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  1. spoonfed-1

    Rodent deterrents

    And they were fluffy Jason
  2. spoonfed-1

    Rodent deterrents

    Decon. Tried all the dryer sheets, moth balls and nothing works except poison. Little bastards were using the dryer sheets as nesting material.
  3. spoonfed-1

    Best time for fishing

    Mid August to mid September out of Oswego/Mexico. Lots of fish and no pale meat.
  4. Well put Gator, research is key. Even a candidates voting record can be skewed by the media, simply by not accurately reporting the full content of any particular Bill.
  5. And the video of Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D is fake also right?
  6. Sounds like you are talking about the main stream liberal media.
  7. What "whole thing" is that? And does the phrase " whole thing" encompass ridiculous statements?
  8. So Russia, China and North Korea are out to sway the vote in North Dakota to benefit an administration that is going after those country's economies with the toughest sanctions and tariffs in history?
  9. spoonfed-1

    Dipsey line

    I use both, I put the braid away when the fleas show up and deep fishing Mag divers.
  10. spoonfed-1

    Brown trout rod and reels

    I got a couple of those left as well but they are the accudepth plus. The accudepths were junk. The accudepth plus were better but they are not as good quality as the sealine sg's. $40.00 for those if you want them.
  11. spoonfed-1

    Brown trout rod and reels

    Good call. Tough to find a rod and reel combination that will allow you to boat a 30 lb King and give you any kind of a battle with a 5 lb Brown. I run Diawa Sealine sg 27 lc's on light action ugly sticks for Browns and they are nice. I just bought a ****load of Shimano 500lc's to upgrade the Diawas and I will be putting the Diawas up for sale on this site when I get a chance. Some are like brand new with a couple trips on them and some have been used quite a bit and have boat rash. Price will range from $50.00 a piece for the boat rashed older ones to $70.00 a piece for the like new reels. If you are interested shot me a PM and I can send you some pictures. All reels have been religiously maintained and work perfectly. You over at Mikes?
  12. spoonfed-1

    Boat winterization questions

    I've never had any problems with the live well pump in my alumicraft, and I run that right until the ponds ice up. Perhaps you could blow it out with air through the inflow in the tank if you have any concerns.
  13. spoonfed-1

    Looking at a penn