.