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  1. spoonfed-1

    mexico bay ice and snow pics.

    Road was plowed Steve, 3ft+ snowbanks to get to the camper. Everything looked good on your site from what I could see. I would have called you if anything looked out of sorts. Paul was up riding.
  2. spoonfed-1

    mexico bay ice and snow pics.

    Hey Jason. The wife and I took a ride up today to check out the camper. Must have just missed you at the launch.
  3. spoonfed-1

    Craziest non target species catch on lake O

    A catfish 85 ft down over 260 fow on a J plug
  4. spoonfed-1

    Dating line

    If thats how you want to interpret that then don't yank it until it breaks. You will hurt yourself. lol
  5. spoonfed-1

    Dating line

    Grab a hold of it, yank on it and see if it breaks easier than it should.
  6. All 5 of those are sold pending payment. Still got 3 of the copper trim 27's for $70.00 ea.
  7. Sure. You are next after I hear from one guy that asked about all 5. I will split the shipping with you.
  8. I liked my old 582 better than the 585 I run now.
  9. As of now the last 3 47's are all spoken for pending payment. Still have 3 of the 27's like brand new for $70.00 ea. The reels with the copper reel trim. 5 of the gold trim 27's for $60.00 ea. Slight boat rash perfect working condition.
  10. I remember the old days when people caught fish because they were good fishermen. A down speed and temp unit is just another tool. Does it help, yes. It is essential, absolutely not.