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  1. Starcraft Fishmaster 196

    I would recommend swivel bases and the extendable booms as those two features will give you a lot more flexibility than a fixed location and boom length.
  2. Spoon size for spring Browns

    I wouldn't recommend running NK mags for early, cold water Browns. Larger spoons like the Stinger Stingrays definitely have there place. Generally speaking larger baits for aggressive fish and smaller baits for fish that are in a negative mood is a good rule of thumb.
  3. OK, Was It Just Me

  4. Sorry about the fire, good info on the safe.
  5. Sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald Forty two years ago today November 10th 1975 she went down on Lake Superior with all her 29 crew members Man do the years fly by. Check out the video. Pretty good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgI8bta-7aw
  6. Bouncy out there

    x2 on the web cams?
  7. Transducers

    Thru hull is better. Especially at running speeds. Have it installed by someone who knows what they are doing. Hank ( L&M ) from this board is a good choice for installation.
  8. Selling my salmon stuff (Alotta stuff)

    LOL !!! Can't help it. That was funny right there.
  9. Missing Fisherman Found Dead

    Anyone hear about why she sank?
  10. Thanks for sharing this story.
  11. Caught this Brown this spring in the same area.
  12. trust worthy mechanic needed

    Yes. And does it right
  13. snubbers

    Been using snubbers for a long time on the wire rods. Absolutely no problems with hook up/landing ratio with them. Luer Jenson need to be replaced more often than Dreamweavers but I still use them because they have colors that just plain work well in combination with different color dipsys I run.