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  1. spoonfed-1

    Brown or LL salmon??

    I am seeing the mouth extend past the back of the eye. Brown.
  2. spoonfed-1

    Traxstech alumacraft

    it was good talking to you Rich. Thanks for the super quick shipping.
  3. spoonfed-1

    Dipsy wire

    Malin 7 strand and it's not only safe to use a roller tip it will cause less friction and prolong the life of the wire.
  4. spoonfed-1

    Traxstech alumacraft

    I'll take two if you got them left.
  5. spoonfed-1

    Marine Mechanic advice

    Hank, L&M from this board. He's in Port Bay
  6. spoonfed-1


    Let me know if you hit any Salmon Andy. I'll be taking a trip out in January sometime
  7. spoonfed-1

    Diawa sealine reels

    47 Sealines would be fine for kings. I run 27's for Browns.
  8. spoonfed-1

    3 or 4 Downriggers

    Theres one guy that knows how to fish 4 riggers
  9. spoonfed-1

    Rodent deterrents

    And they were fluffy Jason
  10. spoonfed-1

    Rodent deterrents

    Decon. Tried all the dryer sheets, moth balls and nothing works except poison. Little bastards were using the dryer sheets as nesting material.
  11. spoonfed-1

    Best time for fishing

    Mid August to mid September out of Oswego/Mexico. Lots of fish and no pale meat.
  12. Well put Gator, research is key. Even a candidates voting record can be skewed by the media, simply by not accurately reporting the full content of any particular Bill.
  13. And the video of Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D is fake also right?
  14. Sounds like you are talking about the main stream liberal media.