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  1. Thanks for sharing this story.
  2. Caught this Brown this spring in the same area.
  3. Yes. And does it right
  4. Been using snubbers for a long time on the wire rods. Absolutely no problems with hook up/landing ratio with them. Luer Jenson need to be replaced more often than Dreamweavers but I still use them because they have colors that just plain work well in combination with different color dipsys I run.
  5. Thoughts and prayers to you and yours.
  6. Hank, without question.
  7. Hey how ya been thanks for doing the trip for mylee benefit the family that went loved it spoke very highly of you and your efforts with the weather and still got some fishi have a guy his name is Larry Schaefer that will be calling you as I'm going to text him your number he used to do 3-4 trips a year he is looking to get back into some fishing so would like you to get his business he takes family/employees/clients out with him he is not afraid to spend cash should I say he. Is. Pretty wealthy    Thanks again 

                            Bill Cook


    1. spoonfed-1


      Glad I could help out a little bit Bill. The family I took out were great despite the bad weather.

      Thanks for the referral. I will show your friend a fun trip.



      Evenings 413 731-0650

      cell 413 519-3019

  8. Mexico Today Nough said
  9. http://www.cabelas.com/product/St-Croix-Premier-Spinning-Rods/739805.uts?searchPath=%2Fbrowse.cmd%3FcategoryId%3D734095080%26CQ_search%3Dspinning%2Brods PS70HF2 PS70XHF
  10. Check your insurance coverage.
  11. Cayuga

  12. There you go. And Scott has fished that lake a time or two. Getting any BIG Landlocks Scott? Fish carcuses add nutrients back into the lake.
  13. What happened to Sat Tournamnet On Seneca?
  14. If the fillet itself is near or at legal minimum length just leave the skin on and you are OK. If the fillet is from a barley legal fish then you are pushing it and could run into problems. They need to be able to determine the species and be sure it was a legal fish. I've actually left a patch of skin on the fillet and never had any problem. If I could not prove the fish was of legal length from the fillet, I just gut it.
  15. Try them again. Can't hurt. They have the gas dock built up now.