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  1. Try not to leave them in the sun when not being fished. That will help.
  2. Maybe post it up in the classified section. Might get some more views
  3. The report I'm seeing is calling for NW the next couple days
  4. 65 lb power pro 50 if I need the room.
  5. No, I use two. Tell your friend reading comprehension is also an important tool.
  6. We hit a boat load of cookie cutter Browns, a couple big Browns, A low teens King and two small Atlantics on Saturday just west of port. One of the Atlantics was tagged so we called the number. It was stocked in Port Dalhousie in November of last year . Pretty cool.
  7. It's all about getting the most enjoyment out of a smaller fish rather than winching them in on Salmon gear.
  8. Thumb the spool, rod tip to the side and back, sweeping motion towards the bow. Don't jerk or snap the rod back. No loose line when you start reeling.
  9. With a boat load of customers I prefer running the big boards. When fishing for fun especially really shallow water I prefer very small inlines as they are stealthier and easier to adjust the distance from the boat. Very rarely do I ever need to run more than 40 ft of line in back of the inlines.
  10. Road was plowed Steve, 3ft+ snowbanks to get to the camper. Everything looked good on your site from what I could see. I would have called you if anything looked out of sorts. Paul was up riding.
  11. Hey Jason. The wife and I took a ride up today to check out the camper. Must have just missed you at the launch.
  12. A catfish 85 ft down over 260 fow on a J plug
  13. If thats how you want to interpret that then don't yank it until it breaks. You will hurt yourself. lol
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