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  1. A trophy fish for Owasco for sure. The biggest Brown I have seen come out of that lake was about 20 yrs ago and was caught by a Bass fishermen pitching a spinner bait against the south east shoreline in late spring. That sucker was a good 18 lbs. There are some monsters (all though not many) in there and you were good enough to take one. Congratulations !!
  2. Thats a drawing of a Black Nose Dace. Here is a photo of an Eastern Black Nose Dace. And their appearance varies quite a bit.
  3. I heard back from my client who is a Maine guide. This is what he said. Hi Glen, Ģlad to hear from you. From the photo,, my thought is that it's Dace Shiner, sometimes called a Black Nose Dace. If you look at the fish that are listed in that lake, you'll see thar there are "killi" fish and that is not a killi. However , they don't list the Dace, which is not uncommon. I didn't bother to look at the fish listed for Tunk Lake, only separated by a stream. I actually didn't know that Tunk dumped into that pond. I have fished Tunk many years ago for salmon. Looking forward to fishing. Take care. Bob
  4. Single in and 2 outs on the filter housing. Never had any issue with pulling air through the motor that wasn't running.
  5. I'll send the picture to a client of mine who guides in maine to see if he knows.
  6. You mean keep this site to fishing AFTER you had your say? Just curious.
  7. Yup. Not worth getting thrown off the site though because you are explaining things to sheep who are led by their media. You can't change their minds with facts. I am not looking forward to filling my tanks at the marina this season or the 260 mile ride up..
  8. Following. Long Point? I would like to get out next week and its a 5 hr ride. Any info is appreciated. Clearance at Taughannock would be an issue. Thanks Glen
  9. Sept. in front of the salmon river for good concentrations of mature fish.
  10. Heard back from my buddy and unfortunately he's about 1/2 hr south of Venise and doesn't know anybody up there.
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